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Podcast from a Car #2

2015-06-07 | 🔗
Joe and Cameron Hanes recorded a podcast in a car while returning from a recent hunting trip. Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.”
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stuff bums you out you don't have to listen to podcast like why don't even have to say that like you don't have to listen to that's our ridiculous person don't mind me so this is what the podcast is it's a conversation between two dudes coming back from bear hunting so that's it so lazy gentlemen my friend cameron hanes joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day cameron hands rich any reviews on the camera i got this recording too i'm gonna release the
this audio podcasts and we're coming back right from successful bear hunt in alberta good times up there up in the middle of the woods and we're just talking about the contradictions like the things that people love hate on on hunting and how ridiculous it is an one of the ones that drives me the most crazy is people that claimed there anna lovers and so so they you know they they get really mad at you for hunting but they have pets and you know like what do you feed these pets like what do you think this food grows on a dog food tree what do you think cats eat that it doesn't doesn't you're buying some animal that somebody captured i mean they probably contagious somewhere pens and nate killam may grind them up and they turn into dog food and those people will claim that what you're doing by going out in
wild and getting an animal is either on eth kohler immoral or terrable terrible those those contradict it was like the ones that are right in front of your face those have always puzzled me about beautiful the pursuit of well we were just doing is so much more pure than whatever goes into the dog food or the factory farming or whatever but first before we get an app what about the hunt it was an awesome got two bears one the day before last at one yesterday it was awesome exciting very very crazy and the meat was delicious jenny cooked it up taught me a new recipe how to do what did you put in it
friday would you put in it with ingredients megan it was awesome all all anybody who is eating it was raving about how good it was it was it i mean it whatever deer elk steak you've had before he would rival that it was really good such good care of me it has a stigma a little bit but it is prepared right just as jim proved amazing food well i you know i wrote that thing social media the hierarchy of dead animals on social media and that like the one that phone cares about is chopped up fish you have a slice of fish like a filet of fish it doesn't bother if you actually live right it is a but is long as it's a piece it's already cut up we're so desensitized we're so used to that being in a package in styrofoam at the super
market we don't think of it as being something that somebody killed that didn't layout fish sandwich play after sent well who knows what that is right it's a selector allegedly it's fish i think somehow mash into a square that's the same wait every time i in a sense i never got a flue fish sandwich in the you know the wild in a while they're very crafty only make dolls knows that a wrangle suckers this so then those dead fish which some we get a little more squeamish see the actual fish and then this things like like pigs the people really don't care too much about wild boar people kind of get grossed out by them turkeys nobody gives a shit about turkeys very talked about this i don't but maybe even anti hunters done so there is life yeah those i think because they're so ugly who cares if their dad is kind of what the anti hunters
we talked about the more beautiful the animal yeah the more outrageous yes i did there's a lot of that for sure well with bears there is a one of the big ones and i think there's a couple reasons that i think there's people associate bears would trophy hunting this service and i know one of the things about you is that you eat everything you kill yeah and i think that's a i really do i mean i i don't have any problem with people that want to go and shoot some weird animal cuz they want to make election you know because i know that there's in conservation money the a lot of animals is a reason why their populations are thriving and that that's the case in africa that louis the row podcast or podcasts i did but his documentary that he did on those african hunting ranches people that hate those ranches when you find out about it it's not it's not that clear cut there's a lot of there's a lot of weirdness
that whole thing because there's animals that were on the verge of extinction that are now thriving and the only reason why the thriving this because they have a dollar value to yeah that's i mean there's there's value to the animals here in the united states also she wore it in hunters are the ones that and as we've covered million times of my podcast do not treat like a gym shocking in any yeah you talked about you talk about the positive impact and hunters money it's you know i see go beyond all that you go beyond the challenge of the hunt what i liked about this hunt for you and you can still talk about your hierarchy of animal kills if you want but you talked about i want to touch the intensity of the moment you know this yeah it is about what you're taking a cooler full of meat home we ate meat that camp and it was amazing but there's just that primal instinct
i've been in the woods were in close we hadn't had you know because of the weather and the moon and all sorts of factors we weren't seeing the bear like we had in the past and so all this anxiety's building all this time is passing in your wondering are we going to see anything and then as you know basically dusk is approaching we see our first bear and so then all of a sudden is a race against the clock and what you talked about the intent you know what that feels like you can't you can't mimic got the lead in regular life right no you can't and you you also know that this this something about when you come to full draw on an animal you can't pull that i wrote back once it's released and this is this decision that you have to make we are lining up the shot you making sure your fundamentals are in order your technique is good and
and the animals moving by the way the animals not cooperating has no idea it's even participating in this little experiment and you gotta make good shot and this discipline it is discipline and you know thankfully every animal i've shot so far with above killed but that's there's a lot of involved in that that's a lot of practice i mean i shot up at least one hundred and ninety arrows yesterday at least we just practicing over and over and over again and everybody else in camp is doing the same thing yeah everybody's practicing practicing for hours we practice all for that one moment with that bears right in front of you and he turns broadside and you get that perfect shot and that that feeling is it's crazy it's it's so prime and there's nothing that mimics it and when the arrow goes like i was telling jenn after we shot the bear
