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Don't Fight It

2018-11-07 | 🔗
God uses difficulties to do a work in us. We grow in the tough times. That's when our character is being developed. God will not allow a difficulty unless He has a divine purpose for it.Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.---Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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hi this is joe on wednesday's we bring you the best dove i hope you enjoy the pied canst thou less it's a joy to come into your hands you ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services are promise you i will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuna in thank you again for coming out i'd like to start with something funny and i heard about this then he was quietly reading the newspaper when his wife walked up behind him and hit him on the head with a frying pan he's it what was that for she said that was for the peace paper i found in your pocket with the name mary lou on it he said honey this is one of the horses that i'll bet on at the racetrack last week she apologized went about her business
two days later she hit him on the head with a bigger frying pan when he i'm too he's at what no war was that for she said your horse just call that's not a firing at all but i say it like you mean it this is a bible i am what it says i am here what is this our hair i can do so i can do today we talk the word of god boldly confess mine is alert my heart is receptive i want ever be the same in geez name god bless you i want to talk to you today about don't fight it we all face situations that we don't like somebody's not treating us right there this is not growing as fast as we had hoped we're saying go and still haven't met anyone too easy to live up tight all wrought up on the inside
we don't understand why it has taken so long why this person hasn't changed why our prayers haven't been answer we end up frustrated fighting against everything that we don't lie but here's a key just because its uncomfortable doesn't mean it's not we're we're supposed to be god uses difficulties to do a work in us we ro in the tough times that's when our character is being developed god will not allow a difficulty unless he has a divine purpose for if we're going to reach our highest potential we have to make up our mind i'm not going to leave frustrated because i'm uncomfortable i'm not gonna be upset because things are not happening or my timetable i'm not going to fight against everything did i dont like our attitude should
god our trust to urien complete control may not like this situation but you wouldn't have me here unless i needed it so i'm going to keep a good attitude and be my best right where i am that's how you position yourself for promotion scripture it says that god didn't led the israelites the shore rout to the promised land
he took them the long way on purpose because they were not prepared for war god knew if he would have taken them into quickly they would have been easily defeated their enemies were much bigger much more experienced i'm sure they prayed many times god we're uncomfortable out here in the desert were hot we're tired let us go in sooner but god didn't answer that prayer not because god was trying to make their life miserable but god knew what was up in front of them he had to toughen them up and get them prepared so they could step into the fullness of their destiny in the same way god has all ready laid out the planned for your lie he knows exactly what you need when you who you need he knows the battles you're going to face the dreams you're going to accomplish got it all figured out there
why we cannot pour your way every uncomfortable situation god this percinet what they get no manoeuvres you gotta get him out of my life no guy will use that person like sandpaper to rub the rough edges offer you even if you weren't a prey them away god would send you to more people just like there i've learned this god is more interested in changing us then he is in changing our circumstances god loves you too much to let you stay where you are it may be uncomfortable but you have to remind yourself this is not working against me this is working for me is it can be in position for the amazing future god has install the truth is some of the things you may be pray it about
if god were to remove them right now you wouldn't be prepared for where god is taking do you got to let god do the work in you in other words be kind to the people that are not treating you keep being your best even though you're not getting the credit passed those tests paul prayed in colossians three that the people would have the strength to endure whatever came their way he didn't pray that god would deliver them instantly remove the difficulty he pray that they would have the strength to go through it with a good attitude paul understood this principle that god uses the tough times to get us prepared for the next level think about david he was chosen to be king anointed by god to be the next leader of israel surely god would answer all of his prayers surely god would make his like comfortable no david had to go through this same
process for many years king saul made david's life miserable david had done saw nothing but good he would play music we saw wasn't feeling well treated him with respect but in return saul tried to kill david chased him through the mountain side i can hear david pray to god you gotta get this man out of my life god you know i haven't done anything wrong isn't it interesting god didn't removes all he didn't answer that prayer here david was doing the right thing it was an unfair situation but god knew what he was doing he was getting david prepare the longer you do the right thing when the wrong things happen the longer you keep a good attitude in an unfair situation the higher god is going to take you
