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Dropped But Not Forgotten

2019-11-20 | 🔗
In this encouraging message, Joel will teach you about how God used King David to restore a forgotten royal family member who knew what it was like to be dropped, abandoned and ashamed. Discover how God restored him to more than he could ever ask or dream and be inspired to believe in exciting, new beginnings in your own life!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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hide this a jole and victoria banks for downloading our pod cas we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave in surmo make cure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and helps keep the ministry going enjoyed the message god bless you it's always a joy to come into your polems and if you're every our area please ston't bind be a part of one of our services i'll promise you will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tune in mhe in and thank you again for coming out to day i like to stak with something funny about this cat and mouse that died on the same day and went to heaven after a few weeks saint peter saw the mow and ask him how he liked it he said always great but it's so big
lub to get some rollers scates peter said no problem got him some rollers gates vew wech later peter saw the cat ask him how he liked it he's ait always fantastic and just when i thought it couldn't get any better id just got the meals on wheels put up your bible say you mean it this is my bible i am says i am i have it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god i boldly this my mind is alert my heart is receptive h never be the same in je dismay god bless you i want to talk to you today about dropped but not forgotten we all go through situations where life is not fair i met a man last week he had just be laid off after twenty five years with the same company he felt betrayed alone forgotten like he'd been dropped a friend of my
his father was killed in an accident when he two years old all through school he used to think why does everybody else have a dad but i don't there was an emptiness on the inside dropped as a little boy sometimes other people's porch ses have a negative effect on us maybe you were raised in an unhealthy environment now you are still struggling with the same addictions same depression saying anger it keeps getting past down some people had been mistreated taken advantage of now they have to deal with guilt shame feeling they don't measure up it wasn't even their fall somebody else drop them have learned can't live very long without being dropped drop thyn illness dropped drop my divorce drop by friend that turns on you is eetes get discors and thing ma'anm this is my lot in life is never going to change oh you may have been dropped
but the good news is god knows how to pick you back up david said god lifted me out of the pit and set my feet upon a rock david had been dropped by rejection dropped by people an against him drought by his own mistakes and failures but god said and effect david don't worry that drop is not the end that bad break that person hit hurts you betn ediction that sickness is the end of your story you may have been dropped but you need to get ready god is about to lift you he's to set you on a higher place he's going to take you where you could not go on your
on to a new level with new opportunities new friendships new joy new health ne fulfilment you're not going to come aft the same way the scripture talks about how god will pay us back double for the unfair things that have happened when you go through a disappointment when yo get dropped don't get bitter don't get discouraged get ready for double get ready for increase get for favor get ready for new levels for ince god has not forgotten about you he has seen every tear you've shed every hurt every lonely night every person that's done you wrong is a god of justice he till the israelites when they were in slavery being mistreated taken advantage of i am coming down to deliver you
he was saying i'm coming down to pick you backu i'm coming down to bring justice notice what causes god to get off the throne what causes the creator of the universe to stop what he's doing and take action is he sees you being mistreated when god sees that injustice he doesn't sit back and say well too bad no he says that's my son that's my daughter most prized possession they'vde been dropped now got to get up and do something about it when god goes to work all the forces of darkness cannot stop him people can't stop him bad brighte scan't stop and sickniss gain dtop him god will make your wrongs ri ho'll pay you back for the trouble he'll get you to what you're supposed to be but the truth is we all get dropped in life and it's ease feel alone forgotten like you don't matter but don't believe those
god sid in isaiah i will not forget you i have carved you into the palm of my hand every time god opens his hand he sees your name he's reminded of you you may have had some bad breaks some closed doors some people come against you but god has not forgotten about your dreams he is not forgotten about the promises that he's given you he didn't forget about that baby you want to have their husband or wife you ve been pray and about that wholeness that healing that freedom that you need stay in fate life happens too all of us you may get dropped but remember it's only temporary gods s it he's not only going to lift you back up but he's going to set you on a higher place you going to come out better off than you were bef this is what happened to a young man in the scripture name be thibashi y
