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Swapcast - Podcast On A Plane with John Dudley

2019-06-21 | 🔗
Joe and John Dudley sit down on a plane to discuss their recent hunting trip to Lanai.
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I was on the island of Ireland, I with John Dudley in Cameroon Haines to my best friends, who are also bow hunters. We came from this incredible island that has been run with dear and day factually hire people to kill dear there, but they also allow hunters to come in and source wild meat and that but we are there to do, and so, if you're, not in hunting, if you give you don't find this enjoyable to discuss, I get it. But if you are interested in the thought process behind it and you you're interested in how difficult it is and what what goes on and what takes. Place, when you're trying to close the distance on a weary animal that evolved to get away from tyres, which is what access to your debt there came to come from. India. There were gift from. I guess, king of India, the King Committee, a male
we were initially just gonna, do this region's podcast, but he wanted to do what we call a swap cast as well. The kids are doing these days. You do my podcast I'll. Do yours will boost together all one and will release it at the same time. His pack ass is called knock on end it is a completely it's about archery archery and bow hunting And John was a hugely successful target archer for the? U S seem and is one of the best, if not the best Bo Hunter on the place upon the face, the planet and one of my best friends, eleven the death. So please welcome the great and powerful John Dudley, the job will gain experience were role years. That's that's only
part of a cat lady mean obviously, yet it is the one. Well, it's a critical part. It is, it is without the red wine quality is not that ridiculous red one reactor keel in red boy, that's more like red ball involved such a great year red wine in areas like one now, discipline valued is like everyone shows up to a party with what they found in their parents, fridge raider yeah The cat. Lady appears of Europe made why those since then yeah a lot. I turn people aren't you at all the time that they were so ridiculous. I've gone in the bars where people recognize me and then they, the waiters, comes over. Says. The bartender would like to give you this cat late.
Very well. I don't know what we're talking about the cat. Lady was a drink. The John invented two years ago in Lanai two years ago, the regular carriers last year the year before that two years ago, and it will. It was Jeanne Dorians, SAM, so called battle. Brian John Rennie had re. Romania feeding it to enjoy, and I was the first- we did a podcast in my sweet and we just went into the many bar and we just grabbed everything, about this. Will you stuff you came with a full of air of Jews? I could hear clang and I needed has dropped in the middle. The table laid is where we re. Let's odd gas, and that's where it all started by the by the and I just was gonna grab, and I think I can
swimming more than most so I was just reach around trying to take whatever was laughed and then you're like what the hell are you poor is that was our first year doing this trip, and this here is our third man is, is in very small- is an awesome place to get right eighty for like Elk, I think you're ready for an evening. Anything if you can see says, especially if someone's one you know like where they re I remember last year, when I l counted with Andy, I told Andy when we're in Montana this time, I'm going to be limited on how much I can hunt with you like we'll both go opposite directions and then, after I think Two days. Annie said: okay, I realize now how much success before was hinges on you navigate
me in these like small moments that I didn't really realise how important they were, and I think if you come here and if you can do you like, if your guide can get you close, but then you just Hey I'm a test only myself from here in, like from the two hundred fifty mark in, if you get it done, axis here, you can get anything yet blank or evil hunting skills. I think that's black belt skills, especially view taken a large long shot and emerged crawl into place because a lot of its crawling, if you plan on coming out here folks, brings new paths. Luckily are Sitka gear pants have built in neat paths which are excellent, but if you if you, if you use a different kind of camel first, while you shouldn't, while if you didn't need, is a different kind of game of better get some need. Just the patterns else. Looked amazing amazing, like when we
ass an across when I would glass and look at you or when I look back you blended and it worked really well, where three everywhere the sub alpine bar is the bomb. I use a lot of different camel trying different stuff out, and you know I really love first light. They make good stuff but sick as the best there. The best they d just take everything above and beyond. Everything is one step better They wore. They won't come out publicly say that sub alpine is effective for like why Taylor Turkey's because the war, the guy were mythology of us at that right, but they have a protocol of having their tests to prove things or be able to make a statement are very vigorous for Gore. So because they ve never truly tested Sub alpine to Turkey's vision, they won't come out public.
They say that its effective for Turkey's, even though I can tell you it definitely is early Caesar white tales midway through the season for vital. Hundred percent effective. But what it was truly tested for was sub alpine. It was like tested for hunting, big game, and so they'll say that, but I can tell you if there's any type the foliage that has a hint of green in it. It is effective, it just breaks everything up so good. I grew weary Utah hunting, L Coke land right in I wouldn't even back a few times. I could, I couldn't tell you were in the even in those populars where there are some white black speckle. It looked amazing yeah. It's a perfect break up pattern. You don't see that the human first hear what matters most is movement, and I guess
The environment ha now is a somewhat different. Greta that'll work yeah. The movement is big, but I became an even bigger believer in the hex who was here. We had a bird fly by land right behind us like two was wrong. This bird. He was right in our idea. We were. There is right in our business, yet we were just sitting there and this Burgess flew by and landed right next to us start tweeting away let us know, I think you said you go what's this. They do it and I just looked at young life. That's what things do what the heck squirrels jump on my shoulders birds? try to land on me big you out as when owls, when I'm in a way Kyrgyzstan Stan and owls will come in and be like upped. Gonna lie. On your shoulder, if it's a small bird I'll, let him do it if its a squirrel, unlike get on their doing up I'll, do that when it's
talons. I'm like well back up of pro, but I've had several hours, is kind of come flying in the cup up in there just gonna land. On my shoulder and I have to just went out just the heck sue for people. Don't know h e c s. The heck suit breaks up it. It blocks your electrical sit right, electro magnetic signal that your body gives you and it's been proven to work on. And it's been proven, work on what other fishes tested for sure birds for sure, because migratory birds have had tons of tons of like, I think I should say federal but like Grand, to test track migratory birds and how they see in its proven that birds see in electronic fields, so They say that its incredibly effective, because, like that's, why they ve got all that footage been able to
allowed on decent people, shoot Turkey's from just sitting next to nothing just being able to do it. For those. It's really important that your hands and your face mask and everything are fully covered with the hacks were honestly I'm going with the major muscle groups for myself. If I wear the top and the bottom for small game and big game in I'm a believer man says usually skull, still sceptical yeah I mean you know some people say it seems like it. You sullen snake oil and, like I get it, I get it I understand what you say and all I can tell you tell you like with bears their prey. Tori animals with bears my encounters with them has just been weird how well it works. But then, if my camera guy doesn't have it, it seems like I'm picked off more, so I definitely feel like when I've-
and in my one on one situations and I'm fully fully clothes, I wear it all the time I mean I, I guess it bees for me not to, but I always do I mean I'm a believer in it for sure yeah became more of a believer. This trip, I felt it was too many moments to were deer were staring at us and they just didn't know what the hell we were when, whereas like some of the times in the past, when I wasn't were in the same sort of situation, do would start blowin and then they would take other bay. You make that crazy barking noise and I took off when you we got up to your dear and where we were. Kind of his final resting place where we took pictures and stuff did you ever look back to the tree that we were for those of you who want to know we're actually honour flight back? This is a flight pot, everyone around dislike, what's going on, not orders part gassing. Folks did you look back
tree and see how small that too, really was very small Add me and Joe Rogan, tucked up next to kind of a bond act, we have about eighty ninety hours to get to eighty or ninety yards crawling and we to this tree, and I I can't grab the base of the tree and I'm trying to cheer me up the tree just enough, and I figured there's gonna be a few you access there, that's the thing with access when their bedded. You might see one or two that standing up at the time, but once I out there I looked back EU and, unlike giving this signal like dude, like don't crawl but like on your belly school like disuse, your fingertips in your nails and like pull yourself to me because we live the ark, It was probably only two feet tall and with you with
back back on that was about all you could. Spare was just lay flat to your stomach and crawl up to me and then you up behind me and used me as a blocker to come up and how many dear, How many dearer within eighty yards of us it was alive They were everywhere. I shouted dear that's when we really realise how many they were Oji wasn't popped up. Yes turns it was pretty crazy. So sorry about your shot, First Cosette is honestly that was highlighted. The whole trip for me was just here. In that sound we had son hearted, our back, I couldn't really see I was trying to film. I couldn't really see where you era, when I just could see. I could see that broad head pass, my shoulder and I was like looking at the Tipp of your broad, ed and seeing how still it was. I was like referencing it on something that was behind it in you
we're just stable and I could see your broad head coming back back back back on the rest, so I knew you'd pour it on that silver back just slip, slow and sweet
it as soon as I heard a go dear. I just looked right at the axis and I heard that sound that just a new added found the honey spot. Well, I committed a hundred percent to the silver back last year when, when a hunted here I was using, I was using a thumb trigger and which is great, but these dear so skittish in these moments are so so adrenaline filled. I felt like I made a decision that my group a shoot super accurate with the silver back. Why Mona Hunt with it like? What am I thinking and my thinking that I need to make it go off quick? What are my thinking? I'm just gonna go two hundred percent sober back and I'm super glad that I did because I shot my elk last year in Utah with a silver back. I shot that amazing elk at to hone ranch which, like the furthest, I've ever shot and animal seventy five yards perfect shot in the heart silver back. I practice with a silver back.
