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2020-09-29 | 🔗

It’s easy to focus on the parts of our life that don’t look the way we were expecting. But just because you had a disappointment in one area doesn’t mean it’s over. God has another ingredient coming that will bring everything together.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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hide this job and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is less a joint come into your homes if you ever our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services promise you will give me all right at home but thanks so much opportunity in and thank you for coming out i like to start with funny in heart these scientists he said a god we decided that we no longer need you weak clung people we can transplant hearts and do all kinds of things once considered miraculous concept but
prove you don't need me let's have a man making contest the old requirement is you have to make men out of dirt the scientists said great and he quickly reached to pick up a handful of dark god said not so fast google hold up your bible say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god i confess my mind is alert heart is receptive i will never be the same jesus name bless you i want to talk to you today about there's another ingredient coming we all face disappointments in life and generations that we don't understand easy to get discouraged and think what that happened to me what did that betray me why did get laid off
why wasn't i raised in a good childhood like usual no life is not always fair but god is fair he said in romans a all things working other for good did those that the law the key word is together you cannot isolate one part of your life one divorce one bed i heard one disappointment in itself may not be good but god is not finished your is not over because you had a bad break don't get duck where you are theirs or ingredient coming that means the right people ride opportunities are in your future if you'll get your passion back in start in forward you'll see what god promised it will all i'll come together and work out for you good when our children were small one of their favorite things to do was made chocolate chip cookies
we have done it so much we didn't even have to look at the recipe we knew exactly what to putty jonathan five or six years old he would the brown sugar the butter the eggs little alexander just three years old she'd get the flower bacon soda than we were very precise put in the exact amount in the exact order it was called for one time that halfway through making a batch of cookies are realised that we didn't have any bacon so how do you feel like went up to the store so we decided to not put the bacon so the n i thought no big deal just teaspoon we put two and a half a flower what difference was a teaspoonful going to me but when we took the cook out of the oven they were is flat ass could be had not risen one bit totally tasteless what was the problem an ingredient was left
a small amount made a huge difference people are bitter own life because they haven't waited for all the ingredients to come together god is the mastership the rest people your life has already been established the scripture talks about how his has planned your days for good from beginning to end god knows exactly what to add in wine have it he's up on like i did and leave out potent ingredient he's going to put in just the right amount at just the right time you can become everything he's created you debate but sometimes in life it may feel like things or flat flattened your career flat your marriage flat you'll find answers but don't get discouraged there's a their ingredient coming all god has to do is add some of his bacon soda and you will rise to a new level
you may have seen the chef on television ship emerald he's very animated whenever he adds an ingredient he says ban just imagine at the right time god ban ads a favour to your lie not flat anymore things begin to take all ban a good break bam i healy your lonely that person left to ban a divine connection somebody better your child's of course they do all i don't know what i did wrong arrays dim in church i just don't understand it now didn't do anything wrong relax there's a ban come god knows how to get him on the right course he's not going this in the period at the right time god what at just the right ingredients that will cause him to rise and fulfil his god given destiny but you but i'm expecting some bans listen you have not seen your best eggs you have not reached to a full potential
god has ingredients come in your way that will thrust you to a new level he has ingredients that are good you called everything to make sense when god brings it all together and you see the fullness of what he was doing i'm gonna worry about who hurt you what you lost how unfair it was you going to look back and say wow god you're amazing you had it all figured out your plan was better than my plan you gave me beauty for ashes you made a way when i didn't see a way you had the right people show up at just the right time why don't you trust him you may not understand something right now but one day you will it's going to all come together the mistake we made too often is we isolate one incident and it causes just to lose our passion i haven't they tell me recently how
her husband of many years left her for another woman she was so devastating she couldn't you're standing now no that's hard that's painful but that is not the end person leaving was going to keep you from your destiny god would have never allowed it this be hard to swallow but it failed do you didn't need there if they walked away they want a part of your destiny there's another ingredient common somebody better somebody that god ordained somebody that will treat you like a queen or a king somebody that will value you celebrate to somebody that cannot live without you something called the gift of good bye
then maybe they marry faith they did you harm but they're doing you a favor blow them a kiss no never look back just keep moving home now some of you you gotta quit mourning over what you ve lost could be scorers over what didn't work out it's not over until god says it all i heard somebody say go always ends on all is well so we ve all is not well in your life that simply means it is not the end moving forward another ingredient is coming along times like this lady people southward alive because they can understand why something has happened but every thing is not going to make sense if you isolated if you look at it don't its own you'll get discouraged have to remind your sale it is not yet all come together it's not so was to make sent by itself event
in my children when they were smaller wanted to make chocolate chip cookies but we didn't have time to bake them so i the ingredients out and gave them a jonathan to eat separately jonathan here's copper brown sugar eat this why now down with this tablespoon of the nebula the raw when you with that here's two cups of flour ok here two sticks of butter now jonathan you officially have chocolate chip cookies on the inside somehow don't work that way key is it has all be mixed together in the same way you cannot isolate one party or lie and thank all this taste bad and withdrew a divorce had a lousy childhood i start business that failed i like a year chemotherapy look what i've been through that's not supposed to taste good by its sale you gonna wait forgot to bring it all together
