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Blessings Prepared for You

2019-11-27 | 🔗
Did you know there are blessings lined up in your future with your name already on them? Psalm 31:19 says, “God has blessings stored up for those that love the Lord.” Joel will show you in this exciting message what that specifically means for your life and how to get there. Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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hide this goal in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is not always a joy to come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home but thanks so much turning an and thank you again for coming out today and i like to start with something funny about this eighty five year old man he was fishing one morning and he heard this voice saying pick me up looked around didn't see anybody thought he was dreaming heard it again pick me up
he looked down and saw a frog he said in amazement are you talking to me the frog said yes pick me up and kiss me and i'll turn into a beautiful bride the main quickly picked up put him in his front pocket the frogs it hey what do you do in acid kiss me and i'll turn into a beautiful bride the man said no thanks it made i'd rather have a tough in prague how'd you bibles say it like you mean it this is bible i am what it says i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today we talk the word of god are boldly confess does it work heart is receptive i will never be the same in june may god bless you want to talk to you today about prepared blow things when god laid out the plan for your life he learned the right people the right breaks the right opportunity
he has blessings that have your name on them there is promotion contracts a business a spouse he's already destined them to be yours if you stay in faith and keep honouring god one day will come in to what already belongs to you it's a prepared blessing what happened way back with adam and eve in the book this is it talks about how the first five days god created the heavens the earth the sky the land the water when you finish the big things he didn't stop there he started on the small things the details and god planted a garden he put beautiful flowers in it luscious fruit he design these rivers to flow through it he put pray its treasures in the ground onyx gold silver he went to great leaks
make sure it was exactly like he wanted it down to the smallest details when he got finished with it he put the last touches on this magnificent garden the scripture says he look adam whom he had just we life into and put him in the garden this adam came in to a prepared blessing something that had already finished for him he didn't get there the work night and day and constantly struggling come on going to survive there were fruit trees all around crystal clear streams flow and right before him provision everywhere he look he didn't have to live worried thinking well that food water but how much good provide for my family home are going to make a living there were resources at his disposal onyx gold silver
everything he needed to live a victorious abundant lie was right there in the garden god had put it there specifically problem cared for him in the same way god has some prepared blessings in store for you he's worth behind the scenes array doing things in your favour getting at all perfectly in place and at the right time he's going to bring you into your garden into what he's already finished you couldn't make it happen on your own you didn't deserve it you didn't earned it it's just the goodness of god bringing you into a prepared blessing when i was twenty two years old i walked in a jewelry store and met victoria for the first time what she was a prepared blessing i looked up god you did good
there are hundreds of jewelry stores in a big city like houston that i could have gone into but god controls the universe he knows how to bring you into your garden god said in effect jaw i've got something finnish for you facebook you ve honoured me now i've got a prepared blessing that i'm ready to bring you into god directed my steps now admit victoria that day in my life and my checkbook have never been the same virgil i've been single so long i don't think i'll ever meet the right person no god has a husband or wife that has your name on it god's giving it all prepared and at the right time god will say ok i'm done what i've been working on you'll meet the person of your dreams you'll say like i did god this was worth waiting for you out did yourself get discouraged you may not see anything happening but god is work
getting your garden prepared when it's finished he's going to bring you into you know what this building is the former compact centre a prepared blessing we couldn't make this happen on our own god had been working on it for over thirty years when we needed it said all right lakewood i'm good bring you into i've already finished for you we came into this beautiful garden the premier facility in the fourth largest city in america on the main free way now thousand covered parking spaces we showed up while god you ve done more than we can ask for saying what god has in store for you will boggled your mind right now god getting your garden paired putting in the right provision lining up the right people and when its fully in bloom when guy gets it exactly like he wants it he's going to bring you into it suddenly you'll be pro
