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Favor Connections

2018-12-09 | 🔗
In this message, Joel encourages you to develop relationships with people who will propel you into your destiny. Whenever you are connected with people who are living out the dreams you have for your life—who are successful, who are blessed—your vision for your life will begin to expand. You will be called higher.Sometimes, you will have to let go of old relationships, of old habits and mindsets that are keeping you limited if you are going to reach all that God has for you. Be encouraged during these times. You are making room for what God wants to do. You are rising higher, you are moving towards your destiny. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you, who will not allow you to remain in mediocrity. You are an eagle, designed to soar above the crowd!
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Hi. This is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast. I believe you'll be inspired and challenged a hope. You enjoy the message about less, it's a joy to come into your hands and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you I will make you feel right at home, fella to start with something funny, and I heard about this elderly couple. They were having a terrible time with their memory. They went to the doktor, he instructed them to start writing down everything they had been forgetting the next night there were watching television
said I should like a bull ice cream, husbands that I'll go get it for you. She said honey. You know what the doctor said: you'd better write it down. He said I'm just gone into the kitchen, not gonna. Forget came back a few minutes later handed her a plate of bacon in she shook her head and said I should have known it. You forgot my toast. Say it like you made it. This is my Bible, I'm what it as I have, so I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. Boldly can my mind is a more. My heart is receptive never be. The same. Jesus, nay, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about Faber connection When I was a teenager, I was pulled over by a police officer for driving too fast
when he saw the name on my license, he asked if I was related to the pasture, then he watched on television each we told them that was my father. He gave me my license back told me to slow down and said I could go out recede favour because of who I was connected to wasn't anything I did. I just happened to be the son of a man. That was favour, because I was in relationship with him. His favour spilled over onto me. The scripture says Noah found favour with the Lord, when a great flood covered the earth Knowest we were the only one saying that never says his sons head favour or his daughters head favour, but because they were connected the Noah their lives were spare. The principle is when you are connected people that are favoured people that are further along people there.
Successful that favour is going to flow down to you. You'll see increased promotion because of that association. There should be people you're in relationship with that. Inspired the challenge that make you strive to do better when you are connected to someone this, lest you honor. Then you learn from them. You so into them. The morbid stay are the more bless you going to be Eventually, you're gonna, look like who you're connected to the question is: are you connected to anyone that has what you want, or you connected to people that are negative critical, can't get ahead? Kaji the compromise drain, your energy, it's fun to be a good influence to encourage them, but if you're spending all your time with them, the problem is you're going to become just
like them their rub off on you. You need to disconnect from people that are hindering your growth, limiting your potential cause you to compromise and find some Thebes connections, people go in places. We better at another level, people that have would you, women about you need some? He goes in your life. You cannot hang around with chickens in reach your destiny, you can't, spend all your free time with crows people that complain or Turkey's people that have accepted mediocrity You need people who are soaring. People that are taken new ground people that are out of debt that think bigger than you, people that are exposing you two levels that you ve never five years ago, I wanted meeting with a man that runs television networks, a friend of mine. They were
negotiating a contract for programme. He said I want to offer a million dollars almost fell out of my chair. I thought it was a big deal that we eighty thousand dollars to buzz screen for the church. They talked about the huge numbers like I've talked about buying a pair. In issues. I didn't realize it, but God was expanding mob vision, he was using that man to enlarge my thinking after the meeting. I was about to tell him what how those where some incredibly big numbers, I felt something right down in here, say your zip it when God put you with a bunch eagles, don't have a chicken mentality, go start talking about how you ve never seen anything like that. How that could never happen for you, let it
grew on the inside Bree that get used to it. That's what God is taken you that's. Why he's exposing you two new levels not just impressed not to just show you how the other half live, but to get you prepared in your thinking. You have to make room for the new things God has installed. If you like with the limited vision thinking I could never happen It's too far out then you're right, it's not going to happen. You'll, never go where you can accept. God gave you that favour connection. To give you a glimpse in the next level to show you what he's about to take you now do your part and get an agreement with God about five years. After that meeting, we acquired this place. The former compact centre, when I found out it, was
the cost about one hundred and twenty million dollars to purchase in renovate. I didn't fall apart. I wasn't intimidated. I thank God. You did it for my friend. do it for me. It had I not connected with that man had only spit with people. It must same level I wouldn't be here. My man wouldn't have been prepared. You need people that thing bigger than the dream bigger that believe bigger. If you smartest one in your group. Your group is too small God has already lined up these favour connections for you, people that are ordained to help you go further in the scripture Naomi and Ruth we're both widows, they were living in Bethlehem. Very poor routes would go out into the fields each morning and pick up left over wheat. It look like this was their destiny.
