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Abraham Was A God-Made Man - Victoria Osteen

2017-09-27 | 🔗
When we hear about a “self-made man,” it usually refers to someone who had very little and became wealthy and influential all on his own. Abraham, the father of our faith, also became wealthy, influential, and left an amazing legacy for the whole world, but his label reads a “God-made man.” Abraham wears the label “God-made man” because he willingly trusted God to take him to a land unknown to him, and he trusted God to make him fully into the person He created him to become. Abraham was not called by God because his faith was perfect. He was called by God because he was willing to follow and believe God, and along his journey he “was strengthened in faith” through God’s promise (Romans 4:20 NKJV). That is how Abraham became a “God-made man,” and that is how we become the same! Just be willing, and He will take and make you!
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Have you ever heard, the term XL made man Usually air refers to some one who had nothing and became well an influential all on his arm, Usually it's one of those rags. The richest stories we ve all heard and read about I'm seeing them on tv, but today I want to talk about a man who became wealthy influential and he was a legacy. Labour on this are Now this man was not a self made man, his liable Red God made man. He was a god. May
man and the reason I say and describe him as a God made. Man is because God spoke to him and said something very significant to him. Now this man's name is Abraham yeah Abraham, the Father of our bay, the one we read about in Genesis. He was a God made man in Genesis. Twelve too, he was living in a land where his father had settled his relish. We're all their when God spoke to him. He said this to him He said Abraham. I want you to leave the land of your father and I want to you. I want to take you.
to a land that I will show you and I want to make you into a great nation one God spoke to him was I want to take you and I want to make you That's why Abraham where's the label- God made man because willingly trust God to take him somewhere. He didn't know he was even going where he was even going any trust in God to make him able to do what God had called him to do. Now, God send this to Abraham. He said Abraham, I'm gonna, make you wealthy. I'm gonna make you a blessing,
and I will make you where you bless other people, he said I'm going to make you a great nation and all the people on earth we'll be blessed because of you listen I'd rather where God made man label any day. Wouldn't that sounds good to me that I want to make you and you say, He willingly went and obey God in God fulfilled his promises to Abraham, and today that willing made man allowed you to. And in the place we stay. And today, as believers in Jesus Christ, because heat, Abraham, that I'm gonna make you you're seed. Great! I'm gonna make your seed great and what he did was he brought Jesus Christ to this are through the lineage.
Abraham, so you and I are the seed of Abraham because we're born of Jesus Christ. Ok, that's what qualifies for God to say the same thing to you in that he said to Abraham because we are born of Abraham, see. He said, I'm gonna make all the people on or be able to have this advantage in life because of Jesus Christ. So today I want to say to you what God said: Abraham. I want a blush. I want to take you. I want to make you I want to make you a blessing here on this. Are I want you to wear the label? God made me, you see, God is saying this
thing to you and I want to blush. I want you to be over. I don't want you to be me. I want you to be the head and I want you to be the tale he told Abraham I'll vindicate you mean he said, though, Car shoe our cars bless you I'll bless and turn day terms. He says: don't worry, Abraham I'll, justify you and I'll vindicate you and that's exactly what God wants to do in your life, but you ve got to allow him to make you you think gods. Pattern is to take
and make us even in the new testament. When Jesus called his disciples, you know what he said to them. He said follow me and I will make you fishers of men. I will make you, which means I will help you. I will enable you to become everything I called you to be now. Abraham was not called by God because he had complete faith because his face perfect. He was called by God because he was willing and you re there his story and do read his story in Genesis. It's very fascinating. You could read over and over again, and God will show you different things, but it says in their as he
journey through this pilgrimage, this journey of life, which we all do it said that God strength than ten in his stay So you can see he was a man in the making. He was a God man in the making, God strengthened his spade, and he gave praised gone when you read is or your understand, and many of you know that aid for him was not a perfect man. Abraham made his share of mistakes, but you know what God, never lifting God never forsook him when Abraham stepped out in front of God and with them. way, guess what God was right there with the evening back on course, still bidding him in his Spain and his resolve. Saint gods. Pattern is a great mentorship programme.
Many people want a mentor and their life. They think. If I could just deal with this person, they could tell everything that they knew. I could glean from them real success that's real leadership books, they say get around the people, you Gonna be lie, get inspired by them and that's good, but cod is your greatest manner. Jesus Christ is your greatest mental. He is one that wants to take you and make you he wants to make you a great parent. He wants to make you a great leader this and I would rather be parenthood by God made man than a man who thinks he can do it on his own.
to be married. Your God man met a man who thinks he's in control of it all. Listen we, where the label, you are a man in the making we are mean in making, but we have to understand. God is not going to disqualify us. If we make a mistake, he didn't disqualified, Abraham and he's not going to disqualify us. We just have to dig our heels in and try to stay the course, as he strengthening us in our say, he's a strengthener. You know it's interesting because you know you ve heard that saying I'm not all
I want to be, but thank God are not what I used to be. You heard that saying if you can say that today, that's good thing: it's a good thing, because it means you're on the road to progress, and sometimes the road to progress can be messy because we're all all under construction. You know in a tear the rose up here in Houston and you just like man, it's a mess issues to miss its construction. I remember when we built our house years ago and during the different phases of structured. I would go out there and I didn't particularly like what I saw us like come on. This has got to be. This is got gotta progress, bastard!
I remember thinking it's a mess. Where is a broom? I'm going to sweep up dad didn't see, always what I wanted to see until it got closer to the finish product and then it got better and better and better, and you know what we're all under construction, sometimes we'd, all like what we see in ourselves. When all I got we say in ourselves, but we are under construction, we're in the phases of being completed, we're in progress and so was Abraham, but God still fulfilled his promises to Abraham and God is going to fulfil his promises to you now want you to be encouraged with the scripture, because this is super important in the process in the construction phase. This is so important for Europeans ones.
ex says, be called that in this. In what in the construction phase be carpet it better, he who began a good working, you will come played it until Diane Jesus Christ the car, but it in those difficult times, but God is doing a working you, but in the challenges, listened with growth or difficult times and challenges because God wants to punish as we go through. Things does as part of the process, but God the great mentor has his hands on us.
Tar time he's not gonna, let us ball or fail. He is going to complete as and get us to the destination that we were intended to now. You know what a great if, if Abraham was here today, and he said, look I'm what take you I'm in a mentor you walked with God. I can tell you all about it. You know he wouldn't patch your hand is always gonna. Be ok, don't worry, baby is all right. You just sit right. There are great mentor. Does he loves challenge issued?
look I've been through this before I know a guy, Spain Git keep going stay the course pursued sharpens you that's what God does to us in difficult times. It has a pat on the back. All the time he's a loving and kind and gentle, but he is saying give up. I am with you, I am or you I'll, never leave you forsake you you're gonna, be strengthened in your face as you go through it. So when you get to the other side here prepared for the next level, Europe prepared her maiden bring forth the promises that I haven't store your prepared to be the worst thing that I am making you into. You are my man. You are my woman of day. You are gone
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