In practice and anything else. Yes, sometimes our practice with the knocked to it, but I use a silver back so much. I don't even think about punch in the trigger, don't even think about it. I just put my son there and I pull through it the same way I do with it with a silver. That's how it is people don't realize. There's this window. When you have one thing that you really like. Can you feel comfortable with and you feel like you have control over what you say: it's the knocked to it, or or an index finger racetrack release, and then yeah, you learn with the silver back and you realize okay, this is a good training aid and your kind of Fraid to lose that last little bit, control that you have, but there's that window, that if you can push through that, you forget about that feeling. Any just realise. This is why you almost realise there is no other option this is just what I shoot with yeah. This is I use every day, plus I can make it go off in a second or two sack once you.
Learn it ray it's on, it's all in the scaffold at all and that pre low yeah, it's all that muscle in the middle of the back, the rumbling. That's that's all that and I shoot with it so much. You know why I have that Archer range of my studio and I'm just constantly, should I get there before work or shoot afterward issue which is constantly shooting constantly shooting with a thing, so my body knows exactly what to do. That was one of the most satisfied things about this trip, like even shots at, I missed an unmistakable shots because his animals are so fast and we took some land, shots and warnings, eighty something yards and that era was perfectly on track for the boiler. That thing saw the air or her. The arrow dislike point see eye to eye so fast. The one thing they did. With accesses, I dont think axis try to locate a sound and then decide whether or not that sound is dangerous or not,
most animals, what I found is the first reaction is to pinpoint were a foreign sound came from and once their locked onto that? If there's anything following that than now, they, they kind of react like a fighter flight thing. So I've had- and I can see this lot- video footage like without were they'll, hear the bow and they'll turned and looked were a bow went off They don't hear something coming. They just stand there and there comes in I really feel like that with with the fourth let set ups, we I feel like the arrows. Our quieter than what we shot in the past personally will definitely want to shot last year, because last year here I was trying to use a fixed played and fix play with poles yeah. It was
a whistle of death on some of those longer shots that the dear would turn, but you could see em look up like on the footage these they didn't do that they just looked our way. They never looked up to like that, sound that they could hear coming in. So that's what I think, the projectile was good, but these things are just their key. In and we talk to Our buddies Sloan from Yeti in Coal Kramer we're over on the main island hunting access to their own Maui oriented. Maui hunting axis, and I asked them how they were doing in there. Like do shit. A few. Does MR few lost few. These sayings are just crazy. Fast. They react in move, and you say it's just you think it's from tigers, yank its they evolved to get away from tigers
and sprightly, whether it is amended they were given the King Committee, a mayor, I think, in the eighteen hundreds, but that there are just in insanely, fast animal there's so much faster. You think a mule dears mean fast, you, dear trunk, and on pills compared the establishment, really play like there's so slow. I think these are these. Fast is highly pressure. South Texas White Tail, that's common, knew a feeder, that's kind of like jumpy twitching. Behold, is it's there and kind of have to aim. I got to the point when I was out with cam came asked me where I am I said: do my pen was sitting in the coroner pocket of the leg in the body like I literally every time I drew back, I put my pen I wanted. On the back of its front leg, I followed the backlog up until it touched the
bottom of the body, and I was pulling right there I was I was I was pull- on my trigger in a place where my pen, if the arrow it exactly behind the it would alike to shaved, tear off its armpit, but that's not were any of the Arabs hit. They were all dock in turn in and I feel like they're moving these four inches down, possibly more and turning away. It seems like the dock in spin out, like that's their move, pick the feet up and like rotate a hundred and eighty degrees, three hundred percent there, never like darting forward. That's why. I think that this is the perfect place to show how effective a rage is the perfect place to show how effective a large cutting surface arrows brought. It is the benefits of a giant
because, if the, if you, if you have the variable of not knowing a hundred percent, where that error could hear you know your enemy within an area where a Killzone pause, possum Lee, depending on how facets reacting it might be a little bit outside of that or damage the better off? You are as long as you're able to still get some penetration in camps to on the last point ass. I came in I definitely see where there's an application for this needs. A fixed bled, fiend fix blade. Fiend. Do you think you got your dear few? Have been shooting fix, blade had it's hard to say I mean it's hard saying I think, fix blades, many of them especially event ones. There louder too Here's that's that's factors. Well, yeah could have nothing really knew what had happened with your shot
mean there is a lot of deer there and it was like bound and then that dear ran off and he knew tat. The thing had to have been completely expired within three seconds. Adams event. It sprinted, as far as it can get, was like fifty yards, which we see how fast and access runs. Fifty yards not very long, seconds and done in everything else was just looking around like what happened. What happened? they mean I had a second shot. I try to get a second child, another dear seventy arts, and that dear duck. String yeah, because then they are all learn here. All like keep. They knew owes you shut our it's three love it itself. First was so quiet, so particularly quieter and arcs, more yeah, which I loved loved RX one. But this is better mean those white engineers, man, they know to do for the things super quiet, Super act
did camp shoe in our exercise: real use, legal, That's right! I forgot which wanting machine I'm I shot the helix to ominous switch back to to an hour ex three, I think for season. People ask me all the time while you why one over the other, I like to shoot em all because I know people of different price ranges. I dont think once more accurate then the other. I really like the fact that I can change my grips out on my Samuraizer If I was honest I would say I would like it. If we went back to what they used to do on the carbon risers we're. How do they do that they you to be able to have the ability to shift the new grip left or right, depending on how you natural grip, is turning the boughs so that you can adjust it tat, perfect alignment of the arrow down the centre shouted the riser for you,
because obviously we ve been shooting other for years. You don't have natural torque and in your front hand, so I didn't have to shift it anyway. You're arrow and everything is lined up right down the pipe like right down. The stabilizer european sits Roy on the outside edge of your shaft. You don't have any talk in the in the rise of all. You don't even need to move it, but I think so people have than a now probility can grab the handle, so they wanted you to be able to remove that screw, lift the grip often can move. This aluminum play laughter right underneath the plastic grip to kind of competition. For your natural tore personally out, rather just not have the tour clear, learn how to yeah, it's like a band aid, so maybe they love those knock on Elk place. Yet when I love the way it feels and a hand to its extra gripping, even when you're sweating
like a really sits in your hand. Well, I've always said less land. Riser in your hand, is better, less less in your hand, gives you less ability to talk what you're holding onto it the same for pork use. It depends some people like a thin grip pool you and that's what they prefer. I have big hands and I like a fat grip, pork you, because there is less movement in my hand when I, when I hold a pool q when it sitting in my hand I want I want, and to be like just dead. I don't ever want to rip the queue like have a death grip, see your elbows almost like an upside down pendulum. My cue since I can know what Spiderman webs those two fingers Spiderman uses nodded. I went indoors, that's how I hold my cue. Like you said
the noticed this and this. So the idea is that it's just like your almost throwing the queue at at the at the ball, so you throw in the queue at the keyboard so that your kind of like letting the weight of the queue and the swing of the arm do the work. You not you not death gripping it
