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2020-09-02 | 🔗

Too many people allow negative thoughts to pollute their minds and contaminate their perspective. Instead of focusing on the doubt and discouragement, focus on what God says about you. Get in the habit of thinking thoughts of faith and victory.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hi. This is your and dictatorial. Thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is less. It is always a joy to come into your homes loved you and we believe that this year is gonna, be your best year so far and we just depression. To turn and an forever in our area. Stop by and see us our promise. You will make you feel right at home. They do and for coming out today- and I like to start with in funding in a couple of years ago you Estonians had a terrible time. You waiting for hurricane reader. Somebody hit me the new used in area evacuation ground. So if there's a
ok just remember this Hispanics are to take out in asked to San Antonio Kay genes are to take part in these two Louisiana Yankees are to take forty five nor to Oklahoma and Aggies, are to take the sixteen Loop Oda Revival say it like you mean- and this is my bible- I am what it says. I am have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God, boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus, nay, God bless you want to talk, you today about detoxified, your man and We hear a lot about detoxified our physical bodies. How there can be chemicals in the food that are harmful bacteria can builder even decides in the air. Many p.
Don't realize it. But there are bodies are all of these harmful toxins that what's causing them to feel bad, most experts will recommend that you go through a deep cleansing where you put yourself on a fast We need a certain die stayin. Way from everything, harmful and overtime You can rid yourself of those toxins and begin to feel much better. In the same way there, all kinds of toxins that can build up? In our mind, when we go around dwelling on the wrong thoughts. Thinking about what we can't and how somebody hurt us. How will we'll get ahead. Those thoughts are toxic thoughts and toxic thoughts, left alone become like toxic waste. It will eventually contaminate our whole line. It affects our self image. It affects our attitude, our level of competence. It becomes a part of who we are. That's? Why says in proverbs for twenty three
all else gorge your heart, for it affects everything you do. The writer is saying, may guard in your mind, a priority put this at the time of your to do list because, if you're, my find gets polluted. Your whole life is going to be polluted, You probably know people right now that are bitter cynical always expect the worst. They have a sour attitude. Why is there they allowed these toxic thoughts to take root now they book. Strongholds that are poisoning their future the solution they need. Through a detoxification, not affairs cleansing, but a mental cleansing. The only way they're going get free, The only way they're gonna, get back to whom God made them to be, is detoxify. Mind some of you today, you need detox the bitterness detour low Self Esteem data,
the negative words spoken over you data condemnation from past mistakes, are, we D talks, a sage decision, you're not going to dwell on it anymore? You have to start those toxin. Every time you dwell on a negative thought that condemnation that turn that low self esteem you are feeding it giving it new life, making it stronger. When thoughts, come saying: you're, never gonna get well. You heard what the doctor say. Or you're, never going to be happy, you ve been through too much. You know we're going to accomplish your dreams. Instead, a dwelling on it just turn it around and say: no, I'm not going there, I'm not dwell on who hurt me dwell in alma past mistakes? Dwell on what I don't have I'm going to dwell on what God says about me. And God says forgiven, God says: he'll pay me back double for every unfair thing that happened gods is my best days, are still out in front of me. If you,
ignore. The toxic thoughts keep your mind, fill with thoughts of Faye thought of victory. Those toxic thoughts will get weaker and weaker and before long they won't have any effect on you. I have a friend it trying to get healthier right. Now he won't eat any kind of meat. He only drinks water and he won't after a certain time at night. The other are offered him a soft drink. He didn't you, think twice. He said! No, that's. Not all my eating programme he's on a strict die That's the way we need to be when these toxic thoughts come to our mind, thoughts of Worry Llosa. Stay can't do it thoughts when they arise, decide thanks, but no thanks. That's not a part of my diet. I dont dwell on thoughts of fear. I dont dwell on thoughts of inferiority. I dont dwell on thought of defeat. That's not a part of my eating programme. Some of you today, you don't have the joy, you sure you don't have the victory. The confidence it's because
You are not eating a healthy diet and I'm not talking about physically. I'm talking about mentally you're eating too much junk food junk food is the toxic thoughts that we allow to pollute our mind. Things like I'm just average have already reached my limits or miss so many good opportunities. Now you know get back on your died. Those toxic thoughts are not a part of your eating programme and I'm asking you today to go on a fast with me, not a fast from food. Although that probably wouldn't hurt us, but how a fast from negative thinking, a fast from condemnation of fast from bitterness fast from little dreams, a fast from can't. Do it thought, let's start those toxins. It's not give them any power to affect us. Every morning when we get up, we should go through this cleansing in our mind, We should release any bitterness, forgive the people.
