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Counted by the Creator

2020-01-29 | 🔗
God has already counted you worthy and put everything in you to fulfill His destiny in your life. Learn how to break the forces that would try to keep you hidden so you can shine bright and make a difference in this world! Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire makes you use them scribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is god bless you always a joy to come into your homes and if you ever our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuning in today and thank you again for coming out i like to start with something funny and i heard about this burglar that broke into a house one night as they were stealing the stereo he heard a voice saying jesus is watching you
he froze in his tracks shanties flashlight and saw parent over in the corn he said did you say that to me the parent said yes i'm just trying to warn you he said warned me what are you talking about who are you the parrot said my name is was this the burglar laughed so what kind of crazy people would name apparent moses the parrot said the same a people that would name a one hundred and fifty pound rottweiler jesus out of your bible say it like you made it this is my bible i am what it says i have what it says and do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive our ever be the same in jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about counted by the creator
it's easy to go through life feeling disqualified because of the mistakes we made or negative things people have spoken over us or even our own thoughts telling us what we can't become if we're not careful will come up with excuses as to why we can accomplish our dreams while we can't raise any higher in effect were counting ourselves out in the scripture the prophet samuel came to jesse's house to choose one of his son as the next king jesse had seven his eight sons lined up he was so proud of them they were strong town did good looking young man you samuel was about choose the oldest son iliad he was big muscular look like you just stepped out of a movie but god said the samuel don't judge by his appearance or high for he is not the one the
or doesn't see things the way you see them people judge bud outside but god looks on the inside when samuel heard this he changed his mind he jesse that it wasn't any of those sums what jesse had another son named david he was out in the shepherds fields taken care of the sheep but in jesse's mind david didn't count he was the youngest david was small not as strong didn't have the experience jesse thought no use even bring in here man he'll never amount to much but moment samuel saw david he said that's the one he's the next kane i'm sure jesse and the other brothers nearly past think it are you kidding you mean it's david they didn't count him but the good news is david was counted by the creator god doesn't jerk
the way people judge you may not have the most talent the best looks come from the most influential family that's ok you been counted by the one who matters most now my challenge is don't count yourself out i hear p say i'm too small i dont have a good personality outcome from the wrong family no win god created you he put it you everything you need to fulfil your destiny that means if you don't have it you don't need it if you needed to be taller you would be taller if you it more talent you would have more time if you needed to be added what nationality you would be one you're not lacking didn't get short changed you been fearfully and wonderfully may
the creator of the universe has equipped to empower jus put seeds of greatness on the inside he saying you're one of a kind a masterpiece you have what it takes he's qualified you now don't disqualify yourself don't stay focused on what somebody else can do better how your sister has more talent your friend has a bit a personality that may be true but you're not running their right you don't need what they have if you needed it god would have given it to you when the thoughts come tellin us you're too tall to shore you're too young to or you're not talented enough not smart enough let that in one year and at the other if you those july feeling like your lacking you dont measure up even though god has qualified you you are disqualifying yourselves in some
it is not our own thoughts but like with david other people will try to discount us make us feel less than like we dont measure up this is what happened with my father he was raised in a very poor family they will cotton farmers they lost everything during the great depression at seventeen years of age my father gave his life to christ the first one in the family in god called him into the ministry put a big dream in his heart he knew one day he was going to touch the world he told his parents in these later that he was going to leave the farm and become a minister he thought be so excited so happy foreign but it was just the opposite they said john you're making a big mistake we love you but you're not going to touch the world we're just cotton form this is all we know how to do we're not in winchell we don't have
the money you better stay here and pick cotton with us my father knew he was destined to do something great but they couldn't see it they discounted him they were saint john you're not qualified you don't have the talent the training the influence you can from the wrong family if you allow it people will put their limitations on you they will try to talk you out of your dreams best things i've ever learned is people dont determine our destiny god does people don't don't set the limits for our lie they may try to talk you out of it and tell you what can't do it i don't think you that talented it's because god didn't put the dream in the he put the dream in you you can't expect everyone to before you they can't feel what you feel
