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A No-Stick Anointing | Joel Osteen

2020-10-13 | 🔗

In life, there will always be people who don't understand you. Instead of using your energy to gain their approval, focus on running your own race and let God take care of those who are against you. 

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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hide this goal and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is always a joy to come in here homes in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you will i can feel right at home but thanks so much for in and thank you again for coming out and i like to start with something funny in court this is not doktor only correct is just to make us less that i heard about these three men a baptist a catholic and a charismatic they died and went to heaven on the same day saint peters
i'm sorry man but your rooms are not available yet he didn't know quite what to do so decided to call satan to see if he would keep them for a little while satan we agreed in a few hours satan called said peter you gotta come get these guys the bam dismay is save and everybody the catholic is forgiven every body charismatic has already raised enough money for air conditioning out of your bibles say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am have what it says our hair do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you today about a no stick anointing in we all have to deal with negative comments disrespect and people that are created
no matter how good a person you are somebody they won't understand you somebody will make fun of you somebody we'll try to lessen your importance maybe a coworker it's not so much what they say but how they say it always kind sending like you're not smart enough maybe it's a relative celebrate every one in the family but they wouldn't ever give you one single compliment too often we spanned the wrong way we get offended and we left sour our day but some forty five seven says that god has anointed us with the oil of joy we your oil that nothing can stick to call it a no stick anointing that me and when the disrespect comes it doesn't have to attach it sale you choose to either hold onto it
let it sour your lie or you can let it slide wrought offer you and not give it the time of day coworker this talking behind your back you could get in there and try to straighten them out no when you have the no stick anointing you realize your time is too valuable you are who they say you are you are who god says you are that relative that leaves you out on purpose you could be offended you couldn't that change who you are now you're like a tough long pan nothing can stick to you somebody ass a bit about you no big deal god will fight my battles somebody talking about trying to make it look bad that's all right god is the indicator at family member left you out again trying to be little you i'm not worried what god lives no person can push down we have king product here in amerika called pan comes
in aerosol can you sprayed on a pan before you could that way nothing will stick while every morning before you leave the house you need spray on your pam so to speak father thank you that nothing will stick to me today no matter what jose no matter what they do or no do i'm not going to be offended i'm not going to get upset i'm or stay in and enjoy this day you have to make up your mind at the start of the day that nothing it comes your way is going to steal your joy i read about this man and his friend there were calm down the street to buy newspaper early in the morning when they got to the corner clerk in the little newsstand what very rude very inconsiderate the man bought the paper and said brindley has can be i hope you have a great day today as they were leaving the friend said is the cork always that route
the man said every morning he said well are you always that friendly he said every single morning the friend was kind of also he said why he said because i made up my mind i'm not going to let one person ruin my day just like you gotta have a made up my mind you're not going to let one negative comment one disrespectful coworker one class this making fun of you to ruin your day notice how to hit a time i'm going to spray my pam on before i leave i've got this no stick anointing any disrespect anyway your comments goes lad right offer me not going to give it the time of day one time in the scripture this profit was walk down the street with some of his men this young man came out and started criticising here making these very negative disrespectful met and as they continue to walk this young man followed them just kept pestering
bad doing them very annoying finally one of the men said to the profit do you want to go shut that young manner we are tired of listening to him the profit made a very insightful comment he said no living key talking maybe god will hear him and bless me for it that's attitude we should have somebody talking about your turn to make you look bad get don't lose your cool the more they talk the more guards gonna blushing their trial pushing down gods gonna use them to lift you up high when i first started minutes bring back in nineteen nineteen and some people made out of me because i smile so much i've been smile in my whole life this is natural to me my earliest bay picture six months all i got a big smile on my face and you would think but would be glad that you are happy but we'll always be people they don't understand you people that are critical you
