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Even Now Faith

2019-12-18 | 🔗
Martha's dynamic declaration to Jesus in John 11:22, “But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask," will help you, along with this inspiring message, to develop “even now” faith. All it takes is one touch of God’s favor! It’s time to get your faith back!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you, I hope, you'll leave. Inspire, makes you use them scribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is less always enjoy that come into your homes and if you ever- our area. Please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you it will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much for tuna in. Thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something funny- and I heard about this scientist
He said the God we decided. We no longer need you. We can clone people transplant hearts, do all kinds of things once considered, miraculous cuts it. What s fine, but to prove that you don't need me. Let's have man making contest. The only requirement is you have to make man out of dirt. The scientists said late. He reached down quickly, they get a handful of dirt, God said not so go get your own dump fair. Like you made it, this is my Bible. I am It says I have what it says: Do what it says I can do today. We talked the word of God are boldly confess. My mind is alert Heart is receptive. I will know be the same. Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about
even now faith. We all face situations that look like there never going to work out. We don't see how we could get well, how we can get out a dead, how we could accomplish a dream. It's been too long. The odds are against us. Too often we settle where we are, and just set the fact that hey, it wasn't meant to be in the scripture. There's a lady, nay Martha that face one of these impossible situations. Her brother Lazarus was extremely sick. Martha in her sister Mary were very close to Jesus, so they sent word for Jesus to come. There house and pray for Lazarus would Jesus was in another city and he kept getting delayed a day went by Martha said to her assistant. Did you tell Jesus? It was me asking for the assistant said. Yes, I told him, it was you. What did you tell him? It was an emergency. Yes, I told him it was urged now the day we
by their waiting in waiting. Night falls, still no sign of Jesus. They wake up early. The next morning, looking out the windows, No one that any moment Jesus would arise. After all, it's been three days since they first asked for him every hour. That goes by their getting more and more upset where is he? I can't understand, what's taken him so long? Finally, their worst nightmare comes true: Lazarus died, there distraught upset, they just lost their brother to make matters worse. They knew that there FR in Jesus could have healed Lazarus. They had seen him open, blind eyes cure the lepers turn water into wine. It would have been no big deal for Jesus to heal their brother for days.
Lazarus had died. Jesus showed up knocked on the front door said here. I am. What can I do for you? Has it ever seem, like God, showed up too late? You prayed, you believed, but the problem didn't turn round. The medical report wasn't good the business didn't.
Martha was crying. She went up to him and said Jesus. If you would have been here sooner, my brother wouldn't have died. She was saying Jesus. How could you do this to us where you friends, we hang out together? We have you over for dinner. The least you could do is show up when we have an emergency. Martha could have turned and walked away bitter angry complaining. That would be the end of the story. We wouldn't be talking about it today, but in that dark season, when it looked like it was too late to far gone, Martha did something extremely significant. It's a key to seeing negative, Situations turn around. She said if you would have been here sooner. He wouldn't have died, but I know even now, whatever you ass, God will do it for you
notice. Those two simple words. Even now it looks impossible, but even now you can turn it around. He's been dead for four days, but even now can raise him backer. I dont see away, but even now you can make a way there will be times in life like with Martha. You have to have even now faith God. The medical report doesn't look good, but believe. Even now you can hear me. My business is hanging by thread, but even now you can prosper me. My marriage looks like it's over, but even now you can restore me when it looks impossible. The odds are against you. You don't see how it could work don't complain, don't get bitter, dig your heels in and have this even now, thank God. Even now you can turn my child around head addiction for years, but even now you can set me free.
Then believe and to have a baby. The medical report says it's not going to happen, but God I'm bold enough to believe like Martha. That even now, in spite of how long you been spotter. What I've been told in spite of what I feel I know you have. The final say: you control the Universe Nothin's too hard for you may not see away, but I know you have a way when you have this even now faith. God will move Heaven and earth to do what he promised. Whatever you think is too far gone. The dreams you ve, given up on the promises you let go of God is saying I can still bring them to pass. I can still restored the relationship. I can still prosper you.
Put you into overflow. I can still give you the desires of your heart. I know a young lady name, Vanessa, she's, a medical doctor that attends here in years back she started experiencing terrible pain in her joints. It got so bad. She could hardly stand. She ended up having surgery on her knees, but unfortunately it didn't help it continued to get worse. She got to the place where she was so crippled. She had to walk with a cane when she would come to church. It would take her forty five minutes to walk from the parking lot to her seat in the auditorium during the week. She would get up at three o clock in the morning to start getting her joints Lucinda, so she could be at work at eight. This was a gene that had been in her family land. They kept getting passed down. Her father had the same illness in his early twenties. He died from come.
