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A Nevertheless Person

2020-08-07 | 🔗
Don’t give up on the promise God has placed in your heart. Instead, let this timely message by Joel teach you and equip you with faith-building Scriptures to confess over your life as you find inspiration from others in the Bible who persevered in faith and saw their miracle! Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this goal in Victoria thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is about my c, always a joy that come into your homes and you ever in our area. Please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you I will make you feel right, at home, but thanks so much for tuning in. Thank you again for coming out today. I like to start with something funding in a hard about this old country farmer he was taken. His nephew camping for the first time is now
you had five degrees was one of the smartest man alive. They set their ten up and quickly fell asleep. The middle of the night, the former workers nephew up and said, look up. What do you see? he said. I see millions of stars Former said, I know that, but what does that tell you he said astronomically tells me there are billions of galaxies media generally. It tells me it's gonna, be a beautiful day. Theological tells me gods a great creator. What does that tell you? Oh farmer shook his head and said. Tells me somebody stole our tent audibly Bible, say it like you mean it. This is mob, I believe I am what it says I am. I have witnessed have. I can do What it says I can do today, we'll be taught the word of God, a boldly confess. My mind is alert. My heart is receptive I will never be the same in Geez
name, God bless. You want to talk to you today about a nevertheless person. We all feel situations that seem impossible we don't see how we could ever accomplish a dreamer get the break. We need meet the right person in the natural. We feel stuck Maybe the medical report says you're not going to get better or you re is the child in church, and now there are, of course not. Listed in doing what's right or in our careers. We gave our best efforts. We worked hard took the extra training, but now we PETE gone as far as education allows. What do you do when you ve done the right thing, but it hasn't worked out. You're standing on gods promises believing that he's restore and health, that your land and not borrow that'll, give you the desires of your heart, but every circles
looks like it's not going to happen. Your logic, your reasoning, tells you forget it. It's not going to work out. It's not your lot in life, easy to get discouraged and give up or what we believe in for this is where Peter was in Lieu chapter five he'd been out. Seeing all night in court. Nothing as an experienced fishermen, he went to the play. Is where he knew there will always be. He tried again and it again hour after hour came up empty there. Fishing with large nets, not just a few poles. You would have thought they would have caught something at least a few fish, even if it wasn't that can they were looking for, but Peter said we ve got nothing. In other words, it couldn't get any worse. They came up totally into early the next morning, drew a long night of being in the boat frustration. Nothing worked out,
as they will come into the shore they saw. Jesus Jesus asked Peter if he could borrow his boat to teach people from the beach in a few hours when he was done, Jesus told, to do something that seemed illogical, didn't make sense to Peters natural reasoning. Jesus said Peter go back out into waters, throw out your nets and you will catch a great hall, a fish. You can imagine how Peter must have failed. Are you kidding Go back out there again we ve been out all night no fisher biting we're experts. We know what we're doing Plus it was morning now the fish go down deeper to stay out of the daylight. Every circumstance toll Peter, don't do it it's going to be a wasted. Time. If Peter would have reason did out only looked at it. Logically, he would have talked himself out of it
he could have told Jesus. I appreciate your suggestions, thank you for your advice, but we're not gonna. Do it it's not going to do any good. Instead Peter did something that we all must do. If we're going to see promises come to pass. He said Jesus we fished all night and called nothing. Nevertheless, at your word, we'll go back and try again He didn't deny the facts. He was saying. In effect, the odds are against us. It looks impossible. Never less because of what you say, I'm going to do. He went back out into the water throughout his nets and caught so many fish that they begin to bring practical people would have miss their miracle. People that only look at things logically realistically statistically, would have talked him
jobs out, God is looking for. Nevertheless, people for people who say the medical report doesn't look. Good nevertheless, God is restoring health back into me. Much The still, of course, Nevertheless for me in my house. We will sort alone business is slow, no fish. Your body doesn't look like I could, ever get out of there. Nevertheless blessing are chasing me down our and did not bar or maybe I've had this addiction for years gone through treatment. Rehab nothing his work. I should be discouraged, but I'm in the last person are no free It is in my future and no one touch Godspeed can turn it around. It may not me sent to your logic in the matter. You don't see how you could accomplish doing meet the right person, see your family, restore you givin it your best efforts,
sauce did you resources but came up empty. No fish. The circumstances say it's not going to happen. You're right we're Peter was, you can either give up get discouraged, or you can dig your heels in and say it looks impossible. The odds are against me. I tried and it didn't work out. Nevertheless, I still believe, nevertheless, are more try again. Nevertheless, I'm all keep hoping playin expecting. Friends! If you don't learn to become a nevertheless person, you won't leave the fullness of your destiny. Because there will be situations where there's no way out the obstacle is too big. The opponents are too strong, without God, stabber you'll get stuck. God puts us in these situations on purpose to where we can to the end of our ability, there's nothing more. We can do. This is what faith is all about?