king. It punching it. You don't ever want to punch the Cuba yeah you only. You want a worthy relax, the whole ideas to be relaxed when I'm playing at my very best, some barely gripping the queue and I'm letting the natural texture of the rap sit in my hand. In this one, a resort lot of Tom Select he's a rap less q, which is just would, with you, know a name or mean some slacker called cover on it, and then I put bees wax on the lacquer. That's my favorite has just sits in the hand its tacky and I don't have to grip it at all, and I just let the queue do all the work. It's like the more you can relax in the more play legal play for a few hours. Then I get real relaxed and then I can really to sort of GNP movement farm. Let the cue ball do all, but the cue stick move the cue ball. Do all the work you're the same with archery me. It's like I can come out of the gate and feel really relaxed and feel f.
As I see that as I fatigue, I obviously feel I can put more effort in when I ready to pack up you're just starting to loosen, and it's the same with with pool you- can play tool for ever I mean I've had just be like eighty and I'm done and ears like I'm just getting loosen the Yankee loosen up eight hours with with pool the guys that look like they're not putting any effort is that when there with archery one guys look super comfortable, like you almost feel the beau. Isn't real, you watch him. You look at em at full, drawn you realize it doesn't look like they're holding sixty power like than they. Looks everything is in line everything's efficient, look every effort
Is it the same with pool exactly the same year? We see someone tighten up from nerves, you see that their hand, grip the queue different, any see movement. You see like the queue Yugoslav, it left little it right. They put unnecessary and accidental English on the keyboard. It's it's one of those things were the more you could stay calm. The boy can relax and rely on technique. That's why the reasons why archery so attractive because you're, so many parallels with so many martial arts is well one thing. You said the other day that I really really like I don't know how we got on the subject of might have in yesterday, but we are talking about. We are talking about sometimes in sport. For me, it's It always seems easy to forget the basics like I forget and also now be coaching. Some
new or something- and I realized or asking this question- is like oh man yam, I'm taken for granted this basic book you said with comedy. You never do that which I think has to make it better at it, because you- and actually my school's knock. What I you two myself every year in December, every in December on like ok, whatever I've done, this past year, doesn't matter I'm going to wipe the slate clean ominous with shootin enough rose to. Where I can. I can build some stamina practicing, and then I'm just gonna, focus on my fundamentals. One week at a time, to try to back up its not as it's not going back foreign, the basics is, I think, what you are talking about, but it still it's still a really cool like
training aspect, isn't yeah. Well what we're talking about what you're saying as every two years, I write a whole new act and I start I'm like a beginner again, I'm a beginner who knows how you comedy, but I don't have any new material raw materials or I don't have any old material, my two materials all new, so I have to figure out how to make it work and all these people paying seeming. So I have to work really hard at it, so I can't be lazy and I can't take it for granted.
And it's like I become almost like a beginner again every two years, so every year lately causes the Netflix special yeah. Well, it's too! Yes, it's it's two years in between specials, every special did one in two thousand fourteen two thousand sixteen two thousand eighty, some unlike a two year schedule, which seems to me to be the right way to do it here, because you can polish yeah you can get you gave its most important is one that special comes out. Like my last one came out and October of last year of two thousand and thirteen
that's specials out that materials dead. He s gone, you can't say it again, then I moved to the new material and then I have to write I have so. I have all these people come to see me so there's no way you're ever relaxed or to comfortable or you can't take it for granted. You have to always be nervous and always beyond the ball and always be working hard and always be concentrating on the fundamentals of comedy like making sure that you are using the economy of words, making sure that you're saying things in a way that makes sense to people the best way to get its people sneak in the punchline. Were they don't see him come in and have premises the good and address those premises in a way It's like the most smooth way to do it. So it's it requires a lot of thinking about comedy. Allow lot. It seems like here in the perfect place tv and so close to the store,
to be able to go to the comedy. Store I mean, can you think is certain that morning and be like? I want to try this. I think it ends on my way to the commission, really how it's in your like, I'm just gonna, throw this album announcer, throw it out there to sink or swim sank, and you got to acknowledge that the people know thousand new joke nets. At the end that we would get a kick out because they know that year you try things out like all the people that really know comedy. This will actually won the beautiful things, but the common stores, how many comedy fans like real aficionados go. There are people who you know. They know that they can go there in any no the weak. They could see from the best headliners on the planet Leah and they know the process. They understand, particularly one of the beautiful things about podcast. Is it through podcast? If we talk about it all the time to talk about them,
assets, so the people listen to my ipod cats and many other comedians podcast. They understand our process now where they didn't before. Ten years ago, people had no idea comedians Rojo Year now they know that the people that are really big fans they Oh really. Well, I've seen some of your lineups were just it happens to be where those guys go to the store, and it's not like it's a line up. It could be a friggin com all star. Oh yeah, I mean I've, seen name on that top sign run like Jesus, you went there that night you're like hitting the best of the best plan on the planet and its twenty bucks. Twenty bucks in you might see Dave Chapelle, Joe Ideas, irish fear, Tom, Secure, Burke, crusher me you mean you see crazier, you see, we Tony Hinge clue and was there in Edwards. Poland's message is over
over and over the lineup isn't saint guys. You ve never heard of that are murderers year. In its it's a beautiful place, it's one of the main thesis keeps me, yeah for sure down in order to give a good routine game, and I was right go. I was rated get the hell out of California long term thinking it's like they stuck me in well, what's cool about relationship to is there from this point about November, where you fool, switch gear. The comedy and I fully which gears development coming out really working on my shooting go in this, I cannot go reclusive, as a friend there's been, I think at Christmas time. Didn't I tell you at Christmas. I said something else:
for being a bad friend, you're too bad friend both to the same thing we're both rare? Unlike you of I just said, I know you're doing the same, but like that's from I think as soon as Elk season it you go, you get aren't you re right and yeah? Can you wipe the slate clean, Sir Polish, it in when you're in that, when you do your comedy, do you have to trust stay in their really really do good at. That was what was always hard with me when people ask me to do articles is their certain times a year where I feel I can write an article and it's really me in a lot of times it's when I'm coaching when I'm coaching and I'm seeing new people, and I'm thinking about these things or I'm working on people's gear. I feel like I'm a good writer that point, but when someone hit me in the middle of a time right in the Middle family vacations or fine
in the middle of a mountain alcott? I just feel like I'm I'm like I'm kind of forcing it is the same for you. Yeah give Asia Windows real like this is my window, were I hang out with comics? I just think about this stuff. This is worth thinking about what I'm working how do can never get out of shape. Comedies, it's very critical and never really get attache like our shape is like this whole week. I didn't do company That's as long as all did me said some us out of here, but I get Del you're. Always they get about week. We bring subjects. I can't even think of about a subject. We come up and you are that night, the last night when CAM was there and me, CAM sat there. Then the girls finally came toward the very
we go on some subjects I was just looking around life. Is anyone here like? Hopefully we like we episode? Privacy is down some radical man, but it was already well that's the beautiful thing about comedy. You know, like everybody knows there, some subjects that you can't really bring up around a lot of people and those the ones I like the most does the ones that like if I can sell those to thousands of people, if I'm in a room and there's seven thousand ten thousand people in the audience and I can sell this super fuck. It dangerous. I sometimes I say I'm like hear me out, like Jesus Christ. What do you say? But if you, if you have a point which well thought out it's like they really appreciate that you took that
