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Believing When You're Not Seeing

2019-10-20 | 🔗
Sometimes before a promise comes to pass, we must go through a season of silence. You may not see anything changing, but God is working behind the scenes. Believe that what He started in your life, He will finish!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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If you won't get tired of doing the right thing, if you won't let what you see talk you out of what you know then you do season is come. You will read if you don't pay, this is joining detour. Europe thanks for downloading or Pontiac we enjoy spilling this time with you know you can delete any time make sure you have scribe to get new message if every week and finally on social media to stay connected, we appreciate your support. It helps Kinda ministry, go enjoy the miss joy to come into your homes and if you ever terrarium, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you will make you feel right at home. I like to start with something funny and
I heard about this man that was very stingy with his money. Just before his death, he made his wife promised that she would have him buried with the fifty thousand dollars he had saved his wife reluctantly agreed at the funeral right before they close the cast she snuck in this small wooden box. Her friend said: surely you didn't just very the money she said. Of course I did. I'm a Christian can't lie the princess. You mean you just varied fifty thousand dollars. She said yes, I did. I wrote a check, say it like you mean it, this is, above all I am this as I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert is receptive, I will know
be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about believing when you're see it's to believe when things are going, our way we're getting good breaks. Our health is improving our Child is turning around when can see it. It doesn't take much faith. The test comes when you can't see any sign of what you're believing for You working hard but doors aren't opening your prey, but the medical report isn't improving you doing the right thing, but your marriage isn't getting better. You know, God put the promise in your heart. You know he gave you the dream but there's no sign that it's happening. If you just saw a little improvement, if you just felt a little better
At least you would know that what you were doing was helping, but many times before I promise comes to past you have to go through. A season of silence, Not seeing anything changing you'll be tempted to think is what I'm doing even working is my believing my praying my giving even can a difference. This is when many people get discouraged and give up on what they're believing for, but just because you don't see anything happening, does it mean? God is not working behind the scenes. Changing that you can't see, God does much of his work in secret. You can't see him lining up the people. You need You can't see him arranging good brakes for you, you can see him Cindy.
Angel with your promise, putting the healing the promotion, the vindication on your schedule. All you can see, is Joel. I'm praying and nothing's happening, I'm doing my best but nothing's improving your in a season of silence. The question is: are you going to get discouraged and quit believing because you're not seeing or you going to dig heels in and say God. I may not see anything happening, but I'm not. odyssey google what I know- and I know what you promised me is on the way. If you will stay in faith at some point, you going to see what God was behind the scenes suddenly things are going to shift in your favor what happened?
Saul what God was up to all those months even years you didn't think anything was happening behind the scenes. Things were coming together and sometimes it hasn't happened yet because another person involved is not ready. God is working on someone else. Who is a part of your speech or when that obstacle wasn't changing. You didn't realize it, but God was you the obstacle to change you were growing. Getting stronger, developing patient if he would have removed it sooner. You wouldn't be prepared for where she's taking you What the scripture says don't get weary well doing, for due season. You will reap if you faint, not it doesn't say, You may re, there's a good Can't you re, God says if you won't get tired of doing the right thing.
Don't let what you see talk you out of what you know Didn't you do season is coming. You will reap if you don't faint, but God wouldn't have told us to not get weary in well doing. didn't know, it would be easy to get tired of doing what's right easy to get worn down? They just never going to work out. Marriage is never going to make it. My business is going to grow, no get your fire back. Purdue season is closer than you think in the scripture compares the life of a believer to an eagle when a mother Eagle is going to have a baby eaglet. She lays an egg for thirty five days. She has to sit on the egg to keep it warm. She never feel the baby eaglet kick the egg never grows any larger
there's no sign that what's on the inside of the egg is alive, the mother Eagle can think if it was a live? At least it would move a little bit. At least I would hear something, but day after day the mother go sit unmoved by what she doesn't feel. Unmoved by what's not changing on the 35th day, after no signs of life, suddenly the little eagle it starts picking out of Michelle before long. It hatches healthy and whole, but think about the faith it takes for that mother Eagle, to sit on, and that seems dad, unlike a purse, when a lady is going to have a baby, we have All these signs, their stomach gets bigger. Their feet may swell they're back may her. They may be meaner, I mean they may have morning sickness.