To just barely survive, but Naomi saw a man named boy ass. He was the owner of all the field, one of the wealthiest men in that area. She not only recognise the favour on his lie, but she respected she told Ruth. I want the dress up put on perfume and go meet this man She was saying in effect, boas has favour. We need to connect with Ruth, not only met. Oh as but they fell in love and eventually we're married because she connected with someone with favor. She had more favour than she ever imagined. When you recognize the favour on a person's lie and you respect that favour back connecting with it by bring them learning from them. That favour will come back to you.
Naomi could have thought Hobo as he's wealthy, his busy going to have anything to do with us. She could have dismissed it and just stayed with a friend when she was comfortable. We wouldn't be talking about her. She recognized Bull where's was an eagle. She was willing to get out of her comfort zone. No doubt she had to break away from a few chickens, spend less time with a couple of Turkey's. She took these steps of pay and connected with an eagle that's what open new doors and took her en route to a new level of their favourite connections. God is put in your life that you're overlooking people there. have what you want that are further along dont, be intimidated by their success, be inspire God put them there, so you could connect if you honour them, learn from them didn't, because you are connected to someone with morphine
more influence, more vision like Ruth, and they owe me that favour will slow down to you. You will see new doors, open influence in greater ways. Promotion that you couldn't have reached on your own. It came because of a few, for connection, see what you so into you're going to read. It So in the worry connections, people that are always upset anxious, worried you gonna reap worry. If you saw in the compromise connect since people that are Poland's down causing that, given the temptation, you got a weak compromise. You so into Gaza connections, critical connections, people that top bad about the ball. Complain about live. You gonna leave a negative, limited, discouraging lie.
But if you so into these Faber connections in the eagles into people that are blessed successful, happy people that have been where you want to go. There are out of debt building orphanages, paying all people's houses expanding their business as usual, We favour increase new levels, we all have our friends, we have peers. Hopefully we have people were helping. People were mentoring, that's important but we should have a few of these favour connections, people that are far ahead of us in the natural it looks like we could never get there. That connect
is the sea. God is going to use to take you where you ve, never dream. A pastoral friend demand here in Houston had a church of several hundred people. He started it fifteen years ago and they had been at that same number four years. It look like they reach their limits. That's all there They saw this pasture in California that had a large church He was so impressed by. He flew out there just to attend a service. He sat in the auditorium. Looked around, read it all in was very inspiring, never seen anything that large after the service, he was able to meet the pastor gave him a small donation that his church had taken up for their ministry every month. He's fly out to California just to attend a service and give a donation. He had plenty of pasture friends here and choose.
good members in his shirt had a great family, but he understood TAT, a new level. You have to have some Faber connections. You need to be so in time. Energy resource says honour in the people that have what you want the anointing, you respect is the anointing, will attract this and sold into a vision, much larger than he is. He could been jealous of the main intimidated competitive. Instead, he celebrated what he was doing. He cheered him on it. Wasn't long before his charge started to grow, he went from three hundred to five hundred from five hundred to a thousand from a thousand to several thousand. Now his church is larger than the church in California. He outgrew that me
believe it would have happened if he had not some into his ministry. Now don't mean just finance. Is he sold honour, respect encouragement here, valued and esteemed what that man had bill, but when we see people that are more successful, more talented, more blast easy to get jealous, try to compete. Discredit them talk about what you're doing wrong, how they're not talented, they're, just lucky, here's a key. If you can't celebrate other people's success, you will never get to work. They are, if you get jealous, outperform them into, David you'll get stuff, it's a test. God brings these Faber connections across our path.