crazy, ass chance, and then they laugh in with you like. I can't like I did a show last week, we we're in Chicago, and I did this giant arena and Daniel Cornea who's. Never see me to stand before came and afterwards we will be working together to create the next day. He grabbed me. I got gave way. They usually get me either those funny, but it's like you I know that you have a point. You got, you really have that, but you can't just say it for shock value like for me, especially at this stage in my career in this very unusual atta sphere. There's not that many people that are in the first place. I would our you that you are in stratosphere of your own did you're at the top of this needle
where you get away with shit, that no one on this planet can get away with. I don't know about that. I think maybe other people would get away with it if they thought the things that I ideas. Minutes it's gotta, you gotta have this. I think about things a lot before SAM I mean it's not like. I'm just flip currently saying something that might hurt someone's feelings, If somebody off like I want to make sure it cover those base year cover every bit, you almost cover everyone's opinion, then that arena you gotta start offer the people that are opposing yeah. You got a sort of looking at it like from you made a man there, I've been there at times ok he's want them to like him just for a minute because he's generators shit, I just learn them into a trap of logic, yesterday here yesterday we were at the hotel and I'm walking around my beacon catcher
and he had you. Have I told you a story I was in Iowa and someone came up to me and they were the gin? it was the lady and she was legitimately trigger, she just said: do you kill cats because I have the sure. That's what a joke, Europe that has a cat with two axes on its eyes: our task, that yeah, if Galaxy and our when cartoon animals would be dead of access for eyeballs, hashtag being cat, which obviously one of the parts of Jirga Jos Netflix Special from last year. But This looked at and I said no, I said love cats, and I said I'm trying to raise awareness for people letter feeding their
It's like a vague and in their causing blindness in fee lines, and she goes what and I said, yeah people quit feed their cats. Me and they become blind, and I said I'm trying to raise awareness and she's like oh, my god. I had no thank you so much stirred to raise awareness do yesterday. When I was yesterday went to to get a drink at the bar and the guy that came over insurgency. She stopped me yesterday and she goes to you hate, that's why and she is what is that shirt mean and she goes. It's nice and I said, yeah, it's totally nice and she goes great, I'm a view in an I love cats and unlike world, were friends. That's one of the subjects right there, that's one of the subjects where you got away with it: dude, no one,
It away with it. Down with that was a lot of work. Tat was a lot of work that one I had a like circumnavigate that terrain many times to figure out the right way to get there. Grass. Does that was a real thing. They did happen. A lady really did say a bunch of mean stuff to me, and then I went to her account, and it said, Hashtag Beacon cat in a really did. Look at my wife. To go. She should I look like I should go to bed right now, and I know this is true because at a time when Joe tax me somethin, that's its within thirty minutes. When I wake up in the more because, with the two, our dear you're, going the bed around three thirty and I mean upper. I like four four thirty and like my best riding for whatever reason late at night, and I think parliament goes my wife, my kids or sleep, and I'm usually coming home from the communist or so I work. I do my sets and
and I come home and then I write a lot of time to do. Exemptions, asleep brains, fired up so use lamps hanging out with a dog in writing and then like right terms too sleepy, and then it goes, but sometimes like a giddy sparks some like MIKE I'm a spark former about the interests of farmers and supports the forage for sparks. I'm looking for spark in the finest spargo you'd have low and that's it I'm going to try to turn into a flame, and then I have to keep their flame alive. And so then I have to keep working ended on stage figuring out away, then pour some people boom me or they'll get mad at me, and I go that's what I'm saying and then after you're, ok, how do I stop the issue in its tracks? Y got up get to their argument before they do. We have to figure out a way Such a good way to answer. Did birds like a bureaucrat
The snaky airy arrowy it's obvious year, black belt energy jitsu person, because your baiting people sneak in a man a mere eight and son of a bitch. You are one of those things where it's late. I've been doing it now for more than thirty years, be thirty, one years this August, so crazy, I'm trainer member. I remember you doing this. I don't know if you did a show at the Riviera but I was shooting in Vegas and I know was late nineties early two thousands and you are doing to show their gas guys do shows there are those in place, are performed and vague. Was it a Riviere, yeah yeah really error, then so that to ban. I'm sure twenty years ago, so you'd have in ten years and yet- and I think I remember I remember some of my friends go in and they were shocked because there
They said there like he is not filtered in his comedy compared to Hawaii announces the you have sea because you like there's no subjects off limits is, you have see is a different job. You know it's it's very confusing for people and I kind of sympathise with them because I have to completely unrelated jobs a cop almost three years. Podcasting is sometimes funny but many times not like. Sometimes I'm just talk to scientists and then sometimes I'm talking to scholars. That diversity is what has people hooked to me? It's that's. How I view
old, I dont need to be funny like I don't ever try to be funny. What I'm doing the USA, Mommy and my obligation when I'm doing the sea is to give just is or to give to honour the hard work that these men and women have put into their training camps into prison, their effort and appreciate their art. The martial arts years super serious about martial arts. Yeah people make that funny you don't like it now most the term. I don't mean unless something funny happens year but it has to offer you my balls or some like that. Yeah, that's just genuinely funny, I'm a laugh at that. But for the most part my job is to make it exciting for people who are listening end to sort of explain what's happening in terms of particularly the ground. People cannot understand when some story kicker punch
and it's my job to point things out that I see like pattern. Sometimes I'll see like someone moving on like this guy is moving at a much higher level in an off, as sometimes happens right before guy gets knocked out. I'll say I see a like this this past weekend: Ricardo Lamas fight Calvin Tater, and I said I see a big difference between the striking level of carbon cater and record alone cabotage bone he landed knockout blow right after I said that sometimes crazy happens like that, but you, but that's important for
for people at home like they want. They want. The other reasons why some people like me as a commentators, because they know that genuinely enjoy this is not our job to me. Yesterday I dont think. Oh here I am working pet, getting paid, I'm getting money. I don't think that, but I think it's like I'm. First of all, I love the sport. I genuinely appreciate with these guys. One of these girls are doing, and I just want to give. I want to honour what I think anything you have interest in you. A hundred percent come across as authentic and that's what that's what people say they like about me is because they say I feel like you're. A hundred percent authentic about Europe for archery and honestly, I feel, like social media helps accelerate that we people start to have all may this filter that the the tv
network allows people to see, or that sometimes you or I don't have control on what that filter is, we might say, like hey man, not me? Can you like my room like if you didn't like this like now you we ve, some poles, and this is really what we want, which is what we why I left my network, yes, because I realized, if I go onto alive feed people, a hundred percent git exact we have, I feel, and I think, the more that they experience that their radars of peoples natural radars of whose legit and whose not their sensitive yeah, and I think it's that it's the best thing in the world for people like me, here. You are carrying more any of these people that we know within their fields where they're they're real. There are real people within those
fields or Andy's. A great example too he's like he's, most breaking the mould of what a lot and navy seals are doing is fair to say that. But you also so many like ride there passed to try to you build Somethin, whereas Andy's almost he almost halved, dragging out of them. You almost have to say like no dude you ve done some really cool shit. We need to talk about this year and he's trying to save war, there's more to me than the others more to me than that, but I think once people really see that Steve come forward thats where people are grasp and were there like. I really want. I really like that person that I'm seeing that's what I want more yeah you're not produced in ones.
