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Don't Rely On People - Joel Osteen

2017-03-12 | 🔗
Are you relying on what others say or don’t say for your value? Are you frustrated today because you don’t have the support from others around you?One of the greatest lessons in life is to learn that your true value does not come from people; it comes from Almighty God. Yet many people today rely on the complements, encouragement and approval of others to feel good about themselves and stay motivated. Paul said in Philippians 4:13, “I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.” Let Joel show you who you are in Christ and how to go to Him for your value and self-worth. As you apply these biblical principles, not only will you live a more peaceful life, but your relationships will improve, too!
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about bless you joy they come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop by and be a part of it our services i promise you will make you feel right at home start with something funny and i heard about the three sums that left home and went out and prosper they got back together to talk about the gear they bought their elderly mother the first said i mom a big house the second once said i got or a fancy are the third son said since mom law to read the bible but in barely see anymore i got her specially trained apparent they can quote entire bible of
months later they received a letter from their mother is said milton the house you built me is way too big gerald the car you me is way too small but my dearest dung you're simple gift is my favorite that chick was delicious say it like you mean it this is above all i am what it says i have what it says i have i can do it says i can do today we talk the word of god our boldly confessed my mind is alert my heart receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you own it to you today about not relying on people when people believe in us cheer ass on make us feel valuable we love when our spouse compliments us friend desire to give encouragement are
her stays late to help us on a project god use is people to help move us toward our destiny but here's the key you can't become so dependent on people there getting your worth in value out of how they treat you it's easy to become addicted to compliments addicted to encouragement addicted to them cheering you are now you rely on them to keep you feeling good about yourself to always either to validate you to make you feel approved lack a drug if they don't keep you fixed meet all your expectations you get discouraged feeling your work over time to try to win their approval the problem is you're trying to get from people what only god can give you weren't you value doesn't come from another person it comes from you creator
if you rely on people you'll be disappointed people will let you down we'll get busy and not be there when you need it sometimes people even turn on you in the script peter was jesus close friend there were we each other day and night when jesus needed peter the most when he was about to be crucified peter denied that he even new christ jesus could have been upset god i don't understand why was it for in there for me he would have missed his destiny quit relying on people what they do don't do doesn't determine you're worth what i give you are don't give you cannot stop your purpose god read his life into you he is crowned you with his favour quit waiting for people to approve you and start approve your people may not encourage you you can encourage yourself people may not make
feel special you can make yourself special much the most time gone i know i'm crowned with favor i'm of a masterpiece you'll have better relationships if you'll start valid yourself you always do ending on somebody else you committee a burden waiting for other people to keep you fix cannot tell you your friends family members they have enough problems their own they have enough issues that their dealing with two not come home and have to work can you put three hours that's not only hurting you it's unfair to the p oh god put in your lie there not respond both for your happiness there not responsible to keep you cheered i don't put that extra pressure on learn to receive you value your self worth from your heavenly father if you're basing that offer what people give you then if they
in their mind if they stop doing it you'll feel devalued but when you go to god for it nobody can take it away is dependent or how somebody tree to how they make you feel how many compliments they give you its depended on the fact did you a child of almighty god and you know he has already approved you that's where you getting your value we'll jewel parents didn't raise me ride i didn't have good childhood must files compliments me my boss didn't give the credit that deserve i say this respectfully if you didn't get it you didn't needed they can't stop your destiny what they say or do cannot override gods plain for your lie shake the negativity that person that walked away did you wrong made hurtful comments shake off the disrespect
don't believe the lives that you're not talented enough attractive enough good enough they don't determine your value they can't lessened yourself worth the old power people have over you is the power that you give them jesus had all kinds of people come against him politicians legislators haters critics trying to discredit him make him feel inferior calls him to give up he could have taken the bay thought i must not be to special listen what they're saying look at it their treating me but jim has understood this principle he knew value didn't come from people it came from his heavenly father he said to them in john chapter five your approval or approval means nothing to me he was saying i don't need your approval to feel good about myself have to have your encouragement your support to keep me moving forward paul
