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Covered by Mercy

2020-01-22 | 🔗
Discover the merciful goodness of God in this faith-building message as you explore the stories of men and women in the Bible who made mistakes but still saw God’s goodness, and not just His goodness—but His overwhelming flood of favor. Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you, I hope, you'll leave. Inspire, makes you use them scribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. The best God bless you welcomed lay. Could it's a joy that come into your homes each week thanks so much for being with us and if you ever in our area, please stop by in the import of one of our services, are promise you I will make you feel right at home, but thank you for tuna in thanks again for Now I like to start with something funny in a hard about is older woman. She came to church one Sunday morning in a friendly us your manner in the back and said man. Where would you like to see it? She said like to sit on the very front row.
He said on call man, you don't want to do that. Our pastors very boring here, put you to sleep. Let me see to somewhere else. She looked appalled, She said, sir, do you know who I am? no man. She said I am the pastures mother He hung his head in embarrassment. Finally, look I man do you know who I am. She said no, he said. Thank you oh dear Bible, say it You mean it. This is a bible. I am what it says. I am what it says. I have do what it says I can do today We talk the word of God, boldly confess My mind is alert my heart is receptive. I will now be the same in June. This name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about covered by mercy, we all make mistakes in life and do things We know we shouldn't. Do it's easy to live guilty in regrets feeling like we're all why
step, a man said to me recently how he had got no, of course, in this business. Made some poor decisions. Didn't have integrity now was going downhill started to effect. Is marriage and encouraged into praying ask God to help turn it around believe for favor. He said Joe. I couldn't do that. It's my own fault. All this trouble or myself he felt like he was disqualify. He didn't deserve gobs help because his performance wasn't up to par we can understand how God will bless us when we're doing what's right, making good choices. It's easy to expect good things and belief or dreams to come to pass but the beauty of mercy is, even when we make mistakes, even We go the wrong way. Our performance is not perfect. God doesn't say too bad. You had your chance on your own. No, this is where mercy shows all
God will not only help bring it out of the trouble that you got yourself in he'll. Take it one step further and help clean up the mess. You made. Maybe a relationship you knew you weren't supposed to get in. You didn't feel good about it. You heard the alarm going off, but you ignored it now. It's a mess, causing your heart ache in pain or perhaps a job. You knew you weren't supposed to take it You didn't feel good head that uneasiness on the inside, but you overruled it ended in any way how it's a mess. You're not fulfilled, not be entreated ride. God doesn't say I tried to tell you. Maybe next time. You ll, listen, no God, not holding that against you. He has your covered. His mercy is bigger than that mistake. His I see what help Nada
turn it around, but God will help clean it up and call something good to come out of it. But if this is going to happen, you can't go through life. Gill, condemned beating yourself because of past mistakes thing in our man, hung and hung around those people now got this addiction new issue to state in college. I knew I should have been faithful in my relationship. What was I thinking no, it takes boldness to believe that God will bless you in spite of your mistakes. The accuser, will tell you you can't ask God to help you. You made the mass with the wrong way. You were unfaithful gods, not condemn, listen to you. Who do you think you are answer back a child of Mostar. Redeemed, forgiven, covered, mercy. This What Jonah did and told him to go to the city of Nineveh. Share the good news with the people, but Joe didn't wanna go you
to do his own thing. He went in the opposite direction. He got on a boat, headed the wrong way. They encountered issued, store everybody on board thought they were going to die. Finally, They admitted hey of a one. I'm the problem I'm the one this cause and all this turmoil that didn't say that Ok, Jonah will it: slide. We forgive you know they threw him overboard I warn about to go down with them. Jonah He was done. It was his fault. He did exactly opposite of what he knew he was supposed to, he was treading water in the middle of the ocean. Dark in a storm. Look like it was over we're getting exactly what he deserved, but God said Jonah, you can run other way, but you can't out. My mercy, it's from everlasting to everlasting,
wherever you go, I've got you cover the psalmist put it this way. If you go to the depths of the sea, a way up in the sky. No matter HI or how low you can never get away from gods. More he'll always be there waiting for. You calling your name, given you another chance ready to help ready to clean up the mess you ve made. He's got you covered by his. Mercy. Jonah was feeling guilty thinking that he was finished, The situation looked impossible, no, it was ever going to turn out good. But God, it has a way. Even when we don't see away your situation may seem like it could never turn out right. You made the mass now it's complicated. Other people are involved. The odds are against to be encouraged. Guy
already has the solution. He already knows how to not just bring out but how to clean up the mess and bring it out better. All of the sudden, this big fish Kay and swallow Jonah now he's sitting in the belly of this fish he's in one. I am glad that still alive thankful that he didn't round. In another sense, he's thinking. I wish I would have died instincts in here see anything, I'm trapped, there's! No! way out but sitting in the belly of that fish. Tell him Jonah, you deserved it. It's you all fall to bad. Instead of listening to the accusing voices the scripture says: Jonah begin to pray from inside He didn't say God, I'm so undeserving mates Jim God just help me to survive. No, he said I cried