Manuel. That's a good luck on when you do know, lives, dream or whether Dona Podcast you're not produced, and that's the same with me. I don't have any one tell me to do their bit in that situation. Perhaps someone telling me to do and it would tell me what to do or what to say it's it's this, it's not as effective as its eyes. Anyway. It doesn't come across that way. I saw today it's it's weird out your phone, you phones, a spy I got today. I got adds pulled up in my instagram about travel. Rulers, we're talking about here last night you to dinner hour, and we get our me home raising its we, it's crazy, crazy. It's listening to its listening for sure, yeah inflows. Who can tell us what's happening? I want to know what is your if I need to get someone tells me what the hell you're phones listening to that does happen to people all the time rules on the
their google feed issues, feed has adds that happens. We get really I before they come on just so you really Russia cannot really terrific I'll catch you ll be like you'll be deep into that define now. I need to find out how they're doing it and what to do exist where they would have fewer urban planning, a murder, your phone on you and dad essay. I knocked at the door and they're gonna. I'm writing a book and murder in planning it out with a friend to try to pretend that we are planning a murder. So I could see how people who talk when planning a murder. So me my that's a cover elder, but if you do that matter, if you did do that, like. If you were like Jack Car right around George Period, he just gave needs to know look here. I brought mine here again, read it, but we are. We now
downtime. Never report we haven't, I find the whole time bloody. Save Jack was writing a book. George was writing a book limbs trying to figure out how Jack is this we should say is: is this in him that he asked for writing. Jack cars is yeah. It's his pen, is not deplore that if he was trying to figure out how someone would talk when there are setting up a murder, and so we got together with it. Actor or or a detective or someone and said how what would you say how to talk about it? What would you do with steps in the phone pick them up and also the eyes knocking on doors, murder and anybody might books What are we doing here folks? What have you got an ad for like latex gloves legal shape to a nineteen. Eighty, seven eighteen, many dazedly gasoline lighters like
I'm sure, honestly, I'm sure, there's companies that would pay if they knew. This guy is a buyer sketchy, we care would astronomy. Enough of the air. We don't know nothin. I think that you know we're talking about to get away from that. We were talking about when it comes to honesty. There's never really been. Shows where no one was telling me what to do. There has never been like think about how many downloads you get per episode. There's that's what you get for your archery pod task is like a successful cable show, yes, really near easing yeah right. Think about more and more. Loads in two days on my podcast than what Friday full draw at eight o clock on the sportsmen Channel got when I had that slot accident.
Our only imagine that they can compete. Knockers no way or watered down it. Doesnt resonate with people the same way: it's it Brett. Wouldn't let people know that straight from your mouth and there's no one. This John Dudley really is one of these people when they meet me. They go all you're like you how you are in the pot. Gas am against me. And I guess I don't have a body, but there's never been a thing like that. We don't have a boss, and yet every episode reaches Milly millions of people like you, I could see the number of people. If I could like be honest stage and look out and civic, I had be real from I pursue yeah. The park ass, it does a good alone. Amazing. I love it. I love him. I love Cyprus will, but he we showed video footage of when their planet Woodstock now is a half million. People will find a half million people listen to,
I guess that podcast sucked accept mustn't went wrong year, so think about the numbers for podcast. That's like a killer, podcast yeah! Oh yeah! It's it's! It's! It's unbelievable here. What were I mean? If you think back of like a really good band that sold out a stadium. What that number would be in their like. This is a legitimate, successful ban. Well, I feel like a really big giant ban, can do like a football stadium. Idiotic. Fifty thousand people were seventy thousand people, which is unheard of right. Yeah, that's earlier for their job. Giant numbers, but any shit for a party should also think about one of your purchases way bigger than a flip or state which is really not yeah thrill. Not it's. It's never been anything like this in its free. It's free, there's never been anything like this.