it suddenly you get to contract so your health improves suddenly the problem turns around when you come into your garden is going to be bigger better more rewarding than you ever imagined this is what god said in do toronto me chapter eight i am bringing you into a good land alone were you won't eat bread without scarcely is a land with no shortage where you will not lack any good thing noticed in the garden god has prepared for you there is no shortage no show of resources notion the job opportunities no shortage of creativity of friendships of joy and pride in your garden you will not lack any good thing when you're tempted to get down or look at what you don't have no turn it around nor do i want to thank you did you bring in me into my garden a land of no shortage a land where my gifts and talents will come out to the full
a good land where i will fulfil my destiny a good land where i live healthy happy and home a good land where my whole house will honour you a free the man comes from a large family and they immigrate here from another country they were very poor people and had not made much out of their lives they headed defeated mindset he started coming out to lake wooden hearing how we are victoria and not victims one day a friend told him about a job opportunity at the medical center cleaning equipment he wouldn't interviewed and got the position he was workin the graveyard shift overnight minimum wage barely getting by but every once in a while they would procedures there at the house using that equipment that he cleaned he would watch very closely and study how the technicians did it at one point one of the technicians took another job and his
proviso had seen how dedicated and committed he was now even though he did you have the formal training they promoted him and gave him that position he kept the faithful year after year couple years later the main technician left they put him in charge of the whole department few years after that he started thinking if i could purchase this piece of equipment i could travel from hospital the hospital and do this on my own one afternoon play basketball with some friends he met this man that was a banker we shared his story how he wanted to start its own business out of where the banker said hey i really like you come burma tomorrow and we will loan you the money things get fallen into place today my friend has extremely successful large company there the leaders in that field what was that he came into a prepared blessing god
been getting his barred and ready working in it it up the right people putting him at the right place causing him to give good right after you i've been faithful god said all right you're good this is done the brain you into what i've already prepare into a good land not what cleaning the equipment but we're only equipment not worry working for the company but where you run the company that's gods waiting for your lie to bring into a garden of abundance a garden filled with favour with opportunity with good health with great relation shit you may not be there yet but don't worry your garden is on the way david said in some thirty one god blessings stored up for those that love the lord there are businesses stored up for you the gods about to release there is promotion stored up that has your name on it good here
stored up a new house stored up a spouse stored up cause you love the lord god is going to bring you into what he's already prepared like my friend you have honoured god you been faithful now you're not going to have to go find blessings the blessings or going to find you something is looking for you right now not defeat not lack not bad works favours looking for you contracts are looking for you good health is looking for you you're going to come into your garden a prepared blessing somethin like you ve never seen past run i was about to build a new sanctuary there were starting to draw the play ends and raised the funds one day out blue the mayor of his city called and told how there was a group that built a large building for a casino but before they can move in it went bankrupt they had forty acres of parking the building
you can put for football fields inside it was just a few miles from his church may i ask if you would be interested in purchasing the facility passed her thought it would cost forty fifty million dollars was brand new state of the art the mayor said no you can purchase it for under two million dollars amended owned a production company heard that the pasture was twisted he called and said i ve got a big video screen hundred and fifty feet wide use sports in concert i paid through million dollars for it knew but i'll sell it to you for fifty thousand dollars things kit fallen into place in i haven't to build a new sanctuary god dropped a much bigger better property into their hands that was a blessing stored up god had already prepared and at the right time god released if you see what god has stored up for you the people you're going to me
the places you're going to go the good breaks that are going to find you you'd be amazed it's going to be the surpassing greatness of god's favour but too often we make excuses we come with reasons why this is not going to happen for us joel it sounds good today but i don't have the training the talent the connections or outcome from the long family and the wrong nationality i'm too short i'll never come into my garden no god is not limited by your circumstances by your fan led by whose against you win guy bleed his life into you he put a blow sing on you overrides anything that comes against you the blessed things god has stood up for you cannot be stopped by people bob
breaks by injustice god has the final say the garden he has prepared for you he has every intention of bringing do into we see david in the scripture is a powerful king a great leader one of the heroes a faint but david wasn't raised in a wealthy lee influential family he wasn't trying to take the throne just the opposite he came from a very poor family he was the eighth son of a man named jesse his brothers were involved in the military they had somewhat significant positions david's job was to care of his father she here look down on siena's secondary spain