are you secure enough in who you are to honour them to respect them to cheer them on, or will your pride keep you from connecting with their favour? The problem is your destiny is tied to see people when you connect with the favour on their live, that's going to cause you to rise higher, but if we want humble ourselves, we think I'm as smart as them not going to celebrate them Joel, they should be celebrating me: that's going to limit grow. What you're connected to eventually is going to come back to you don't be small minded where you have to be the smart, one in your circle. If you're only sewing into your level, then you're level. Is all this going to come back They do so in the where you wanna go slow.
your pride and so honour into that supervisor. It worked so respect into that. Colleagues. That's really talent they're, not in your life by accident? God put them there as a favor connection, as you connect to new doors will open for you knew talents will come out new levels, They are instrumental in you reach in the fullness of your destiny, but too often When we see someone that's further along someone, this more blast, instead of being sparred. We can get discouraged, they can. We could never get their God, wouldn't have brought them a cautious path if he was
about to take you hire the favour on their life is an indication of what God is about to do in yours in the scripture when they pour oil on Erin the high priest on his head. It flowed down to the rest of his body. This is symbolic. Oil represents faith. When you can acted with people with favour the more bless they are. The more bless you ll be that oil will slow down to you when we understand this. It's easy to celebrate those that are ahead. We know because we're honouring them, so to them as they are. Higher, because we're connected we're going to rise. Higher. That favour is the flowed down to us like that pastor, there will be times more. You surpass what you're honouring you overtake. What's your celebrating when I first started ministry
I was very nervous and unsure Marcel, I Didn'T- have the training of the experience, but there were several very prominent ministers that anew from growing, I listened to their messages over and over. I would send them notes telling them how much they had helped me. How much admired in spected them this one man at least He was a legend. He was so far ahead of me. I was amazed at what he'd accomplice and how respected he was. I say this with humility, but now, nearly twenty years later, God has taken me further than here. What am I saying when you celebrate those that are ahead of you, you show Honor respect, then
but the favour on them is going to come back to you. You look up and think. How did I get here? Part of it is the favourite connection you connected with someone. That was where you wanted to go. That's why you don't have to compete with people. You don't have to outperform them you're, not in competition with anyone except yourself where they are inspire you to be the best that you can be like sharpens iron. They can sharpening, they can make you better, but when we start competing, before long we get jealous fun for trying to discredit the here's. A key Poland. Somebody else down we'll! Never You rise higher tryin to make them look bad. Writing. Rumours magnifying their false may feel good. The problem it's going to boomerang and come right back to us.