the grandson of king saul and the son of jonathan he was born into royalty destined to one day take the throne his future wasvery very bright there's a child you being raised by loving nurses people that treated him with great kindness made sure to meet his every need they knew they were dealing with the future king but when he was five years old his father and his grandfather king saul were both killed in a battle news messengers rushed tem u pitheshev's house to tell them the terrible news and to inform them that the arm was on their way to try to wipe out all of king solves relatives a nurse picked up little in the if in a great panic took off running out of the house fast as she could she was trying to save his life she had good intentions trying to help the young boy
but on the way down the stairs she tripped and dropped m phibashi both of his legs were broken he became crippled and could never walk again whom the febesha had not done anything wrong wasn't his fault yet he's happene to pay the price for somebody else's mistake does it seem fair sometimes in life well meaning people can drop you they didn't mean to hurt you they made a mistaye said some things that they shouldn't have or they worked all the time struggling to make ins meet they weren't there when you really needed them perhaps they had bad habits and dictions passed down to them now they're passing them on down to yeu they weren't bad people they had our best interest at heart but like this nurse they dropped us we can become cripple
with low self esteem crippled with addictions crippled with depression even though my favorite ship was the grandson of the keen even though he had royalty in his blood he ended up living in a place called load a bar that was one of the poorest most run down cities of that day after year went by i'm he thought nobody remembers me i used to be somebody important somebody that was respected used to be excited about my future i had big dreams but look at me now i'm a crippled i can't e walk i'm living in the slums nobody cares about me i don't have any friends and it wasn't even my fault somebody else dropped me he felt alone forgotten like it would never change but here's the beauty
nothing goes unnoticed with our god god saw his father killed and taken away at a young age odsaw the well meaning nurse drop in god saw his normal legs that could run and jump and play instantly becoming crippled god all the despair the poverty the lack that he was living in god didn't say wil ma pibashep you got some bad breaks to find you a more sure footed nurse next time she really missed your lipa no god a febership i have not forgotten about you i've got you carved into the palm of hand you're always on my mind yes you have been dropped but that bad break is not the end i am a god of justice i am going to pay you back or as one day king david was on the throne of israel sitting the palace
minding his own business when all of a sudden he felt this desire to be good to some of soul relativesd this is unusual to saul was the one that tried to kill david he was the one that chased david through the wilderness and made his life miserable yet david said in second samuel nine is there any one left from the of saul that i might kindness to why would david want to be and of one of his enemies that was god whispering in david's ear giving him a desire to be good to some one that had been dropped god can make things happen that you could never make happan your own you may say your aonstuck i've had these bad breaks i'll never accomplish my dreams never get out of this mess never be fulfilled no you need to get ready your time is coming god is about to whisper
in somebody's ear to be good to you you didn't deserve it you couldn't earn it but for no reason somebody gives you a good wife somebody off o the job somebody gives you the contract somebody steps up and solves the problem for you don't get discouraged just this is coming restoration is coming new beginnings are on their way when david asked if any of saul's relatives were still alive his assistant said we se and searched there's only one grandson laughed it's the ofjonathan jonathan his name my but he's crippled can't even walk david no use in your time with him he's never going to amount to anything they tried to talk david out of david said no you go find him right now and bring him to the palace febeship was living in hiding in exile
en that nobody knew that he was related to king saul after all saw had not treated david right imagine what the people when they saw these officials from the palace wearing their roral uniforms show up in a tabar in start searching through the slums for this cripple man named o bevasher whole city was stirring buzzing with excitement word finally reach mfa that people were there from the palace he what in the world are they doing here in load a bar of all places they said matvey bashir they're looking for you his heart skip debate he thought all men my luck is onow they finally found me they're ging to get rid of me the officials ae
bursting in said the finishing get up and come with us you been summoned by the king the problem is more feeble couldn't walk they had to carry him to the palace they travelled hour after hour finally arrived and told king david that he was there david went out to meet me thibashe he was expect to see someone that look like king saul his grandfather so good hidden and shoulders above the rest saw looked like a king he had a presence that commanded respect saul walked like he loyalty here's his grandson now david is expecting some kind of resemblance but when david opens the door and sees ma phibership on the ground frail emaciated legs shrivelled up hair not combed clothes dirty david said to h