to be strong enough in whom god made you to be that you don't these negative comments chain to you are if you so come to that pressure and you try to adapt their comments to fit into their malta please every person all it's going to do is keep you from your destiny and some people don't even know you they ve never spent time with you never been to dinner together they didn't hurt your heart yet they ve already judge do from a distance and decided what don't like about you and what you need the change and what's wrong don't make the mistake of taken that personal they don't even know you they just war in the same office complex or they to tell the same clients you just see i'm at the mall every once in a while don't let our opinion make you feel less about yourself your attitude should be you don't even know me if you knew me you would like me
if you knew me you would want to be my friend these comments jaws smiles tomb he's so happy what's wrong with him i was new to all this been informed of people and has can insecure and my first thought was maybe made need to change maybe to be more serious one day i learned what i'm telling you you we're going to please everyone you might as well be who god made you debate i put all that no stick anointing let those now comment slide lad off of me didn't give them the time of day now when people may i smiled too much i just now even more people will always be some reason to be critical they always bonds than to make fun of you about if you're not sick and you dwell on these comments you don't change who you are but god made you like you are on purpose guy
gave you your smile where it well god did your personality your nationality your looks your style quit worrying about what other people think and just be who god made you today if you around new arise i can assure you god will take care of your critics you know have fit into their mall you don't to argue with them try to convince them that you're ok just be who god made you to be and god will take care of your enemies this what a lie should beard he was true learned from jericho to bethel along the way this of young men came out and started making of him because he was bald second kings to to three says they started mocking him saying go bald head go go bald head go alike it didn't go over and fight with them he did hard thinking are some wrong with me i'm inferior i dont have any hero my head no he just kept do
when what god called him today those young men were mark in him the scripture says two bears came out of the woods and tore them to pieces at teaches may tool since number one don't ever first of all people number two seriously god will fight you battles lord we'll take care of the people who were making fun of you god hears the disrespect he hears hurtful negative comments and go i will not allow one of his children to be continually disrespected you may go to a season that's not fair people pushing down making you bad but that season will come to an end will vindicate you now you do your part and keep the no stick anointing on let those comments run offer you don't give them the time a day and god would do his part hilton
care or those who are trying to push you down when the prophet samuel went to jesse's to choose one of his sons as the next king of israel jesse lie up all of his sons except david we're six young men standing in front of samuel he looked at give them one by one families jesse is none of these data have another son just they said yes i have son named david he's taken care of machine i didn't bring him in he's the youngest he's a small he's not talented he's not quite ass sharp ass his brothers david was shown disrespect by his own father good news is god calling on your life cannot be stopped about people not say this respectfully but it doesn't matter what apparent has said about you no matter what a friend said what a teacher said what a spouse it what a coats and all
matters is what god says you may have had negative words spoken over you but that disrespect that lack of judgment cannot stop gods plan for your life samuel took one look at david and he said that too i'm lookin for that's the next king of israel i'm sure jesse his father nearly passed out thing are you sure samuel my other sons are so much bigger stronger more talented god doesn't judge by the outside god looks the inside what judging by your appearance banality what family here come from god looks pass the superficial things and he see the potential on the inside god sees seeds of greatness that he is place within this one thing when
but you don't know very well are inconsiderate and this honouring but david was disrespected by his own fame his father didn't even bother enough to bring him in so at least same could take a look at him neither time david's grow there's tried to push him down they were on the battlefield in an important position david was still a shepherd they father ask him to take his brothers lunch david got out there one of his brother said davy what are you doing here and with whom i have you left those few sheep the worst david you're not a war you're like us you're not strong talent all you do is taken care of a few sheep anybody can do that data was dishonor disrespected by the people who love the most one reason david was a champion is he under to this principle he had a no stick anointing here
those negative words go in one ear and out the other he didn't make them take a dwelling on them an old man my own father thinks can amount to anything my brother keep telling me i'm a loser that i'm not talented no he let the disrespect the judgment the gossip slide rod offered him his attitude was who i am i am a child of the most targets i am equipped impact word talented strong fearfully and wonderfully may foresees in david was fun out for us yes and he was disrespected because he did the right thing that seize and not only came to an end but god paid him back for the disrespect his brow there's tried to push him down but god used it to lift him up david went out and defeated goliath overnight he became a national hero
