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Be a Rainmaker

2019-12-11 | 🔗
Just like vapor fills a cloud making rain pour down, our praise is the same type of key that unleashes the downpour of favor. Our praise is the catalyst that lifts us out of the drought. If you’re ready to see God move more in your life, then it’s time to increase your praise and gratitude.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this goal in Victoria, thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is a joy to come into your hands and, if you ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise I will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuning in. Thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something funny, and I heard about these two men named Archie in Jack. They, are their whole life as to whether g was white or whether he was black Archie were certain. He was why Jack was just ass, sure that he was black as fate would have
they died on the same day. Rushed to the parlor gates said Saint Peter. Please tell us. we ve been debating our whole life is just white or easy black about that time. Jesus stepped up and said: Buenos Dias say it? Like you mean it, this is my Bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do, they will be taught the word of God. Only confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same Jesus name, God bless you. I want to to you today about being rain maker in the scripture is symbolic of blessings, favour increase one place, talks about how should be like a well watered garden, always in blossom, that's
way God designed to flourish even in tough times, but too many people are in a dry season. They haven't had a good break in years. Their stay in their marriage there not moving. Lord their dreams, this easy to settle their think. Well, this is as good as it it's all, just learn to live with it. But there is a way you can put an end to that drought. there's something you can do to cause it terrain? It's interesting how a cloud for The sun shines down on water and it produces visible vapor. These vapours condense and eventually rise up into the sky, inform clouds. When enough vapours go up. The water becomes too heavy for the cloud to hold. It begins to drip out. That's when it sprinkles
and miss if the cloud gets so full of condensation so full of these vapours, then it will open up and begin to downpour rain, The point I wanted to see the water didn't start in the sky. It started on the ground. The amount They that went up determined how much rain came back down the, way. We can create reign in our own. Why? The way we can put an end to a drought is, through our praise, when we go around thanking God for his goodness talking about what he's done, our part is, is the invisible vapor. There goes up into the Heavens and forms a cloud your cloud gets so full of praise, so full of thanksgiving. So follow you bragging on the greatness of God. You can't hold it anymore, that's when it rain down right back on you blessings favour increase healing
you can become a rain maker. you ve heard the saying when the prey is go up. The blessings come back down. If you're not see any good brakes, if you drought. My encouragement is check up on what you're sending up here's the principle, no praise, no rain, limited praise, limited right. You might get a sprinkle drizzle every once in a while good break here and there If you want to see a downpour, a Texas ray the acceding greatness of God's favour. You ve gotta, stay full of brains, everywhere you go under your breath. You always thank God for his goodness, when you wake up in the morning, Lord, thank you for another beautiful day. What's happening, your cloud is getting a little bit foller when you see your children, Lord. Thank you for these gifts.
that you bless me with drive into work, not complaining about the traffic. Stan my job gasoline is so high. Your lord thank you that have a job. Thank you that, a car to sit in traffic. Thank you that have money for gasoline. Thank you that I'm enough to go to work. Lord! Thank you for my gifts and talents, God, I'm just great. ought to be alive when you live like that, you better get umbrella? As a matter of time before you, a cloud open up, unload, downpour of God, Spain? bonded praise will produce abundant rain. The amount you send up is the amount that's going to come back down now, some people, only give God praise on Sunday, Jonah went to church same three song stood the whole time set through the whole message miss the first half of the football
It was a big sacrifice. That's great! God sees your efforts, but here's the problem, with only haven't Sunday praise on Monday when you need a good break owned, One day when you need wisdom, God says to the angel he needs. Some re help amount, given some favor. Increased promotion. The angel says we tried, but there's nothing in his cloud. he got a little drizzle on Sunday, a little sprinkle. Now it's completely empty friend, you gotta, do your part and keep your cloud field. all through the day, instead of thinking about what's wrong, thank God for what's right when you're in a tough time, instead of being discouraged steady, complain and no Lord. Thank you that your turn it around. Thank you that your bigger than this problem, thank you that you ve given me grace for every sees even in small thing,
you get a good parking spot. Lord! Thank you for your favor vapours winner at the mall. You find what you are looking for. Lord. Thank you for directed my steps. More vapours arising You see a friend, that's not feeling! Well after you pray for them. Under your breath, Lord! Thank you that I'm healthy thank you that I can breathe without paying you walk outside in the mornin. Lord. Thank you for the sun Thank you for the beauty of your creation. eating dinner with friends, Lord thank you for the people you put in my life. Thank you for my friends. If you're going to reach your highest potential. You ve got a book A rain maker you ve got to develop this habit of constantly sending these vapours appraise every time I drove up to this bill, Being I say under my breath, Lord thank you for our beautiful building upset it. Probably ten thousand
