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A Great Leader Is A Great Servant

2019-11-12 | 🔗
In the scripture Jesus said, “if you’re going to be great in the kingdom of God you have to be a servant of all (Matthew 20:26).”Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hi. This is Nikki Torreon. Thank you. So much for downloading is high class. I believe God has amazing things in your future. Hope you enjoy this message that God is placed in our spirit, a longing to achieve you, know, God told Abraham. He said Abraham. I want you to increase. I want you to Malta, and I want you to take dominion over your land over what I've? Given you, you think, God anything wrong with us, achieving he doesn't mind if we rise to a no vote issue and are a good position from our hard work, but see God Doesn't want us to think that that's what's going to cause us to be great in life, but that's what's going to bring us full film,
happiness, tat, truly believe. God wants his people in strategic places, but he wants them to do it with the right heart. you see. Sometimes we get caught up in the wrong things. Jesus was walking with his disciples one day. And a mother came up to him up to the disciples that were with him Jesus. I have a favor to ask you. She said Jesus. This is so important to me. I have to and she said I want to know. If you Allow one sense to sit at the right, you're right hand and the Our scientists it at your left hand when you come into your kingdom. Any good mother, we travel, could deal like that right. You can't I mean it go for it when the other disciples heard that they got angry with the to decide because they were feeling like that
we're trying to thord their authority. was trying to put them, over the other disciples, they became angry, they became frustrated I can imagine them thinking you haven't done anything better than me. I'm just as much as you have. is, is understood. These emotions he understood stood. The struggle and he told her he said. Look you know what They can do what I can do we're taking it. He said, but it's not my position. You know I'm just doing what my father wants me to do. You know he's the one who makes the decisions, so they were walking. You don't know, Jesus was probably thinking about this and he was probably thinking you. This is a good time to talk to them about this positioning. Title and authority, and and so he began to explain to them that the Gentiles, which were not governed by
which laws that those leaders would use their authority to press the people down. would use their authority in the wrong way and he, them to know that that wasn't the way they were to use their authority and Becky said to them. Not so for you, he said. Let me tell you what makes a great life. Let me tell you how to make yourself happy and successful. He said if you're going to be great in the kingdom of God, you have to be a servant of all that. He told his disciples the key to attaining This great line now want to tell you he is, was not Mad at her for wanting them to be in a high position. He just wanted her and his disciples
to understand that it wasn't the authority, but it was the miss use of authority. you can have authority, but when you use it to serve as he was saying, that's what's going to give you a great life, and you know it's hot sometime to wrap our head around servanthood and a great life. Servant, hood and success, because that's not what our culture tries to teach us in fact that due to Cyprus, could it looked at their mother and said: that's how we get authority. That's how we get position. You have you ever seen. People manipulate situations new things to try to get more authority and it's aggravating. Isn't it? Will they they were aggravated at them anyway, but we learn from people.
We learn how to do things from society and we think that's the way to obtain it, but see you not obtain in God's kingdom. You don't obtain these things but by stepping over other people by using your authority wrong. achievement and success is not greatness in the kingdom of God Jesus concept of greatness and his ideas of greatness, he was trying to explain to his disciple, is service, see a good, later good servant and he was saying to them until you can serve you be a great leader. You can learn to surf, You'll never be a great leader, see it is difficult, some what I love about Jesus is. He was always giving example
with his own life about what he was trying to teach his disciples. He never rebuked and pointed his finger and got mad at Cyprus's you're out of here, but he was always let His life be an example, the disciples at the last supper, which uses Jesus overheard, some of them disputing among themselves. Who was the greatest then quite got that lesson yet so do you did something very profound now I know the theological impact of this. Is it's very great and there's many things that you can see in this example, but today, I want to show you what Jesus was trying to show once again, his disciples about greatness as they were sitting at the table. Just The rose from the table and prepared himself to wash his disciples feet see it was a way for him to show them
their position and authority was not below serving. You think he rose up and got down, but he was the highest position. He was the highest authority, but yet he knew that service was the greatest thing in the kingdom of God, and that was the message he wanted to leave with them before he left this, are he wanted them to know? A great leader is a great servant serving one another was not below their position and authority, but it was part of their position and authority. It's what made them great forgot loves when you use your power to sir other people, some eighteen, thirty, five David said this of God.
you have stooped down to make me great see that illustration David was was freaking out because God came down from Heaven. Stoop down and became a man so that he could make us great so that he could save us and that he can help us he came from the highest place and stoop down to the lowest place to basically wash your feet. Jesus is saying a good leader, a great leader, Is it good servant? So we should never place our position. We got his place to the authority has given you. We should never place that position over the privilege of serving others. God is it it's a privilege to serve me time. I've seen people who use their authority the wrong way
they don't serve people with it, but God he stooped down to serve ass. I think we should look at our busy unimportant lives and develop this attitude of stooping down of helping Those around us taking up their hand, we're not only to serve our family but we're to have an eye to observe who else we can help? Who else can we wash their feet? Who can we encourage? It may not be convenient. You may have to stop and get off of what you're doing the stoop down to serve someone. But can I tell you that's what makes you great in the kingdom of God? It's not your success here on earth, but it's the
this that God was to show you the Avonlea? That's why many people are happy. That's what many people are fulfilled because their thinking about themselves there is thinking about their own dreams, their own desires, their own problems. have time to think about anyone else. But can I tell you, when you start living on the side and not always on the inside. What's going on with you, your life will change you'll dramatically, see yourself going places that you never thought before. You'll see full film boy. You'll see a new dimension in your life, develop. This attitude of service is greatness. I'm stuck into a very wealthy man. the other day. He was seventy five years old, celebrating his birthday and men,
wealthy, not just a little. This guy was very wealthy and he began to tell me he looked right at me and he said Victoria. Can I tell you some of the greatest things in my life, really wanted to hear, because this was really wealthy. turn my ear to what he had to say, and he said the greatest things in my life. As I look back the things that have brought me the most joy happiness and fulfillment, he said: how to use the things that I have a choir to help other people Tell me about all his boats is cars and his vacation homes, but, as I sat there and listened to him, I was so drawn in by the satisfaction
persuasive smile on his face and drew me into here. Able to use this company this so see into people's life. How he was able to not only postseason to the people's life with, through those seeds. Children were being blessed. I got so excited too. Listening to him, that's what we want to see when we reflect back on our We want to see a life of greatness Well, we'll think God does not mine, that you had success in position here you and those strategic places, because he wants you to make a difference in this world
and have pointed to you, and even though I can hear what he wants you to know, that is through service its through giving it through stooping down when it's not convenient and washing in other people's feet. That that's? What makes you great see anything done here on this are want to tell you gotta make sure you receive it back, be a person. A good works. Let your light shine in greatness, amen, amen, you for listening to the Joel Osteen Podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world Joelosteen dot com give hope to give a gift. Today thanks, listen to the podcast be sure to subscribe All of the latest messages know that we pray for you. God bless you.