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Activate the Right Genes

2018-11-21 | 🔗
In this message, Joel will encourage you that it’s time to activate your spiritual genes from your heavenly Father. Everything you need to live a blessed, full life is in you right now.----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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Hi. This is jaw on Wednesday's. We bring you the best dove. I hope you enjoy the pod cast about bless you and thanks for letting us come into your homes each week we love you guys and you ever in our area. Please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you, I will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much opportunity in. Thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something funny I heard about this pastor. He was raising money for a new auditorium. He said to the congregation anyone who will give a thousand dollars can pick out the next three hymns Little old lady in the back, raise your hands had passed her I'll. Do it. He was so excited said. Thank you so much now, which three hymns would you like? She looked over, the Congo
Asian said I'll. Take him in him and hear what up your Bible say it like you mean it. This is my I believe I am what it says I am. I have This is our hair. I can do what it says. I can do today, We talk the word of God, boldly confess, my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. Never be the same in is this name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about activating the right genes we receive our dna from our parents. genes that are passed down, tell us what we're going to look like help. We're going to be what color our hair is. People tell us. Often, then our sun Jonathan has his mother's. He looks just like Victoria asked thank God. Not only our physical traits passed down through genes, but even personality traits,
our demeanor, our attitude, our sense of humour, our daughter, Alexandra is very need in organised from the time He was a little girl. She kept her room perfectly clean everything in place. Spotless. We never ask her to do there. That trade came from my grandfather He was the same way. My mother is like that and now our daughter, it's been passed down for generations somewhere. There's a gene that says be need, be organised, keep everything perfectly in place, but just as good characteristics can be passed down, so can negative characteristics. If one of your parents was an alcoholic there's a ten times greater chance,
a view becoming an alcoholic in four years. We thought well to bed is in machines, depression, addictions, low self esteem, nothing I can do about it, but recently researchers have discovered something they call epigenetic acts. That word means on top of the genes. What they found is just because a gene has been passed down. Does it mean that it has to be activated? It can be affected by your decisions by your environment and by your experiences Now, while we cannot deactivate what color here will be or the shape of our eyes, there are certain genes that we can in fact turn on or turn off their discovering. What the scripture says that, just because you inherit something does it mean you have to pass it down
you can deactivate the negative genes that have been passed down to you. In other words, just because your mother was depressed, doesn't mean you're supposed to be depressed. you may have a natural tendency toward that. What you have to do is turn off that gene deactivated, don't pass it down to your child it's easy to use it as an excuse for Mamma was depressed, grandmother was negative. Great grandmother was complainer. Joel, that's just too I am now There's not who you are. You are a child of the most targets and just as you ve got physical dna from your earthly parents you got Europe's Virtual dna from your heavenly father You put in new genes of joy genes of strength. Genes are peace. Genes of victory. Now you get to choose which genes
alive. You may have had a lot of negative baggage passed down to you in your family line or addictions, divorce, depression, low self esteem, don't be passive and just except God has raised you to put an end to you. I draw the line in the sand and say that's it, I'm turning off the depressed gene not only of my life discourage. This is the day. The Lord has made I'm gonna too to be happy What are you doing deactivating the depressed Jean you're? Turning at all, why don't you turn off the negative Jean turn off the alcoholic gene, turn off the self pity Jean. This is a new day. Don't blame the past blame mom. blame Grandaddy take responsibility and start activating the right genes. If your start making right choice, is you can override the negative
You inherited. You can break an irrational cars. You have the we're not only to put an end to it, but you can start A generational blessing you can pass down things that will make easier on your loved ones? After all, our children have enough to overcome carrying around all of our negative baggage Eve, if you don't do it for yourself, do it for your children, do it to make it easier on those that come after you description calls this negative baggage and iniquity talks about how it can be passed down for four generations. The thing you struggle with they didn't just happened to show some body in your family line open the door? I talked to a young lady that deals with Anorexia she's in bombs. She told how her mother has the same problem. Her grandmother struggled with it as well. That's not!