If you can achieve it on your own, you dont need gods, hail dream for your life is to take you further. Then you can imagine that's why he plants things in your heart that are too big for you to accomplish on your sees you to think, and I don't have the talent the experienced. The connections to all we let this overwhelm us, we get discouraged. Thank it man, I'm out of my league, this. Over my head on given that nice neighborhood, I don't have the funds never get well jewel. I've been sick for years. I'll, never start my business right. That book build that orphanage. The odds are all against me. No, you are exactly we're, God, won't you would not have put the dream in your heart if he didn't already have a way to bring it to pass your. The two should be. It may be big. Nevertheless, with God all things
I may not have the connections. Nevertheless, no friends in high places I tried and it didn't work out. Nevertheless, what God started in my life. He will finish all through the scripture. We see nevertheless, people when They went out to face Goliath. He was a teenager taken care of his father. She, didn't have any military training any experience any armor. Goliath was twice its size, a skilled warrior David. Looked at it only in the natural and gotten depressed, but David was nevertheless person. He thought, I have. Is this slingshot in a few stones, this giant is much bigger, but longer. Nevertheless, if God before me, who dear be against me, David, didn't just stop with the facts. If he would, he would have talked himself out of it
The key is, you have to add that. Nevertheless, you may have the facts, the medical Report may say: you're not going to get well, that's fine, I'm not Can you deny the facts? I'm asking you to add that. Nevertheless, these giant, look huge. Nevertheless, my god is much bigger medical report. There's I'm done. Nevertheless, nothing can me out of God's hands. I've been single a long time. I don't think ever meet the right person. Nevertheless, underwear Connection is headed my way or perhaps the specialists, the expert that must bow and I can't ever have a child. Nevertheless, I believe there's a babe that already has my name on this What Abraham did? God gave him the promise that he and his wife Sarah would have a baby in the natural they were way.
Who all Sarah had already gone through the change of lie. This would defy the laws of nature. In fact, when Abraham told her what God said The scripture says that Sarah laughed it was so far out in her mind, she thought it was funny She said all right, Abraham, you and me have a baby. Think so we're way to all. Has God ever put something in your heart, so seems so unlikely. Your first thought was to laugh. He would. First in your spirit, one You gonna, live in that nice neighborhood. You gonna led your company in sales you gonna write that best selling books. You going to see your whole family come to know the more you gonna marry somebody fantastic on the surface. It seems so far. We think all yeah right. I could never happen when neighbour and heard Sarah laughing. He could have gotten discouraged thought year right. What was I thinking
let me come back to reality. Man, I'm way to all it. He would have looked at only logically practically realistically, he would have given us. Abraham did what we all must do to see. That promise come to pass. He added the. Nevertheless Yes, I'm too old, never the Ass God can make away. Yes, it's him possible. Nevertheless, God can do the impossible. Yes, it defies. The laws of nature nevertheless God supersede the laws of nature. What ever looked impossible in your life. Adding the nevertheless those thoughts make if the man I'm too small to ever get chosen for that lead role, never less Godspeed Labour is shining down on me. I don't have the strength. The experience for that promotion now for the last gods caused me to stand out, or George. I don't have the funds, the resources to go to college.
For the less God can open do where's, that no man can shop I know a young man, he had a dream to play baseball in college. He lived way out in the country and he was there door player on his high school team but there wasn't a lot of competition in that division. Different scouts have come to see him play, but they all told him he wasn't. Up to played a major university. He had an off, from a small private school. While he was grateful, he knew he had something bigger in his heart. He was invited to go. Try out at this large college. There were other players, they are from big cities, big programmes, they were bigger, stronger, head, more experience, but when he stepped up too bad in front of them She has all the scouts. The pressure was on. He said Joe. It was like.