Womb begins to grow overtime. It's obvious, you can see. The baby is developing when Victoria was pregnant. Jonathan. We were driving down the road in turn, some music just like clockwork, he started kicking in the womb like he was keeping beat to the music. You can see a leg coming out here and elbow coming out there. We had no doubt that he was coming those last six months. We never once thought. I wonder. If he's in there I was If he's alive, we didn't have to wonder we could see it. If, God brought promises to pass like a person giving birth, it would be no problem to stay in faith Dez to thank him that it was on the way, but most of the time it won't be like a person. It will be like an eagle you're going to have to believe some.
When is happening when you can't see any sign of it. You're going to have to sit on that promised believing expecting praying thing when you're not getting any checks when you're not seeing any grow. When the egg is not moving. You don't hear any sound deep down. You have to know something is happening that you can't see after a couple of weeks, the mother Eagle could think I'm wasting my time by now, something should be happening. Don't see any sign that was in this egg is alive, but there's something in her dna put in her by the creator that says I don't have to co sign. I don't have to feel a kick. I know My baby is alive. I know my due season is coming. I know. On the 35th day this baby eaglet is going to hatch. You may have prom
Is that you ve been standing up for a long time, dreams God is put in your heart. Every circumstance says it's never going to happen. What you believe in four is did it would kick by now. You would have seen some improvement. Some grow, no, don't believe windows live, keeps on that egg? Keep thanking God that it's coming keep talkin like it's on the way. Keep expecting things to change in your favor or attitude should be what promise me may look dead, but I know like that eagle. What he put in my spirit, is still alive. It doesn't have to kit move, but what I feel I'm not Boohbah how long it's taking about. What's not working out, I know what started in my life is going to finish. What am I saying?
being discouraged because you haven't felt a kit. Nothing is wrong. That doesn't mean it's not going to happen. You have to trust The process, while you're waiting things are growing. Things are developing, God is bringing it together. He works in C You may not see any improvement, you may see what God is up too. If the mother Eagle could pick a little hole in the shell and see her baby, it would be so much easier to believe. Call him he's in there. Now I can sit on this egg with confidence. The problem is the eaglet wouldn't survive. Some things have to develop in the dark in secret. If you could see the promised coming, if God showed us what he was up to. Yes, it wouldn't be a.
difficult to believe, but that wouldn't take anything you have to believe when there's no sign on the outside that what's the inside is still alive. The promise God putting you that eggs so to speak, is not going to move not going to grow, not going kick. You may not see any signs of life until the 35th day. Your due season wins suddenly that baby eaglet is going to hatch but there's something God has put in your dm where you can believe when every circuit Stan says it's not going to happen. The odds may be against you today. Your dream seems impossible? The medical reports not improving you've struggled with the addiction for years looks like the promise is dead, you're tempted to walk away from the nest.
