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Better Together

2019-07-23 | 🔗
One of the greatest feelings in life happens when we are helping other people. God gave us an internal reward system because we are intended to motivate and help each other. That's the healthy way to live.
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hi this is victoria thank you so much for downloading a podcast i believe god has amazing things in your future i hope you enjoy this message good to have you in the house of the lord the older that i get the more i live on this are the more i understand how important relationships are and so important it is to be in community with one another you know i can look over my life and i can see how god placed me in the family you sometimes when we're in the moment we don't understand how great the moment really is but back now and i see how god put people friends only in my life that not only held me accountable
they're not only sharpens me but prayed with me supported me linked arms with me so that i could weather the storm life and i believe that is what god has intended for all of us to live a life that is together god intended us to have families and make community when he created adam he stood back and he said it's not good that adam is alone and he created eve what he was doing was putting the heart of every one of us community family love is it adam eve i want you to go i want you to multiply increase the earth saying i want you to grow your family strong bring the other people in community with you think that's what god intended for every sing so one of us to do i can truly say today
ok but i am what i am not because of all my great decisions not because i was so smart because i had people in my life who helped me who motivated me who challenged me even when i didn't want to hear it i listened it made a difference in my life and i believe you could probably say the same thing i had people in my life you see we need to be those good people we or never intended to live this life isolated as an island unto ourselves god intended us to be in the t with one another to motivate to strengthen and support one another you see that's the healthy way to live please yes the says it like this two people are better off than one for they can each help one another sixty if one person falls the other one can reach out and help them
you see we need each other if you're going to live a successful life you've got to understand the people in your life that are like minded are important and they are worth developing a strong relationship with a strong community with good relationships are two way streets it's as much about what you give then what you receive the bible tells us to encourage one another daily it doesn't say around to be encouraged it says we are to have an exchange of encouragement on a daily basis do you know when you need encouragement the greatest thing that you can do is to speak encouragement because when you speak encouragement to them you a breathe guide life into them and as a result you breathe god life into your own soul you
god says this should be an exchange of encouragement we can't live as islands to ourselves you know sometimes it feels like it would be easier to do it doesn't it because sometimes the people in our life are annoying and their aggravating and their troublesome but you know what god is saying it's okay if you're with the right group of people the people i've put you with you have potential in that group of people if there are people in your family that you don't think that they can get it right that's okay because you're there for them and i can tell you someone else is there for you it's interesting because i believe that we are happiest in our healthiest
when we are helpful to other people in fact there was a study on happiness and it was interesting because it talked about what actions that we can do that create this emotion of happiness en and you would think it was when we go on vacation that we are happiest when we get a present where are happiest but it was saying that the emotion of happiness is really a sense of when you are helpful and your purpose is tide to someone else and helping them that gives the greatest heightened sense of happiness in fact it was interesting they called it the helpful ha that's how they that's what they labeled it it's the helpful ha yeah i can't imagine getting high on any nothing but being helpful knowing that it's such a euphoric feeling it doesn't even have a hangover you can be
helpful and get at the same time i believe that's why this church works really that's what makes this church what it is because this church is a place that you can come and be loved and encouraged and prayed for this church is a place that people will link terms with you and i love this church because you don't have to be perfect to be loved you don't have to be part because no one is judging you they're just loving you and being helpful you know it's interesting because we all have people around us you know sometimes we think well god i can't help everyone but can i tell you that if you look very god will have many people around you that you can invest into that can be a part of your life
i was talking about how you know one way to be a helpful person is to be a person that has the best interest of some males and what i mean by that is the bible says were to be sharpeners to one another and think about that we're just a minute if you've ever cut your hand on a knife you'll understand sometimes sharp things hurt they don't always feel so good but god is saying i want the people in your life to sharpen you as you sharpen them but that only comes from a trusted community place where you know there's a sincere love i can tell you that my greatest growth has come when i've been challenged by the people that love me the most when i've been held accountable by the people who love me the most because they not only hold me accountable they not only sharpen maine but they're also there to link arms with me and support me
you see that is where we're going to find help and growth what am i playing today i'm saying we're better together we were meant to be together i found this wonderful story about the redwood trees in northern california and these trees grow three hundred and fifty feet up in the air grow very close together the interesting part is their roots are the shallow their own about five and a half feet underground you would think something so incredibly tall would have we go very very deep in the ground to hold itself up with extraordinary fact about this tree is that roots don't go deep but they spread wide those routes find the other trees root and i begin to intermingle their roots together and they so that they find christian with one another
and that literally the way their roots are so intermingled they hold each other up but in a tree in the middle of those trees can die from old age and it can say there are one hundred years because it's intermingled with the other trees you see it finds its strength in all alignments from being woven together with the other trees so it did the winds are blowing the rains are coming down or so there's a drought is always stability in the forest of the redwood trees and if he could be as united together in our lives as those redwood trees are i believe withstand any storm that we could this stand any drought because we're not only holding one another up but we are
nourishment to one another you see god intended us to be together he intended us to start in our families the bible talks about giving your life away who are you entwined with today who are you investing in who are you in your life too i believe there should be people in our lives that we ask god can i invest in this person you see give people money you can give them cars you can do nice things for them but tell you when you give them your greatest commodity which is yourself it makes all the difference in the when you entwined your life with someone else even if it's seasonal and you and testing them i believe that's when you'll stand strong you'll grow and you will be able to withstand the storm
of this life amen amen he's an awesome guy he created us to be better together thank you for listening to the jewelers dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joelosteen dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks for to the podcast be sure to subscribe all of the latest messages know that we pray for you god bless you
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