Something came all over me and I felt like I was ten feet tall. He hit the ball harder further more consistently than all those top. Aspects out of several hundred young man. Trot out to walk on the team that day he was the old the one chosen to make the team he was given a full for you, scholars here? We don't have a great college career. The odds may be against you, you don't think you have the town, the experience, the connections. Neither did David, don't talk yourself out of what God put in your heart. Start adding the nevertheless God I don't have the size. Nevertheless, you can get me to where I'm supposed to be doing. The strength of talent. Nevertheless, I know your feet surrounds me like a shield when you, Nevertheless, that's what allows God to do amazing things, but two many people instead of having this nevertheless mentality. They
but no way mentality. Nowhere are you get out? Did Joe, I'm too far down in the whole, no way I'll break this addiction. I've had it for so many years, no way I'll be successful outcome from the wrong family. You are proper sign, your future. If you think it's impossible, It becomes impossible. God is not looking for no way people he's looking for. Nevertheless, people people who say see how could ever get out of this problem. Nevertheless, God always causes me to trial this law. The situation looks like it's gonna, be the India me. Nevertheless, no weapon for against me will prosper My dreams are taken a lot longer than I thought. Nevertheless, what guy started in my life, you bring to completion, shake off, no way. Mentality have this nevertheless mentality.
In the old testament, the Israelites will camp right next door to the promised land God had brought them out of slavery, parted red Sea gave them food and water in the wilderness. They seen these great miracles now they find We made it to the promised land. They were right next door. Moses, since twelve men in despite the land to see what it was like ten of those men came back in Moses. We don't have a chance. There are giants in the land that people are huge. We felt like we were grasshoppers compared to them when they saw how big their opponents were, how impossible it looked. They made the mistake that many of us make today they stop right where they were. They thought you can't argue with the facts.
You can't deny these people are bigger, stronger, more experienced, they looked at it. Only logically realistically and talk themselves out, They had no way mentality that group of two million people never did make it into the promised land I wonder what would have happened if they would have added the Nevertheless, what does despise would have come? instead, Moses, the people are huge. There are giants in the land, it looks impossible. About the less we are well able. Nevertheless, we ve been armed with strength for this ban. Nevertheless, the forces that are for us are greater than the forces that are against us, if they would have added that. Nevertheless, this God that part of the Red Sea. The same God that brought them water out of Iraq, the same God that costs they will let them go, and gay valuables on the way out that say
God would have helped them to defeat those giants. Instead of wandering around in the desert for those forty years, they would have lived in the promised land for forty years. Don't let a no way mentality. Keep you from gods best. It may look impossible I'm not asking you to deny. It just add that nevertheless, these enemies. Look huge, nevertheless, me in God, or a majority this signal. Looks permanent, nevertheless, its own. Temporary, the number of my days God will fulfil. I don't how could I ever get out of debt in the natural, nevertheless, explosive blessings or chastened media, or maybe I've been through a loss. A disappointment Nevertheless, and no God has been for these ashes you can turn morning into dancing. Don't be no way person being nevertheless person. This means
you choose to believe, even when the odds are against you, you stay in faith, even when it looks impossible Few years after victorian we're married, we moved out of our our house into a very old run down house that was close into the city. The house was it worth anything but it was only half acre lot right across the street from a nice neighborhood. Many times in the evenings. We would go out and take walks through the subdivision. In one night, We were walking. We came to this big two story house that was in the final stages of construction. They were putting the finishing touches. We walked up to it and the door was open, so we went in It was so magnificent. It had I ceilings, big tall windows was so knew. Everything was prestige. Here we were living in this sixty year, old how's that been run down. Nobody had taken care of it.