without this is david the sticky mountain the shepherds feels he's never gonna map too much in the natural it didn't look like david had much of a future came from a low income family no education his own father didn't believe in him but just because people right you're off does it mean god right you all circumstances may look like you're stuck to bad you'll never rise higher but that doesn't change what god has prepared for you the blessing god put on you will override in a curse the blessing will make up for what you didn't get for who was against you for any disadvantage what god has prepared is not affected by people or circumstances his blessing will cause you to step into the fullness your destiny one day the prophet samuel came the jesse's house to annoyed one of his sons as the next king of israel
seven of these sums were lined up in the house same your head his bottle of all he went down the row one by one got to the first son saying turn the oil over but the oil flow he knew that was not the right one he went to the next son turned the bottle of but again the oil would not come out he went down the road again and again and again same thing through all seven sons samuel was the confused he thought i know say they want to jesse sons but the oil just will not come out he suggested i don't know maybe i missed it but i know its not any of these sums this was samuel i do i have one other son his name is david he's out in a shepherd speeds i know it's not him he's the youngest see small he's never than amount to much sameness bring him in david stood before him samuel
turn the bottle over and the oil begin to flow and flow and flow we knew right in david was the next thing here's my point you don't have to worry about somebody else getting your blessing the oil this been prepared for you flow to anyone else when samuel tried to annoy those other sons the oil defied gravity i can see samuel turn in the bottle over even hit in the inn trying to make it come out it would not flow until it recognise the person that was supposed to be blessed what did your time to be blessed don't worry nobody can take your blessing what you're not co worker got the promotion deserved i worked but my supervisor overlook me no if you didn't get it it wasn't supposed to be where's your oil will not flow for anyone else the blessing that belongs to you will be your blessing nobody can take it
three years before facility became available the houston rockets basketball team tried to move out there was a vote for the whole city to approve building a new basketball arena like a sure thing the rocketed one championship there was a new site for a downtown location most people thought it would pass but when the citizens voted much to everyone's surprise they voted no the rockets couldn't move out looking back now it's because god knew this building was supposed to be for lake would and we weren't ready at that time if that would have passed the rockets would have moved out they would have sold it to someone else and we wouldn't be here today needed a few more years so god made sure the oil did not flow what's death tend to be yours nobody else can have
house that has your name or you're supposed to have the oils knocking flow to someone else that promotion that contract that husband they have your name on them exclusively why you don't have to worry you don't to get all upset gods got you covered nobody's going to get what belongs to you when you see somebody being blessed they get a big contract they have baby they move into a new house don't get jealous man where's that happen for me i gotta you're more than they did no that doesn't have your name on it if it was up to be yours the oil would not have flown you can be happy for them when that what god has for you will be better because its prepared specifically for you if god were to give you what shouldn't have been yours it wouldn't a blessing it would be a burden
you're not anointed for it is not right for you we urge all i wish i was married to victoria cheese beautiful a blessing to me she'd be about to you you're not alone for her she takes a mega anointed well you're always has the password that big jerked it blessing to me it be a burden for you guys has the right people learn for you the right promotion the right husband the right gives the right breaks nobody can take what's yours euro is not going to flow to someone else when we see a person blast and they get a big promotion we think for some reason them blast is going to stop god from doing something good to us can like their use up all the gods favor now he has an unlimited supply here for them he do it for you
maybe you're single and you ve been believe and to meet the right person for a long time and when you're good just got married it be easy the jealous envy and they all man that's not fair no turn it around god it is for them i know you can do it for me that person has my name on it they're comin in you don't have to covet what somebody else has don't covered their spouse covered their gifts or covered their promotion anything they god has blessings specifically prepared for you our prayer for should be god give me the blessings you have prepared not for my neighbour not for my cousin not from a co worker but god bring me which you have prepared for me in the scripture profit elijah was living in a certain city god said to him leave place go down to the brook chair it for i commanded the ravens to feed you there when he got to