a coincidence that is an iniquity being passed from generation to generation. It will continue until some body rises up and put a stop to. Somebody has to deactivate that gene. God said in due to random chapter thirty asset before you life and death blessing, and Ursus shoes lie so that you, Your descendants will end. Notice. Your decisions, don't just effect you they affect. Future generations, no man lives and dies. Unto him sale We have heard a lot about the generational curse, but what's more important is our generation or choice every right choice. You make you start to overrun the wrong choices of those that have gone before you. When you choose life, you choose blessing, you choose the victory
you and your descendants will see gods paper. I was, reading about the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, while was one of the greatest riders of his day. His pain, We had a long line of depression, alcoholism, and suicide hymning white, his own life in nineteen sixty one, his sister, committed suicide. Five years later his brother commit suicide. Sixteen years after that, his granddaughter did the same thing in nineteen. Ninety six, what's interesting is Hemingway's. Father took his life in nineteen twenty eight. I was wondering what would have happened way back there in the twin if the Father would have deactivated the suicide Jean. What if would have risen up and said now. I've been made. image of Almighty God. I have a purpose and a destiny. I'm
In all these negative defeated thoughts, I know the power or in me, is greater than any force. Come it against me. If he would have taken authority over that negative spirit and instead activated the faith g, the victory Jeanne, the more than a conqueror Jean, he could have changed his family lie. He could have broken the generational curse and started a general no blessing. You may be at that same place today. You could easily settle where you are, let the net genes. Get passed down, make it harder on those that come after you or you make a much better choice and say enough is enough. I am going to live. My life addicted angry defeated depressed. I am not passing down that negative. Baggage. I'm choose in life, I'm sure
blessings. Imo made choices that help my family and not hinder the one time in the scripture God toll saw to go in drawing the Amalekites to totally wiped them out solid, Army went out and they define did the Amalekites, but they spared the king. They captured him. He was king, a gang fast forward, hundreds of years s is in the palace. A man by the name of Heymann is trying to get rid of her and all of her people. It says that Heymann was an egg guide. An egg guide is a descended king, a gag, if saw, would have taken care of his enemy when God gave him the power to do it. Esther wouldn't be having this problem five hundred years later.
Could it be that if you don't put an end to what you're dealing with your family will still be struggling with it? Hundreds of years from now, God is saying. This is your time. This is your moment. Your destiny is calling out to you. You can either put up with it and let it conquered you or you can say now the same power that raise cries from the dead lives on that inside of me, we'll conquered this addiction will conquer this depression. This low self esteem I will not allow it to linger for two generations to have to deal with four. You were never created to live addicted. Angry constantly. Having to struggle Those genes may have been passed down, but you have the power to break negative cycles. They may have been in your family for hundreds of years, but when you your life to Christ you became in new creation heap
New genes in you, you have dna of Almighty God. There is strength in your genes. There is power in your genes. There is freedom, your genes, that all settled where you are Joel ever body in my family gets divorced, looks like I'm headed that way. Everybody struggles with these. elections, everybody has financial problems. Now, here's to catch you're, not everybody God has called due to put an end to it. You are equipped empowered and well able. This is what the profit is. Zeke, your sand and interesting scripture. The fathers eight, the sour grapes, now the children's teeth. said on edge. As long as I live, declares this
Auburn Lord, you will no longer quote this. This was a proverb they were living by. Their attitude was, since the father had problems, the children will as well nothing. We can do about it since the father, eight, the sour grapes, since the parents had addictions since the grandparents were depress, then the children struggle in those same areas. That was their philosophy. Then God showed up and said through Zeke you'll, stop saying, then why you keep using your relatives as an excuse. Why do you care views and what your parents did and where you were raised as the reason to stay where you are as long is the sovereign Lord leaves you don't have to be held bondage, but the negative things in your past. In other words, your parents may have eaten sour grapes.
Your relatives may have made decisions that put you at a disadvantage, but God is saying it doesn't have to fetch. It held you back temporarily, but this is today, if you will start deactivating those genes pressing forward, then all the forces of darkness cannot hold you back. You don't have to eat the sour grapes you been redeemed. You're not Of course, you're under the blessing you have stepped into a new bloodline, the good is. There is no defeat in this bloodline. There's no lack, no addictions. No mediocrity, you were a child of the most Tonga. I'm here to announce that the sea Auburn. Lord is still alive, God is still the throne. That means you don't to sour grapes. Now our part shake off their self pity, don't make it
uses don't blame the past? Don't blame your parents? Don't blame your circumstances, It may be the reason you are aware: you are, but that doesn't give you the right to stay there star dealing with the issues that are holding you back start activating the right have what a good friend of mine did. He was raised in a very dysfunctional home. His father was an alcoholic and he would get very violent. He saw him mistreat his mother, be disrespectful and go off into these bits of rage ended up just like your father. He was a drug addict and living a very violent angry lie in his late twenties. He gave his life to cry. had this major turn around long story short. He became the past or of a church very well respected me. in a large church. He go around the world, cheering historic, but what people didn't know he still had an anger problem. God set him free from the other.