got another ingredients then he's going to add to your lie that person left you that's painful that bitter on its own but when god brings it all together and brings you somebody greater than you ever dreamed of you're not even gonna miss that old goat that left you all the bitterness will be gone just a matter of time before it comes together the port lied about you tried to ruin your reputation by sell that taste ban but that's only one ingredient god it was how vindicate you god knows how to make wrongs right he can prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies when it comes together and promoted live in your dreams fulfilling your destiny it we'll take care when facing that sickness maybe having to take the treatments easy to think man
god's not even concerned about may look what i'm going through no god has you in the palm of his hand he said no weapon formed begin shoe will prosper weeping endure for a night here's the promised joy is coming in the morning god is saying it may get tough you may some situations that are better but if you stay in faith and not let the bitterness get on the inside gods not at a loss i have another ingredient they can turn bitter into sweet several years after victorian out we're married we receive an unexpected tax bill in the mail them and that was doing our tax returns lived in another state he was familiar with a certain tax law in texas now we thousands and thousands of dollars to make matters worse over a half what we owed were in penalties
this is not fair howard of professional he messed up now having to pay for his mistakes we were discouraged a young couple in real time to save money for a down payment on a home this was going to take all of our funds we finding this man to help us get it straightened out he was attacks attorney for several weeks he was at our house every night goin the documents filling out new forms we dinner together renee together we ended becoming very good friend ten years later i was working the television department here at lake would a man so mabel poor service into your my cousin has a construction permit for the last full power commercial television station in houston he'd like you to be a part of it as you know a tv station in a major market is extremely valuable i don't know start
i was young i thought i don't know about negotiating a contract for a tv station it dawned on me i'll call market only for it the one during my tax problems in three he handed us a contract the station was ours we put it the air vincent my father went to be with the lord now was the past three years later we acquired compact sinner this place we found it was going to cost about a hundred million dollars to renovate so we decided to sell the television station we sold it for a huge profit it was though funds that were instrumental in us debating this plight what i want you to see is when all comes together it'll make sense that text problem on its own was very bitter it didn't seem fair but it had i not head that problem
we have never met the attorney in become good friends without the attorney would probably never pursued the tv station with that the television station we may i have been able to renovate this facility lack we really wanted to prince god knows what he's doing he's got it all figured out in lie you will fail situations that don't make sense on the wrong it seems bitter you may like i d gone it's not fair why is this happening let me assure you got here the plan there's another ingredient coming somewhere down the road in a month in a year in twenty years you're going to see god work at all for your good new face these situations that don't make sense its very powerful new say god i don't understand it but i trust you it doesn't seem fair but i know you are fair i'm not going to
better i'm not gonna lose my passion i'm all keep pressing forward no you are in complete control here's what i've learned nothing in lie happens to you it happen for you god wouldn't have allowed it if he didn't have a purpose if that person the left if that bad break if that sick we're going to keep you from your destiny god would have never permitted the inn it is not in control of your life god is in control the inn you can't even touch you without asking god for permission keep the right perspective data getting better discouraged no our attitude should be this is not here and to me it's happening for me god said he is going to take met from my harmed and use it to my advantage it may be bitter right now but i know a secret ingredient is coming i heard about a man that was out in his boat and a big stick
we came up and his boat capsized ended up stranded on a deserted island month that month went by he was so miserable all by himself just when he thought it couldn't get any worse we will gathering food one day he came back and the little thatched roof that he bill had caught on fire sat there in watched it burned to the ground it was poland salt in the wounds he said god i give up i ask it help me in one bad thing after another happened by that time hey look way off in the distance he saw come into warning he picked up it got closer and closer sure enough it was the coastguard came in rescued him he was so thrill got on the dave ever body a big hug said the captain how in the world did you find me the captain said
we saw the smoke from the fire that you build sometimes what we think is a disappointment is god simply getting us in position to go to a new level i didn't like the tax problem but i shall do like being in the compact syn when you're cuts on fire if you had ever gets all far keep the right perspective don't start complaining god wouldn't have allowed it unless he had a purpose meda makes sense right now one day when it comes together it will make sense in the scripture there's a lady name naomi her name means my joy every time someone said hello naomi they were so hello my joy good morning naomi good morning my joy to be a very happy joyful person
but naomi went through a series of losses her husband died very devastated her sons were killed in a battle all these things came against her she made the mistake of letting the bitterness get on the inside yes there's a proper four grieving but you yet let us seize and of mourning turn into a lifetime of mourning attitude was i've been through too much my dreams are all shattered never be happy again just leave me in my pain she was so discouraged that change your name from naomi tomorrow mara means sorrow now when somebody said hello naomi she said don't call me that i don't have enjoy i don't have any hope call me by my new name sorrow like naomi you may into a loss maybe a dream has died my child