tat happens. What am I doing, sending up more vapours? Don't let what once was a miracle become ordinary? Don't get I used to it, but you're not excited about it anymore. One time I was driving by the building on the freeway. We were headed the airport and I was on the telephone arson Jonathan was about ten years old, he said to everyone in the car, since there is on the phone. Let me say it for him. Thank your Lord far. Beautiful building. He had heard it so many times it had become ingrained in him. What has gone done in your life that you, be sending up vapours, appraise you thanked him for a week when he gave you that job. Why don't you can t Thank you. You were thrilled when you moved into that house five years ago. Have you a painting lately when you baby was born. You were on Cloud nine. You thank God. Every day for a month now he's sixteen
you're saying God. What did you do to me? No, they give again and again or how about this. When God, that problem around when he made away when you didn't see a way you were so overwhelmed. so relieved, don't who's the all. Don't who's. The amazement, those or opportunities to fill your cloud back up. The scripture talks about how, if you so to the Heavens, the Heaven was so back to you. Could it be that see in God's best, you're stuck in a drought, cause you're, not so into the heavens. If you would begin to, thank God more off remember what is done. Look for these operate it is to send up vapours, appraise the dreams would come to pass then? Maybe those problems would turn around We urge I'm living in this small house I don't really like my job and my kids won't do. What's right. My car's a piece of trash,
When things change, then I'll have a better attitude, then I'll give God praise now that's backwards. Praise is what causes the way praise is what allows God to turn it around Mathieu for Jesus had been teaching the people. Now it was late. In the day, everyone was hungry. Geez told his disciples to feed them. There were five, thousand men there, probably fifteen thousand people in total, no city, nearby no grocery stores it seemed impossible, Jesus said would just give me what you have. They went through the crowd and found a little boys lunch five loaves of bread and to fish. What good would that do with fifteen thousand people, but what Jesus did next, extremely significant birthnight teams is. He took the five loaves and the two fish held them up to Heavens, and he gave thanks and bless them now
this. He gave thanks for what was not enough. He blessed what's To be too little here's the principle. To you grateful for what not enough you won't see. The multiplication withdrawal can't thank God for my job. I don't like it the people don't like me. They don't treat me right. They don't pay me enough. You're right where Jesus was. You have five loaves and two fish is not enough. What are you going to do Playing God, I've been begging, you put three years to get me out of this place. The problem with that approach, is in three more years, you're still going to have five loaves into fish. It still I'm going to be enough, but if you will try a different approach, and learn to be grateful for. What's not enough then one day God will multiply and you will have more than enough. If you
thank God for what you do have he will give you what you don't have your lot? Don't, like my house is too small, my neighbors get all manoeuvres now. Why don't you sending up some different vapours. But what I want to thank you for this place. You ve, given me gotta grateful that I have a roof over my head, I'm good for that, I'm not out on the streets, it not be enough. It maybe, small, but I know you that of more than enough. So God, continue to give you price. That's what brings the multiplication not complaining, not thinking about what's wrong, but thanking God, but what's right being grateful even when it's not enough. This is what Elijah did in the scripture they're here in a drought in the land for three and a half years, no reign the People were barely making their way. any sign of changing a could have become sour. God I don't understand
you said we'd always be in blossom, but it's just the opposite. We're drying up we're struggling whereby no Elijah understood this principle in the middle of the drought? He went on top of the mountain and begin to, thank God for his goodness. Thank him for what is I thank him that rain was on the way thank him that he was in control six times his assistant went out to check each time. He came back with the same report. Theirs thing not a cloud and this guy. It's not going to reign. if you're going to see a drought come to an end, you have to pass the test of now getting discouraged when circumstances tell you nothing is happening, the medical world. What says you're not getting better. You pray, but childs, not improving the finance. Situation, isn't changing Ray Voice, will tell you it's not going to work out.
Like your heard, this same negative report six times he didn't get discouraged, he knew as long as he kept sending up those vapours appraise eventually the cloud would form and things will change the seventh time the assistant came Instead, this time I saw Small cloud up in the sky. Elijah said you better take off running, because I can hear the sound of the abundance rain. It wasn't long after that, before the clouds formed. The Heaven opened up, there was a downpour, the three and a half year, drought came to an end. If you will learn to be thankful for, what's not enough There will be a day when you have more than enough the abundance of rain. But too often when we're in difficult times it's easy to complain and talk about, what's not workin out, but I've learned God does not answer complaints, don't go to God.