Occasions of it at forty three, her grandmother was a pair police. You had the same problem. It looked like this was Vanessa destiny. She could a thought hey too bad for me is in my dna. Can't do anything about this. No Vanessa was like Martha. She had this even faith. Her attitude was even though it looks impossible, Even though medical science says there's nothing, they can do even though headed and grandmother had it. This is a new day. The bookstore with me, god I believe, even now, in spite of what's been passed down in spite of what the experts have told me, I know you made my body, you correct. What's wrong, you said you would restore health into me and he'll me of my wounds. It didn't happen overnight, but little by little she kept getting better and better and better today, she's perfectly
healthy and whole chicken walk without pain, and without that came you don't have to the live with things that keep getting passed down Would you ever body in my family is depressed? Maybe so, but you can be the turning point Why don't you run up and say God, I believe, even now, you're free and me from this depression? when you do that, the creator of the universe Breeze in your direction, he dispatches angels you'll, feel a strength, a joy of freedom that you didn't have before addictions may have been passed down to you. You can't do anything about it. Part, but you can put an end to it, god I believe even right now, you are free me from these addictions. Joel my family were poor defeated. We never get me bright outcome from the wrong side of the tracks. No there's! No such thing is the wrong side of the tracks. The most tat God breeds his life
kinda, you he's crowned you with his favor. He put seeds of greatness on the inside, don't accept lack in defeat as your destiny. It may have been that way in the past, but God raised you work to put an end to it. You're the difference maker Your attitude should be God. I wanna thank you that even now you're prospering me. Even now. You are opening up new doors, bring an opportunity, divine connections increase across my pants he's an even now God, but you have to have this even now. Faint here's why
God meets us at the level of our expectations. If you don't expect to get well, did you won't get? Well? If you don't expect to accomplish your dreams, you don't expect to overcome the addiction to be free from that depression. Then you'll get stuff where you are. Why don't you take the limits, offer, God dare to say like Martha God, I don't see how this can happen in the natural. My brother's been dead for four days. He's all in the two. In other words, the medical report says I won't get whale businesses slow. My marriage is on the rock, but God, I believe. Even now, in spite of how bad it looks in spite of the set backs up suffered, I know your power is greater than any power that trying to stop me. You said: what's Mitt from my harm, you would use to my vanity. So what I want to thank you that I'm not only come now that I'm coming out better
Even now fate says. I still believe, even though the medical report is not I still believe that my children will be mighty in the lane. Still believe that only a debt free pay off my house and be a blessing to others. Do you believe that all accomplished my dreams build that orphanage start my business step into the fullness of my destiny? This is what most dear when he and the Israelites came to a dead end at the Red Sea. They had nowhere to go
Pharoah and his army was quickly closing in it looked like they would easily be captured and returned as slaves. But Moses didn't panic. He didn't complain. He understood this principle. He said God, it looks impossible, but I know even now you can deliver us. He held up the rod, the Red Sea parted. They went through on dry ground how bout Abraham God gave him the promise that he would have a baby. He and his wife. Sarah we're way too. Almost eighty. This would defy the laws of nature I can hear Abraham every morning got all the odds are against us. It's not possible in the natural, God I believe, And now you can give us this baby spotter how all we are in spite of
our natural reasoning, is telling us you can make away one day when there were almost two hundred years old, they had that baby. The promised came to pass. My sister LISA was born with something like cerebral Palsy, The doctors told my parents that she would most likely never be able to walk or to talk, but she would not constitute twenty four hour care and, of course my parents were devastated. They never dreamed they'd be dealing with an unhealthy baby, but they didn't get bitter. They didn't stop complaining. They did what I'm asking you to do this God. This doesn't look possible in the natural medical science says that she will be disabled, but God we know you can do what medicine cannot do.
Even now, we believe you can heal our God and again like Vanessa. It didn't happen instantly, but LISA kept getting better and better, and today she's is healthy, as can be one of the minister, Cyril their seventy seven years all still going strong, but you know I think about how different life would be if my parents would have just accepted it thought it to be. This is our lot in life now, if you want to step into the fullness of your destiny, if you're going to overcome these challenges, see the greatness of God's favour. You ve gotta, have this even now faint. When it looks impossible God. I know you can do the impossible. We need see a gotta know still have away when you, natural reasoning is telling it is never going to work out God. I know you're a supernatural God it significant that Jesus waited for days to go, pray for Lazarus.