tunisia is don't let loose change your name there's an the ingredient coming god still has something great in your future he has not forgotten about you god sees every sparrow everyone bird that falls to the ground how more is god concerned about you i've learned the depth of your past is an indication of the height of your future construction workers are going to build a large skyscraper they have to first indeed to lay a foundation taller the building the deep the foundation you may in through an unfair situation the loved one for betrayed you you're dealing with the sickness would be easy to get discouraged in just settle there you have to realise god's goin down deep because he has something big in your future you may be low right now but he's getting you prepared to go
there are new levels of joy new levels of influence new opportunities new relationship up ahead of you do like she did and left what you been through become your identity don't become known as the person that had cancer the person that lost a loved one the person that went through that bitter divorce no that's not who you are that's what you went through you are a child of the most tat god created in his image with a destiny to fulfil your name is not sadness saw road the mediocrity your name is victory you name is george your name is favour your name is abundant your name is bright future what life deals you you gotta have the attitude i am in it to win it i may have been through a lot but i've come too far to stop now i'm not gonna get negative i'm not only bitter ammo moving forward
what's in my future is greater than what's in my pants listen god is not going to allow one of vat or one per to ruin your life your desk it cannot be stopped bob a break and injustice and unfair situation all forces of darkness cannot stop what god has ordained yes you defied all the bitterness the self pity the resentment but if you moving forward the right ingredients will come the solemn is put it this way when you if your hope in the lord you will never be disappointing yes we may have temporarily setbacks sure why i'm temporary disappointment but if you'll keep hope and trust thing honouring god then you will see how god will work at all together for your good you will not be permanently disappointed
one time moses was leading the people of israel through the wilderness they had been travelling for a long time a great distance with no water there extremely thirsty tired they didn't know if they could make it they found we came to a river excited was like a dream an oasis they still there to get a drink but when they they stood the water it was better they couldn't drink it it was to sound can imagine how disappointed they were the god had a plan he told moses to put a certain type three in the water and when he did the bitter waters were turned sweet now can freely drink as much as they wanted to god is saying even when life turns out better even when its unfair at a loss i still have an ingredient turn you a bitter waters in this this is
what happened to my father he was married at a very early age unfold finally the marriage didn't work out he was devastated he thought his days of ministry were over he didn't think you'd ever have a family selective people israel he came to the water his dreams will come to pass only to find out the waters were better life didn't turn out the way he hoped every voice told him you're a failure you blew it nothing good is in your future but the scripture says god's calling is irrevocable you may make mistakes you may do some failures but god does not change his mind calling is still on your lie he still has destiny for you to fulfil it fall down you gonna get
back up and get in the game god has another ingredient there will turn your bitter waters into sweet my father shook off the self pity here see the gods mercy he quit listen to the condemning voices he started moving forward one day he was at the hospital visiting one of his church members haste a beautiful young nurse did he had never seen before it was my mother he was so taken by her he would look for any possible reason he could find to go up that hospital i mean he would go visit your great on course third cousins next door neighbor if you ask into he was almost hoping that some of his church members would get sick so he could go to the hospital my mother didn't realize what was going on she told her nurse friends that pastor has sick is congregation i've ever seen one day dawned on her he was
there to see her story short they fell in love and got married god steam with four average children one exceptional town he went on to have a ministry that spain fifty years touch the world he was married my mother for forty four years what happened added another ingredients it was my mother that turned the bitter waters into sweet some of you like my father you ve gone through disappointments maybe it made poor choices now you're beating yourself up no passion no dreams you gonna get back in the game it starts after giving yourself receive gods mercy listening to than condemning voices that mistake did not stop college plan
i got the self pity and move forward and you'll see god at another ingredients david put it this way i have pitched my tent in the land of hope my question where have you pick your tent do you know god has another ingredient do you believe that together it's all going to work for you good are you doing like naomi and letting change your name can your stand why something has happened now you ve got your tent pitched in the warm location if you want to see gods favor we want to see god add new ingredients you gotta pack up your belongings move out of the land of discouragement it's time to leave self pity estates move out nothing good ever happens to me subdivision and come on over to the land of hope the land of faith the land where you know your future when life tries to push today
situations it don't understand don't isolate the traffic that's a man this doesn't taste good remember that's not the whole recipe just one ingredient god wouldn't have allowed it unless he had a purpose like the huddled fire like my text problem it's not happen to you it's happening for you gonna use it to your advantage many of you have been faithful you pass the test done there thing when the wrong thing was happening you need to get ready god about to add an ingredient person you been waiting for back there to show up problem this dog duper years ban a breakthrough bam vindication that sickness that chronic and you thought you had to live with them healing ban a new beginning or maybe dream you been believe import ban bright ban the divan connection i want you to go out expecting some bans this way
this in france if you keep your two kids in the land of pope god promises you will never be permanently disappointed at just there tom time he's gonna just the raw ingredients believe and declare together to all work out for your good in jesus name if you receive it can you say and then today we never like the clothes are broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life when you play with me just say lord jesus our repent of vaccines come into my heart make you my lord and your friendship pride that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base church keep god first place he's gonna take you places you ve never dreamed up thing you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast help us
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