I'd unto the Lord in my trouble- and he answered me- that was a statement of faith. He was still in the still in trouble, yet he's declaring God has answered me went on to say down to the depths of the ocean. Death was near, but when I lost all hope, I turn my thoughts towards you. Lord, for you snatched me from the jaws of death. Now, our fourth My I know Innovation and deliverance comes from you alone notice. How much of his prayer was in the past tense, like it had already happened, Jonah Head
attitude God. I believe you're not only rescue me, but your help clean up this mess that you will bless me in spite of my mistakes that I will still fulfil my destiny that takes bonus to ask for gods blessings in spite of what you ve done wrong, because, most of the time we just leave guilty, condemned. We have no passion, but when you have the boldness to say God, I don't deserve it I went the wrong way, but God still believe. Your bless me still believe your show me favor. Still believe I can become who you created me to be when you do that, God doesn't say who do you think you are? You know what you did wrong You should be grateful to even be alive now God would for you. What he did for Joan
as soon as Jonah got through praying the scripture says: God caused the fish to spit him up on the dry ground under that beach fringe God controls the whole universe. God can cause whatever's holding you back right now, the dysfunction the addiction, the sickness, the legal problem. God can cause it in a split second, too to free to release it tall God, in control. Even our enemies it came out of this well washed himself off. Real to be alive. He knew it was mercy of God that could have been the end of the story. That would be great God rescued him saved him from trouble. God doesn't want to just bring it out. If you have the right attitude, shake off the guilt git, your passion back, God will give you another chance to get to where you're supposed to base that mistake did not disqualify you
you didn't miss your destiny because you had a detour. The scripture says the word of the Lord came Jonah a second time. God say Jonah, would you to go to Nineveh the same thing. He said the first time, in other words, God didn't, say, Jonah you to do this once the boy you bout. Warm me out, I had to get up If the throng go find that fish Jonah, you just sit on the sidelines, I'm off Somebody else no gun. Will always give you another chance and another chance and another chance to fulfil best plan that he has for your life. It is not too late to become who God created you to be? If you, start where you are honouring, God be in your best. Serving others. The right doors will open the right but will show up guy, knows how to make up for lost time. He can
get you to where he wants you to be. The sex Tom God ask Jonah wit to this. The of Nineveh he obeyed and saw God do amazing things. The point is Jonah made a wrong turn, but that did not stop his destiny. God said: Jonah, you had a detour, but that's ok. I've got you ve covered. My mercy is bigger than that mistake. Still want you to go to Nineveh still want you to fulfil my best plan for your life. Maybe like Jonah, you made some Stakes taken some wrong terms is easy. To sit on the sidelines of life and thank all jaw. I can't expect God bless. You don't know what I've done. Blew my marriage. Got these addictions failed in business made a lot of poor choices. Know you no different than Jonah. You can either sit there on the beach so
speaking just be glad you're alive or you can rise up like he did and say God I blew it deserve it, but on no salvation in deliverance comes from you, Lord. I believe that you can turn this mess around and still help me become. Who who created me to be, if you have an added to like that. The word the Lord come to you a second time. God will give you another chance new may be in the middle of a mess right now it was your fault, no excuse. You don't see anything good in your future, but be encourage God Has your covered he's saying to you what he said the Jonah? I still want you to accomplish your dreams I still want you to have a great marriage, are still won't you to live happy Healthy in hall. I still have a destiny for you to fulfil it it all back enliven seat. Where we made the mess, but God cleaned it up. We lost our TIM.
And said some things that got us into trouble? We should have lost our job, but God showed us mercy, cleaned up the mess. We still have it today or we were unfaithful interrelationship. We should lost our marriage. We made the mess, but God showed us mercy cleaned it up today were restored with a healthy, happy family. A lot of times when people see us blessed enjoy life, they think is because we Everything right we did guinea mistakes, but the truth is there were two: We made a wrong turn like Jonah, but God caused it to turn out right. Took the wrong job. We got it. With the wrong people with the wrong things, but God caused it to all worked together. For our good There were some mountains. We knew we weren't supposed to climb, but the opportune they look so good. Will it anyway,
We got half way up and realized. This is not what I thought it should be. I can thank God that he brought me often mountains, that I was never supposed to be on in the first. Lies he could have left us. There's a hey, learn your lesson. Maybe next time Good news. Is we ve been covered by mercy One time this business opportunity came along and it was, appealing to me, I didn't have to pray about it. I didn't have to think twice. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It took about six months to come together on several a k, James there were these small signs that something wasn't right. I could feel that uneasiness, Saint George, who do it? It's not what it seems. I didnt pay any attention I wanted it so badly. I pushed through it. We got it up in going, but it never took off lack. We, There were some circumstances. We didn't realize it with limited.