I knew he was sick. In fact, Jesus knew he was going to die. He could have gone on the first day, healed, Lazarus, save them all of that trouble, or at least he could have arrived on the second or third day they wouldn't have had to go through so much, but there's always a reason for a delay. We may not understand it. Sometimes it's just a test of our faith. Are we going to get discouraged and give up. If Martha would have gotten bitter complained, angry she could have stopped the miracle. This is where many people miss gods best. Why you're waiting for the problem to turn around waiting for your help to improve waiting for a child to get on the right course. That's a very critical time can you pass the test of staying in faith when you don't see anything here
Can you keep a good attitude when God is silent? You're calling out to him like Martha, you sent word you pray in, but he's not coming for some reason. He's delayed he's not answering the situation is not improving. This is when many people get discouraging thank well too bad. It wasn't meant to be Joel. I believe five years ago that I could get out of debt, but may not now I'm way over my head or I used to believe that I get healthy again, that meet the right person did out accomplishment dream, but it's been too long had too many setbacks know how you wait will determine whether or not situation changes when Jesus arrived at myriad Marthas, Martha's house, he said to them. Take me to the place where you buried Lazarus take meat.
The tone he was saying in effect. Take me to the place where you quit. Believing take me to the place where you gave up on your dreams, you decided that you wouldn't get well that you would meet the right person. If you don't go back to that place and stir up your faith, you get your passion back. It will tie the hands of Almighty God. You ve gotta, go back to that place where you quit believing and ask yourself is my God. Bigger than this problem is my God, greater than this addiction is God, more powerful than the sickness is still Homer Jara, the Lord Bach provider, they still Jehovah Raffer, the Lord, my healer. He's. Still they all shadow, the God who is more than enough, when you remind yourself who your God is, the all our global creator of the universe, something comes alive on the inside.
One angel in the old testament destroyed a hundred and eighty thousand of the enemies of God he's all powerful. He can turn any situation around he's got you in the palm of his hand. He knows how to get you to your desk when Jesus said take me to the two roll the way the stone. I can imagine Martha said no Jesus. I don't want to go there. It stinks he's been dead for four days. Maybe something has died in your life. You went through a divorce, a bankruptcy, a friend betrayed you. Now, like Lazarus. It stinks it's a mess, but unless you're willing to deal with your stinky stuff, you probably won't get you a miracle. We make excuses
Joel they hurt me. He walked out of a relationship. It wasn't my fault, that's why I'm angry in bitter now you gotta do your part in. Let go the bitterness you ve gotta, forgive the people did have done you're wrong deal with the stately stuff or maybe not business didn't make it withdrew bankruptcy. Try that man I'm a failure. No failure is an event is not who you are. I don't put them label on you, you were a child of the most. I got. If one dream does you have to dream another drink? a young man I met a few years ago had taken the state bar for his lot agree for the second time in failed. It been over a year and he was working as a legal assistance. You could tell me wasn't fulfilled. I ask him when he was.
Take the state bar again. He can't laughed at all my jewel. I'm done with that. I've already failed. It twice at just wasn't meant to be told him. What I'm telling you you ve got is going to resurrect that dream. If you're going to step into the fullness of your destiny, you ve got a roll away the stone those two failures may stink. It may not be pretty, but that is not the end of your story. God didn't put the dream in you to lie dormant. He didn't give you the promise to just kind of tease. You take a halfway there you may have had some setbacks may not happen on your timetable. The heavens may have been silent when you pray but
Don't take that as a sign that God is not there he's closely watching you. This is a test. What are you going to do? Settle where you are get discouraged bitter? It wasn't meant to be. No, you got to do your part, roll away the stone deal with the stinky stuff, your passion by God. I fail this test two times all the odds are against me, but I know Even now, you can help me to pass Even now, your changing things in my favor three or four months ago. I saw that young man out in the lobby had a big smile on his face. Put his hand for a half said John, I did.
The third term was a charm pass that if God is longer winds, God knows how to resurrect did dreams? Don't talk yourself out of it. We make excuses. Jesus he's been dead for four days. They ve already wrapped him up like a mummy or I've taken the test twice and failed. No use taken it again or like Vanessa is in my dna I'll never get well now get rid of the excuse. We serve a supernatural god, it may be taken a long time. The odds against you but keep pass in the test, keep doing the right If you will do what you can will show up and do what you came, what Interesting is back in those days this just sees these were the people that were against Jesus. They were always doubting him. They believe that this spirit left the body after the third day.