last night like right after it happened i go there only feel like that happened it didn't feel like it happen it it felt it felt fake it was it felt like good i like a dream or something and it's weird yeah well it does happen so quickly what happens i think with a lot of new archers new bow hunters is that's exactly right the animal comes in all the practice they put in sometimes it's so intense and as we've alluded to regular life doesn't prepare you for those type of moments i know as a new boner i would come back shoot not even be certain which pin i used if the animal was that and just be like what the heck just happened what just what happened i don't remember anything and you got to try to piece it together and it's just that or the fundamentals come in and you know
as we were sitting there that first night or the third night of the hun actually in the bear came in you know i was get there you get cold you start put it on more clue did you get gloves on you get a hood on and then then the bear comes in and i was i was asking you i was like you shot with your glove on before and just wanted to make sure because it doesn't seem like a big deal it's a big deal the line between success and failure on an animal would use a razor sharp brought it could be this then sometimes a glove doing something a little bit different when you shoot back and that could be the difference in bear fatal shot died quickly but it was exactly where you'd hoped it would be even though you shot thousands and thousands of wraps over the last two years who knows how many shots and it was only fifteen yards and still it wasn't a perfect shot
now it was slightly back and so we weren't sure what happened we we've we've heard this thing run in a crash and then we heard the death moan about thirty seconds later so we knew was dead but we didn't know where and so then we had to go on the blood trail and by then we we i shop there about it was about dark was just turning so from then on still legal lighthouses legal like that was legal light but i have these live lighted nocks which means like when the bough releases the arrow the knock where the arrow hits the strength it lights up which is really cool so you can see exactly the path of the arrow so i could see where it hit if i didn't have lighted now
so just be i don't know where it hit it would just be guessing that's a big advantage because there's been an oregon lighted nocks where i'm from lighted nocks aren't legal and it doesn't give you an advantage it it helps you know just like that we knew i was watching binoculars we knew immediately a little bit back so that kind of plays into the approach we're going to take on the animal and tracking it but knowing where that animal heads is huge anyway we knew a year a little bit back yeah we saw the arrow go through the night and right into the bear through the site dusk and you know and then we went tracked down took a long time and found it and camp carried it on his shoulders covered in blood all the way down
the back of his pants this but it was it was a huge relief to find the animal it's all mental he says that's the theme of this week stay tuned for those shirts it's all mental including do you like having their blood on your hand the chips some mental it pretty much include it comes as everything in life it's almost a day yeah yeah anyway but it was you know tracking that bear so we're on our hands and knees um through thick thick brush you know looking for pin pricks of blood because even though i mean we knew the bearer we walk down there and i told you i'm not going to get on the blood trail we heard the death but it's been about two
away and we're like i said he could be anywhere would be five yards from him and not know so we had to get back on the blood trail and unravel that thing and that's that's a big part of bow hunting also that so you know a huge part of a bow hunting is woodsman ship is learning how to unravel blood where to look for blood depending on where the arrow hits where that blood is going to either wipe on a tree how it's going to splatter how it's going to drip if it's going to run down the leg you know bear don't have a hoof like a deer elk that are not leaving a real print so it's it was difficult but you know i think about midnight we finally recovered that bear and we rejoiced yeah it's interesting because when we first start looking for it we could still see it was still bright enough that we can see through the woods and we're trying to look for it and i realize you know what we better start from scratch the we kind of knew were herded draw
and we heard the moan so we knew it was in an area where we say moan for people don't know what bears die they most the time make a real audible moan is it can be pretty haunting in dark woods you hear this you know everybody up that says more excessive who so what so what if we actually can kill sasquatch wonder what you do he probably like dude what the fuck this guy out here trying to make a tv show i'm just working with less out here in the woods trying to make some money shot my ass thank you but we're talking about the stigma attached is that steve renella coined this phrase charismatic megafauna and
this is certainly a phrase that's right now is very articulate if you had that uninsured it would take up a lot of blood yeah it's not you got a short simple yeah if you wanna have shirts that sell well on social media are not going to sell any of those but it's all mental people can get behind that charismatic fanta sounds like an indie band from seattle she probably said she bruce jenner i did the see yes not that not normal i got that wrong is please can well i said i said something or a typed in news like the k there like now see get a right well you can't keep commit to because she might change tomorrow and decide to be debbie you know once you live sixty five years as bruce and then one day your caitlin all bets are off
yeah yeah yeah or he or whatever he prefers he by the way in that interview whatever we get off track yeah that people have this idea first of all because of movies were bear so your friends you know he'll keep their blue blue and you know we need the pool we have all these ideas about bears being these you know our bodies they're not big predators they're almost all cannibals they eat their babies it's it's a very very very common and it's one of the reasons why you have to hunt these male boars to keep the population healthy and it's who is counter intuitive you think like well if your kill animals that's bad for the population but it's not as if you kill boars you actually make the population of new animals healthier because boars eat a lot of babies not just bear babies butt
more and more as a male bear some people don't know that yeah so sometimes up but like i put you killed a boar people think well you misspelled the word well actually that right yeah it's a born in south yeah just like a pig so what with john engine up here the target is older bores who have already done all the reading you know and and it gives a population healthy because the big nasty old or