since the drugs. The alcohol, but the anger, never left He didn't show it out in public, but at home body was around the smallest. Things would set him off just like his father. He would go into these fits of rage. He too was very abusive to his wife. Like it, he knew it was wrong, but he couldn't control himself. He wanted to get help, but he was too embarrassed. Don't I can't tell anybody the pastor of a church? What would they think about me? I'm supposed to be an example, but this is where we miss it. Just because you're dealing with a tough issue make you a bad person most likely somebody in your family line open the door, some allowed that iniquity and they refuse to deal with it, don't be like them Don't sweep it under the wrong, ignore it hope
go away that I'll keep it in bondage. James Bob sixteen says, confess your phone. One to another and you will be healed. Do you know There are some issues you cannot overcome on your own you have to swallow your pride and find somebody you can trust pasture accounts. Were a friend tell them what you're dealing with let them pray with you. Staying with you. Accountability into your lie when you get it out in the open, ass, a God. I need help with this anger. When you take steps to overcome you attend the celebrate recovery classes. That's when the scripture says you will be here, you don't have to keep eating the sour grapes. That's what my friend it today. He is one of the most kind. Most gentle people, your ever made What did he do? He broke the generational curse. He chose lie so his child
we'll have to deal with it. He deactivated that gene. It's still in him, it was passed down, but it's not Acting here, there's no addiction. That is too much for you to overcome. No iniquity, nothing that has been passed down has to keep you from your. given destiny. The power in you is greater than any power. This combat against you now don't do like he did at first and learn to function in your dysfunction. God didn't creating. have issues and things you have to feel bad about yourself. He created Jude. We totally free, but some of you, like my friend, what you saw marble. Growin up, wasn't healthy and sees it at that. that that's normal. Maybe your parents didn't show much affection to you. And now you're not shown much affection to your children
or maybe there was violence. Anger, disrespect in the home don't pass that down deactivate that gene be affectionate to you. Children where jewel I'm a man. I don't hug mass on after all, he's grown now. Let me hey, you're, a real man, still hugs his son a real man treats his. Why, with respect and honor me in this, you're says that your. Why is a reflection of your glory if she's beaten, down, discourage worn out, then you're China into rightly she's, roughly Did you glory you need it? keep it up or not do something to put this spring back in her step. The smile back in her face take her to the mall bar, something new cinder some flowers, rod or no tell her how great she is the brighter shines the better. You look Ass Lockheed Victoria, looking
and she makes me look, don't gotta them all that ok, another the thought, fathers your daughter, going to marry somebody just like you. If you treat wise, lousy dont, give at the time of day put her down. That's the kind of man your daughter is going to be attracted to our children. Follow our sample more than they follow our advice. There are constantly taken everything in their lack of video camera the legs there, always in the record mode there watching how you treat people when your wife like a queen. You give a compliment, encourage her when you bring coffee in bed, you open the card or you bring Her- gives you maker LA valued, respected honour this. Indeed,
daughter is gonna marry a winner. Your daughter will marry somebody just like that. Now you may not have seen this rolling up. You may have seen just the opposite. I'm saying today is you set a new standard. Choose lie: choose honour, choose, respect, pass that down to future generations. Failure back. We warn vacation at this very nice hotel with our fate lane was a large placing the rooms were spread out all over the property. Very beautiful when we first arrive, the bellman took us to our room down. Long winding sidewalk into carver. through these bungalows and over this bridge and around big lake. We finally made it to our room. It was very complicated how to get there. So I paid close attention
Few nights later we were leaving the lobby just eaten dinner and we'll walk back to our hotel room, our sun Jonathan. He was about in the time he's dead. You know we're taking the long way it's much quicker this way. It now Jonathan pay close attention. This is the way the bellman tickers. This is right, why he said no dad, I'm telling you this way is quicker acid, Jonathan. I am positive. This is the right way for the next couple of days. We always went my way each time. Johnson's a dead will go a the long way again. No we're not Jonathan. This is the right way. The last day Jonathan said dead. Can we go my way at least one? I said all right, we'll go your way. Jonathan! Let us down these stairs through this narrow passage Why and our room was right there, I promise you. It was probably a hundred yards closer than the way we ve been going. I said, Johnny
Why didn't you tell me, come to find out bellman had taken up the long seen route, so we can see the whole property. I looked it on a map we will go. In a complete circle. Come all the way back to our room, just listen to Jonathan. We gone straight to the room said this a lot of time, sometimes in life. What we ve seen model growin up is not the best round. Will my mother was a warrior now, I'm a warrior cannot tell you that's the long way well, my dad always lost his temper. You know your life Father like zone. I can't control my temper either. That's the long way need to examine what you do. Ask yourself I have taken the long way I hold onto a grudge, not forgiving, because that's what I've seen model? Emma living insecure.