said it this way in the libyans i am self sufficient in christ sufficiency not our own story but when we know the query of the universe lives in us he's equipped us impact where does anointed ass we can put our shoulders back hold our knowing that if god approves us we don't have to have people's approval this goodwill people encourage us when tourists on what i'm saying is don't become dependent on them if somebody is not given you what you expect there validating you are so you can vote nature so you can prove yourself you self sufficient in christ sufficiency you can feel good about who you are no one that god hand picture created you in his image put seeds of greatness on the inside what am i saying you don't need
somebody else's praise you don't have to have people's applause you have the applause from the one who matters most from the god who folk whirls into existence i'd his applause than peoples of large well if i could convince this person to like me they know a lot of people then maybe some new doors would open scripture says promotion doesn't come from people it comes from the law god knows where all the opportunities are he can make things happen for you without you haven't i vince somebody like you you don't have to play up to people taught a win their favor if they don't be your friend it's their loss and not yours do yourself a favor and keep moving forward there are not a part of your destiny god has divine connections people here already land there are already in your future sometimes the real
and people dont give us what we need is because they don't have it nobody gave it to them they didn't see it model growin up if they we re showing affection with people expressing feelings good to each other the problem is they don't have it to gear if you're trying to get it from them you're going to be frustrated would you let them off the hook and god for what they can't give you here's the can god has it all if you'll learn this principle to not rely on people but to go him for your encouragement for your approval for yourself were then you what lives stressed out because somebody is not giving you what you expect if nobody complementing you you can complement yourself get up the more look at yourself in the mere good morning you good looking thing call it by thank god cause you a masterpiece say what
it says about you i'm strong unhealthy i'm one of a kind of highly favoured you have to build your cell in car yourself complement yourself you cannot rely on your spouse your parents your coat you teach you you pay they may meanwhile they couldn't the anymore but no person meet all of your needs only god came view just look into people s finally you going to become resentful better start hold that against them it will sound the relationship and the truth is is not their fault maybe they have issues they could be do do in better in areas but if you're not rely people instead go to god then you won't be depended on what somebody does if not giving you what you need and that was the only way to get it they would come your destiny guy
didn't design the plan for your life and say ok it's all depended on if these other p do what's right if agent roger cheerio and they never let you down god put everything you need within your power instead of us live in media me why don't they complement me while if they be my friend the right attitude is nobody owes me anything i don't have to have people's credit their applause their support their compliment i am self sufficient i know where to go for everything that i need my father was raised very poor on a cotton farm during the great depression he didn't enough food hardly any clothes a limited education is a very rough child at the age of seventeen my dad gave his life to christ and he left the farm and went out and started ministry year later when he was in his forties become a successful minister he started thinking about
he was raised and all the things he had to endure he wondered why his parents didn't give him up childhood why he had to go without food and without a good education all these negative memories filled his mind and he started thinking that wasn't right they should have done better they did give me what i need it not so stirred up about it he was about to travel back to his parents home town and confront his parents and tell them what he thought just before he left he heard something on the inside saying did you wrong didn't he said yeah they sure did it say it wasn't fair was it they didn't give you what you need he answered no i wasn't there you go let them haven't you ever more let them have it then the voice said how do you think you would have done if you would have been in their shoes with no income with the banks closing with nobody to bother
cotton with six children to raise no alike city no washing machines no modern day conveniences that conversation change my father's perspective he realized his parents did the best they could which what they couldn't give him what they didn't have why don't you let the people in your life off the hook maybe they did the best they could they may have made decisions that you don't understand feels like it puts you disadvantage but you didn't have to walk in their shoes maybe nobody gave them what they needed to give to you bottom line nobody owes you anything god is keep in all the records he has seen everything that happened in the injustice the bad breaks the person that you're wrong those people cannot pay you back they cannot make your whole only god
he said he would give you beauty for the ashes he would pay you back double for the unfair things that have happened quit look into people to make it up you could try to get somebody to apologize to it they were wrong give you what they don't have you'll go to god he ll bring it out better human the rest of your life more rewarding more filling than it would have been if that happened have happened in the first place this what my father did he go he realized his parents couldn't him what they didn't have daddy deliver want blessed prosperous successful lie when you let people off the hook quit trying to make them perform born perfectly and keep you not only were their life be better joe relationships will improve now how good of a person is they can't give you everything that you need