logo and they'll kill other cubs they want the s to come in heat as i was a female bear and so if she has cubs but they're not his he wants to kill the cubs so she comes back in heat so that's pretty much how well they think that that boards will even kill their own cups they also think they don't know the common thought was that bores kill cubs because they want the female come back into estrus but now they're starting to think that they just kill him for food that they they apparently in alaska there they've done a lot of studies on grizzlies too when they come out of hibernation one of the first things they do is go digging into debt
pull out cups and then i try to do that to breed the trying to that team and it's it's just on tv now that down yeah i never saw the yogi bear yogi was stuff like that yeah they all do it it's there is that's real world yeah that's how that's no stuff out here in the wild people don't jack tricky animals the really tricky animals and it's it's one of more dangerous hans in that respect because you're you're hiding something that can kill you it really can and wooden jen and i were on the ground yesterday there was a bear that was nine yards from us behind us sneaking up on us trying to figure out what we're up to it was it was weird you know turning around and seeing this thing right behind you looking at you and you know two hundred fifty pound there they can easily could easily if they want their strong there so fast to their for fast strong people you know i've seen basically get they say well those big bear they can't climb trees seen big bear fly up a tree by almost as fast as you could run on the ground they can go up a tree then they could come down a tree then from about ten feet they'll get come down to about ten feet just let go of the tree large backwards hit the ground full speed so just like you say all will just to begin bear problem just climb a tree no yeah that's ridiculous there's plenty of videos of them running up trees yeah the in in in just the fact that they can hold a tree like
yes i got a strong you know how that is just that's just clause getting in that bar and that's just pure power and running up the tree at these they literally can sprint up a tree faster than you can run on the ground it is one of the weirdest things to say this videos of it on you too if you want to look this is hunters that are in a tree stand and this black bear runs up the tree right next to them and it's so shocking how fast does it he just trying to see what they're up to he just runs up to them and looks out of i'd are and you know this this misconceptions about these animals one of the big ones is that they're not good to eat and i think that misconception a lot of times because either people don't know how to prepare them or they they don't know how to
the meat once they kill it they get dirty or the letter that oil that's the yeah yeah that's you know deer elk i love within my beats klay for lack of a better word but you know deer elk i don't know i just like having a quarter that is perfect no pine needles know anything and it's just it looks like just beautiful meat well we took great pains it with your bare just to keep that meet clean and it's all in the it's all in how you take care of it in the field how you skin it how clean it stays what you do with that mean because people people have eaten deer elk have had bad taste in deer and elk too so i mean it's not just bear but i think another thing is people get worried about trichinosis that's been in the news it's a parasite that can live in bear me in that all you have to do is cook it well
yeah you just have to go into one hundred and sixty degrees it's the same with pork when you you know you never eat pink like really raw rare pork because of trichinosis it's very common bears have so much of it that ninety percent of all the cases of tricking this in the united states or north america come from bear meat which is really weird because not that many people he bear when you think about you can't buy it commercially like you can pork you have to go hunt it or know someone said but still accounts for ninety percent steve rinella who told me all this fact kenosis even after all that he still or was he eating over a campfire mucousy is episode with they will try to remember his name is a navy seal and they went hunting together and they shot this bed is raining out and they tried to start a fire with wet branch
is it stuff and stuff to get that fire hot in that condition yeah they should've just save that meat brought it back but they ate it now if you eat if the zombie apocalypse comes need steven you will get trichinosis unless you cook him well i'm gonna make note of that you never know people have i think with bear also i mean he's not everybody has not everybody spins as much time as we do out in the woods here so people don't see bear all the time yeah you know i have seen a lot of people have seen a lot of comments on my facebook or social media says even something like i thought bear works in danger or i get a lot of hate from brick in people in england who obviously don't know luckily i don't cuss 'cause i could cost right now will they always call you can't they do yeah and they don't what do they know about hunting over here but they sure have an opinion and it seems like a ton of people in england who are very fond of the c word like
chime in on bear hunt little ego dead man what are you talking about this is part of management yeah you don't have you don't have bear in england so why would you i think you could weigh in on how we should take care of you know bear in this county there's just you know most people that go to starbucks go hang out both go buy groceries go to movie you're not going to see a bear or two in those situations so they call there must not be very many meanwhile overrun so there is a lot of bears jenna i saw at least for the we what we heard one of 'em and we saw three different bears and this over the course of we were there for like what three hours at the most
cam we've had nights where we saw more than that i mean that was that one night with bears were all over the place this crap we've seen seven hundred and eighty nine bears in the night that's not uncommon johnagin up here word in the country they had they had not sure they've seen twenty yeah that one place twenty bear so it's in a small location is you're talking about in incredibly dense woods and you know you're said you're set up in a clearing so in this small clearing where you could only see the very most you could see is like you get the hints of like sixty seven thousand and eighty yards into the woods but everything it's just so dense that everything past like seventy yards is like see like a small black shadow that moves in between trees and you think it's a bear but you look what was is a bear you see some movement you don't really it could be a deer could be anything at that distance and in
that small area you're seeing twenty bears a lot of bears up here and they decimate the moose population they decimate the deer population they literally will pull moose calves out of there others body as are giving birth they smell the the and giving birth to run up to that area and they'll pull the calf right out of the body they stand to that at least fifty percent of all the apps that are born out here are killed by bears yeah i know john and jennifer just driving back in their in their bare country there they saw a lot of times if on a goes with his von and he gets screwed little bit to fondle just is taught just to lay down and basically hide you know they don't have a lot of sand so they lay down and hide they got the spots and cute little fawn everybody knows and the dough is mother will take will they watched a bear run right up seated half