Person had died. It's not a coincidence that Jesus waited till the fourth day to show what he wanted to make sure that when he raised Lazarus from the dead there would be no doubt about it. Sometimes God would delay in your life on purpose, not only so that you will know that it is favour, but so that all of your critics in relative workers. They will be able to deny the great thing. God did. You lie Mary and Martha were upset at first. The Jesus didn't get there in time to heal their brother, their prey or didn't get answer. The way they want it, but all along God knew what he was doing. He wasn't planning a healing. He had something better in mind, a resurrection.
If it has worked out your way on your timetable, don't get upset that doesn't mean that God has failed, you it's just the opposite. It means, God is planning something even better few years after my father went to be with the law. The church was really growing. We needed a larger on Torreon. My father told how he would never moved the church I was the young past Rob wasn't about to rock the boat, and so I found a one hundred acres tracts of land about two miles from the other location right on the freeway. I thought this is perfect. We will build a new sanctuary. The owner of the property told how that had been for sale for over twenty years, and they never had one offer.
Property on New God save that property. For us. He said you don't even need to draw up a contract, now just go ahead and do your preliminary drawings and saw studies and then we'll drop the contract. For months later we went to close on the property. We had an eight o clock in the morning. We showed up at seven forty five, so excited about our new property. His secretary walked out and said. I'm sorry he sold the property last night to someone else. I was so disappointed. I knew that was the devil. Stealing our property. Couple of months later we found another large piece of property. We thought this is even better, but do you know the same exact thing happen they sold it out from under us. Thank God. What is
come on. You know we need a larger building there, weren't any more large pieces of property over in that area, and I was tempted to get discourages quit believe in where I guess this is good enough. We try to just wasn't meant to be about six months later. I could feel something storing on the inside. I knew I had to get my passion back. It's as if I went to that's thinking place where the dream died been turned down two times to God. It hasn't worked out my way. But I know you're still on the throne. I don't see any land available, but I know even now you have the right place for us. A few weeks later, I received a phone call that this place. The former Compaq Center was coming available. When I, that something left on the inside a knew. It was supposed to be hours three and a half years later we moved into it. We didn't have to build a new sanctuary,
God gave us an auditorium already bill. The premier facility in the fourth largest city in America Point is, I was playing for healing, but God had something better in mind. A resurrection If it's not happening you away on your timetable, don't get upset, stay in faith. God knows what he's doing. He can see the big picture for your life. He always has your best interests at heart, heard about this lady that was losing her home She had been laid off. She prayed and pray that she is somehow be able to make our payments, but unfortunately she couldn't do it
Finch lay her house was foreclose dawn in the bank, took it and put it up for auction. She had already accepted the fact that her house was gone in this chapter in her life was over, but deep down, she was heart broken. This is where she had raised, or children a single parent mom, just to get some kind of closer. She went to the auction where they were selling off these foreclose tomes, including her own, wash Was there she couldn't help, but we seeing her house up on the dark it to be auctioned off. A lady nearby notice that she was upset came over and asked what was long. She
blind ass. She had lost her job and now her home was about to be auctioned off, and the lady asked which, when it was she pointed to the picture when it came up to be auction, this lady started bidding on it. She kept bidding bidding bidding eventually one the bid. Now she owned her house, she turned to her new friend, the one that was weeping that she just met. She said I came to buy a house for my son. But I know Now- God sent me here to buy your house and to give it back to you heard the day the mighty couldn't believe it. He had been to make the payments for a healing, but God had a resurrection. Now she owns it free and clear, no more payments. Is there something you ve given up on, you think is. Too long. You don't see how it could ever work out. All it takes is one touch of God's favour. You ve gotta, go back to that place where you quit, believing God is saying
even now. I can turn it around. Even now. I can restore your health even now, I can help accomplish your dreams now pass the test of staying in faith when God is silent, keep a good attitude even when it's not happening on your timetable. God knows what he's doing you may be praying for a healing, but he has. The now famous light Martha, believe and tap into this even now resurrect like Martha, I believe and declare God is about to resurrect into you thought, was he's going to breathe new life into your hell. You dream your finance, is your relationships. You're gonna see problems turn around for failed, a new level of your destiny in Jesus name. If you wish,
we never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, I repented mass ends come into my heart. I make you my Lord at Saint friends. If you pray that simple for air, we believe you got born again get in a good bible. Poor air, we believe you got born again get in a good Bible based church. Keep God first place, he's gonna. Take it places that you ve never dreamed Thank you for listening to the message of podcast, with those continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Joe boosting dot com slash, give hope to give again today, thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wind,
employers and no gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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