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Faithful in the Routine - Joel Osteen

2017-04-23 | 🔗
One test we all have to pass is being faithful in the ordinary days. Like clay spinning on the wheel, sometimes our lives can feel like we are spinning and not getting anywhere, like we’re just doing the same thing every day. It’s easy to feel like giving up and lose momentum when nothing is happening. But like that clay on a potter’s wheel, when it feels like you’re going in circles, something is happening that you can’t see. You’re growing. Behind the scenes, God is making and molding you, preparing you for where He wants to take you. But, you have to stay on His Potter’s Wheel and stay faithful! Even the great Bible heroes faced ordinary days and routine. Joel will show you that when you’re faithful in average days, then you will see exceptional days. You will learn to enjoy where God has you right now so you’ll never miss out on the new things God has in store!
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god bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and if you ever in our area pleased bar and be a part of one of our services these are fine is people in all of houston rod here at lakewood but we'd love to have you come out faced bitumen into day like to start with that's funny and i heard about this lady she was so stressed out so overworked she needs a break she knew her boss wouldn't let her all unless she acted crazy so she stood on top of her death put hands over her head like a circle the boss came in what are you doing she said i'm a light bulb i'm putting i he's a junior go home you're not
clearly get some rest she walked out her coworker started to follow the boss it where you going cheese i'm going home to our work in the dark thirty unlike you made it this is my bible i am what it says i am have what it says do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god our boldly fast my mind is alert heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name bless you talk to you today about faithful in the routine there are times in life we feel we're going in circles doing the right thing but not making much progress we don't see anything changing its is it to lose our passion and get discouraged but one as we all have to pass is being faithful when nothing new is happening
it's going to work right children coming home doing the same thing again it's easy to be our best when we're getting the brakes fallen into place that doesn't take much faith but what about when you're working hard but not getting the credit be in your best but your marriage is improving honouring god but not see an increase will you trust him when it feels you're going in circles we use a passionate when you're doing the same thing again and again when your facebook the routine something is happening that you can't see your character is being developed your spiritual muscles are getting stronger european prepare for where god is taking you know who tenets of is exciting but it is necessary you become or you were created to be without being
your best one is day be excellent having a good attitude when it's just another ordinary day now exciting is happening you're just see in the choir another sunday going to work with a smile another week doing there thing with a good attitude another month you could it is boring one is is going to change but you want we're stand this principle european prepared when guy can trust you to be faithful the ordinary then he'll take you into extraordinary when you have faith in average days then you will see exceptional days but some we're frustrated we know we have more in us but we're seen it happen we don't understand why we're not making progress god will always put bigger things in your spirit before come to pass
you may be dealing with something mediocre but god is preparing you for something great david was anointed to be king as a young man then go sent him back to the shepherds feels he had a key is anointing yet he was taking care of sheep you're anointing will supersede where you are right now i'd call david to rule a nation but how we're doing a menial task day in and day out not an exciting boring routine he could have gotten discouraged god wizened it happening you said i would be the key if he had not has this test a being faithful the routine he would have never taken the throne like that did you may know you have more n you you feel those seeds of greatness but you're doing something menial something beneath your training
you're being overlooked at work nobody takes your advice at home nobody says thank you just another ordinary day asking you to be faithful we're god has you now be faithful in the routine this is where david excel abner ship feels he didn't slack all he did play here have a sour attitude thinking when i to where i'm going then i'll go my all we're not the throne then i'll show people what i'm meda now he show what he was made when body was watching here there stood he wasn't working under people he was working under god he would excellent we're godhead him even though didn't like that's what to the throne all the ordinary days a bee in his best are you an excellent we're gone as you now
what all this is not what i wanna be i don't want to for this supervisor are no more than him i don't want to live in this apartment i want my own house i don't want to sing in the choir i want to be on the stage with you now here's the key go get your own stage first off here's the key you'll never make it to the stage if you're not for where you are you see promotion if you're not being your best we're god has you right now ten years later after being for in the shepherds field going through all kinds of unfair situations they suddenly took the throne past the test in order three days is leads to exceptional days that when you see moments a favor we're god thrust you years ahead it's not that things that whole most people back it's the small things being faithful