run right up to that fanta start tearing it apart and you that happens that was just something they visually saw that happens all over these woods right here there's hundreds of thousands of millions of acres here in alberta this is big beautiful country not a ton of people lots of bear country that's happening all the time so without those keeping those bear numbers and check who knows the deer in the moose we just like you said would be devastated and you barely going to keep those numbers in check shot two of am and we had how many hunters in camp for how many days we only shot two bears yeah no it's been a little slower this year but they're going to get some bear underground but one thing i also want to say so we talked about the bear numbers we talked about what it does the deer or deer actually alcohol so an moves populations someone's gotta kill these bear who's going to do it it's only going be hunters or you going to hire the government i'll do it you'll do it
will do so you might not do it if you got an opinion on hunting or you're an anti hunter you're an animal rights extremists so you don't want i'll do it 'cause somebody has to so quit being a baby and just accept the fact that we're going to take care of for you and just say thank you if you don't what happens is they get sick and by the way we're barely putting a dent the population mean hunt in our best they put they'll kill but if you could see around us how huge this area is and how thick the forest is he realizes very little chance of you ever wiping them out i mean it's almost impossible to heal you hear your call a mile away they smell you come in two miles away just like you don't you don't you stand a chance but if people are upset with hunting how do you deal with the fact that every convenience store you drive by has animals that were in captain
see their whole life they were compressed into beef sticks and jerky and yeah slim jims it doesn't make any sense but here's one thing that i hear maybe you can address this i'm just about hunter so i'm like a nun intelligence ladder i'm pretty low how dare he is so they'll say there you play yourself down like that i know what you doing so they'll say well you say factory farming all their razor in this small kepler in captivity their whole life and all their raises just to kill well the people say 'cause will say well is that life any difference in this deer elk moose bear whenever i hear and they say well those animals that's why they're here core support those animals are raised just to be slaughtered so we did that
well that's really silly first of all that's probably the saddest existence on earth an animal that's raised for slaughter and i used to think that like you know man you just gotta buy organic free range cattle those cattle are to do well until i went to my friend doug's organic free range farm and was around his cows and those fuckers are terrified of people they know the deal they know what's going on we walked into the pen area where it keeps cows and they look at you like fuck
all up together they all run they know what's going on i mean they might not intellectual eyes it but they know we're bad news you know they know we're the reason why they're there and then yeah these it's a large area eating grass yeah there it's real healthy beef and you know if you want some free range grass fed beef you can do no better but it's not it's it's not it is healthy a life is a bear lives lives yeah that's that's the most ideal most ethical life for an animal you can eat and if you don't want to eat animals if that's you know that's your prerogative we have to realize it even if you buy grain anybody that buys grain if you bye week if you buy anything that grows in the field that stuff is commercially harvested if you ever see how it's commercially harvested views giant machines those machines run over the field and they slaughter everything in their path rabbits every rabbits mice go first and it kind of road the seer laying out there just like a fun heidi that just gets chopped up all the time richard this field right here yeah just turn it i can see that that is not that is beautiful green and that's that's agriculture at its finest but to harvest that animals are gonna die guaranteed animals will die yeah i mean the reality of modern life is that we need a lot of food you know i live in los angeles and there's who knows how many people this like twenty plus million people plus mexicans and we have no idea how many there are i you know i mean no disrespect to iraq's good friends the idea is that i yeah i got rear ended by sky today was my skin and he wasn't legal he didn't
have a license he didn't have it wasn't you know it wasn't suppose in the country but there's a lot of them like that and so they don't have account how many people but all those people so that's all my point was just that they don't have account of in something because they come in illegally so they can just gas that might be five million it might be more they really don't know and how those people they all need to eat and very few were growing food so you need a large scale agriculture to see those people and so you're not picking individual wheat stalks out of the ground you're not shocking you know corn yourself you go to supermarket and buying in that involves large scale agriculture which even if you're a vegan and you think you're doing no harm to this beautiful world leaving the smallest footprint possible side non
the mustang you dot man you're you're part of killing it's might be indirect killing or an intentional killing but everyone's a killer that's a fact and that goes with being the top of the food chain with them that brings me to another point you can talk about we are top of the food chain everything below us is to support our life that's just like us so would you say about species what she's ism yeah yeah that's one of the most adorable things that animal rights activists love to pin on humans by the way they will swap mosquitoes all those fox is a species this system is still alive yes it no it does not in the meanwhile in some countries they eat mosquitoes there's i saw this i saw this this place in africa
where they had so many mosquitoes they're doing taking a frying pan and they were swinging this frying pan through the air and in doing so there soon skews their slapping them into the pan and then scrape the pan and make like a mosquito burger that's what i thought they were going to make malarious too that's a good way to get malaria if you're eating mosquitoes in africa i think i'm good enough to worry about it but it's like trichinosis but they make patties out of these mosquitoes is really fucked up to watch because they basically had this large pan and they just swatting these mosquitoes until they have a good collection in the bottom of the pan then they scrape them why they do that they do that 'cause they're hungry it's all it's a hard hard life then protein for for natives over in africa lot protein is like gold just finding something that's