Foundation problems leaks in the ceiling. We pick it up, so we can live in it, but the contrast between our old run down house in this beautiful new house was, like my brother, all to me. I mean there was no comparison, as we were walking now you're, not listen as we were walking out of the house that day down the front, sidewalk twenty six years old in all of we have just seen. Victoria, stop turned them and said Joe one day we're going to live in a house, just like this, I looked at it. Like she lost your mind, our going to tell her all the reasons why we were never going to live in a house like that, I went down the list Victoria. I work for a ministry, we're never going to have those fun. We can barely afford this. Sixty year old house with crooked floors, gonna take
thirty years to pay it off. I was passionate about my down. I wanted her to doubt with me I went on and on bud see no more paid me attention. It was like I was talking to it. Three, she said not your. I can feel it right down in here one day we're going to live in a house just like this. Why the difference between her and me is ass. All the facts. I knew what we made on new, how impossible it was alive. Ex taught me out of it. I had a no way: mentality, Victoria all the same facts, she our same situation, but she did Stop with the facts she added, nevertheless, her I too was yes, it's impossible right now. Nevertheless, God all things are possible. She was saying in the natural it's not going to happen, but we serve a supernatural guy. He knows how,
open the windows of Heaven. That's exactly what happened. About a year later, a builder knocking on our door. We didn't go to him. He came to us. We sold half of our property for more than we paid for Whole thing he built to new houses. Only one for us, we ended up living in a house, just like the one we had seen Victoria, barely let me come in, there almost have eleven abroad. Are you doing what I did letting the circumstances? Talk you out of God's best talk you oughta, be being healthy, being three being prosperous being fulfilled, I've been single so long, I don't think I'll air. Meet the right person get rid of that. Away, mentality turn it around. I've been single a long time, but I know the right person is headed my way, somebody is in my future throw them into on paper. It may look
you could never get out. I dare not Can you deny it I'm asking you to add. Never the nevertheless, God, the numbers don't look good. Nevertheless, I believe I will Linda not born that I'm coming into overflow, this addiction for years. It looks permanent. Nevertheless, no it's only temporary, no freedom. Wholeness victory is in my future. What's interesting, is Peter, went back to the same place where he had not caught any the whole night before suddenly it was filled with fish. Sometimes we think well. I've tried wants, didn't work out never gonna happen. How do you know, God hasn't put the fish for you? There now don't give quit believe and go back and try again, God controls the whole universe, may not have happened yet it doesn't mean it's not going to happen
luck with Peter God has an abundance of what you need waiting for you, you haven't, missed it not too late. If you'll have this. Nevertheless mentality, God would lead you in the favour. In the healing into abundance into the fullness of your destiny is what happened to a young lady named Elizabeth Blackwell. She lived back in the eighteen hundred She had a dream to become a medical doctor that was unheard of back. Then there were no female positions. She applied it because schools and was turned down twenty nine times most people would have given up thirty. I get. The message is not meant for me not only as a bit well, she was nevertheless person. She knew God put the dream in her heart. He had the final say Every circumstance said it wasn't going to happen. Her attitude was nevertheless em. All keep trying she applied
medical school number thirty this time the administration was faintly open to it, but they had to get approval from the students when they told all the young men that a fever wanted to attend. They vote unanimously, yes, they were thrilled, She graduated from medical school and became the first female position in a mess She went on to start the New York Infirmary and later founded women's medical college. What am I saying just because your fish weren't there, the last time doesn't mean they're not going to be there. The next time you ve gotta, do like Elizabeth and say God. The odds are against me. Everything says I'm done. I tried and got turned down. Nevertheless, at your word and we'll keep believe, I'm ok, try when you are nevertheless person, God will get you too, where you're supposed to be here, bring the fish. Do you.
David said in solemn, three, Lord. How are they increased? That trouble me? He was saying God looks like my enemies or multiply. That not only had other armies come and against him, but His own son Absalom turned on him and was trying to take the throne. David could have gotten discouraged and thought that's it I can handle other people. Trying to us me, but now my own family undone. This could have been the point. We're David aided off into the sunset? And we don't read about him anymore, but David didn't just talk about the problem. He stated the facts. Then he took it once farther Lord. How are they increase that trouble me, but you all Lord, or a shield, unto me notice, David added that nevertheless, I'm having a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, God is my she'll. What's the message? Don't let the enemy have the last word
always add the nevertheless the medical Ford doesn't look good. Nevertheless, the Lord is my healer. My co workers did me wrong. Nevertheless, God is fighting my battles he's my bindicator. I went through a bad break. Nevertheless, what's meant for my harm, I know God will turn my vantage point, some of the things that have you worried right now upset discouraged. It would all change if you would adding the. Nevertheless, if you just stop with the facts it how impossible it is going to college you, they get discouraged every time, something negative happens, every bad. Great disappointment delay answer back with a nevertheless you get stuck in traffic, I should be upset. Nevertheless, and no God is directed mass stamps. When you face these situations that look impossible, we all do don't talk yourself out
get rid of a no way mentality. Have this nevertheless mentality, If you do this, I believe and declare God is about turn some things around he's about to open new doors there are explosive blessed? he's come in your way, because you are nevertheless person like Abraham you're, going to see the promise come to pass like David you're, going to overcome obstacles that were much bigger and like Peter God's gonna, bring the fish to you an abundance of what You need indeed this name. If you receive it, can you say amended we never like to our broadcast without giving you an opera unity to make Jesus. The Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, I repented my sins come in demand. I make you my Lord and Savior, for
pride that simple prayer. We believe you got born again giving a good bye, Mugabe's church. Keep God first place he's gonna. Take it places that you ve, never dream Thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast helpless, continue to share the message of hope. With those all over the world is a joke. Steam dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message, I hope you subscribe. So you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy. No gods best is still ahead. Will see you next time.
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