in and day out going to work with the good attitude sitting in traffic not complaining shown up to charge week after week faithful routine is what prepares promotion you may feel like you're goin in circles you making much progress but the writer two years like where i am but go since you have me here i know this is where i'm supposed to be so i want to keep my best being serving helping others right where i am we read it the heroes of faith in the scripture there i've seen like they were so exciting but the truth is most of their life was routine ass moses parted the red sea heat pharoah let the israelites go those were miracles but it was just few days of his lie there we'll be more ordinary days then there
exciting days if you like from big event to big event waiting for some then exciting to keep you encouraged you'll be disappointed learn to enjoy we're god has you right now this is the the lord has backed it may be routine it may feel like you're no closer to your dreams then you were years ago when you do the ordinary with a good attitude that's getting prepared for the new things god has in store sometimes the reason god is changing the circumstances is he's using the circumstances to change ass if worse or passing these tests be patient when it taking longer than we lie stay in when we're not getting our way heaven smile even when we're uncomfortable with growing we're develop
being we're showing god that we trust in like with david that's win you're not just be anointed for the throne you'll take your throughout the scriptures about how god is the potter and we are the clay the potter takes a lump of clay and puts it on the wheel spends it around again and again i could say i don't know goin in circles i dont like spinning is boring i want to do something exciting let me this we'll so i can make progress what the clay doesn't realise is it is making progress while it's going in circles the potter is forming it shaping it seems routine to the claim it seems like it stuck but while spinning the clay is in up higher it can't tell
at the time but is rising up from a lump of calais into a beautiful vase you were to ask the clay after it was formed after it gone through the process tell you the spinning was for my good i didn't like at the time i couldn't see anything happening but without this spinning i wouldn't be who i am you may feel like you're spin today you doing the same thing over and over not making much progress but like that claim it feels like to go on in circles something is happening that you can't see you're coming up higher guy he's making you mode in you may seem ordinary routine but when your faithful where are you are you keep doing the right thing even though you're not making progress a song praise when you could be complaining you are rising higher
you may not see it but the spinning is working for you when john what was leading the israelites toward the promised land they can to the city of jericho it was surrounded by huge wall fifteen feet wide thirty five feet there was no way in the natural for the israelites to get paid that wall and make it to the promised land joshua played in ass god what they should do i told him to her the israelites ma gee around the city of jericho joshua without god we to get in the city tell enough to walk around it you want to go in circles they march the first day nothing happened second day nothing happened third day nothing the whole time people thought this is a waste of time this doesn't make sense six days they walked in circles
ordinary routine didn't see anything changing on this day god told them to march around seven times the law tat they would have let out a great shout and blow their trumpets when they did those huge walls came tumbling down a great miracle but even though the wall spell the israelites should have had trouble getting all the rubble the debris the walls were so big but researchers have found the wall fail in such a way that it created a perfect rain some fell on the inside somebody outside just like an overpass the israelites were able to go in and take the land when your faithful in the routine god will make things happen did you make happen you may have been doing the right thing for a long time you like you being left out you been
all in behind but god is closely watching you he sees you walking around the walls he sees you doing the right thing even though nothing is changing time is coming is going to and suddenly unexpectedly what look like an ordinary day is going to turn out to be an exceptional day you or to have two march around another month another year suddenly those walls are going to come down god has explosive blessings no wall is too big no obstacle to high no enemy to powerful one touch of god's favour can catapult two years ahead this almost say you can run through a true and moreover a wall god get you to wear you're supposed to be but why did god have them mortar in circles seven days
do the same thing over and over seem like a wasted time did make since he's god he could brought the walls down the first time joshua ass but more around that city was a test god wanted to see would they be faithful in the routine would they trust him when they we're going in circles would they do the right thing when it seemed ordinary you're always going to understand why something isn't change why you making progress while those people treat your right don't kick up in the wise it is please a test keep being for where you are and those walls will come down when martin around the city god them to not say a word they couldn't win for each other they couldn't discussed the situation god knew if he didn't keep them quiet we have talk themselves out of it