and god knows how to pay you back he knows how to take care of your critics if you will stay on the high road god always give you the last laugh when it's all said and done the people that we're making funny you so in seeds of strife gossip judgment this respect they will see you promoted in a play of honor fulfilling your destiny god is a faithful guy now quit lady what somebody said about to sour your day joel i'm stress because my cousins talking about me after rainwater may any credit a class the school they keep making fun of me now put on the no stick annoying and let that lad rod offer you like david your day of vindication is coming people don't count your destiny what they said or do does not affect your future god is
in control he has the floor i'll say he's not only gonna bring it out but because of their comments he's gonna bring it out better what they mean for harm gods gonna use your advance here's what i've learned the more so says you have the more opposition you will face everybody can't handle your success or family members brands relatives they're not going to on a bright the favour on your lie they were as long as you were at the same level but when you promoted instead happy for you no one if god did it for you he can do it for them many times it stirs up jealousy and if you don't have this no stick anointing you will get involved in battles that don't manner let the criticism the disrespectful comments slide ran off or you may be different what they're saying may be very hurtful
god always gives you the grace for the seas in that you're in you gotta remind yourself i have the power to overlook this insult one of the greatest marks of maturity is to not the critical towards someone who is being critical of you you nature wants to get in there and fight that bad there talking behind my back i'm we'll talk behind their back there criticising me let me tell you a few things i know about them no when you are critical of someone who is critical of you your lady poison get on the inside the scripture says jesus did not answer his critics here its loud rod offer him and he just kept run his rice he knew everybody would understand him not everybody would like him but that was ok our billy graham tell him about the first time he went over to england nearly sixty years ago the press
was very negative they said made need your religion over here we don't need another minister one rapporteur ask him very sarcastically how can you justified coming over here on a b ocean liner a big ship when jesus wrote a donkey every where he went billy graham said if you can find me a donkey can walk on water abide in a minute shake off the criticism every body is not going to understand you the body is not going to like you and that's ok you don't have to proved them that you're all right do like jesus don't answer your critics say we get involved in many battles that we're not supposed to fight when people are critical disrespectful that is simply a distraction the co workers
talking about you you could easily spend all your time and energy thinking about what they are saying trying to figure out how you can pay them back or how you can chew change their mind though that a distraction it's a idle you're not supposed to be engaged in god has vanessa solution it's the no stick anointing let it slide rat offer you don't think about it don't try to pay them back don't try to convince them that you're ok let's go and god will fight you battles god the right people in your future you should not waste your valuable time continually trying to convinced somebody the liking here's a key go where you're celebrated not with your tolerated trying to win over a person just tolerate you they're not really for you deep down truth be known they're kind of jealous of the gift god given you no matter
what you do you're not going to be a hundred percent behind you may convince them for a little while but it's is you don't perform perfectly they'll find something you're doing wrong that's trying to write a dead horse stand on this get off and move forward or you saint john about i do that i may not have their approval you don't need your approval you have all muddy gods approval if david would i sat around trying to win over all of his brothers convince them to accept and approve he would have missed his destiny was kind he was respectful but here don't worry about family members that did not like him you may have some relatives that are now we're going to celebrate you like they issue there never going to give you the respect that you deserve and that's hard but you have to accept the fact you don't have to have their approval
we need them cheer and new on they can be respectful but did your heels in and say like david i'm going to fulfil destiny in spite of who is not behind the scripture says jesus own brothers didn't believe in him that must have been difficult here he was out changing the world over blonde raising people from the day and his own brothers wooden compliment him would give him any respect he could do any miracles home town because they jesus in a box of who he used to be they thought this is joseph son nothing special about here we know him he's just a carpenter they dismissed him didn't recognize his gear jesus didn't stay where he was tolerated heeded hey come on guys are really in the messiah you should see what i can do i can turn water into wine no he knew