don't be discouraged by the old i've been doing the right thing in this marriage for years i'm not seen any results i've been volunteering in the our three for a long time nobody ever since thank you i'll go to do more than i have two i'm not being promoted you're right we're david was keep being faithful keep doing the right thing god is getting you prepared for something amazing your future is so big god has to get your spiritual muscles your character you're maturity to match the level that god is about to throw us you too that don't fight it just keep being your best god is closely watching you he sees every time you make a sacrifice every time you overlook a wrong every time you take the high road every time you help someone in need that doesn't go unnoticed god is keeping the wreckers he say in pay
it is common the breakthrough is coming the reward is come in the new level is coming just like david you're going to take your throne and become everything gods created you debate but we naturally all like things easier we love for god to remove the difficult people eliminate the hardships answer our prayers the first time we pray but that's not always what's best have a new perspective those difficulties are not happening who you they are happening for you the people that are hard to get along with if you'll have the right attitude take the high road beacon nor their negative comments there not hold a new down their polish in their refining they're making you shall don't be upset you couldn't go we're god want you to go without them they're doing you a favor without that sandpaper
stay rough next time you see them data thing in all manner of feel like dealing with them no just smile and say thank you lord on will be just a little bit more today almost a little bit rider could it be that you are fighting what god wants to use you're spending all your time trying to play away the difficulty when you we spend your time on god in the midst of the difficulty instead of fighting where you are try a different approach embrace where you are it may not be where you want to stay i'm not saying to settle their and accept mediocrity i'm saying to except where you are knowing that the creator of the universe has in the palm of his hand he's directing your steps nothing that's happened to you is a surprise to him at the right time god will change
in your due season when you're ready when its best for you god will remove the difficulty and take you to level but in the meantime one way we can show god we're trusting him is by enjoy in our life while god is changing the circumstances maybe your friends are married you're still single that's all right there we're a god has me right now i'm at peace i'm happy i know the right person is already on their way that's how you pass the test not every other minute god i'm begging you please send me a man got i've been waiting for this now god i trust you maybe in an apartment building in for a nice place to live not god i am so sick and tired of this place and god joel said things if didn't i have seen one shift in my life no god i trust you this is where you have me right now contained but god
i know in my future you're going to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that i cannot contain lord i want to thank you in advance that is on the way that's how you see promises come to pass when we were trying to acquire this facility the former compaq center it was a three and a half year battle the houston city council voting to have the building but then a large company filed a lawsuit to try to keep us from moving even at times it looked impossible all the odds were against it even if we were to win the loss it could have been tied up for ten years in the court system i had already told the congregation that it was ours we will
renovated and move in many times i woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with a voice saying what if it doesn't work out what if you don't win the law suit you ve already put the vision out jewel people have given funds is going to be a big mass i was tempted to worry be stressed big god god please make this happen now i did what i'm asking you to do god it's all in your hands believe god you promised us this field but while i'm waiting don't worry i'm not only frustrated i'm not complete out all the what is god i trust you i know you have the final say instead of fighting begging god i embraced where i was wearing a lawsuit south a mac control i've done my best now i'm going to stay in faith and trust god to do the rest three and a half years
later god gave us this beautiful facility and here we are today but think about god could have answered our prayers the first week we prayed just as easily as he did three and a half years later he's god would have been no big deal he wouldn't have even had to get up off the throne he could just spoken it and it would happen what did he do one reason i believe is god was doing a work in me those three and a half years i learned that trust god like i'd never trusted him before some things you can only learn in the struggle you can't in the good times these everything's going your way that didn't take anything in only learn like david when you're in the wilderness and you're not be entreated right don't be frustrated
because it's not happen in your way on your timetable god knows what he's doing he's getting you prepare here's the key your destiny is bigger than you think you're going to go further then you can imagine god can see the new levels in front of you he knows what's up there now keep passing those test stay in faye even when it's difficult doing the right thing even when the wrong things happening don't fight it begging got every other minute please god you gotta change it s going to frustrate you learn to embrace where you are it is okay to be honest and say god i don't like where i am i'm uncomfortable taking longer than i thought but god i trust you i know this is not happening to me is happening for me it's