why are we walkin around joshua lost is mine i'm tired i'm hot i'm thirsty if they would have gone around the walls the negative report even though they were doing the right thing it would not have happened feel like you go in circles you not making much progress don't start talking about how is never going to happen how you'll never get well your business will never take all do yourself a favor were insipid out you can do the right thing with the wrong attitude and the blessing every day you go round the walls with a good report father thank you your restore and help back at me thank you that ireland did not borrow thank you that this is my year of yes that's passing the test like with the israelites that option call that should have stopped you we're not only suddenly come down but it will come a ramp
can move right past the scripture says it will make your enemies your foot stores that means instead of being a stumbling block to stop you they will become a stepping stone so you can rise to the next level but on the surface it look like the shout is what brought the war down but the truth is the shall without obedience of marching around the walls would have had the same effect sometimes we are wondering why the walls are we share did we prayed we believe but the ship only works if you do the first part if your faithful in the routine a friend of mine came to america from india when it was twenty years old to attend bible college he was very poor but a couple from california paid his way over and his two wishing thing we're going grey he couldn't
he was in america this was a dream come true everything fine until the man that was supporting him lost his job now this young man had no income no way stay in school no money to get back home he started going through the neighbourhood asking people if he could move their lawns but nobody would hire him he will to the local grocery store and found it s night they would put out food in the dumpster that's how he survived for a whole year a job came available as a janitor at the school he told how that such a disadvantage he didn't see how he could ever rise any higher he thought that was his lot in life year after year he kept being faithful doing the right thing when he wasn't getting any good breaks he met a young lady in school they fell in love
the problem is it this bible school they didn't approve of an indian dating someone from america it was many years ago back in the seventies and course its chair now but he was for to leave the school two years later he married the young woman they became youth pastor in another state ten years after that the president of that knowledge resigned the boar call and ask if he would become the next president he went from having to get food out of youngsters to clean and restrooms to be enforced to leave the school to be in charge of the whole college prince guy is a god of justice you'll make your own flight but at the time it seem like he was going in circles seem like nothing was happening but god had a plan the spinning wasn't comfortable it wasn't always fair but it was for his good
i was getting him prepared to go places that he'd never dream but it was all based on him being faithful in the routine doing the right thing when he wasn't treated right you may gone to some disappointment is well made situations that you feel like put at a disadvantage but no person and keep you from your destiny no bad boy can stop what god has ordained for you don't get discouraged don't try to pay people back the disan points the bad breaks the betrayals they are all part of god's plain god uses things we don't like things we don't understand to push us into our purpose sometimes it feels things are spinning out of control the truth is theirs meaning in control god is erect in your steps
closing doors he's move in the wrong people out he controls the universe he won't allow the spinning unless ultimately it's going to work to do it then now the challenge is to trust him why you're spinning trust in when you don't undressed and when moses was born the pharoah had put out a decree that all the male babies were to be killed for three months moses mother hid him she did take him outside they did go for a walk nobody knew he was here he celebrated here notice they didn't have a birthday party for him he was hidden moses sometimes god why hide you go through a season will you being noticed being celebrated have all these gives so much to offer but you're being overlooked ignored
these terms when god hides us these are terms of testing times approving are you going to keep being your best even know you in overlooked father and mother started wood with ninety people in nineteen fifty nine my dad had been overseas holding meetings with tens of thousands of people but he knew he was supposed to come back in past or lake word but for fourteen years it was like math are there was hidden the church didn't grow muffin there was a great minister he was dynamic he was anointed but all these years all this ability was unnoticed here being celebrated like he'd been overseas he wasn't so growth and increase but those thirteen years my father was hidden he prayed to the ninety people like he was reaching the ninety thousand he gay