feeling less than because that's the way the people were. That raised me. Am I making poor choices, giving in to temptation compromising, because that's all I've ever seen footing That's the long way don't get stuck in a rut and go that way year after year, recognise what's happening and make the right adjustments. I heard about this lady. She wrote her autobiography in four. Very short chapters goes something like this chapter one I walked down the street. There was a deep hole in the sidewalk I fell into it. It wasn't my fault. It took me a long time, but I finally got out chapter two. I walked down the same street. it was a deep hole in the sidewalk I fell into it. It was my fault.
Took me a long time, but I finally got out chapter three I'll: walk down the same street, there was a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walked around chapter four. I walked down a day. Went straight, but too often we keep repeating the same mistakes, make an excuse, This is not my fault blame in the past. Blame and our parents know take responsibility, don't go down the same path again and again lose in your cool, compromising worried negative. If your break, though cycles of repetitive, behavior. You will go to a new level of your destiny eighteen? Seventy four, a member The New York Prison Board notice that there were six people from the same fan serving in one of the prisons. He was intrigue and did a steady. trace the family line back to a man, but
name of MAX Jukes jukes? was born in seventeen twenty. He was in the town as the troublemaker, a heavy drinker with no integrity He married a woman just like him. They had six daughters and two sons. Twelve hundred of their descendants were studied of those three hundred and ten we're homeless. One hundred and eighty were alcoholics. One hundred and sixty were drug attics. One hundred and fifty were criminals, whilst seven of them committed murder. Another family that lived around that in time, were studied. His name was Jonathan Edwards. He was a famous theologian and the President of Princeton University. is born in seventeen o three and married his wife's Sarah, he was a d the family man There remain married for thirty one years until his death. They headache
and children. Fourteen hundred of their descendants were studied among them. Thirteen were college presidents. Six, Six were professors, one hundred were attorneys. Eighty five were authors of classic books. Thirty two were state judges. Sixty six were physicians and eighty were holders of public office, including three governors. Three, U S! Senators and one vice president of the United States. What saying it makes a difference. What you are passing down. Your decisions are affecting future generations like the dupes. You may have some negative.
In your family line, they will continue until some body rises up and puts a stop to it. I'm saying today you can be that person God has raised you up for such a time. Is this: you have the most powerful force in the universe. On the inside of you don't be complacent. and learn to live with things that are less than God's best. You will never change what you tolerate. You got to put your foot down and say: that's it, I'm not going to live. My life addicted, angry depressed defeat, deactivating those genes and are more start making choices that help my family and not hidden. You can be the one to start a godly heritage for your family life. You
can break any generational curse and start a generational blessing. You don't have to eat the sour grapes. The sovereign Lord is still alive. If you'll learn to activate the right genes, make choices that honour God then believe and declare you will break every negative cycle. That's held you back, you and family will rise to a new level of honour and you, always live under the blessing and never the car. In Jesus Name, if you receive it Can you get the laudanum in today and we never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life? Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into my heart, I'll make you more than saving principally pride, that silly
prayer we believe you got born again, get in a good bible base. Church keep God first place. He's gonna. Take your places that you ve never dreamed. Thank you for listening to the jewellers, Dean podcast Helpless can t The share of the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam, dot com, slash, give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing ball, yet no gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.