i realize i kept me everyone a victorious needs i can do my best i can complement her encourage her tweet her with respect but i'm human i have laws shortcomings if she just looks to me she'll be disappointed but if you look to god you'll never be disappointing no person has a hundred percent i've heard it said in a relationship the most the other person will have is eighty percent what you need there will always be twenty percent that they don't have to give you the mist we make is we leave the eighty two go find it we in somebody else the problem is that next person will be missing twenty percent as well
i know some of you think you're my wife is missing a lot more than twenty percent think of it this way if she had more she wouldn't married you i'm thinking with the ladys part of the twenty percent that are missing torreon needs is i don't like to talk a lot see me up here and i seem out going but in private a more quiet in reserve small talk is not one of my favorite things and yes home we talk and laugh and have fun together but big torreon her family they can talk for were they enjoy each other we were having lunch one time at our house with all of her family and you'll have to about thirty minutes when i had finished eating i asked to be excused and i went to the back in what's the football game three and a half hours later i came back and they were still sitting at the table nobody how so may i ask them to john go somewhere
of course it wouldn't go anywhere said what are you talking about victoria said nothing they talk about nothing longer than anybody i know but the key to a good relationship is to read it the other person strengths and weaknesses give them room to be who they are protracted school he's them into your mouth but i appreciate about victorious he didn't say you come in here and visit with us for three and a half hours i'll get up there i'll give you that children recognizes that's part of the twenty percent that i dont have i thank god every day i didn't get it but victoria she does trotter squeeze me into her mall and even more importantly she doesn't trying to get something from me that i don't have if you're relying on another person tat meet all your needs and become every
thing in your life you're going to be disappointed you have to let them off the hook sometimes god will let us go through seasons we're we're not getting we expect from people own purpose he'll have them with hold it teach us to not rely on another person but to get our encouragement are ah you are worth from him not for started ministry backing ninety nine i was very insecure very sure must have i'd never done it my dad had that heart attack and to be with the lord and i stepped up to pass through the church now we're so concerned about what people thought was good enough where they going to accept me the services when i talk with visitors and different people i lived off of people's compliments that was good today i really enjoyed those comments we're locked water to a thirsty so let's get my
prove my validation from people and no god uses it to keep us going keepers moving but at some point a mother wean a baby offer bottle so the child can grow up it is going to win you off having to have people's compliments people's applause it mean it's never going to happen it means you're going to to a place where you're not dependent on someone else cheering you on so you and feel good about yourself you're not dependent on them complementing you in keeping you encourage it's nice to hear but you develop this self sufficient you dont rely on people for their approval you go to god for your approval the first year did i say administering it lakewood every time i got up to speak people would cheer for me they were encouraging very loyal and supportive every time i walked off the platform victoria
a that was amazing today you did so could have been the worst message in the world can always count on her to tell me it was good sometimes she was lying but i needed it back then one day i just finished my message about a year in walked off the platform and victoria didn't say a word i stood there and waited and why paper plenty of opportunity still nothing i thought wish you just preoccupied thinking about something else i went out to visit with the visitors and talk with different people not one person complimented me my sermon usually every other person says something just being polite i thought they were playing a trickle me i left there so discouraged i got home a little dog can hear our car company she's always at the back door so happy to see me jumping up all me opened the door dog wasn't even their october two thousand
she looked up at me play open your eyes like it's issue closer close back to sleep god will use your dog given the work on you lookin now i realize god was teaching me to not rely what people think they have to have their applause and their approval if i had not learned that back then i wouldn't be standing here today but the higher god takes you there be more disapproval more opposition bore critics if you're basing your work and value on how fuller treating you how much our children you on and you're trying to keep all of them happy you're never become everything god created you debate in those early years her one negative comment it ruined my whole sunday i'd go home discourse thinking that i didn't do good enough but now that i've been weaned
that bottles so to speak i hear something negative doesnt me i realise as long as i'm doing my best honor god i don't have to have people's i have almighty god approval here's the thing you're never going to keep everyone happy quit trying to please people when you come to the end of your life you are not stand before people and give an account you're going stand before god he's not going to say did you keep everyone happy did you please all your family did you have the support from your coworkers he's going to ask did you fulfil my purpose for your life did you run your rice did you find your assignment maybe like with me you're not getting from people what you use to the compliments the support the encouragement instead of being frustrated have a new perspective god is growing you up he's getting you