We have a lot invested. We struggled and struggled tried to make it work, but he's not you're always pushing it appeal, and when I look back, I can see God tried to warn me tried to get my attention. I could feel that unrest, but I didn't listen. God. Could said your well, maybe next time you will listen to bad. For you know, God is not holding that against us. God only gave us what we deserved. None of us would fulfil our destiny day out of the blue. We got word that this man was interested in purchasing it. The expert said it would never happen. He wasn't the right type, a buyer, He wasn't even in the same field, but against all odds. He not only purchased it, but he paid almost twice what we were told. We could sell it for that's the mercy of God. Cleaning up the mess, God doesn't give us what we deserve.
We don't deserve the consequences we deserve judgment, but God gives us mercy. He knows how to make miracles out of our mistakes they occur. Using voices will tell you man, you are done. It was your fault, you knew not to do it in the first place. You pursued the wrong dream. Now, look at you, you're over your head. You can't make ends meet just deal with it. Now God is so merciful. He'll take you're wrong, and he'll make it right. It may have been your fault you could easily live guilty. You gotta shake that off. Guard mercy is bigger than that mistake he knows how to make a miracle out of that mess. See covered by mercy means you're not just come as long as you do everything right light, Jonah your covered, Even when you go the wrong way, let me make it more practical: even when we do dumb things, God still has s cover and should make us all feel better
I read about this young man. Twenty years old, he was raised in church He knew the right thing to do, but he got off course started party in and with the wrong crowd one night we need head way too much to drink. His friend dared him to climb a telephone He wasn't thinking clearly and he climbed up forty feet in the air. Drunkest can be just as he is about to reach the top. He lost his footing slipped and fell backwards tumbling back on the way to a certain death. Somehow the leather belt that he was wearing. Call it. One of the metal was on the pole and it acted like a harness saved his life. He was their daily. In the middle of the night, fire department came and rescued him. The newspaper headline red pants, save drunk man from afar. That's the mercy of God. Even when we do dumb things,
still has thus covered bottom line. If it's not your time to go, you're not going to go nothing can snatch you out of God's hands you might as well quit fighting the call of God on your lie garden. Not going to leave you alone, where You go he's going to be there. The scripture says gods calling is irrevocable. That means you are more man, you are marked woman guy won't you you can try, Ignore it wrong party it away drink it away, draw their gods, go still be there saying I won't to go to Nineveh. I've got something for you to do. I've got a destiny for you to fulfil, see you have an assignment Somebody needs what you have if you dont step who made you to be this world will not be as and a place as it should have been. That doesn't mean we can just live anyway. We won't be sloppy.
We compromise live anyway. We way be sloppy compromise, take easy way out. George said we'll clean it up. Here, it may. Even when I'm draw no somebody, you got your word from the Lord? Let me clarify this. When you really know God we Have a relationship with his son Jesus you wanna do what's right make mistakes from time to time, but you're not trying to see how much can get away with and still feel good about yourself Now you have a desire to honour God to be your best muskets. You're says herein, Titus, God save does not because of the good things we ve done, but because of his mercy, this the key. His mercy is not based on our performance. If it was all dependent on us living up Big lie, never making a mistake that none of us would be here.
You may not have been saved by your pants from a telephone Paul, but I wonder how many times has saved us from dumb things that we done I can admit, I've done a few. Don't look at me like No, I'm a saint compared to you every morning. I start off today by thanking God for his goodness for his blessings. His favour, my family, my friends, the opportunity has given me. Always follow it up by thanking him for his mercy for the times I didn't make the best decision, but he pleaded up there They did something dumb, but it brought me out of the mass the times he protected me that I knew nothing about. He kept a car from colliding with mine, kept my child from harm. Save me from pain and hardy. There are many things that we cannot see, but God is holding back the forces of darkness
keeping us from accidents and harm move in the wrong people out of the way causing things to work out to our advantage. He's got you cupboard with his. Since the beauty is not just when we perform perfectly not just when we measure, but even when we blow it even when we fail Even when we do like Jonah and say God leave me alone, do my own thing, you're still covered. You may turn your back on God, but he'll never turn it. Back on you, you may run the other way, but God will come running toward you. Sometimes people your made, so many mistakes so many choices I think I'll miss my destiny always tell them, you're, not that powerful, you think you are poor. Choices can stop. The creator of the universe, the most God has ordained. You think that mistake is too much for the mercy of God.