broke every morning just like clockwork the ravens brought him food he had his provision are prepared blessing here's the key elijah didn't have to try to find the ravens he just had to get to work god wanted him to be and the ravens pound in the same way there is a place where has commanded you to be blessed the ray there are already there you're provision favour abundance the real question today is were you do what's required to get to your place a blessing illogical to serve god i don't wanna leave i'm trouble i like it here my friends or here but if he stayed he would have missed where he was commanded to be blast and sure he could have survived he couldn't endured but if you want the gods best you gonna be willing to do what gods asking you to do
maybe down d you know you're supposed to get away from some plans that are dragging you down a bad influence calls on you to compromise as long as you stay there you go miss your prepared blessing watch all if i make these changes we have an important all be lonely you may be lonely for a season but god will always bringing new friends plus he will bring you better france it may be difficult for a period of time for long you will come in to that commanded blessing where the ravens on greater opportunities greater fulfilment greater relationships it may not be leaving a friend or move and physically it made b in your mind you need to leave the negative thoughts the worry leave the fee or leave the door leave the anger the resentment god has a place of abundance
you ve gotta be willing to leave what he's asking you to leave or perhaps it could paper you you need to leave your comfort zone and take a step a faint you can't play save your whole life and expect to reach your highest potential is there something gods asking you to leave when my father went to be with the lord backing eighteen ninety nine i was supposed to step up and pasture the church but i was comfortable behind the scenes i didn't want to get out and for people i didn't think i knew how minister it was much easier to just stay where i was and the truth is that was my place a blessing for seventeen years but i've learned god likes to do new things at one point ravens quit come into the brook god told a larger leave the brook and go to the city of zero pay i have a widow that's going to take care of you his place of blessing changed
he could have thought i'm no god sent me to this brook these raven a bed me for years i'm not leaving he would have missed the new thing god wanted to do your place a blessing change for those seventeen years behind the scenes i was happy forth old sea in god's favour but when daddy died i could hear god whispering in my spirit say you're a move a new from behind the scenes to out in front of the people it was uncomfortable i didn't if i had to stretch myself but i stepped in to a prepared blessing abundance favour influenced greater than i ever imagine don't hold onto the old when you know god is leading you somewhere new be willing to take a step a faint get out of that comfort zone don't stay stuckey position we haven't grown in years and years god has some
it or things in front of you prepared blessings but you gotta be willing to step into this is what a lady did in the scripture by the name of ruth after her husband and his brother work killed her mother in law naomi decide the move back to her original home town she did have any connections now that both of her sons had died and she told roof and the a daughter in law don't worry about me our own thing but i'm gonna go back to my original home town the other modern in law left but ruth new deep down she was supposed to go with naomi and help take care of her naomi was an older woman so ruth naomi hometown they lived together every morning ruth would go out into the field and pick up the leftover wheat that the workers had missed that's how they survive one day the owner of the field sol ruth he did who she was but
told is workers to leave we'd on the ground on purpose for now when she went out the week was already there waiting for her a prepared blessing later that owner ended up marrying ruth now ruth didn't have to work in the field anymore she only feel here's what i'm saying when you do what god ask do you move when he asked you to move you will they get out of your comfort zone when you get to your place a blessing god will speak to people to be good to you then have never even met you he won't command his ravens to fiji in other words good breaks we're find gi provision divine actions supply when you're in that place would you commanded to be blessed you will be able to outrun the good things have got friends there is a garden god has prepared specific we were you just like with adam he's put real
forces in it provision opportunity the right friends you need to get ready god's about to bring you into what he's already finished it has your name on it is going to be bigger better more rewarding than you ever imagined stay and faint keep doing what gods asking you to do be willing to leave when he asked italy if you do this i believe and declare oh come into your guard favourably you didn't deserve good breaks that you didn't earn provision abundant healing restoration the fullness of your destiny jesus name if you receive it can you say amended i never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus i repented since come into my heart
make you my lord and savior did you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base church key god first place we'll take it places you ve never dreamed you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world does it do steam dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wynn report in boy i'm no gods best is still ahead will see him next time
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