sustained live protein you know we have burgers we have steaks they don't have that it's interesting like when people go over to africa i say if they kill large animal in africa like there was a big thing recently this this woman killed a giraffe and all these people were really angry at her as they killed this giraffe is giraffe as a non breeding giraffe there was a danger to the other giraffes in the area they kill this day laugh and then this giraffe fed who knows how many villagers well if you go over there and you bring them food like you say all what we went over there we brought these villagers meals of great protein we you're a good samaritan but if you go over there and you shoot an animal and you give that animal to these villagers your piece of because you're not supposed to shoot a giraffe we we i think there's a bad disconnected human beings have where we live
in the civilized huge metropolis areas and we get all of our food grown by other people all shipped in with this massive disconnect from where food comes from if you're if you're delivering food to the mike jen you're talking about one of the things you guys did that was really cool was you took me when you went to vegas you guys flew from canada to vegas hey you donated a bunch of meat two two local shelters i mean i think that's amazing i mean you you did that you out of the goodness of your own heart because you're really good people and
you you flew down to what was it what organization was in the you give it to yeah so yes we decided we bring couple that's amazing do you think about it like you guys paid to fly that stuff from alberta all the way down to vegas and give it to those people but there's still people little disparage hunters because the way you got that meat is by shooting it yourself were crazy it's it's it's a crazy thing how many anti hunters are doing stuff like that various fruit fellow man
i see people saying i'm not doing that i'm not paying all that extra bag most people wouldn't pay to have them eat ship down there we go through the extra you going to vegas you're going to vegas who wants to hold meet to vegas with people who want to or people who care about fellow man in helping you know i've seen it over and over again on my on my social media sell my bowser auction off my bose to help people who we need help hunters have the biggest jit most generous hearts of you i guess i guess i got compared everybody every other type of person but hunters man
my pastebin so giving so generous and give you know 10s of thousands of dollars really just to help somebody they don't even know why i think people have a bad connection to hunters because in movies a lot of times hunters are portrayed as he's rednecks who get drunk and then they go out shoot these animals and their meaning they don't care about him like like the hunter that killed bambi's mom you know like this is this is how people portray hunters in a lot of ways in movies and cartoons and what not and you know unfortunately there are people like that in all this of life you're going to is bad people and right and everything there's bad cops but if you think about how many cops arrest people every day and how few instances actually getting to news like of something going wrong what people
i think about is how many good cops there are out there it's predominantly good cops you think about how many you know how many farm and get praised for what they do you know it's rare it's rare that people focus on the good aspect of things people love to point out the flaws in one individual and attach that to the entire collective group of people that participate in the same thing and that's you know that's what people do when it comes to hunters for whatever reason it's very convenient mean not that people give me shit about hunting and then i go to their instagram page and i see pictures of burgers and steaks and i'm like you fucking dummy you do you know what you're doing you're paying someone to do it for you if you're eating protein that comes from animals somebody how to die well it's just a fact the way play i see it too is i don't
well it seems like hunters i think that's very appealing to be a self sufficient not just man human just to be somebody who can go out and say hey i'm going to go and i'm going to provide for myself i'm not going to rely on anybody and i can rely on somebody who stock that supermarket to make sure there's something for me to buy or to make sure mcdonald's has burgers if i need too go out i'm going to provide for my help i'm going to survive out in the woods i'm going to kill i'm going to book process i'm going to do the whole thing on my own to me that's appealing yeah that's that's a big deal as it took when i came up it was
kind of a transition into a man i felt like when i could do that i was like that's part of becoming a man now i just see it i think just part of becoming a person you know 'cause i see women doing the same thing and i just think it's empowering i think it's important it's empowering and it gives us perspective that people who haven't done that or can't do that don't have any even if you don't like hunting grow your own vegetables i mean growing your own vegetables grow your own balls no it's great it's hard to grow your own balls either have the boy you don't but kind of say they haven't dropped that's that's that's what i said i said i see what you're saying self sufficiency is it is very underrated rated he's reason why those prepper shows exist it's not just people are worried about the world ending they want to know that they're okay
that everybody else they want to know that their self sufficient and i think that when you have a meal that comes from an animal that you took from the while yourself that is a very intense connection the food that i could at home when i cook food that i get from an animal that i killed that is a very very different feeling than going to a supermarket and buying some thing that comes wrapped in plastic and then bring it home and have no connection whatsoever to turn it in book these animals rick all these animals are the field this is where most people are getting their food from begin your food from these animals that are wandering around yeah this is actually even better than most factory far i mean way better these things are out there actually eating some grass
doubt there yeah there wandering around and this like let's still that's not running through the mountains it's not nature what we're doing is we're dipping our toes into the wild and then we come back with me hey what particular thing to say is you talked about providing for your family i mean i think it's an important you put that the your plate full of meat on the table in your wife kids you don't you know and you say your kids know daddy went out this is a very killed yeah we're eating yeah that's a big deal it is it is a big deal it's a good feeling it's a well it's a feeling it's very difficult to describe the it's a you can't recreate it it doesn't it doesn't come any other way the only way you get that feeling is by going out into the wild getting an animal chilling in taking care of it yourself cutting it up you know