sisted are you sure this is the grandson of the king are you sure this man is royalty they said yes sir we are certain david looks at him since my favorite chef what happened to you a favor ship d look at david he was too insecure to afraid too embarrass he said king david when i was five years old and my father and grandfather were killed somebody dropped me and my life has never been the same that could have been the end of this ory david thought well too bad for you you should have seen how your grandfather treated me i don't feel sorry for you one bit you get in your family deserve the is there on the ground afraid trimly thinking that it's the inn david smiles and says ma don't worry i'm not going to harm you i'm going to be good to you from now on your
going to live in load you nto live in the palace with me i'm going to give you all the land that belonged your grandfather king saul you not to go out and have to work it and farm te land i'm going to give you a full stae form the land for you and give you the propets they'll do all the work and you'll reap all the benefits last thing that the fibbership every night you will always sit at my table and have dinner with me not with my sare not with my military leaders now you have a permanent seat at the king's table maybe the day like mapibashif you feel like he been dropped had a bad break a loss were tweeted rite it be easy to settle there be discouraged not expect anything good nor you need to get ready you're about to be summoned to the pal god is about to pay you back not
what should have been yours god is going to give you what belonged to your forefathers it's be far and beyond favor you didn't have to work for it it's just the goodness of god paying you back bringing stice you may not see how it can happen but god has the right people he can speak to about you he's softening the right heart god's going to pay you back for an unfair childhood pay you back for the person that did you wrong pay you back for that baby you couldn't have don't sit around and self pity there's a seat at the king's table waiting for you god has already prepared it your name on it it's a seat of favor a seat of healig a seat of restoration a seat of increase friend have royal blood in your veins the
ta god breathed his life into you he is destined you to live in the palace that means a place of blessing a place of wholeness place of honor a place of victory now don't settle for lodabar don't get comfortable sir obbing enduring barely getting by we'll jewel up had a lot o bad breaks my life hasn't turned out to where i thought that may be true but that didn aint who you are still royalty you saw that crown of favor you still the dna of almighty god get this down in your spirit it's payback time people tried to push yo down the gods about to push you back up
our consensus may have dropped to but god is called the glory in the lifting of our here there is about to be some lifting some things that you could not make happen the favor of god opening up new doors causing people to be good to you pay your back for that injustice what interesting is me phiveshiff never did get healed he continued to be a crippled the rest his life it could have seend like this story doesn't have a good indie but i've learned that if god doesn't remove the difficulty if he doesn't totally turn it around god will make it up to you you may have lost a loved one you can't bring that person back but god can make the of your life so rewarding so fulfilling that it will help take away that pain or perhaps somebody walked out of a relationship broke your
did you wrong god can bring somebody new into your life isso so loving so kind so good kin so well off you don't even miss that 'll that left you om in that person at left you god knows how to pay you back m viversef never walked again but sitting the king's table every night having people wait on him bring his food form his land give him the profits for some reason i don't think he ever complained all he could say was lord thank you for memberan me thank you for your favour thank him for your mercy when god overwhelms you with his goodness when he brings it out with double you won't complain about who hurts you and what didn't work ot how unfair it was you will be so amazed that god remembered you and from did you and had people to care
would you couldn't go in your own like me tibashi all you'll be able to do is thank god for his goodness in your thut this releas em her husband cabin they for many years to have a baby with no success and least a wit all the fertility treatments and had a couple surgeries even but still no baby finally the doctors told her that she would never be able to have a child nd other people have had that ame negative report but against all odds they've had a baby anyway we've all seen god make a way where there was no way but for lisa an kevin it didn't happen lisa could have felt like she had been dropped in fertility but god is a god of justice like mhe fevership if it doesn't turn out your way god will make it up to you one day out of the blue lisa received a fhone call from a we know in another state that
na ministry that helps ten age girls this light is at least in kevin i've got a young lady about to give birth to twins something told me that i should call you to see if you would be interested in adopting these babies when lise and kevin heard that something leaped on the inside they knew those babies were supposed to be theirs they ended up adopting them few years later adopted a baby boy today they have three amazing teenage aites as happy as convey lisa said here's how good god is i have three children and i never had to get pregnant one time god will make it up to you but pimosieu was summoned to the palace but he couldn't get the on his own he had to be carried to the palace each night it then