It's never been anything where there are definite of little use in those six new paths for some other purposes, if back in the day, need more than the sick and deep adds yet more once these callous stands, wouldn't be favoured it? Some it's cool down. Man me. We came at the right time for this. You know we were made for you to have left the sportsman Channel and enter into this new world, isn't an awesome, though what I think is so cool is, and we Mein Kampf talked about this about the number of people that We get expose do that. We would have never got to hear their voice, people that right to super cool book haven't on that dedicated their lives to it. To an awesome,
topic and you would never like unless Jerry was out there for you to go down some wormhole re in the morning. We, like you, know what this dude like I get it. This guy on now he's he's too. Put me out with some this information, and then you share two millions and millions and millions of millions. The I mean it makes Firstly, it makes mainstream and makes it harder from the lie thanks for only says it harder for them to survive because they seem so corny yeah, like you, however, a mainstream show that covers these subjects is like stupid, music and germanic, reeds and in its obviously written and they'll, get to just talk like two to discuss subjects. You need time to define how someone really feels about a subject. You need time,
and you know- and what would these shows are trying to do- is there trying to create these gotcha moments for the trying to catch people and misrepresent their position on things and they're? Trying to you know they're trying to like create controversy, because that's how they sold things in the past, people getting tired of being bullshit it for getting tired of it. They want to know like like when I am Graham Hancock. On the other day. It was this massively successful part CAS millions and millions of people downloaded it. It's about the origins of civilization on earth would yet it's crazy subject, think that so many people would be fascinated by, but they are, but that they were never represented before, because it was never given to them in a way where you could just listen to the author. Who is this increase
really well research guy incredibly, articulate, has been passion about the subject for decades and who is also often maligned by mainstream archaeologists and scholars and now build those mainstream. Archaeologists and scholars through new evidence and new discoveries have been forced to recognise that human beings have existed in these. These more advanced civilizations and We will then anyone ever thought before for many many many years, thousands of years prior to when we had dated organised civilizations and cultures, and it wasn't that these subjects were an interesting before it's just that you didn't get a chance, to listen to someone one talk about it now style. We added interruption in order that our producers- and you know that part, wasn't it this thing right now: there's gaps writer, you leave someone the ability to intervene and say what
that's not accurate because he never mentioned this actually had, but they edited without yeah that be the person that be like a PBS special and you at the mercy of when they ere it yeah how they break it up into their twenty two minutes and it doesn't. It doesn't give it that us, is that the obviously someone that's dedicated that much time were deserved. It yeah- it's some two new world and you and I got super lucky that we kind of stumbled into this new world. You know- and I was listening to your part- caslon format- you and why I watch tv shows, and I found out about your podcast and then I was listen to your planet and I'll, send out crazy. This disguised talk about like eggs, tens, indifferent, fleck chains, indifferent configurations and he'll goals, was shit like we'll. Fuck is listening to this. How can I write their words? Kids, you? I am so happy. I K. We need a feature
article right, twelve, fifty carried out, but to me it really really resembled pool in a way because with pool is all this talk about low deflection, f, sore thirteen millimeter tips, verses, twelve millimeter, twelve and a half millimetre carbon fiber, shafts maple, but verses ebony, which is stiffer have it your way. Nineteen inch bow carbons. You told me yeah, there's interim after a lot of the top, top players were using carbon shafts. Unlike the big name companies like a predator they're, making carbon shafts work for cues, while people swear by them, you dont digging up like regular ones do. But if a majority of us are talking to people, the whip me now been playin pool for twenty twenty five years,
about twenty five years of me playing pool like pretty I mean I never really stopped me and maybe a little bit when I was really getting heavily in the video since a deviated a bit, but for twenty five years I ve been playing pool experimenting with different tips and later tips verses Buffalo hard tips versus cow high versus pig tips. Submarines is all these different types of this kind of equipment I tell you say in this right now is probably like. When you listen one of my first podcast, I think one of my first, podcast or the time few was kind of wanting to come out of the gate with this is deep. I've gone so I got James, park on which I love James is an awesome duties from Australia, but this guy could have a doctorate in the aerodynamics of an era, that's probably one of the ones, a trip you out, probably, but now you're, talking p
tipsy talk again, like it making sense were unlike what does tat different density. Their tips would totally makes sense, but I never even knew it existed until right now and now, I'm thinking oh shit, yeah now I'm Thinkin war, this fifty different types of plastic, like how many are they plane with Del Ridge, you're then put in the pig to dick on the top of it. Are they in force? Kenya lies with the member states and then, as also wrapped cues versus rap list. The way you hold it to a grip it some guys like to grips with the risk bent forward. That is less variation, some guys, let the let the light to let the low risk or real loose in the cradle to queue in their hands. It's there's all these different techniques strategies and like it's also also finger punchers riot, some guys again
punch that trigger and they could do really accurately its very few people. That's the same thing with guys who have a death grip on the queue, some guys of a death grip. The key lay really I allow you dont have a death grip, but you know you it's like everything else. You'd have to learn. How to do it correctly and you would have to practice. I practice playing pool by myself mostly most times, and I play I played by myself wish. I could do what iron man does worry toxic Jarvis, expand stuff. I want to do that on your brain when you're looking at angles on it, because what I'll break, if I break, is Joan I've played together couple different times. You look at the table and I can see I know you're thinking Joe than when the thinking Jos there, like all the It is your turn you're doing your rain man thing. I wish I knew how many different angles and shit
You were looking at what I tell you. If you want I'll show it to you like. We were talking about a little bit the other day I like. Well, I have to go with the four I have tabled with right hand, English, because I have to wind up, on the left hand, side of the five, because we want to drift down to the six is so close to the second the seven, rather I don't have much room or you in your whole, lay out. I play for balls ahead. Always now sometimes play three balls ahead. If it's like a fairly easy rack, but sometimes like to play for balls ahead, they give if this, cluster- and I know I have to break it out- I can't I can't fuck around. I have to make sure that I'm on that the high side, this ball, because collide. When I make the shot I have to hit that second bar will happen. I won't be able to get out I'm trying to get out, I'm not trying to just when I want someone play because everybody likes say they know how to play, pool which it's hilarious. People come to my podcast studio, the a good play pool.
Person poor lad. I knew you well enough to just say I don't know shit when you like you. Paypal or might know how this thing, but I was, I watch how they make a ball. They just try to make ball. Are you my little pockets and bars, but I'm gonna fuck you up and run you be able to make all the shots and run out I'll, say. Congratulations. There was a disaster you got out, but those terrible. I did the toys. Yeah, it's actually the perfect. This is the point time to talk about when people try to argue with me, why, when they say what I'm doing work and it's always work and their like We know you teach that way The way that I teach I would say Eighty percent of the people, MAC, surmises them to the best of their ability. Are there
fraction of people that are like the exemptions to the rule, yeah you can probably go and when a term it you could probably at some point in your career. If you go to enough major events, you'll win one doing it your way, but I didn't certain that what I'm teaching we'll get the mass majority of people, more production over a longer, doubly more effective right right way to do it is that right. Is it the same? Yes, it's like I be you two games, a pool But to me, that's like yeah. If ye friggin throw through things out of the window. You want
Every hundred times is gonna land. Where do you think it might land, but its use? Change is schanz. Well we're playing on eight by four. Was a small table? Has buckets for holes like those all those things factor in, and you know the table them. Haven't my studio, sucks is a brutal table. That's like one of those metal targets it has done soft. That's exactly what it is. They shoot at forty hours book target regime. Unlike do I swear, I would have made the shot at my old table at home. You like year, these pockets or a little smaller like I always there and internet have shorter than regulation pocket, but that's how I practice by the way the last podcast I did with Joe the jerry there's a few people, etc might have gone too far on the on the drink.
