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Created To Do Good Works

2019-02-05 | 🔗
In this message, Victoria will teach on what are good works through Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2 says, "we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works." We are God's handiwork. He is making us. He is molding us. God has created us to do good works. God is working through us in our good works. What is a good work? When we're patient. When we choose joy. When we choose peace. When we're serving others. Within those good works God is working something in us.
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hi this is victoria thank you so much for downloading this podcast i believe got has got amazing things in your future i hope you enjoy this message raver people all the time and they want to know the will of god but there lie in other really looking to find them silence from god and i think that's a good prayer to pray because means god it's drawling you and is working with you and he wants you to follow here you know we all want to know the will of god for our live god what's my assignment but can i tell you this god is already laid out your assignment for you he's laid out he's pre arranged your assignment god is already working in you we
wait around for our assignment to applying does have to move out in our assignments that are laid out for us today see god has plans and purposes for each one of our lie in fact he is working those plans in purposes out in us listen to what a visions to says it says that we are god's workmanship created in christ jesus to do good works so we got handiwork he is making us he is moulding us we're we're created to do good works it goes on to say which were already prepared in advance for us to do you think god is working through us in our good works missy sometimes i think that
think good works is kind of like good deeds we think well where i held the door open for this stranger that was nice are we thank you know my husband has been driving crazy lightly but i haven't that ain't even though he deserves it you know those are nice things and i think sometimes which our good deeds and they are good works in a sense because thing is working in you when you do that but i don't want us to think that these good works are something that gods gonna love me more god do you see what i've been doing for you have you ever felt fallen on that train of thought i mean i'll raise my hand ok i'll be the first one in here year i know nobody else is going to raise their hands but you know it how do you think god i am doing all this good step where's my blessing you know why
they are not as nice as maybe your blessing them you see i want us to not look at these good works as our christian duty because we're christians we have to do these good works first let me say this god is a blessing god he blesses obedience he's a reward or of those who seek after him i'm not really talking about the blessing i'm talking about the good works and i dont want us to fall into the trap of if we do good works gods gonna bless us i think he will reward is but don't do good works to get the blessing you say you can't even get saved by good works the bible says that we are saying by grace
through faith it is not of ourselves it is a free gift it's free you can't be good enough to get saved you can't be rich enough to purchase your salvation it's free but i think sometimes we fall into this trap that i'm going to do good works got so that you will bless me you see god created us to do good works created as to do good works we know exactly what we're supposed to do we know that we will work in our assignment when we do the good works what is a good work a good work is when your patient that's a good work a good work is when you choose roy when you choose peace when you choose long suffering when your mother serving your children when europe has
going out every day to work those are good works because within those good works god is working something you those good works god is working in you when you come up against a challenge a person that's trying to put you down guess what there's a good work to be done right there and you get to choose it but sometimes we run into these challenges and we're measurable we think cod y y you know why because god san i've already put the dna in you you are predisposed to be able to push through and let the good work working you the good work is working in you see your maid to do good works and those good works there making you their building your character your morality vow you see there
nothing better than to come up against a challenge and be able to make it through because you chose the right thing you allowed that pre arranged predetermine good work to work in you you see i think that the greatest gift in the world that god could ever give us is strong in forty five lie living for him wholeheartedly do you know those good works that are working in you will make you more obedient though that obedience will then trigger the blessing of god so i just wanted to look a little differently today it good works when you're pressed when you're up against a challenge the bible says it like this that he will set a table before the presence of your enemy before any situation god is already pre arranged the good choice for you
he's already made a way of escape you don't we need to know that god intended these good works to work in us so that we could fulfil our destiny that we could walk in these assignments every single day you see it's not one thing that's gonna make your calling it's an everyday walking out these good works that's gonna leads you guys you to open doors to places of influence to supernatural opportune it is because let me tell you something gods not gonna give you anything you're going to fail at not going to open a door that you're not ready for so let these good works working you no hey i'm challenged
thing is happening over here i have a choice i can choose to do the good work you know it's a good work for raising a bad were god doesn't want you to be a hard work he wants it to be a good work think about that just a minute what is good its pleasing its honour all in god site it's pleasant it's a good work when you work with god it's something he's doing in you to set you up for greater things set you the greater things so let's put down a struggle let's put down the fact that somebody's trying to get to us or are our trial you get in our place or get ahead of us we don't have to do it like the world does it we have a birthday table
for us it's interesting because in in romans one hundred and twenty two it says this it says don't let evil defeat you but defeat evil with what good with what with good with pleasant pleasing honorable things in the sight of god you can overcome when you're willing to do the good work the good work you know sometimes we think our life is so simple we think you know where is that big thing and i encourage you
that you're simple things you're simple good works are so making you in accomplishing you that you're gonna look up and you're gonna think god how did i get where i m god how did you set me up for such an amazing thing but look at this family that are produced because i've been patient i've been a servant of the long suffering worked through the good things so i produce something good in my life you see anything good is going to do our time and attention i think about the first telephone when alexander graham bell invented that telephone it was such an amazing thing you could literally talk to someone that wasn't in the room you can talk to another person at another number on the other end of another telephone that's pretty crazy admit not these days why he he thought it was amazing he didn't know where it was gonna go but today we're
had stuck to the wall we have our telephone in our block it we can take pictures with our phone we can send messages with our we can get on the internet and learn anything we want with our phone can you imagine if alexander graham bell realise what his simple invention did he would we honest it would be unbelievable to him but it was a simple invention that accomplished great thing and in the same way you're simple works good works are going to accomplish believable things armies are you can't now you think it's simple whereas the leading me where's it taking me guises i want to make you unbelievable i want your reach to be further than you could ever think possible
so next time you say in god what do you want me to do what's macaulay what's my assignment remember this you you're walking into it you were walking into it because those good works that you were made to do are making you gotta fulfil everything that he's ever promise you a man a man he's a nice guy thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a jewel loosening dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks for listening to the pod test be sure to subscribe so you can get all of the latest messages know that we pray for you god bless you
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