he couldn't get to his seat by himself he had to be carried to his seat you may think you'll i never gon accomplish my dreams i'm crippled i've got this sickness this addiction this depression that i'm dealing with no wind you can't get there on your own god will always have somebody there to carry you you're not alone you're not forgotten god has it in the palm of his hand and god is not looking down at you because you're still crippled so to speak you're still struggling with some issues god all the times you've been dropped you didn't go down by yourself and you're not going to come up by yourself god already lined up the right people to carry you to encourage you to help you do what you could not do in your when jesus was carrying the cross on his way
be crucified he was so weak so exhausted he fell down under the weight of the cross he couldn't yet any more there was a man named simon that just so happened to be there he picked up the cross and carried it the rest of the way for jesus the poine is you don't have to be strong all time even jesus fell down under the weight of the cross good news he is the always be simon there for you somebody to help you somewhat encourage of somebody to get you to where you're supposed to be on the crosth even jesus felt alone forgotten he was so stressed that he sweat great drops of blood at one point he cried out my god why have you forsaken me he was saying god have been dropped it looked like the end but the me never has the final say god does three days later jesus
was sitting at the king's table the vigtor not the victom frind god is a god of justice when you don't have the strength to move forward on your own don't worry god will have angels to carry you god is not going to let you stay in load he's going to keep working move beingrestoring restoring speaking to the right people until he gets you to your seat at the king's table dinner is not complete without you there you may have been dropped had bad breaks yo fell broken crippled put to day you're being summoned to the table we need your presence we need your gifts we need your smile you jo your laughter not push down not half hearted no this is a new day as they are said god will give you the oil of gladness instead of mourning a crown of be
instead of ashes a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness there's too much heaviness our world people are letting circumstances and distress of lie pushed them down i believed to day god is breathing new hope into your heart the gladness is ingand the sadness is leaving the heaviness is going and joy is on its way your life e's going to be filled with a new laughter the scripture calls it why unspeakable full of glory years ago there was a young man in south korea that was dying from tuberculosis one lung had already collapsed as he lay on his bed at home waiting to die he was in so much pain then he started calling out to his different gods one by one he cried out to this god please come and help me no answer he called out
another god please won't you help me still not an answer again and again and again finally in desperation he said if any god up there anywhere i don't ask you to heal me i just ask you to show me how to die he was alone felt forgotten dropped by life threatening illness no fault of his own you wouldn't think that god would have anything to do with him he wasn't a believer he doesn't come our same fate but the scripture says call on the name of the lord and he will answer you say call if you come to church call if you know the scripture call if you live the right cand alive no any one is welcome to call there's a seat at the king's table waiting for you a few hours later a college student walking through his we felt what
described as an inexplainable love drawing her to that house she went over and knocked on the door his there are answered the young lady said i know this is odd you don't know me but is there anything that can pray with you about his mother began to weep told how her son was on his death bed in the back bedroom the young lady went back and prayed for her son that day he gay his life to christ long story short god healed him he went on become doctor david youngi cho the past of the largest church in the world there in south korea friend god has not forgotten about you you may be dealing with an illness a loss a bad right you feel like like his dropped you you need to get ready god is about to lift you not bring you out the same he's going to
you on a higher place bring you out better off than you were before it's payback time god is about to make some things up to you he's already spoken to the right people to come find you with heali with encouragement with blessing like my favorite believe and declare you come into the palace the place of here the place of blessing the place of abundance you will take your seat at the king's table and become everything god's queer you to be in jesus name if you receive it can you say me to day and we never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of youlie would you pray with me just say lord jesus a hit of my sins come into my heart am k yor my lord and saviour s if you prayed that simple prayer we believe born again get in a good bye
baste church keep god first place he's going to take your place that you've never dreamed hat you for listening to the jowe os dean podcast helpesh continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit a steam dot com flash give hope to give a gift thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wink for imfor ye i know god's best is still ahead we'll see him next time
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