they don't see what you see they don't have the fate that you have they will try to discount you tell you you don't have what it takes don't believe those lies you don't need their approval have gods approval they'll discount you the one who matters the one who spoke worlds into existence the one who flung stars into space when they counted out he counted in he says you have what it takes you well able you will fulfill your destiny you will leave your mark on this generation maude has already counted do now don't let other people discounting lou chapter nine jesus had been teaching the people for most of the day was getting late the sun was about to go down every one was very hungry they decide came and said jesus you need to dismiss the people let them go find some food they were out in the middle of the country nothing to eat out there
jesus said did the disciples you feed them they said what are you may we don't have anything to eat jesus asked what they had all the fund was a little boys lunch five loaves of bread and to fish the scriptures as there were five thousand men in attendance that day that means there were probably fifteen thousand people in total if you counted the women and the two
jesus took the little boys lunch you know the story he prayed over it it multiplied and fed the thousands the point i wanted to see is the one that wasn't counted had the miracle they counted the men the five thousand but they didn't count the children they thought there too young no need to count them back in those days women were seen as second class as less than they didn't count the women but god uses people that other people don't count one of the five thousand men could have had a large one of the disciples could have brought something to eat that day but god chose this child specifically to let us know that when people leave out and so you don't have anything to offer you two young you're not important you don't count god says you're a prime candidate for me to do something great account people that other
people don't have sometimes life will say i'm not going to count you you made to many mistakes you went through that divorce you ve got that addiction life will try to push it down discredit to make you feel like there's nothing good in your future always remember when life count you out god county in he uses people that other people don't count when my father went to be with the law back in ninety ninety nine a new supposed to step up and pasture the church but i could hear these voice is trying to discount me saying he didn't have what it takes he hasn't been the seminary he's not qualified he's too young he doesn't count but deep down i could hear a godsend jewel don't worry i've got to cover other people may not count you
but i can't you know what you're capable i can see your potential when people try to discount you write you off one who matters most the great am i right you hated and create you to be which to be ordinary to just make it through life he created you two weeks sail to leave you a fingerprint to make this world a better place you have a destiny to fulfil god has an assignment for you to accomplish you think about my father he was the least likely one to do something great if god we're looking for a prominent pasture surely he would find someone with the appropriate background the training the influence the well to do family that would make sense but paul well said in corinthians god deliberately choose is the least likely to confound the wives here
chooses the weak to out shan the strong out of the five thousand men listening to jesus that day no doubt some of them were community leaders highly educated respected influential you would have thought at least one of them would have brought a nice chest fill with sandwiches snacks water they knew there we're gonna be out in the country all day long but the one that had the miracle was the least likely the little boy god used the week to outshine the strong could it be that you're not reach in your highest potential because you feel like you and lacking in area you don't count now you're not pursuing your dreams you're not excited about lie you need to have a new perspective europe prime candidate for god dish a wild in your life you they feel weak but god wants to show himself strong it may seem
you're the least likely god wants to do something so amazing in your lie people around you can't even believe you gotta do your part and get your passion back you have everything you need to fulfil your destiny you may have made mistakes but you didn't get disqualified may have some flaws and weaknesses we all do but that didn't cancel your destiny you may feel like life has left you out the odds are against you they're good whose is god is for you he has the final say and he says a county in when other people count you you need to get ready this is a new day europe to see new doors begin to open god is
about the multiply what you have he's going to take you from the back to the front from lack to abundance from insignificance too great influence you been counted you been qualified what god spoke over your lie we'll come to pass knows are not just nice kind encouraging words that's a prophecy if you will receive it and say yes this is for me the jewel begin to see it happen god what a maze you with his goodness years ago there was a young lady that had a dream of becoming an actress but the problem why she was very small under five feet tall all the experts told her she would never be successful in her field because of her high net could have been the into this laurie she moved on and try something else but this young lady understood this principle she knew odd uses people that other people don't count she had been disqualified by the