In just tell him all your problems, god I don't my job and, like my car God material Noone right do you know I need to lose twenty pounds got up headed up to here. That's not prayer! That's complaining complaining doesn't get gods Some twenty two says, God inhabits the praises of his people when you start crazy. God shows up when you have a thankful hard, and you start talking about gods. Goodness you start thanking him for his promises. That's what gets gods attention when Paul and Silas we're in prison at midnight. They started singing is, is and giving God thanks. Suddenly God, showed up in the prison one that happen. God inhabits the praises. They were in chains in the deepest of the prison, but at midnight there was a great earthquake. The chains fell, offer them
the prison door, flung open. They walked out, as we may think about. Is those same chains had held the roughest prisoners for years, the strongest most powerful criminals. Yet when to ordinary men, showed up and started praising those change could not hold their friends. Praise is powerful. Praise will break addictions. Praise. Can top of sickness praise can turn a problem. Around praise is what will give us the victory in some thirty one David starts off talking about how bad his life is. He said I'm dying from grief movies. this blurred because of cried so many tears. My strength is gone. I'm scorn Burma neighbours hated enemies. My friend, spreading rumours, my enemies,
plotting to take my lie. He went on and on telling in great detail all of his. was when I was reading it. I started getting depressed accurate, Imagine God up in the Heavens, just sitting back, not paying any attention, go on in one year and out the other, not even phase in hand. At one point, David realises I'm Cindy. the wrong vapours, God doesn't answer complaints, If you just sending up discouragement defeat self pity, that's what's going to come back to you! I like this break. Complain and you'll remain, but praise you'll be raised a few verses day. It changed his whole too. He real, that wasn't getting him anywhere He said. Yes, I've got a lot of he's coming against me, but I know your goodness is great You have blessing stored up for me. You protect me, you vindicate!
you answer me when I call so I will take which I will be strong, no one that you will give me the victory as David begin to brag own gods, goodness as begin to send up these vapours of praise. I can see God come to attention He says to the angels I've gotta go. Someplace here's somebody talking about my goodness, I hear somebody brag. You know what I can do. I've gotta inhabit those praises when you praise God show some battles. The only way you'll get out is to pray. You're way out God. I want to thank you you're turning this around You said your whole victory in store for the opera see away, but god I know you have a way as you the gods. Goodness you a cloud is building up and at the right time he's gonna rain down breakthroughs
rain down healing rained down vindication pay attention to what you're sending it may look like that you could never get out of there It would be easy to get discouraged and complain. Talk about how big the obstacles are. Don't send data turn it around all. I want to thank you that I'm blessed I will lend and not borrow whatever our touch. What possible and succeed when you do that. You're cloud is filling up with the right things. you're struggling in your hell. Lord. I want to thank you that Jehovah rougher, the law my healer that the nuts of my days. You will fulfil that you're, restore and health back into me. Maybe believe in for a spouse, Lord said. If I would delight self in you. You would give me their desires,
are so Lord. I want to thank you that you're directed my steps bringing the right person into my life. If you will keep sending up the right vapours if you'll keep thanking God for his promises, just like Elijah European is. What caused the downpour? It was gods. Goodness You were the rain maker. It was your praise that filled up the cloud. You have been thanking God for a long time. You been faithful when you felt like complaining your praised anyway, like Paul and Silas. You praised in pain. You pray when it was unfair. You praise when you were lonely, you need to get ready. Your cloud is about to open you're, about to see gotta maze you with his goodness is going to happen. Suddenly the favor of God is going to overtake you in the maze you with his goodness. This is not the time to get discoveries. This is the time to turn up. Your point
I read about this american indian tribe? was known for their rain dances. They had a reputation that any time did a rain dance, it would always rain when neighbouring communities needed water. They always called on this particular tribe. Without fail, it would rain the leader of the community, asked the indian chief. How is it every time. You guys do a rain dance. It always reins. He said it's very simple: we dance until it rains that's the way it is with pride, You have to keep praising unto you see the victory praise until you get out of their praise into your help, turns around praise. Unto you meet the right person, you don't ever stop praising didn't. When the answer comes. When you get the breakthrough, the healing the promotion, then you start thanking God.