That somehow God is now confused, trying to figure out what to do with you. Next, no, God knows the end from the beginning. Nothing you ve done has to keep you from becoming who guards created you to be but you gotta do your part and get back in the game. Start honouring God with your whole heart and he'll. Get you to wear you're supposed to be Doktor John Red men is past your friend of mine, and he told about this woman, that he knew. That was very, very depressed. It kept getting worse and finally, she couldn't take. It anymore, she decided to end her life. She went to on a Saturday night and we're going to do it. The next morning She has a little dog sleeps with her and he woke up only Sunday morning started scratching and scratching trying to wake up, so he could go outside. While he was doing that he hit the remote control by the Taliban.
And in turn in on it just so happens that our programme came on the television, She started watching us talking about how God has you bet? they still in front of you. You wouldn't be alive. Unless something amazing was in your future. She knew it wasn't a coincidence. Something into come alive on the inside. At the end of the pro always encourage people to get into a good Bible base church. Sunday morning she went to Doktor Redmond church gave her life to Christ, got our joy back her passion, now she's excited about her future. Friends mercy is bigger than our poor choices. It's not your time to go, God can even use a dog to get you back on the right track. He's got you covered with his mercy in scripture when God promised Abraham that he was going to have a B. He and his wife. Sarah were nearly eighty way too old to have a child,
They waited and waited believing that somehow it would happen, but year after year but still no baby, Sarah got tired of waiting talking about making a bad choice. Doing something dumb. She told Abraham to sleep with her maid Hagar they had a baby, Abraham and Hagar that they named, female, but this was not the promised child. This brought all kinds, dysfunction into their house. Sarah got mad at Abraham. What were you thinking Abraham. So what you told me to do it She's there were, you should have known better. Anyway. Sarah became very jealous of Hagar in started, treating her really badly? Finally, she gave April an ultimatum either. Woman leaves or delete Abraham had to send Hagar in Son Ishmael out into the desert? It was a big mess
God could have said SARA too bad. It's your fault. You brought the trouble on yourself. You are impatient. You should just waited, but no Then, though, Sarah made a mistake, I say it respects Billy, even though she did something dumb that did not cancel out the promise in Natural. She was way to all, but one day God gave her a baby. She had Isaac, the promised what am I saying they made a big mess, a thing but God not only cleaned up the mess he made a miracle added. Their mistakes here's how amazing God is Hagar the maid do anything wrong, but her whole world fell apart. She was living out in the desert with her son Who everyone called a mistake? He wasn't the promise child. She didn't know how he was going to survive, but God said Hagar, don't worry, I'm going to take care of. You
and your son, who people think is a mistake I'm going to bring out of him a great nation God is so merciful out of a great mess. He brought greatness he was saying: Hagar going to lead. Other people's poor choice, His ruin, your lie say is one thing we made the mess we have to deal. That we can understand that we brought the trouble on ourselves. When somebody else makes the mass and it affects us that doesn't seem fair Ishmael couldn't choose who his parents would be. He couldn't you, where he would be borne Hagar. Ass, to have a baby with Abraham. She was just following orders. Do in what she was told, new may be in a mess today, and it was somebody else's fault. They caused you to be at a disadvantage but be courage, God is saying to you what he said to Hagar in Ishmael. Other people's mistakes
are not going to ruin your life. They may I put you disadvantage, but no, this God has your covered, he's to bring great miss out of that great mess. It's nothing you ve done has is qualified you you may have made a poor choice like Sarah, but God is still going to bring the promised to pass. You, may have taken a wrong turn like Jonah, but God still going to cause it to turn out right. You may be somebody else's. Choice has had a negative effect on you, but don't worry God's going to turn it around and use it to your advantage, shake off the guild quickly, into the accusing voices God has you covered with his mercy. If you'll do this, I believe and declare God's, not only going to bring out he's going to clean up your mess he's The main miracles out of your mistakes, you will still feel your destiny and become everything God created you to be increased.
Name, if you receive it, can you say men today we never lacked a closed our broadcast without giving you end up tunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, our repent of Mass ends, come into my heart, make you my Lord and Savior fringe. If you pray simple prayer. We believe you. Born again get in a good will base church. He God first place he's going to take it places that you ve, never even dreamed Thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit Joe Steam, dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe. So you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wind.
Boy. I know, gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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