sports but she knew she was qualified by the one who mattered most against all odds she started the chosen for this role and the role and another roll helen it went on to become one of the greatest actresses of her time at one point she played the very acclaimed role of mary queen of scotland who was one of the tallest queens that ever lived friends when people county out god county in in the scripture god told jeremiah that he was going to become a great profit and speak to the nations jeremiah was in secure he say god i can't do that i'm too young i'm afraid to get up in front of people i wouldn't know to say god said jeremiah say not that you're too young say not that you're afraid was saint jeremiah i wouldn't have asked you to do it if i
already know you had the ability don't let negative voices talk you out of your dream thought of going around saying i can't pasture that church monotonous a minister before i don't have the training i don't have the right personality it would have kept me from my destiny when you say i'm not that talented made too many mistakes i don't have the right personality god says to you what he said to you maya zip it up say not unto short say i don't have the talent say not i can accomplish my dreams quit discounting yourself you have the miracle you have the five loaves and the two fish it may not seem like much you may not feel qualify the odds are he can but this is where our god comes have he can take the little and multiply you don't have to have a great gift forgot to you
you in a great way you can have a little town a little training a little influence and like the little boys lunch god can take it and multiply he can open doors that you could have never open he can bring alan out of you that you didn't know you had he can cause you to be at the right place at the right time give you favour honour influence don't go around feeling like you are at a disadvantage put your shoulders back hold your head upon the most tat god has breathed life and you he's crowned you with his favor you have royal blood flow into your veins you're not at a disadvantage other people may have not counted you but the one who matters account you he writes in what other people right to all i've learned god will never ask you to do something and did not give you
the ability to do it you may not feel like you have the confidence that training the talent i didn't when i stepped up but this is what faith is all about you have to believe it before you see i heard about his pastor before the service he gave a man that he knew a one hundred dollar bill and ask him to secretly put it in his wife's bible make sure she didn't see during his message he asked this lady to stand up he said do you trust me she said yes i do he said when you do what i ask she said yes i will he said please open your bible and hand me a one hundred dollar bill she said i'm so sorry i dont have a hundred dollars in there he said it again do you trust me yes do what you do what i asked yes i will then please open your bible
henry a one hundred dollar bill frustrated she opened her bible and much to her surprise there was a hundred dollars she shook her head and said how did it get in there he smiled and said i put it in there that's the way god is he'll never ask you for something without first pudding in you when you know the down you know you're supposed to take a step of faith you may not feel like you can do it voices will try to discount you tell you you're not qualified but if you dare take that step you discover things in you that you never knew you had say not i can't do it the right attitude i can do all things to come i say not i'm at a disadvantage the writer attitude i am fearfully and wonderfully may i'm a child of the most toggle say not of reach my limits
this is as good as it gets jaw nor the right attitude my best days are still out in front of me the path that the righteous git rider and broader i'm excited about my future this is what happened demanded he had a dream of becoming a pastor he had a serious problem with stuttering it affected his self image to where he had hardly look in the eyes it's sixteen years of age his parents in him to a very prestigious speech school the teachers carried around stop watches when a student got stuck they would time how long it would take them to get the word out that's how they tracked their progress the first day my friend was the school he got stuck on the word the it took him one minute and sixteen seconds to get it out he had a major stuttering problem in the natural you would think you're not cut out to become up the speaker you can do something else but you're not going to be a pastor he would
one of the ones not counted he stutters cross him off but god uses people that other people don't count when god put the dream in your heart he gave you the ability to do it but there will always be forces that tragic keep your potential from being released the enemy would love for your gift to stay hidden he would love for the best of view to never come out and just because you have a dream just because god has qualified you doesn't mean that you're not going to have to fight you have to stand strong and be determined to become all you were created to be you can't be weak git discouraged because you had a setback fall into self pity you have to dig you heels in and say