they would never accept in so he left where he was tolerated and wit to wear was celebrated some of you are spending too much time trying to win people over there we're going to be won over maybe like jesus it's a family member a relative they should be for you but they are not new nature longed for the approval we law we put the acceptance but you cannot wait your time trying to get something from someone that there never going to give you you keep me in full word and you will come to the right people pay that god has ordain people that will celebrate you people that will before he was talking to a lady in the lobby a while back and she from a very large family and she was so upset because one of her sisters doesn't like her this has been going on for years and years really bothers her she's dead
i don't understand it call her good to her go out of my way to be kind but no matter what i do she always finds fault with me told her what i'm telling you you're never going to please everyone the scripture says for as you can live in peace with every person you know some people don't wanna have peace with you they have their issues that they are not dealing with now trying to win over some body that doesn't want peace you ve done your part you ve gone the extra mile now just back away if they don't want to have peace is not your problem its there's you not responsible for somebody else's happiness you responsible for your own happiness but if you go around trying to keep everybody happy meet all their demands went over their approval the one person who is not
going to be happy is you now learned some people you have to love from a distance they're your family there you i suggest you love them but you can't be with them every day they don't wanna have peace we see now don't frustrate yourself trying to make something happened this never going to and that's not being rude that's not being disrespectful that is being responsible with the gift god has given you you have a risk barks ability to use your time your energy your emotions your talent for the right purposes you should not continually be trying to convince somebody to like you when you sent his disciples into the different cities he knew everybody would understand then he knew people would find fault and start to criticise so he told them in matthew tin fourteen when you go into a city who however will not accept you
when you leave that plays shake the dust off your feet notice he didn't say china whenever body over time sure they know that you're ok no he said we can be respectful but if they dont except you shake it off and move forward or he was saying in effect don't stay you're tolerated try to win over all your critics don't try to convince all you have family members to like you just shake it off in go we celebrated in the book of esther a man by the name of payment he was the most powerful men in the empire beside the king he had influence authority favour when he walked by people would bow down before him one person refuse to show him respect one man refused to bow down haven not so angry so upset that he couldn't sleep at night all he could think about is
how he could make this one man show him respect here had the honour of the whole city but he was so consumed by this one man then he lost his focus in guy engaged in a battle that he wasn't supposed to fight he got so off course he not only lost his position but he ended up seeing his lie what am i saying don't one family member that won't show you respect cause you to lose your focus to where you spend all your time and energy trying to win them over let one neighbour one coworker one class may cause you to get distracted in miss your destiny if they won't respect you shake it off if they try to be little you shake it off if their funding all trying to make it look man shake it off you destiny is too great your assignment to important
time to valuable to let these negative comment gossip racism way you down it is simply a distraction some of you are engaged in battles that you're not supposed to find found a wind somebody over that's never going to be won over time to shake it off and move forward goes they were you tolerated go where you celebrated you don't have to have their approval you have almighty god mask yesterday every one of us before we leave the house spray on the pan decide ahead of time nothing comes you away is going sour your day if you will this no stick anointing all any negative comments the disrespect slide rod for you the god would do for you what he did for the profit the more people talk the higher god will take you there trying to push down god will use them to lift you just like day
i believe and declare no person will keep you from your destiny no disrespect most god's plan no negative comment will hold you back you want oh come every obstacle the feed every enemy and become everything god created you to be a man do you say that today we never microphones our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me just a lord jesus i repented my sins come into my heart make you my lord and save you a man what have you that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base churned keep god first place he's gonna take your place that you ve never dreamed you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke
steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you it received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing ball yet no gods best is still ahead will see a next time
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