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Be Mindful of the Words You Speak

2018-04-25 | 🔗
Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63). When you get the Word of God in your mouth, you create a strong, spiritual life that will send you on the course to life. Your words will direct you beside still waters and take you to green pastures. They’ll lead you to refreshment for your soul. Let’s be very attentive to the words that we speak. Let’s remember our words are containers of power that can direct our course. We can prophesy our future.
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welcome to the joel o'steen podcast helpless we need to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe dot com slash give hope to give a gift today you know the scripture talks a lot about the words that come out of our mouth it's all i want to encourage us with this simple truth to have faith filled words it's a simple truth but it has a profound effect on our life the words that come out of our mouth can guide our life they can come out of our mouth can change our life and lead us in different directions depending on what's coming out of our mouth the book of proverbs is a book of
wisdom and it's the wisdom of god and it teaches us how to live our life it guides us in this journey through life so that we can take hold of his wisdom apply it and it will direct us it will get us to where we need to be if we will apply this wisdom it will direct us to miracles it'll direct us to the things of god you know the bible talks about the town it says it in james it says the tongue is a very small part of the body it says but with one spark just like a forest fire can begin with one word you can spark a forest fire in your own life it also compares the tongue to a rudder other big ship now the writer of a big ship is a very small part of the ship and even though
the winds come against that ship and the ship has to go through raging waters do you know that whichever way the rudder turns it can change the direction of that entire huge ship it's all about the pilot and how he directs the rudder is where the ship this can i encourage us to be the pilot of our tongues to speak words of faith to release them in the atmosphere so that our words will lead us and guide us to the place we want to go i was talking to come in the other day and she was talking about her beautiful daughter she loves her daughter so much but she was talking about her daughter having this job and the job was not
recognizing the talents that her daughter had in fact she was feeling like her daughter wasn't getting the brakes that she deserved and there were other people she felt less talented than her daughter that we're stepping up and getting all the good brakes getting the opportunities and it was just breaking her heart she was so frustrated she was going on and on telling me how if this doesn't change this is what i happened she's going to look up she's going to pass her time to do what she to do she began painting this picture of her daughter's life and it was a picture of defeat i stood there and i was depressed i thought i don't know is this what's going to happen to her daughter and then i realized oh my gosh this woman is convincing me she's getting
be upset and depressed and i looked at her and i said is that what you want for your daughter and she said of course that's not what i want for my daughter and i said then quit prophesying future is allowing fear and those words too few pull this scenario a failure listen if she convincing me what were those words going to do in her daughter's life you see we can either let our words of faith fuel our faith or we can let fear fuel our defeat see it's up to us we are the pilot behind our tongue we can turn our life in the direction that we point so i want to encourage us all today to release your words of faith listen the pressures of life
are real and it's in those times that we need to be aware of what we're speaking this all miss david prayed this prayer in psalm one forty one he said seven go hard over my mouth oh lord keep a watch over my lips you see david was in a very pressured situation is it a k the enemies were all around him they were coming in on him they were going to defeat him and his prayer was this god set a guard over my mouth keep watch over my lips you see in the pressure of life he was very well aware of what he was saying listen i hope this has as much impact on you as it has on me because i realized as david in that song he said lord i don't want to give in their evils i don't want to say
they're saying i don't want to eat the delicacies of my lips keep me father keep me separated keep me looking up to you you know sometimes you don't know what to say so don't say anything just pray pray pray pray god help me help me god you know sometimes i don't know what to say in my mind is swirling i just begin to praise i begin to just thank him and praise him the songs that we sing here every week begin to sing those songs you see turned in here i've got him in my heart so they can come out of my mouth we've got to praise our way to victory we've gotta release words of faith we don't want to eat the fruit of our lips we want to direct our life around the evil
through the storms and straight to jesus thank you jesus there's a story in mark twenty five it's about the woman who was bleeding their body twelve long years she had been to many doctors she done everything she could she
in all of our money she wasn't getting better she was only getting worse she was frail she was weak i love what it says in march twenty five it says one day she heard jesus was coming to town and she said to herself if i can only touch him i'll be healed one version says she kept saying to herself if i can only touch him i'll be healed do you see those words of faith she was releasing out of her mouth i believe it's what gave her the power that day to get up out of her home push through the crowded streets to find her way to jesus you see she was frail she was weak she had tried everything but when she began to release these words of faith if i can only touch him if i can only touch him
it changed her body it literally her spirit gave life to her body so she could get up get out of her house and began to pursue her faith her faith that day she found herself at the feet of jesus i can see her now i can see her now pushing through if i can only get him if i can only get to him she came up behind him she gave one last if i can only get to him she's stretched out her hand and touched the hem of his robe that's all you could reach was the hand of his row before he took the next step immediately she knew her life was changed very interesting jesus looked at his disciples and said who touched me they said there's so many people around us lord everybody's car
getting around us and jesus turned around and he looked at that woman he saw her faith he saw the words coming out of her mouth he saw how she got to him he said woman you were healed do you see how those words lead to her miracle changed the course of her life the interesting thing is that she not only had to fight through the crowd with those words but she had to fight through the crowd in her mind the crowded thought that we're trying to tell her just i hear you've tried everything the millions of family and friends that i'm sorry there's nothing we can do just going to have to die you see she had crowded thoughts in her mind but because of her words of faith she changed her thought
do you know your words can reinforce your thoughts if you are down in your discouraged and you speak down and discourage words words like never going to make it this is never going to change do you know that it indian forces those thoughts but when you begin to speak faith filled words you begin to get word of god in your mouth and you began to speak it it will change your thoughts it will line you up and set you in the right direction for your life your life your words have life and death in them do you know god spoke to the dark then void of this world and he brought light and life to this world he spoke it into existence just like that woman prophesied
her life when she said if i can only touch him i'll be healed you see she prophesied with her words jesus said my words are spirit and they are life i want to encourage every one of us to take the words of god to take your faith filled words and begin to decline your victory you see it doesn't matter about the winds that are coming against you it doesn't matter the storms you can pass through those storms and get on the course to victory you can get on the course to your miracle today your words will lead you besides still waters they will guide you in the paths of righteousness they will set your feet upon a rock your words will direct you to the very garment of cheese the same amen
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