prepared for the next level of your destiny the less you depend on people there stronger your spiritual muscles are going to become and the higher you're going to go in judges chapter seven the media nights join forces with two other armies they cost the jordan river and we're about to attack the israelites gideon put out a call to all of his men thirty two thousand israeli war warrior showed up ready to giddy was feeling good he had a large army to protect the people of israel they marched out toward those enemies god said to him in verse to gideon you have too many people with you if you win the battle you'll think you did it in your own story got instructed him to tell everyone that won't leave anyone that was afraid they could go back home twenty who thousand men turned away
laughed he lost two thirds of his army i'm sure gideon go and said god did you see what just happened godsend yes i thought but gideon you still have too many people god told gideon to take those remaining thousand men down to get a drink was to divide them into two groups every man put his mouth to the water and drank that was one group the second group was the man who cut their hands and brought the water to their mouths nine thousand seven hundred men put them out of the water that was the group that was to go home only three hundred men drink it the other way his army went from thirty two thousand two three hundred i can imagine gideon thank god competent with thirty two thousand as a little worried with ten thousand but god three hundred men this is impossible
was saying gideon you'd need everyone that you think you need your depends on too many people god saying that to us you dont need all of your co workers to support you you don't have to have all your friends and family members cheering you on his two key the list few depend on people the great the anointing in your life when you're not depending on someone else hoping that they'll help you thinking there the saviour then god these his favor in your life in a great away giddy went out with those three hundred men one percent of he started with god supernaturally help them defeat those armies were much bigger and much more equipped in the same way god is to give you victories where the odds were the against do you know
you could accomplish your goal if you had to support the connections you could overcome that obstacles if you had the strongest players the best people on your legal team god is saying don't worry about it you don't have to have all those people you and god or a majority therefore is that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you how quit our just trainee if they just get behind me if you're quit depending on people the anointing will increase in your own life yola com more with less hell with less people because the gods favour on your line are you frustrated because you don't think you have enough support have this new perspective the great sport in the universe is breathing in your direction right now are you scores because people are not giving you what they used to its because god glowing you quit trying to get from people would only
god can give go to him for your value yourself work for your encouragement if you start passing these test not rely on people you're not only live more confident more secure but i believe and declare like gideon you go overcome obstacles that looked insurmountable accomplish dream it seemed impossible and reached the fullness of your desk in jesus name maybe we're save it can you say that we never like to close our broadcast without giving you and opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just lord jesus i repeat of my sins come to my heart you're my lord and saved principally pray that simple prayer we believe you got again get in the bible base charge keep god first place he's gonna take you
is that you ve never dream as you bring your support of our ministry this month joel in victoria we'd like to send you a copy of jewels new three message series victory in the storm in this new series you learn you don't have to stay stuck in defeat when the winds and storms come you have the power to stay strong regardless what comes against you request your copy of victory in the storm today a joke roosting dot com or com eighty eight five six seven joel we can't control everything that happens to us but we can control how we respond in difficult times when i had to get upset we can stay in peace knowing that god promised all things are going to work out for our good that difficulty is not going to defeat you it's going to promote you request this resource it will help you live the victorious life that belongs to you
several years ago i was diagnosed with what's called a goiter that's an extremely enlarged thyroid it was the size of both of my surgeon's fixed i had to have surgery and he told me i'd never sing again and i felt hopeless but you know what this ministry teaches us that we never victims but we are always victor's and that is what gave me the hope and the faith to be able to press on i had that surgery but now i'm singing like i could before and my life has never been the same
is changing lives thank you so much for your prayer and your generosity you would like to partner with us to take hope around the world would love to have you do it go to the website and find out how i pray for you and your family every day two thousand and seventeen is going to be a blessed year for you to keep believing keep expecting we just declare right now you're going to have a blessed prosperous week we love you very much until next time god bless you
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