i am in it to win it this challenge is no match for me i am more than a conquer if god before me who dare be against me i will fulfil my destiny if you don't talk to yourself the right way negative thoughts will talk to you just like you can talk yourself out of a dream you can talk self into a dream mapper end as a young man he would get alone and his house where nobody could hear him he would quote scriptures sometimes it would take five minutes to just get one scripture out he didn't get discouraged he would say things like no weapon formed against me will prosper thanks vinegar who always causes me to triumph they didn't happen overnight but little by little he got better and better it amazed his teachers today he can speak as clearly and fluently s can be no stuttering plus he's the pastor of a successful charm
what am i saying when life count you out god count you don't let negative thoughts negative people keep you from stepping into the fullness of your destiny there will always be voices telling you you're not qualified you stutter you made to many mistakes you're too sure you're not that talented those are all lives trying to make you feel like you don't count so that the best of you never comes out don't believe that don't fall into that trap even way back with moses when god told him to go to pharoah let my people go the first thing moses said was god i can't do that i stutter i dont speak well it's easy to come with excuses i love the way god answered him back he said was who major tom who makes the deaf to hear
who makes the blind to see he would say moses who disqualified you who left out who told you you don't count don't you really moses our control oh universe when you believe i can make it happen years before david was chosen to be king the pie samuel went to another young man named saul and told him he was going to be the next came sources samuel how can this be outcome from the smallest tribe and my family is the least important he was saying the same thing i can't be a king i don't count i dont come from an influential family we're not royalty just ordinary people what's interesting is samuel didn't answer saw he didn't respond back to him when we come up with excuses and tell god why we can't ross higher got em
that talented gotta have this addiction gotta come from the wrong family god doesn't say yes i understand you have a disadvantage no art excuses dont phase god he knows what he's put in you god can see your greatness he sees the royalty in your blood he sees the potential you ve not yet tapped into our doubts our fears are insecurity that doesn't change god mind he's already laid out the plan for your lie he saying to you today i call you to be a key to be a queen to rein in lie to maker news standard for your family why don't you who's the excuses and get an agreement with god sometimes we think we're disqualified because of the mistakes we made we don't count because we haven't lived the right kind of life and asked why what kind of sitting on the sidelines but when god needed
i to save the israeli spaz back in the old testament they were in city of jericho word got out that they were there there cover was blown now they were about to be capture god could have chosen anyone to help them he's gone he could have had a soldier help get them out or aid community leader to secretly escort them out of the city but he didn't do their guard chose a woman by then of re she was a prostitute not respected everyone look down on her thought she'll never do anything significant she doesn't count but god doesn't judge the way people judge people saw her shortcomings her failures but god saw a diamond in the rough god saw her potential he knew what she could become god look down from heaven and said i want to use her
i can hear an angel say excuse me god i don't mean to second guess you but i think you ve chosen the wrong person that lay he is a notorious centre she's made a mess of her life she's disqualify god said now i didn't make a mistake i choose people that other people don't you ray have not only save despise but that ended up saving her own lie her own family here's how amazing gaudy is re have married a jewish man they had a son name bowl waves boys had a sunday jesse jesse had a son named david that means that re have the floor
god prostitute is in the family line of jesus christ god doesn't you the way people don't you may have made mistakes you feel like you don't count creator he's it can i tell you now been counted by the creator he's looking down from heaven right now call in your name say an arch as you are i want you to do something great i have a destiny for uniform i will make your life significant people may have written off but god has written in he's already qualified to now don't disqualify your sale git up every morning knowing the tube counted by the one who matters most god the final say he says redeemed you're forgiven your bless your best days still out in front of you believe and declare dream you're coming back to lie these is being restored hope is rising you will become everything
created you to be and have everything he intent it for you to have in jesus name if you receive it can you say we never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lie would you play with me just say lord jesus our repent of my sins come into my heart i'll make you my lord and save your friends if you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible based charmed keep god first place he's going to take you we ve never thank you for listening to the jews dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world joe boosting dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe
so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing i know gods best is still ahead will see him next time
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