it is all he was there three services a week never took time he lived to pour into those ninety people he could have gotten discards god why am i not see in any growth instead he was faithful in the routine faithful when he wasn't being celebrated faithful when he wasn't making much progress he was spinning what couldn't see is he coming up higher his character was being developed he was showing god what he was meda if you're not faithful win your hidden how can god trust you to be faithful when you're out in the open scripture says when moses could be hidden no longer his mother put him in a basket and sin floating down the now river out of all the people that could have found him it just so happens pharoah
daughter was at the river bank taken aback she heard the cries coming from the basket she took moses in and re tim in the palace ass own son moses went from being hidden to be noticed by one of the most influential families of that day when you pay the tests are being faced in the routine their will but time we're god will say you can be hidden no longer he will the right people to see you the right people to celebrate you you're not only be noticed but you will be celebrated fourteen years my father was hidden but in team seventy two it was god brought him out into the open the church in the grow from a couple hundred two thousand and thousands to may feel you been hidden overlooked ignored stay encourage god is
to bring you out his face is going to shut down on you in a new way you knock on have to make it happen like thing daughter the right people one to find you do you're going to open that you couldn't open from ocean is going to track you down john after two years was it a wedding in galilee his mother came to him and said had run out of wine geez told the workers to fill up the stone parts with water there were six of them they held thirty gallons each that a hundred and eighty gallons of water that they needed if the workers took three gallon bucket down the well that would take sixty trips to get that much water i can imagine the workers taken what are we doing this for we need why and why are we pump in water they couldn't talk themselves out of it instead they can
doing the ordinary when the water fill in the parts again and again trip after trip facebook in routine it was water when they pumped it out and water when they poured into the pots been easy to stay in faith when they drew it out of the well it suddenly turned into water or if when they poured in india they saw the miracle right then they would have been excited but nothing was changing it was routine ordinary look like they were when in circles but when guy can trust you to be fair we're getting water faithful when then is happening faithful when it in ordinary then he will take you into the straw ordinary new may be believe and for one but all you see in his water be faced in your water days with georgia just doing the ordinary i'm just going to work being my best
is my children older honouring god but i'm not can any progress don't be discouraged by what you don't see you're in your water days the good news is wine is coming it's going to and suddenly it's gonna be unexpected after these workers filled up the pots after they were face for in their water days geez i told them to draw some out and take it to the host of the park when they did it not we turned into wine but when the was tasted it he said you have saved the best one for last when you pay this test of being faithful the routine god is saved the best for last what's in europe future is going to be more rewarding more citing than anything you imagine i challenge you to stay faithful in the routine stay faithful when going in circles remember the spin
is working for you it's getting you prepare the new things god has installed many of you have passed this test you been found four day in and day out i believe declare lie joshua the walls of hailed you back or about it tumbling down moses you may have been hidden but you're about to come out into the open god is to turn your water into one take you in the fullness of your destiny in jesus name if you receive it can you say amended i i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lie would you play with me just say lord jesus my sins come in to my heart you're my lord inside it pride that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in the bible base church keep god first place
victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you as it thank you for your support of our ministry this month jewel in victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels new three message series favor guide you were not created to barely get by you were highly favoured and were created to thrive request copy a favor of god today at juno steam dot com or call eighty eight five six seven jaw it may be like the odds are against you you don't have the connections the experience the talent but one tat you its favour would take you to a whole new level stay encouraged you had advantage you have the favor of god david said god has clown jus with favour request resource it will help you to favour minded and believe for the fullness of your desk
eleven years ago we were trying to add another child to our family we soon found out that my wife had some medical issues but we ve learned through this ministry is god is the god of the impossible not only is my wife healed and we were able to add little baby girl to our family but just recently we added a baby boy you're sick or is changing lives thank you for your prayers and generosity we couldn't do it without people like you if you would like partner with us to take hope around the world go to the website and find out how together we can make a difference victorian i pray for every day believe in twenty seven will be your best year so far until we meet again remember you're not average you're not mediocre you're a child of the most talkin
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