forget about the egg, hasn't seen any signs of life? Oh God is saying, go back and sit on it It is still alive. Don't let the circle it is for you just. If you don't see anything happening on the outside doesn't mean something is not happening on the inside. Would you love never felt my baby? Kick it's not going to kick in the ass God burst things like an eagle, not like a person. We have to walk by and not by sight, Israelites were traveling through the desert headed toward the Thomas land when they came to city of Jericho. This was the last city that stood between them and the city of Canaan, the land God promised
Jericho was surrounded by huge stone wall. It was so thick that chariots could ride. On top of it, God told Joshua to have the Israelites March around the walls for seven days without saying a word Two million people went out and once a day started walking around the wall first day. Nothing happened second day, nothing. It was hot dusty. They were already tired, worn out from travelling through the desert went around the fourth day, nothing, the fifth time. Nothing can imagine. They started to discouraged thinking. What are we doing out here? We look like food. Nothing is even happening. It wouldn't have been so difficult to believe. If they were walking around. They saw a little crack in the wall start to form. Maybe the for Tom
round. Some of the rocks up top broke upon the next time around. The foundation begin to loosen up if they would have just a sign that things were improving, something to encourage them. crack here and there, but nothing was changing They were sitting on that egg. Doing what ask them to do walkin around the city. Not complaining They were doing their part. Why was doing his part. God works in secret in that egg. You can't see the eaglet developing the Israelites didn't like it. They were uncomfortable here's, the key they kept doing the right thing They didn't get weary in well doing. On the seventh day, the seventh time around
still, no sign of the wall, weakening still look just as strong sturdy like it did before they started, but when they come that seventh lap, suddenly the walls came tumbling down, they came in their due season. There are thirty fifth day, but too often we'll stay in fact If we see the wall cracking will believe. If I'm start treating us better. If our health starts improving we're waiting for the baby to kick, God give show me something that you're going to turn this around. What I'm saying is you may not get a sign? That's when you have to dig down deep and say: am I going to get up off this big. Am I going to let what I'm not seeing convince me? What I'm believing for is dead. It's too late. The obstacles too big or Am I going to do like the Israelites and keep me
partying, even though there is no sign Eighteen God, even though it's not improving, keep expecting. The baby is not kicking, you keep doing the right thing and your 35th day is coming what you what was dead. You didn't see any signs of life suddenly that be. the eaglet is going to burst forth. demand that our grew up with was leaving to have a baby for many years, cheater husband and tried and tried with no success. We were all standing faith with her believing and praying that no baby she's gone to doctors. They told her. There was nothing more, they could do. She wouldn't be able to have children she's a little bit older than I am- and I was in my forties- I thought it's too late now surely she'll accept it and move on, maybe she can adopt. Maybe she can do something else with children.
that never entered her mind was always talking about having a baby. It was never if it was always win she even made a baby's room in her house, had it all decorated, ready for the child. She was constantly thanking God that her baby was on. way talking like it, could happen to Morrow. She could have easily walked away from the nest thought this egg. Does it just look? Did it is day would have happened by now, but when God What's a promise in your heart? You have to have a never say, die attitude. You may not see how it can happen. It seems too late to all the obstacles to big. You can come up with a thousand reasons why it's not going to work out. Don't talk yourself out. I do like her. Keep thinking,
God that it's on the way keep believing when it's not improving, keep sitting on that are not moved by? What's not changing walking by faith and not by sight Twenty years later, she walked in. one day and said I'm pregnant. isn't saying it by faith. It was a reality. She not only gave birth to one baby. She gave birth to twins at fifty three years old. Now, don't walk away from that nest. Don't get discouraged because you haven't felt a kick. God is working on the inside, what you can't see is the promise is growing. Its developing the outside looks the same You may not see any improvement, but if you will stay in faith life with her. What God? focusing over, you is on the way God told Abraham.
He and his wife. Sarah was going to have a baby. Sarah, Ben Barron all these years now they were way too old to have children, but the scripture says Perhaps consider not the weakness of Somebody nor the deadness of Sarah's womb, when Abraham looked at that everything in him said is dead, you're way too old to have a baby. All the circumstances said it would never happen Abraham considered, not what look dead. He wasn't moved by what he saw You may have situations that look like they'll, never work out. You don't see how you could get well, how you'll meet the right person, how you'll break the addiction if you only consider that you'll get discouraged and quit believing you have to do like Abraham don't consider your circumstances, consider
oh god I'm sure many times Abraham was tempted to walk away from the nest. They didn't see. Any sign of it happening year after year went by with no baby. I never felt. The kick never saw Sarah's womb growing in Tom Abraham made mistakes had a baby with another lady that wasn't a promise child twenty five years after God gave him the promise. God came back to Abraham and said now. Sarah is going to have a baby. A year later, at ninety years old she gave birth to a son. What's interesting is no one had ever had a baby at that age? It's one thing: if you had, It happened before if you knew your neighbor had given birth at close to nine.