Just so everyone know Joe, was beat my ass for about three hours on the pool table on the Small ass pockets, so I was just like drinking. My sorrow about the time he was all warmed up in it. Had enough of me said podcast some like a failure, pod guess, tomorrow's, like notices, go thou. So they are that That was a rough one. You wouldn't say that those who have de facto tables rough men, both rob was let that's my practice table. That's how I like that's. Like put NED outdoorsman this pact voting. You write to the task and we are a hundred and twenty are hit achieve thirty, seven degree angle. Let us find exactly hope. You ve learned some, it's you know. There's levels just levels, everything in one of the things that I look
and very early on when I became obsessed with martial arts was how important technique generate power. They generate real power and to be to do things. Reckless. Can you name one field where that's not important? I principles I can't comedy suits with everything like Joe ideas when you see Joey onstage he's so wild and crazy and is comedies so so out there you think, maybe there's no technique to but is one of the best technicians. He knows exactly what it actually steed three such an amazing technician, because he has the best economy of words like here's, a joy, this joke their love. It was I like transvestites they could they clean. You can beat item every once in a while the cops com
who did gonna believe me us on due to Wigan a black those jokes. That's a great bid in the jokes. Come out Will you know where he's going one year, the cops come? Who are they, believe me are some: do would a wig and, like that's a brilliant joke, but it's that economy of words and there's a disease that that's like a skill. If, when you the can they have too many words before they get the punchline either. That's a new joke and they're trying to figure out how to say it, which I do when I have new jobs. Often time go back and listen all recordings of a joke them doing like three months later, where I've gotta down I'll go back and listen to our started doing to three months ago. It's embarrassing! It's terrible because is
so many extra words, and yet he entering this year, so there's technique to everything, man, everything but in martial arts, the consequences of having poor technique or the most devastating, because you're gonna get What are you going to eat strangled? Are you out of your arm snap likes all the technique in martial arts is super. Super critical. Is everything? Do you think, there's people that could just focus on five basic principles of like Jiu, Jitsu and just me, and that's all they do what they do it so well, they can just wait on it perfectly. You there's a guy named John daughter, her, who is done an amazing job and training these killers, just incredible athletes who ve been able to beat people with far more experience.
In them, because John, who was a philosophy major in college and he's a brilliant Malaga. True genius has, figured out a way to cut to the chase and figure out what is most important. What am I trying to achieve and what are the barriers trying to achieve this then He's figured out a way to apply that to his students and a teacher students in this way that cuts the learning curve down radically and because of that, he's developed these guys, like Garry Tonon or Gordon Ryan or Nicky Ryan, he's like guys who have not been doing you just a relatively haven't, been doing. Jiu, jitsu as long as their competitors, but are far more effective. So dear, I really some of his stuff yeah he's genius. Man he's genius, but but it's that it's it's the analysis, what it is
superior intellect that applies that superior intellect people may not have been as focused and there's also a problem that you Jitsu, where a lot of people just like to roll. They just like the spar, because it's fun to learn a couple techniques need to try to get each other cuz. It's a it's a fun, so fun thing to do, but the best way to do it is to drill and the really really best way to do it is to drill with intent and understanding of each be like a very detailed, comprehensive understanding of each position and what's the danger of not having inside control. What's the danger of not having the under hook with in and see that's what, for me, that's what I feel like some of the places where I've gone and done dandy, Jitsu they're, not splaining, so it's hard to absorb yeah, because think just based on my background, want to know the basics,
The wise in drills and I'm totally comfortable just being in the trills speed and the drill to were its for me to want to learn some new, because I know that I'm not doing what you told me before good enough for me to say: ok, I feel I'm doing that without having to consciously really try hard at it now, and I I love that about sport, where you you're, able to just shrill and drill and drew until the subconscious absorbs it, and it's like at that moment. I feel like I've made death and now now drop something else in, and I selective cycling. I cycle things in when I feel like I've absurd or something that I've already worked on its like that with students, and said it before he goes a year, and you tell me something: were you just
Now tell me, and I look like a year ago. I was doing this right this right and you we are, of course I knew it, but it wasn't relevant you're getting out and no right right now ready to Know- and I am feel like it's better. At least some people for me. I feel like it would be that way, because I would always be thinking back to. Why was I you know why or I'd deep down? I know not doing good enough. I come now. Do not efficient enough, whereas Sometimes I've gone with people in their like wages role because, eventually you'll just start to realize why it's important in there
honestly, the places where I've stopped go on, it is those places because, unlike I can't, I don't feel like. I learn that we want things that we do it TAT Planet is Eddie breaks things down in a path and path where people escape and then pass for people counter like sometimes like you, you'll, have a path where you will pass someone's guard moving amount go for the arm bar, they defend the arm bar. Then they wind up on top. Then they pass and then they go into an arm trying or some other submission. So the person who was initially attacking ones are being the person who gets submitted. You'll do this path and drill this path, and you ll be. Basically it's almost like a choreographed sequence of events that will take place in sparring like where your cash yourself in an arm bar you defend that
our bar and then all of a sudden. You find yourself inside control, and then you find yourself submitting someone with this very same sequence of events and that just builds your understanding, the positions of the of like what can take place from those positions like their certain arm bars that you can catch while someone's going for twister or or someone's in the truck or somethin. These various positions and until you're there you don't really know it so the two to do it in, like a very clear pass on all the warm up that we do will be these these pathways dear, and I think it's important too there's people say they listen to me and they just say you know. I just don't get four but every site, like I don't like with deadly socket about I get it. I've gone you guys, governess, whatever its egos I've gone to places I think sometimes, but I've gone to place,
is where, for whatever reason, I'm here and the same thing, but I it's easier to take it in even though it seems like it's the same information, it seems There's some teachers that are really good at teaching and there's some teachers that have been taught how to teach and it comes across outlay in its hard it's hard to soak it in. What's also the personality the people are teaching. Yes, sometimes you don't want to learn from somebody like them. I don't like the way, the talking and maybe they're arrogant, and maybe that that arrogance comes off as you like you want. Proven wrong. Just listening the arrow yeah I get it well. The last thing we should talk about is probably where we started this trip, grilling cause you and I are both passionate about cook and food yeah. We eat what we kill right. Yeah and you were, you- are on a different grill path. Where are you I mean I kept telling you that was.
I don't know a lot about the stranger but man. It's like changed. My life I was doing things very hot I had a yoda that has direct he element and the direct he aspect of it was you'd. Have these grill grates they'd put down turn, until the flames very very, very high- and I would cook on these and slow you put these them marks on the on the meat didn't get drying out. The meat start goodnight until whiskey bent barbecue Chad, war tat word on enhancing our until he explained to me the idea, the reverse, seer, cooking things, low and slow and then searing them at the end I really didn't get in and what I'd start couldn't write them? Ok, you didn't get mad. When I go to a restaurant, a good rest
and they could the state that is not a bummer. It's a bunk talked about all the time. Do would we cook night one when she, and I flew in. Do we cook cowboy steaks ribeye Why had an iron would before and Timberline Yosemite Timberline before, and they wanted to. Give me the iron would because it's the newest version the highest and trigger I it's the next one in line yea How did you motor they didn't? Have the timberline, the new Timberline But you know what its phenomenal I timberline before, and they wanted to give me the Timberline thirteen, because it's the newest version with the but this iron would six fifties. Amazing, it's so good and I love the app when the best things were mere triggers the app and the fact that I can adjust the temperature of the grill on my phone and then also define recipes like I cook lobster tales here today and I got the recipe directly from my phone.