a part of your divan playing when you learn to embrace where you are it's a freeing wailea takes all the pressure off hebrews says those who have believed in to rest the weight and know that you're really in faith is your at rest there's a piece you may have a problem believe in for a situation around taken a long time you could easily be discouraged the key is to stay in that place of rest were you know god is incomplete control you're not moved by what you see you're not worrying because has taken a long time you not disappointed because you went to a setback every day you stay in peace you are one day closer to see in that situation turn around a job i just don't understand why god doesn't answer my prayers
going to church unfaithful i help others think about this maybe what you're playing about is too small maybe god has something better and he loves you so much that he won't answer that prayer but until you enter into this rest and quit being sour thinking that gods letting you down it'll keep the new thing from happening a point that we should all prey on a regular basis is god not my wheel but let you will be done this ok to say god what i believe in for god this is what i what this is what i'm dreaming about but god if you have something better i trust you you know what's best for me if you're only going to be happy if god does it your way then you're not really trusty weak only see a little bit down the road god can see the big picture
can see around every car he knows where the indians are where the short cuts are god knows how to get you to your destination why don't you take your hands off the wheels so to speak and let god take you what he wants you to go two thousand and one and executive flew to houston for an important job interview it was at a top company one of the largest in the nation headquarters right here in houston in the natural it was a gold and opportune they look like a huge boost for his career he was ready to give up his position of nearly thirty years and move his family here to town blue in a day early came to the service and ask us to pray over the interview we pray that god would give him wisdom in favour and calls him to stand out call back the next day so excited everything had gone great looked very promising three weeks later he was
divided back for a second interview once again he flew in a day early we pray he went to the interview few hours later they called him back said we really like you you're very talented but we're sorry you're not going to fit with our organization you would have thought that his world had just ended he was so sat on heaven that position he felt like god had totally led him down had told him what i'm telling you you got a trust god even when you don't get the answer that you were looking for you gotta believe that gods in control he's directing your steps keeping your on the best plan for your line he went back home to his city very very disappointed six months later the company he was trying to get a position with
out for bankruptcy it was a big scandal all over the national news the company ended up totally folding here's how good god is he was two years away from his return if here too the hard by that company he would not only not have a job but he would have lost nearly thirty years of his retirement benefits fringe god knows what he's doing quit fighting against what doesn't go your way being disappointed because your plans didn't work out you may not understand it now one day you will thank god for those closed doors gods ways are better than our way don't try to figure out where your why did not get the promotion i had the same our work the harness listen just as god supernatural
opens doors god will supernaturally closed doors we all thank god for the open doors nets good we should celebrate their but i've learned to thank god just as much for my closed doors what i used to see as an disappoint now i see as the hand of god i realized if god close did he has something better install why don't you trust him why don't you enter into that rest god you know what's best for me i don't have to have my way to be happy i know your plans are better than my plans a few years back a young lady came to the altar prayer she was very distraught because her boyfriend had just broken up with
she was certain he was the man of her dreams she couldn't live without him we prayed and ask god to restore that relationship for the next six months almost every week she would come back for prayer we pray it again and again i tried to tell her to stay open trust god to do at his way he knows what's best for you she don't want to hear any of that she only warning god to do at her way but god is so merciful he loves us so much if it's not the right thing god will keep the door closed even though we're trying to pride open we see it is a big discipline god i can't believe you let me down you didn't answer my prayer the truth is god was do us a favour he was saving us from heart ache in pain now didn't see her for a long time about five years later in turn in the lobby after the service she was very happy she had a handsome young