and cooking it and then eating it and it's it's a weird connection to food that you don't get in any other way and i never got until i haunted i've never felt like that about the food that i cook ever could have only been hunting now for since two thousand and twelve so yes my first not even the third year my first hunt was in november of twenty twelve so it's not quite even three years you know and i see i put up a picture of your bare today so you probably got a lot of hate by the way more love than hate believe it or not the tide is turned it's because of these conversations in these these arguments where people have to realize like you're not beyond criticism for your own life and you pointing this ignorant finger at people for hunting hunting ethically legally responsibly morally doing the right thing do it put in the hours to practice making sure that you know these animals are killed in a humane way your
not doing that when you're going mcdonald's you're just not you are participating in this gigantic factory farming system where these animals are penned up in these horrible ways and you're buying food from them and you think that you're morally righteous and that you're beyond criticism and it's foolish and it's part of that disconnect that we were talking about with food i don't it's i don't think eating another life an not understanding that you're eating another life is even remotely healthy and it's one of the reasons why these people that are anti hunters that also the meter so childish the the reason why they be hey you so child they say things like i hope someone hunts your family and then you look on their fucking instagram page and it's free
with dead animals filled filled with chicken cacciatore with that come from a chicken plant you douche bag no it didn't three yeah someone pluck it yeah they plucked at the plug to the machine number is dead yeah at its head cut off but yeah no it's just it's not unhealthy it's it's nice that we could do it it's nice that you know some people love jobs that require a lot of time to take care of their family and they have a lot of i mean you shouldn't be required to go out and get your own meat but i think it would do a lot of people who do eat meat a world of good to understand where your food actually comes from cosmo of us are completely ignorant of it and this is coming from my own personal experience i didn't grow up a hunter i didn't start heading into us forty four years old so it's four hundred and forty five i guess i didn't know you know i kind i knew that there was something wrong like my thought
sonnet were always like this just feels weird to just i knew that there was always some strange disconnect that i was sort of peripherally aware of so did you have an opinion on hunters did you have a negative opinion hundreds before you became quote one of us no i never had a negative opinion i've been watching hunting shows for a long time i was fished you know i've been a fisherman since i was a young kid and you nice to fish every day when i was young before i got into martial arts i love fishing but and i would my own i always i was felt very satisfied catch a fish and then cook for dinner and then feed my parents and my my sister i feed them the fish i caught i loved it is it's very satisfying but not have anybody to take me hunting i didn't know i didn't i didn't know where to turn you know until i went hunting with vanilla i just been thinking about it for
long as time and talking about it and trying to figure out how to go about doing it but you know i'm busy and it's hard for me to venture into new things like that i feel like in that way a lot of people can relate people energy a lot of comments like that people want to get into it or or because they've heard us talk on the podcast they got their first bo and now they want to transition into becoming a hunter but it's it's it's a big process i mean it's not impossible but it takes time for sure well there's some outfitters that will specialize in that like mike clock rich from big country offers a guy i shot my moose with he's done a lot of that where he he'll take someone who's never shot an animal before they might not never shot a rifle before and he'll take them through all the steps he'll show them this is the safety this is how you put a bullet in the amber this is what you want to make sure that you know the guy is resting on your shoulder hold take them through all this
gun safety the whole deal teach them how to fire the gun teach them where to him the animal teach him how to pull the trigger you know how to breathe and then you know take them out and try to get them to harvest their first animal well that's that's to me so this is like i guess that next level but that's reason why i love coming up here with john and jenn because for a bow hunt this is a great first like beginning typo it's still super intense but it it's more controlled and that you're not going to have a long shot as soon we can be pretty close there's
number of animals so you're going to have opportunity and so i like to promote this i like to be up here with a lot of new hunters i like to bring people i've shared now two years with you wash you killed bear watch you go from not ever having killed anything with the boat now killed three black bear with your bow and that that means a lot for me personally that means mean i didn't kill a bear on this trip i did one hundred and one day last night no big deal all right cause i say camp full of people who have never bear haunted i see you i see guys who are just so excited to have their hopefully tastes are first hit to success in the bear woods and that means ten times more than if i would killed a bear on this trip and that's this hunt is i think a perfect precursor to a longbow and career because it's set you up for success and
that's that's why i love it up here yeah well one of the reasons why this place is so packed up here is because of you your social media presents an because of this is passion that you have for spreading hunting and letting people know first while letting people know how john and jenn how awesome they are outfitting businesses it's just like if you couldn't pick a better place to be as far as the quality of the people mean
john agenda family are amazing they're just so cool and this place that they have is just so special it's it you mean even when we're just driving around right there oh wow yeah when we're just driving around and we're looking at the woods like god it's so beautiful up here yeah it's just it's a it's an amazing place and that passion that you have for both honey is what leads all these people to this camp i mean everybody at camp yesterday at keep hammering hats on and ramp it up shirts on i mean they're all like cameron hanes disciples and that that message they spreading is is very positive in it actress anne and i've seen it like last year i mean this year we left before this current group we got there before them and we're leaving before they've had success yet but i've seen a lot of bears these people saw bears for the first time in their life and they had these looks