On the trigger. With my. What did you tell me you cooked at? I think you said you could. The app. The fact that I can adjust temperature to grill on my phone and I went to the grocery store. I got the ingredients based on that and I cooked it on on the Traeger, with my footage you cooked, I think you said you cook something only two hundred and twenty five just so you could use it super smoke oh really, yeah I'll be doing a lot. I really like that super smoke, man it just it does something to the. I love that smoky flavor that you get. I think it's one of the best things about pellet grills and I think I've had a lot of power drills. You know the triggers the best it's the best. It's the best that maintain temperature it gets to
because you're better is the easiest way to work. It does so stable events and complicated ones where they could good. But it's like yellow agreed the man. Would an and fire, I suppose, that's repetitive, and what they figured out, how to do. First of all it so efficient. The treasuries is so little pellets like. I feel that hopper once I got five six seven, eight nine ten clubs just mean it's a foot, hot afoot, deep of pellets, and it takes forever to run run through that we were even those revised at night related skills, your elders and no, like I'm gone anywhere. I would say I need to know how this guy's doing, because it's better than what I'll make it up give me the top of foot deep of pellets and it takes forever to run run through that we were eating those ribeyes at night or like dude,
your elders and no like I'm gone anywhere. I would say I need to know how these guys doing, because it's better than what I'm making no they were definitely is good, is anything I ever got ever and it so easy to use and to do it to twenty five, and I love a fact that trigger That probe you can yeah. That's the ass. You really did with the app harry is, has his first apartment right now and I don't Actually it's a summer he's got he's he's a research project which is pretty cool, but I dont think he realized. School wasn't cooking food because he was in his apartment one night and he sent a tax to share. That said campuses clothes. You can't give food You're, so we gotta do our own niggers D. Think dad good cook for us somebody, it's like you need to cook for him, so I told
I said you want me to do. I forgot what I say. We did a brisk it set out, good brisket, for you guys so I started at night. I literally woke up at three in the morning. Grandma phone next to my bed, open it up to me the brisket. Was it like one? Fifty nine? I got up one outside put the brisket at a big foil, PAN rapped at all in their put in a little oh Jesus, sealed it all up bombed the temper to seventy five put it back in the group closed and just set the alarm for when the brisket hit two or four like set the alarm on my app so next morning, at nine, a m being goes off the brisk. It's a tool. I took it out- set it in a yeti and just left it in there until the guy's came home after their ten mile run.
That day and sliced. It knows it ago. Amazing is perfect, yes, the perfect combination, technology yeoman shit. I ruined frickin propane weapon yeah we're charcoal girl had Camacho Nunez Ceramic grills, which is great it's great. Until you use a pellet grew and then you know, my wife is like a really stupid thing Is it like Benelux, school website, people that say you need to learn how to start a fire with like two sticks, No, I can do it, but I also can buy a big, lighter the gas station filling up my car. It's like this and are really not look. It's a good survival skill. Yet if you really do find yourself- and I know some guys like to just bring like a flash and some some-
I got it suavity. Suddenly, Ass Wayne Schneider likes the shooter. Traditional bo. Don't get power to. I don't get that, but then other people say why she labelling a rifle right: yeah we're in that category down where there is an idiot stir. Well, the argument for that is these: damn dear he's, access dear, I met some hunters this morning, real nice guys in one of the guys he got his first big game animal to day. The rifle, so they were there for half an hour. They shouted dear. We hunted for fattening, this will make struck out around until. Finally, I connected on the sixth day with beautiful bar, but what we're on that we're on were flashing on one one, battery of IRAN, I gotta have a charger. The other thing I haven't plug in, but do we have
applause, you? Yes, I closed my eyes. Just gonna be some well Albert figured upon outer space on us any were quitter year. Ledger denial down to some power see it did. This was awesome. My brother always always good time with you about hunting with you. Thanks for and will you mean Archery, hey the next time we see each other. Do you know who are introducing archery, turbot hunting, Jack that's right. That's why jackals first Baha is gonna, be archery. Can you to raising. We have an awesome, That's gonna be Gruner, J, F Kennedy which it will be done, supply gas from their oh yeah. You worry wonders still act is tough and ghouls, I think, he's gonna keep together. I think you're, probably pretty stoic and and just listen. You guys he's a good learner, people that has decision
you know how to learn. Is black belt and gypsy to you? Don't you don't get to be a blog, publish your good learner, hear ye may have to beat it into, but I think so. I don't think so. Other users can listen. Would it be fun if you like? Estes First, one the elk, just schooled, has asked where he was like what he thought he could just tough it. I would like to see him get a fuckin ten ring question. That's what I want to say. Yeah, I see an l dropped the way mild dropped into home. Where you step for steps. These over. That's all! We all do this, for you say if I say it came says it now it was. It was a super for I'm so thankful that that day, that you couldn't go that I ask him to go with me, because I was the first time that we ve hunted together and, I would say a mean we're both EU aid for twelve years together, never hunted together,
and it was. It was pretty cool once you get in a situation where especially a hunting situation where it's it's life or death, you I mean for what you're pursuing. The movements that you make in the choices we make, they really define, they do define you and whether people out there, Like me, you don't like me, like camera, don't lie cam. All I can say is one we in the moments that we're in that's ultimate litmus test for me like a hunting situation. For me as a litmus test for a person for you, think it someone that, like actually goes into a real fight right from its a lot of things, is commonly oh yeah, I'm gonna become friends, someone then a watchman stage MIKE, I can't be friends: the union will relay, gets there,
your terrible within their times. You re like this guy. I don't really know, but then, when you see him you're, like you know what I can Priscilla Gower, respect, resent yeah, and that's where it was that I can. I am truly I'm truly respectful and I'm honest when I say that yeah like, I would add, camel podcast if I wouldn't have said that there is. It was an eye open experience for me. I had a very, very good time with them and I think we both can afford it. Four different appreciation for each other he's an awesome guy. I love him to death, so it's so cool for me to see you guys become friends. Yeah really is
May I think comedy and bow hunting have one thing in common: is it so difficult to get that elite level, then, once you meet, someone is like how many of you you? How many are there? I, how many like legit elite bo. Owners are there. Other even five hundred on earth would be way smaller, say Macartney. Small Wait wait a minute. I think it's probably the same thing I mean. I know I would offend. People were people like what I'm not on that list, but I think it's really small and and talking on like not just a good level, I'm tired! can on ITALY a level were. If someone said, listen, do you have you have? Why ten cards play in these cards every car it has to hit, who are the people on this card-
small man, small small. It is fair to say: yes, it's a hundred hundreds of fair year. I think it's theirs many things in life and there's a lot of different personalities within those like people, some people have different personality. Some people get to the same place with a different path in sometimes it's abrasive times are the fan favorite. But in the end, like the people there within that realm, it's like the big brother House, there's people that people reading foreign there's people that people yeah or, like I don't know, like I got there doesn't matter. Is there I write it settled expression game recognizes game, yeah yeah leave it at that my brother loves years brother right, everybody, about it see. Thank you returning to the show and thank you too, are sponsors. Thank you to liquid ivy. I love that
I mean I know you will to and you can get twenty five percent off when you go to liquid ivy. Car and use the code Rogan at check out. That's twenty five percent of anything you order on liquid. I these website go to liquid ivy dot com enter the I'm all code Rogan and get your savings on and start getting better hydrogen. That's liquid, ivy, dotcom and use the promo code. Rogan! Don't wait start properly high grading today and thank you. Thank you. Thank you too, on it it's a company that I love. I love the people that work. There work the love, ethics behind the company and one of the owners, and I love the products I'm sure you will too if you got on a dot com and- and I t you the code. Word Rogan. You will save ten percent off any and all supplements. That's it friends, but Don T get
much work to do.
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