Are you selling the news the lady gave birth at ninety? At least you could look back and say God you did it for them. I know you can do At least you would know it was possible. This has never happened. They had no point of reference. God has some things in your future that have never happened. Going to be the first one in your family to step into new levels of influence, the first one to run a successful business, the first one to break the addiction one to keep your marriage together, but when we ve now Seeing this it's easy to dismiss it, Joel. This egg is never going to hatch, no use pray. And believing expecting never happened before know like with Abraham and Sarah you're about to give birth
Something that you never seen something that's going to catapult you to a new level, something where people can see. The favor of God is on your line. Now, in Considering how big your arms, Why don't you start considering? How big your God is? He flung stars into space into existence. What you're up against may seem impossible, but God can do the impossible. He can make things happen, that we could never make happen you talk to a young lady named Sabrina. Seventeen years of age she went in to check on her. Ten month old son and discovered he wasn't breathing. She grabbed him rush to the neighbor's house and frantically started doing CPR. Unfortunately, the little boy didn't make it
when the prosecutors saw the bruises on his chest from the CPR, they accused the mother of abuse that caused his death. the neighbors, told how that wasn't the case, but they didn't believe them A year later, she was found guilty of taking her son's life and sentenced to death eighteen years of age sitting in a. Sale twenty three hours a day, didn't look like chicken fulfil her destiny. Her dream seem Dan, no woman had ever been released from six years later by the grace of God, she was ran. A neutral. This time the neighbors were able to testify about the CPR, a medical I found the little boy had a kidney disease that he believed caused the death. December of nineteen. Ninety five, after six years on death row, a jury found her not guilty,
She was completely exonerated and became the first woman ever to be released from death row. There were plenty of low. play nice in that prison cell? Where thoughts told her you'll never get out. It's never happened before you can be the fur you can be the one to set a new standard, don't be moved by what you don't see. you don't have the who's against you, God being for you is more than the world being against. You now maybe you're about to step away from the nest. You know what God's promise to you, but it seems impossible, nothing's changing. Surely it would have open by now. If you walk away, and miss what God is about to do. You are closer than you think, you're thirty
today is going to happen sooner than it looks. You may not see any sign of it now when that baby, it is in the egg. You can't tell when it's about to break out. Nothing on the outside looks any different. The shelves seems just the same as it's been after day, but then suddenly, when you didn't see it coming whenever looks the same. The door will open your health will turn around right. Person will show up. You don't know what It is up to behind the scenes, are red where this mother Eagle has to keep the temperature of the egg at a hundred and five degree. If she doesn't maintain that temperature, the eaglet won't develop, so she sits on the egg day after day she could be out gathering food. building. Another nest,
She knows it's vital to keep the egg warm. same way, you have to keep your promise in a warm environment The way you do. This is through praise and Thanksgiving Father. Thank you that what promise me is on the way the medical report doesn't look good, but Lord thank you that you're restoring health back into me, business is slow, but I'm not moved by. What I see Lord that I will lend and not borrow. Thank you that what I touch will prosper and succeed. Sometimes our promise is taking longer to develop because we're complaining instead of praising Why is it taking so long? When is this ever going to change or you have to get you a promise in a warm environment, like my friend
the baby. For twenty years she sat on that promise. She was constantly thanking God that the baby was coming. Abraham did this, he could have complained God. We're too ought to have a baby. What don't you find? Somebody else or the scripture says: Abraham grew strong invade by giving praise. Instagod. can hear him all through the day. God it looks impossible. I know you can do the impossible. Thank you that the fruit of Sarah's womb is blessed. Thinking that what you promised me combat father of many nations, in a warm environment. Are U k
in an atmosphere of faith, a praise of thanksgiving, you have to maintain the proper temperature for the promise to come to past, and I know many of you have been doing this you've been faithful year after year, believing when you don't see anything changing get ready. Your 35th day is coming. God is about to do something unusual, something that's never happened for you now. My challenge: don't walk away from the nest, don't go weary in well doing, keep believing even though you're not seeing if you I believe and declare what you thought was dead things. You didn't see any improvement there about two suddenly come back to lie. Healing promotions. Breakthroughs marriages, the fullness your destiny in Jesus Name and receive it
say, amen today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you play with me Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into my heart, Thank you, my Lord and Savior that simple prayer. We believe you got born again good Bible based church keep God first place.
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