on their face like jen and i drove by this guy named randy yesterday and he was telling us i saw five bears five bears came here do that saucer eyes 'cause he's out there in the woods by himself sit in this tree stand and these bears are all around him and he's just mesmerized by this experience intense yeah it really is so there's a camp full guys just like that who one of 'em head nk westbrook are up here and i think you know he he hasn't killed a bear yet but i'm i'm pretty sure he told john already the hot was everything he'd hoped it would be it doesn't even get the kill a bear but just the camaraderie the camp life the the discussions the people i don't know it's just it's also positive and it's made i feel very proud just be a small
will you a large part of it and i think a large part of the quality of the people that are coming these trips is because of you you know it's because the people are fans of yours and then they like the way you carry yourself and the passion that you have for hunting and i found that when people of passion for things for anything that that passion is infectious you know like i i i get into people like that are really passionate about making cabinets i like watch
yeah i watched a guy make knives the other day on line i was watching this knife maker his hammer in the steel and i don't want to make a knife i'm not making that he was into it so you're in exactly his passion was infectious people love when people are into things 'cause we know that that feeling is a great feeling that feeling of being really passionate about something is a great feeling and you have a deep passionate deep connection to bow hunting and i have it now too that i have it because of you that's awesome i love that you said that i think last night we we came in late last night to swan hills i think two in the morning maybe and you were still talking about just how much you love by wanting to in the morning long day everything we've had long week and still that excitement and i love this amazing it's it's very it's very
intense it's very primal it's very rewarding and it's very very exciting you know it's it's it's also there's a lot of discipline involved keeping yourself calm when you're at draw on an animal and you know this is the moment you know this is the moment you've been practicing at the moment dozens of arrows over and over again just an in that moment of releasing that arrow when you practicing your not thinking about anything else other than that arrow hit that target and there's a very zen quality to that that i think a lot of people aren't aware so even if you don't want to hunt got getting archery archery is an amazing discipline and it's an amazing practice like a meditation in a lot of ways like that shirt that sell i love that shirt the depressed
yeah yeah plus archery equals a smiley face the face yeah it's pretty simple that's yeah i'm good at right there yeah i do they said next year we're gonna do the same camp again and it's just amazing it even guys to kill better before it's isn't just for first time type of because i feel a lot better and i still live for this time and what i do i like i like it on the ground you know as you know that's kind of what people do like first time voters i think it's a good idea to get up in the tree stand one is there come in see how they react to learn how to set some which means determine whether there a bore or s that takes a little bit of practice so it's a good idea to get up in that stand i'm just kind of in the bear hunting mindset you know we come out from his busy life i'll send you in the bear woods planning to bear woods and it's just it is so new so intense it's it's a big deal so but once you've done that we i like
on the ground i like being i die with these things and there's always there's going to be a risk there's there's a risk and everything but i just i feel like i feel like that living on the edge a little bit it's kind of my motif i guess and it's it's it's a whole different deal being on the ground yeah it's it's very intense it's will where moments they get in life where you can be made janet i were nine yards behind them in this there was behind us was even nine yards this probably closer than nine yards to a predator in apex pro north america's you know bears are there top of the food chain out there besides people the only reason why we're at the top of the food chain this is all things we describe the practice in archery the weapon the weapon you know it to look this over
moment be there with these animals and this something cool even besides the hunting of just being there watching them yeah we watch those fight yesterday there were two one four was chase the other bore away and they do all fucked chase each through the woods and that wasn't sasquatch now now wasn't a death mono sasquatch rule that's a different different ways different real different sound different south is as much a day you make it sound woody woodpecker maybe that's what it really sounds like we don't know what that let's check in with less yeah one is that
the experience is awesome regardless of the hunting the hunting makes it even more awesome the compounds awesomeness just being out there i know we were joking around about it well it's just great being out there but it really is great just being out there but the goal is always to to get an animal yeah that's why we're here the goal i i guess i mean i did get one this trip i killed a couple weeks ago but so i still feel i still feel satisfied you know i mean obviously i want to kill a bear but much getting killed their skill bear right there but for me i like i like to get on the ground i like to be close i like you know i had experiences where i had a bear out of the tree straight right above me and i said my life there in a that's that's a
the stuff i remember yeah no animal was harmed in the making of that experience that's memorable to me still we showed up and there was a bear a sleep in the tree yeah the berwick climbed the tree was just chillin up in the tree and you know we don't know how it got there it could have been a large bear she set up a tree which is really common this because there's some enormous enormous bears out here when they get like five hundred pounds can they still try to climb trees yeah they have a hard time coming for you that way but that you know three three hundred right up there there's some that john and janet scene out here there are eight feet las vegas one they've got is more than eight the bigger the grizzly yeah that's a gigantic black there but that's that's was walking around these woods and one thing that's crazy about their they should sit on the ground you cannot hear these things they don't have to break it sticks and whatnot they have soft pads i mean
i've sat turnaround and right behind me there's and make sure bag still back there but right behind me is a bear i had no idea was there yeah and it's they they are so quiet it can you know just they are there there like black goes out there in the shadows of this these big woods it's a tense it's also is it's amazing and again the food like that you get from it is delicious i've argued people to death about this basic bears baddie you really don't know what you're talking about you can find bear that contains a little funky if they've been eating a rotten carcass or something like that that's all they mean for like a few weeks yeah but most of their diet is filled with a lot of different stuff the sides eating and ground nesting birds and any other animal to catch and kill the a lot of roots and a lot of vegetables and grass areas of apparently i haven't had this before both what