For what he's done. You spend your whole life, thanking God for your compact centres. In him for healing your mother of cancer, thanking him for healthy children, thanking him for taking you where you ve, never dreamed you develop this. style. This habit, where you're always sending these vapours, appraise One thing I've learned is gone. Will not disappoint. Appraiser, just ass Joe sitting in the belly of the whale it looked impossible, but he offered up a second, I surprise that Wales spit him out on dry ground. Just ass, shed wreck measure a bid me they were thrown into the fire, refurnished full of praise? And God shoulder the fourth men in the fire they came out without the smell of spoke just ass Joe when he lost everything
when the bottom fell out. He said I know my redeemer lives. Job came out, we're twice what he had before you. have gone through some bad breaks. Some disappointments are attitude should be. I may have lost a few things: but one thing I'll never lose. Is my praise? I'm ok thanks God for his goodness, I'm all keep sending out the right vapours. I'm going to live my life as a rain maker. The scripture says of your belly will flow rivers of living water. Noticed water, the rain. The favour is on the inside of each one of us. How do we get it out through our brains? Some people get sprinkle every once in a while. A little missed here and there, but God has some downpours some gully washers in store for you, like a large, describe an abundance of rain. If you will turn up your praise lose the complaining,
zip up the negative defeated talk. Our attitude should be the only thing I'm going to let come out of my mouth or words of fate victory health above I'm not going to magnify problems, I'm gonna magnify God You always sending up praise. Then it's always going to be raining back on. You drive into work, mind your own business out of nowhere? You have a good idea. What happened you got rainbow? S raining down, creativity, raining down wisdom at the mall on what you wanted to purchase and it just went on sale. You got rainbow out Lunch with some friends they entered, should have one of their contacts. You pick up a new client in your sales, take off more right. When you have this attitude of praise, you won't be able to outrun the good things have gone. God said and saw. Maybe one when your mouth wide and our will fill it
the reason some people never see gods best. Is there now this barely open when you're this sounds good today, but you don't know my story. I've had a lot of bad breaks and I'm dealing with this illness my mother's depressed, I don't see how could ever get out of debt know if you have a poor mouth, you gonna have a poor lie. Why don't you open your mouth a little bit whatever You may have had that signals for many years. They're. The same lord, I believe today is a new day. The tired of the battle is turning. I thank you, that I will live out my days in good health. Maybe that addiction has been with you since high school dare to say what I want to. Thank you that no weapon formed against me will prosper. This is today, a victory. I am free. Maybe somebody did
wrong walked out of a relationship. Don't sit around and self pity dont. Send those vapours dare to say God. You said you'd give me beauty for ashes joy for morning. I want to thank it, or the best days are still out in front of me. You have to open your mouth wide. That's what allows God to do great things. Don't limit him with little praise, little prayer, little dreams I thank him for the greatness of his power. Thank him for the fullness of your destiny. Thank him for new levels when you Brad on the goodness of God. He'll do raising things in your life. We ve all heard little children. before braggin on their fathers saying things like dead stronger than your dad, my dad run faster than your dad will my dad's tougher than your day a few years ago, my nephew Christopher, was over at our house, and he was five years old at the time and Chris Travers, it's tough is can be
as Iraq, and we were in my garage and I was lifted weights and Christopher. Was there with me? I just kind of and tease and even Mama, my muscle Christopher you, do realise that I can walk your dad. Looked at me, a stern, is, can be and said Uncle John, my dead goods washing he said it so dramatic, so mean I thought he'd go some of their whip me that's the way we need to be with our heavenly father. Look at that obstacle that addiction that sickness announced to it. My father could squash you. What are you doing sin and at the right papers bragging on the greatness of God? This is what David did when he pays Goliath He's a goliath: you come against me with a sword and a shield, but outcome in situ. In the name of the Lord God of Israel
when your mouth is open. Why not talking about how big the problem is, but talking about how big you got it, you better get your umbrella, that's wings! will unload downpour of his favor. You will defeat giants that are much bigger. You want overcome obstacles that looked insurmountable. What kind of vapours are you sending? What kind of clouds are you allowing before George, I don't think I'll ever get well I'll, never break this addiction, no start sending these vapours of prey start thanking God for his goodness. Don't wait for everything to change, learn to thank him for not enough all, through the day under your breath, this attitude of praise if you'll this, you will become a rain maker like I'm I believe and declare every drought is coming to an end in your life. God is.
The rain down favour promotion healing restoration as you thank him for what's not you're about to come in more than enough the bundles of rain in Jesus name? If you receive it, can you say amended? We never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus I repeat, my sins. Come into my heart make you my lord and saved printed, pray that simple prayer. We believe you got born again get in Bible based church, he God birthplace, he's gonna, take you where you ve, never dream Thank you for listening to the Jews Dean Podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a jewel loose dean, dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks
much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the weak employers and no gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.