and by her side a newbie baby come to find out they were married a couple years earlier she was so excited i congratulated them prayed over the little baby at one point her husband step way she whispered jaw you remember the young man i used to have you pray about all the time i thought you hear that you couldn't live without he told how he's been married in divorce twice already he's constantly in and out of trouble can't hold down a good job i'm never forget what she said i thank god every day did didn't answer those prayers but i wonder how many things we upset over wondering god didn't answer that prayer why the situation didn't chain why the door closed yet if god we're to pull back the curtain and lead us see into the future what he can see
realize god knows exactly what he's doing god has our best interests at heart that promotion you didn't get you were so disappointed because god has something better that door that closed we couldn't understand it seemed like a perfect fit for us but see in the big picture we large that road was dirty and it was leading to nowhere that traffic jam you got caught in you were so stressed out it was saving your from an accident that person that walked out on you very painful but if they happen let you would meet the a person god has in your future i'm asking you to quit fighting against everything you dont like it's not happening to you is happening for you when you're at rest your passing the test a friend of mine went up to the mall simply to return in item she had a little newborn babies in the back seat when she pulled him
parking lot she noticed this lady was about to pull out and she waited there and waited and waited and waited the lady was taken for the longer she waited the more frustrated she became she thought old lady i know you can see me what could be taken you so long after several minutes she got out evaded and just drove all witten parked at the very end of the wrong guy got a little baby headed to the store when she got to the front the store she realized she had forgotten the item that you wanted to take back she's already frustrated teeth out this is just not my day nuts is going my way she walked all the way back to her car long way with their baby got the adam she needed turned back and started walking toward the store when she got about halfway there this car came around in a big rush roll down the window and said hey don't go in the store
a deranged man in there with a gun taken people hostage in less than a minute there were a dozen police cars swap team helicopter surrounding that place trying to get the people out safely without that delay she could have been there with our new born baby trapped with that deranged me what am i saying don't fight your delights don't fight the inconveniences don't fight when they get caught but you may not understand it but god knows what he's doing he could see the big picture dare to trust in proverbs twenty says since the lord is directing our steps why do we try to figure out we think that happens along the way you may never know why you had a delay a disappointment a setback when you really believe that the creator of the youth
first has in the palm of his hand then you can stay in peace even when you don't understand that's what faith is all about and no gentleman that does missionary work in africa he was supposed to catch and early morning fly the next day to come back home the person taken him had card trouble and ended up missing that flight so very upset because it was going to take him another week to get home from small city went back to the hotel a little later that afternoon flipped the news the plane he was supposed to be on had crashed into the mountain side some of the very things that we fight against the things it frustrate ass god has ordain them to keep us from accidents and harm their called divine delays your plans are interrupted on purpose since the lord is directing our steps
don't find it it's not always going to make sense i turn fifty years old in march of this year and i was reflecting obama thank you thank you feel good looking there are a couple hours reflecting back over my life and just thinking about what what i've done differently what could have done better now have no big regrets i've lived a happy bless line but one adjustment i would have made is i would have trusted god more i wouldn't have worried about things that i couldn't change i wouldn't have been stressed out when my plans didn't work out i wouldn't have stayed awake at night wondering how we gonna raised the funds and what am i going to speak on next week i would have entered into this place of rest
some of you are always find worried uptight don't like we are don't like the job don't like the people why don't you try a different approach this will save you a lot of frustration in raise where you are even when its uncomfortable even when you don't like it stay in peace keep a good attitude when you do that god is using it to your advantage your growing you're developing character its past listening you for the amazing future god has installed and if you will enter into this rest and not fight against everything you're not only enjoy your life more but i believe in declare just like david you're going to step into the fullness of your destiny odd is going to take you further than you imagined opening doors no man can shut you're going to overcome every obstacle complex every dream and become everything that god created you to be
in jesus name if you receive it can you say that today we never liked because our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray with me just say more jesus i repented meseems come in burma i'll make you my lord and if you play that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base charge keep god first place he's gonna take it places that you ve never dreamed thank you for listening to the jews dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world with a job steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wind would play envoy
god's best is still ahead will see a next time
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