he says is that there is in the fall when they find a berry patch and the stock up on there is really nothing but berries for weeks is the most delicious me in the world right now it says it's like the best means you'll ever have in your life like it's incredible yeah and it's just because they their body actually smells like blueberries the fact is blue like to get like a blue hue purple hue that would sell so they sell grain fed beef right if you could sell blueberry fed bear now that would be good again what you were saying before about bears people not seeing a lot of bears is one of the reasons why they get angry at you for eating them they think that there's something wrong
eating something you don't need all the time people believing bears forever it's just it doesn't happen in los angeles you know it's just rare you kid they don't have a commercial presence as me so you need to buy then it's in a lot of restaurants venison is not out of the people understand the people heine kill deer because it's the most popular animal to hunt in america people see that here all the time all the time yeah it's normal in a lot of times you get mad because you know they'll be living over populated areas we were just telling me that you know there was a store near you our guide died another vehicle hit a deer on the road just like this dear flew up our right in through a cargo vans window killed the driver thirty seven years old i have a back home so that people get mad because dear dear they kill a deer but they screw up the car yeah
yeah well if you live in an area that has tips and beer that carry lyme disease too it can be horrible i know a bunch of people that have done that they've gotten lyme disease from from takes another one right now i got a lives these two got lyme disease giardia trichinosis he's going for the big slam love of diseases you get from from game animals suppressive yes i will go for super slams but they try to get all the scholars north american sheep it was a good diet do for him is crazy he's done a lot of wax go back or sides livid you you're not going to be over way we got a lot of stuff you got to feed the kid is ripped to give them credit for that but i think that in you know in closing we probably wrap this up but
i i just want to thank you for being my mentor for this whole bow hunting experience it's been really really rewarding and i really really appreciate it man because without you i would have taken me years and years and years and years to fuck it up like i said it's been fun sharing even watching the journey and being part of it it's out it's very rewarding for me as well it's really rewarding for me to be able to talk about this and then to see these guys in camp that have heard us talk about this a bunch of those guys that came into camp this week had heard our podcast before and we're really excited
come up here to hunt with john jen because of that because they want in on this and you know they got it on it yeah and it's a limited amount of people i mean john and jenn work hard their family were hard but there's only so many people they can accommodate this just there's not that much space in the woods like as far as like how many different areas they have cleared out to hunt and not that many people that they have it's all family business i mean we talk about a family business their children all work there i mean it's uh total family business so there's only a certain amount of people that they can accommodate so if you're interested in this what's the website jen living the dream productions dot com and you gotta get as quick as you can because this year sold out just after last year's hot was over and this will do will probably do a couple camps like this this like we did this year i tried to come in at the end of the week the first week and then begin
in the second week doing overlap in two different weeks and we just have a good time so probably something similar you can get ahold of joe urgent on facebook instagram and get ahold of me and i'll tell you make it happen but i'm i'm i'm down for new ballplayers new bear hunters and just you know sharing this experience with this many people as i can and if you're interested in archery find a local archery shop almost everyone who is involved in selling archery equipment is an archery induce yes it's very difficult to not being a doozy is once you get into it and a lot of those places offer lessons and if they don't offer lessons they connect you with someone who offers lessons go there and learn how to shoot a bow and and and get some practice and it's a great
to have an even if you have no desire whatsoever to go hunt it is a great hobby to have and like i said it's like it's like a real form of meditation is spiritual there's the spiritual aspect to watching arrow fly toys target here right where you want it to its i mean it changed my life so it's powerful and i think these things like whether it's the hunting aspect feeding this satisfaction that you get from feeding yourself and feeding your family with this meat and even archery itself i think they i'm a reward system that's built in our dna because for thousands of years that's how people yeah the as you said are not designed to sit in cubicles were designed to take on challenges our bodies are designed we can prepare our bodies and minds and spirits for the ultimate test and this just get's is that much closer to what what what what you
these are designed the way we are an if you follow cam on instagram cameron r haynes you'll see this is not just something he does like a couple days a year where it takes a bunch of people out this is something he lives all year round to prepare himself i mean camas constantly updating is is because he's constantly running and lifting working out and getting his body prepared to be able to the challenges of these tough hunts especially like the el con that we're going on in september it's not easy you're climbing mountains and you're bringing back hundreds of pounds of meat if you're successful and that if you're successful you're successful because you put in thousands of hours of shooting arrows and practice and without that there no success and i think that's also a great thing that you provide you provide a lot of inspiration to people because you live it you're not you're not just out there running your mouth talking trying to pump people up you can do it you're out there do
but in your saying come do it with me i'm not a special person you know you're not special person which is people that are out there doing it and you can do it too well thank you thanks for a kind of an impromptu yeah i think it turned out pretty good it's great we're driving to the airport right now to to leave the dream and head back to the civilize but it's been a great time and how do i have a blast i can't wait to do it again next year alright brother by everybody thank you for tuning into the podcast and thank you to uh sponsors thank you to ting go rogan dotting dot com and save yourself fifty bucks you savages thanks also to be to a friend blue apron yummy delicious food you can cook yourself very simply quickly and easily go to blueapron dot com phone
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