That have hurt us, let go Reed disappointment start your day off in faith, so. Today. All believing don't allow those toxins to build up. Just like there in your bed. You can say it under your breath. This is be a great guy. I have, its favour. No I'm empowered to overcome every obstacle. I have the strength to overlook every offence. I have the ways to rise above every disappointment, and even if Please don't go my way today and no God is stealing controls, and Can a decision right now that I'm will be happy and enjoy this day? you know what you're doing you cleansing your mind you clear and that all the talks and all the defeat, all the negativity and even during the day when I communities arise to be frustrated, discourage condemned, don't just swann Those thoughts make sure there your die. Somebody rude to you, somebody does you wrong that total come up? Who do they think they are?
see if I give them the time of day now, just to say thanks, but no thanks, I'm not getting up there. I know this day, is a gift that God given me an hour. Mamma to stay in peace, just did you stayed on your died? You fasted a toxic thought. It was unable to take it some of you today. You need a detoxify your from what People have said about you, people have spoken negative things over. You telling you what you can't do, what you're not gonna, become and if you are just as smart as your brother, I don't know why you can't do anything right now. I Those thoughts to take root you or not. People say you are, you are who since you are. God says you are talented. You are created, you are strong, you are competent. You are discipline, you are well able, I remember first started ministering little over nine years ago, I was so nervous trying to please
everybody hoping they would. Me and hope, and I could keep it going one Sunday right after I got through speaking over her these ladies talk. They were saying he's so young, peace is good as his father. Do you really think he'll be able to keep it going. I thought dear Lord somebody else? It's thinking just what I'm thinking. That was the last thing that I needed to hear those toxic faults we're trying to take root in keep me from my destiny I had to dig my heels in and start talking to. Myself look in the mirror and said Joe, you are anointed. You are strong in the Lord. You can do all things through Christ. If God be for you who dare be against you, I begin to realize it didn't matter what they were saying about me. It didn't matter what they thought really mattered was what God says about me. I found what they were saying was not all my die. They were not a part of my healthy programme
I started feeding my man, Faith Doyle, Things like quit. I'm impressed Lord I'm well able to fulfil my destiny. What was I do and I was starving those toxic thoughts and at the seed of God's word take root in my heart. God's word is alive and full of power. If you Get your thinking, land up with gods. Thinking, there's nothing you won't be able to do. You may feel nervous, but God I'll give you a confidence. You may feel weak, but gotta give your story. When you don't see away, gotta make away when you need a bright god I'll, give you a favor. When people are talking about you, not obey you ve indicator. We fall down. Gotta pick you when it looks like it's over gotta give you another chance. Learned a feed your mind, these thoughts of faith, thoughts of victory. If I had made the mistake of dwelling on those toxic thoughts, I dont believe be standing here today,
and some of you right now. You have a recording playing over and over in your mind of all, negative things. People have said about you, you in a very critical place. If you continue to dwell on those lies that can keep you from your destiny. The choice is not up to God. It's up to you. Who are you gonna get in agreement with what gods about you or what people say. People will tell you what you can't do, what you're not gonna become You may even feel, like somebody has kind of cursed your future, but here's the good before anyone could put a curse on you, God put it sing on you. For you or even formed in your mother's womb. Before you were born for one negative thing was spoken over you, God love to do and said you are my child and you are blessed. And understand what God bless is cannot be cursed.
If you'll get an agreement with God, you'll see his blessings begin to chase you, then I had a lady tell me the other day how she came from a very negative in the people that raised her were constantly putting her down She didn't feel like she measured up to her sister He couldn't seem to keep a good relationship. Never got me good breaks. She finally said you're. My life has been one disappointment after another. I think these, people have literally cursed. My future told her what I'm telling you before anyone could curse. You, God blessing on you, no matter what they set about you does it How they try to make. You feel the blessing, always overrides the cars you need to get an agreement with God and start shaken that off just say thanks, but thanks. That's not all my diet. HU, I am I'm a child of the most high God. I am blessed I cannot be cursed somewhere a crown of favor I've been equipped with.
Everything I need to succeed when you start thinking like that, those toxic thoughts cannot. I will always remember you are not who People say you are. You are who says you are people may say you're never going to be successful. God says everything you touch, will prosper and succeed people might tell you you're, never gonna get well. God says I'm restore and health back into you somebody may say it looks like your family's. Never gonna get on the right track, God says As for me in my house, we will solve the law now believe today, Quincy is taken place. I can see through my faith right now. These toxic are beginning to dissipate. I can strong halls that have held you back for years. Right now are being broken I see a stepping into a new freedom. Rights having to a new level I see a shaken off
condemnation and stepping into confidence. I see a poverty. Defeat mindset given way to an abundant life mentality. Is you shake off these toxic thoughts? Gods, gonna, take your places ever even dreamed. I heard about a little boy. He was being right by a single parent long in the hills. Of Tennessee was many years ago. Back there especially in this small community, chilled that were born to unwed. Mothers were really looked down on and seen as second class. In fact, when you, just three years. All the other neighbours would not allow him to play with their children there We saying things like What are they doing in our community and who is Father anyway, they treated him. He had some kind of play. On saturdays, the mom and little boy would go up to the local stores, and invariably people would make cutting remarks. They would say it lay, so they could overhearing things like. Well there they are again. Did you
figure out who is father is This little boy drew up very insecure, being ridicule feeling there was something wrong with him at the age of twelve new minister, moved into the little community he was a young man, very passionate, very dynamic, he's creating quite a stir. This twin, your boy had never been to church and Diana lie One Sunday, he decided to go see what all the excitement was about. He got there lay snuck in sat at the back that day he felt a love and an acceptance that here ever felt before he was planning on leaving early so nobody would notice him, but it was over Before he knew it, he got caught up in the crowd minister was standing at the back door when he saw the young man, the obvious. Didn't know, I've never had met him, but he noticed tat. He was all alone. He wasn't with any body and just kind of in friendly, really in passing he's a young man whose child
Are you the room group? fleetly silent? It was like tat stood still that The question. Every body had been warning to ass the young didn't know what to say He had heard all the talk about how he was the outcasts and he was boy with no father. He just put his head down The minister realized something was awkward, something the obvious you didn't know anything about. God, him wisdom he's kind of parliament and on the back- and he said- oh know who you are can see the resemblance so strongly. You are a child of Have you got that day? That day was a turning point in that young boys lie that day the stronghold of insecurity in inferiority was being broken. He stopped seeing him sale as who People said he was instead, I've seen him sale as who, God said he works for thirty years later
young man was elected governor of Tennessee, for you, after that he was re elected, and if you ask governor been Hooper will tell you the day he really got elected was the day that young minister told him who his father was now realize I realize today many people don't walk with fathers. I wish that not so, but if that than to be you? Let me tell you that, Minister told governor been hoop your heavenly Father is almighty. God, You have been chosen and set apart before the foundation of TAT just get here by accident, you didn't just show up God. Reach is life into. You What seeds of greatness on the inside you haven't, assign a destiny to fulfil something that no one else can accomplish. Don't ever let
somebody said about you or what they didn't say about. You cause you to feel less been you are fully. Father may not have been around that much You didn't even know him, but your heavenly Father is saying, he's proud of you. You do got remember a couple years ago. I do great things I remember a couple years ago I was in the lobby talking with visitors. This young lady came up with two small children They were so loving. The little boy must have been about five years old. He hugged me and hung on and on, played and laughed and finally gave a half five and he went on his way a few minutes. He came back in motion. Like you wanted to whisper, something in my ear I'll, never forget what he said he whispered jaw. I wish you were my dad. That told him what I'm telling you everything and when you get up, you need to look up toward the Heavens.
Imagine your heavenly father a smile, and that only you are his This prize position he has in the palm of his hand, this picture says: God will be a father to the father and is the reason Many people aren't reaching their full potential today is because of this lack of identity. These thoughts. They keep playing. Come from the wrong family or man. You didn't even know your father. No wonder you can't see no dont, Those lies there. Not, you're eating plan. Stick with your die, it's right here. It says I'm a child of the most high God. I may not have had an earthly father, but I know I have a heavenly father. Other people may have said negative things about me, but I know before anyone put a curse on me, put a blessing on me. That's what I'm going to do a long, but some of you today you're allowing these negative thoughts and negative things. People have spoken to poison, your future.
You need to go back to the root of it and just SK, your sale You told me: I can't be successful. Who told me: I'm not smart enough to go to college, who told me can't break this addiction who told me my best days are behind me. I can promise you that did Come from God, you needed the talks all that garbage detox, what you Ex husband said about Turkey detox. What that teach said you can't do these talks. What supervisor said you're not gonna, become detox. What critics are saying about your ability, I'm on a new diet today, this guy he's gonna, get rid of all the toxins is go free from all the negativity, all the can't. Do it not good enough for this. Guy is faith food. When you This is why Papa eaten a bowler spin. It is like Clark Kent going into the phone booth in coming out of super me for you
People is like Miley Cyrus turning into Hannah Montana. What am I saying? A transformation takes place when we get rid of the toxic thoughts and we feed our man. What God says about us, we have a couple of a bit at home in a while, I noticed one of them wasn't feeling well Kip, rubbing the side of his face. Like something was bothering him, I checked him out. You look fine. I didn't see anything wrong a few days later, it is really swollen. Look like a big growth. So we took him, veterinarian they gave us some antibiotics and city should get better. We tried that week or so, but he continued get worse, and so we too came back and they re examined him and Tom. They discovered the real problem was a fly laid an egg. And it is somehow gotten up in the rabbits nasal passage and now Laura, was growing and about a hat.
That's why so infected did matter? How much antibiotics we gave him. He wasn't gonna get any better! we had to get to the root of the problem, once we got to the source and they remove that the rabbit was just fine is the way the enemy works. He tries to these laws in our mind, to infect our thinking. So often we deal with this purpose we're trying to have a good attitude trying to have a good self image, but it's like were constantly struck. Like it's always go and appeal. Could it be like that rapid we are treating the symptoms, but not dealing with the real issues. Me we're putting a few antibiotics on it, hoping you don't get better, but the root cause is our thinking is infected in some areas we want to build, the addiction, but that thought keeps telling us you'll be an alcoholic just like your father We want to make the marriage work, but we hear say, and you probably get a divorce just like your parents.
We want to step out in faith and start a new is we want to take that promotion, but something says you're not able You remember what the high school counselor told you Those are lies that have infected our thinking. The way get rid of them is to meditate God says about you one with your says, to do it day and night. In other words, continually all day long. We should have the thoughts play and I am blessed I am prosperous. I am forgiven, I am talented. I have the favor of God. When you dwell on thoughts like that those talks and cannot take root and is being renewed. Imagine with me that I'm holding a glass of dirty water. In my hand, it's full of all kinds article sand in dark. But if I continued to poor good, clean water into this glass and just let it overflowing overflow Firstly, all the dirty water would be gone and the water would all be perfectly clear.
I didn't really have to try to get rid of the dirty water I just had to. He putting in the right thing and eventual the wrong thing would be gone. It's the same principle in our thinking. You'll get in a habit of putting in the right thoughts. Thoughts of faint thoughts of victory incur Jeanne thought will able thoughts before long. Your mind is going to be transformed, you're going yourself, positive hopeful, strong and courageous won't be like Gideon when Anne, opportunity arises, you'll be bold gun Gideon a mighty men of fearless courage, Gideon look Round thought who's. Talking to. That's not me. God had an assignment for Gideon something for him. To accomplish, but Gideon had not renewed his mind All these toxic thought God wanted him to lead the people of Israel to defeat and opposing army but Gideon said God. I can't do that.
And the least one in my father's house. I don't the talent, the education, the courage, the ability notice how saw him sale versus how God saw him God called him a mighty man, a fearless courage if we're to call your name today. He wouldn't say hello, you weak worm of the dust hello, you, poor old, sinner how's, my lose or doing today. God would say the same thing to you as he said to Gideon HALO marry you mighty woman, a fearless courage hell. Bob you mighty man, a fearless courage, hello, Would you mighty people of fearless current, but I wonder how many of us would do just like Gideon and say God, who you talkin about? Don't you what family I come from God, aren't? You seems the mistakes are made here. Let me remind you of some of them.
God. You know, I'm not a mighty man, I'm not that talented why'd. You call me that the problem is King is infected, but thank God today is a new day we're getting on a new diet, we're going to go on a fast from every negative can't. Do it not good enough fault when they arise instead of being like Gideon and saying I'm not able, who am? I just turn it around and say. I know who I am. I am well able I am, who God says I am I believe in the coming days, God is going to present you with new opportunities. New doors are going to begin to open new people gonna come into your lie maybe even a new opportunity in your career. If you're going to go to a higher level, you have to have a new way of thinking. You have to clear out the Oh so, you have room for the new mask, you today the data. All the garbage
telling you what you can't do and what you're not gonna become remove all those strongholds, detox, the low Self Esteem Detox, the negative words detox, little dreams stay on your die get up every morning and go through that cleansing start your day off in faith. If you will guard your mind and not let these toxic thoughts take root? but instead you keep it full of faithful thoughts I know you go Ross rise higher and higher gods gonna poorer. His blessings in favour and you're gonna if that life, a victory that he has installed even receive it today. We never liked oppose all gone pass without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, Repeat my sins. Come into my heart Make you my Lord and Savior and if you play that simple prayer, we believe you got born again get in
in charge. Keep God first place. He'll. Take your places You ve, never dreamed you for listening to the jewellers Dean Podcast, helpless, help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com, slash, give hope to give again. Today thanks. Much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing. Oh yeah, I know gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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