if you so disrespect, you'll leave disrespect if you so spreading rumour storing up trouble. That's what you're we a much better option! is to celebrate those that are ahead. How do you know they're, not a favor connection, somebody God brought into your life so that you could run high if you're jealous competitive, then you're letting what God met for you good to become some. This holding your bad turn it around. Let's be people that celebrate success, that learn from those that I had the honour of people that are blessed with more influence. Elijah in the scripture was a great problem. did amazing miracles. One day he was walking by field. He saw a young man, named Eliza out ploughing heat. Them to leave his animals and come with him will align, should came from a well to do family
I'm sure he had goals and dreams. Elijah wanted him to become his assistant, basically take care of him. Bringing food set up his tent fetus animals. Elijah could have thought no thanks I'll stay here. At my own place, he could have been proud, but he recognized the favour. Only lie just lie. He respected his anointing, he wasn't jealous, he didn't get bitter because he offered him what seem to be a low level position for years he served Elijah with honour. Today after him, making sure he was comfortable. Watch you so into is what you're going to read. When you so into someone with great favour, you're going to weep some of that favour. You honor, someone that has more influence. Some of that influence. going to come back to you I'm sure a licence, friends came around saying, I sure what
still doing here. Servan this oh man, you your own dreams. Why don't you start your own ministry he's holding you back, he could have let them talk him out thought his wasting his time, but he just kept on sewing honouring respecting the favour. Connection will eventually Elijah was taken to Heaven in a whirlwind eliza received a double portion of his anointing. He didn't you get the paper on Elijah's lie. He got twice to face some of these favor connections that your soul into giving server honouring your time is coming like with Eliza
you're, not just going to go to the level where they are you going to go further, double the influence, double the favour, double the resources. This is why the enemy works over time to try to get us jealous of each other competing trying to pull each other down. He wants us to skip stuck where we are. Is very freeing when you can celebrate those that are a head no that the seed you so ended them the honour the risk that the resources are going to come back to you if you only sewing into horizontal relationships, people at the same level, then you're going to horizontal favour, but when you're secure enough in who you are too so in the vertical relation
people that are ahead of you you're, going to read some of this vertical favour, many pastures so into our ministry. They faithfully support and attend our events. They tell me again and again how we connected with us. Their church started growing in new ways. One man told me recently since two thousand and twelve he has gone from two hundred people to oversee thousand people. He said, Joel Aachen pinpoint the exact time it started when we connected with you at your not have hope in our city, I'm not bragging. This is a spiritual principle God has people in your lie in our favour connections. You could be One relationship away from a new level look around find people. They got his blessing dolby and but aided dont be jealous connected with it,
If you will honour respect so into them. That favour will come back to you I know a man that had a dream of being in the hospitality business he wanted to own hotels. Was eighteen. He met an odour gentlemen on one of the largest hotel chains in the world. He convinced him to give him a job working as a bellman at one of his hotels. Every time this young man saw the owner, he went overboard to take care of him. Opening the door carrying his briefcase, constantly sewing honouring respecting the owner, love this young man kept promoting him in his early thirties, he left to start its own business. There was a piece of very expensive real estate, overlooking the ocean that this owner was planning.
Building a big hotel. Will this young man asked if he could buy that property from him? This was their prime location that they were planning on this big project. The owner sit. I never dreamed. I would do this, but you have been so good to me. I want you to be successful and want to sell you this property. It had taken them over ten years to acquire that young men built a beautiful resort to incredibly successful. Today he has hotels all over the world. It all started when he recognised a favor connection.
There are people God has put in your life not to compete with, but to connect with. They are instrumental in new rising higher, and this is not about play in up to people trying to win them over its about recognising and respecting the favour. The gods placed on people lose chapter. Five Jesus had just borrowed Peters Boat, to teach the people from the shore when he finished he told Peter to launch out into the deep and he would catch a great hall of fish or had finished all night, but he went back out to try again he caught so many fish that is net begin debate, for seven says p, shouted for help and his partners k soon. Both boats, were so loaded with fish. They were
concern the boat. Might Saint Peter was blessed because he obeyed. He had favour but notice the favour. Didn't. Stop with him he caught so many fish that his partners, those it were connected with him. They receive the overflow. When you connect with someone this blessed someone this phase, Third, as they increase you'll increase, Peters Partners, hadn't done anything to They deserve the fish, Peter is the one that let Jesus about. God could have just sent enough fish to feel Petersburg. Major Peter was paid back, but God on Papers bless Peter in such a way that would be overflow. So all in partnership, all those connected with the increase in favour, as well, who you are connected to is extremely
important. There are blessings that belong to you that are attached to the people gods placed in your line. If you're not seen anything, you need to evaluate who you connected to You may need to disconnect from relationships that are producing any increase and connect with people that are blessed. People that are see in favour, Peters Bow was not only full of fish, but his partners bow was full of fish you're going to be calm, lack who you're connected to again. Are you connected the anyone that has what you warn people that are more blast, people that are more successful. Look around fund the favour connections in your life don't be intimidated because there, there are long, don't be jealous because they have more celebrate in honor so Selwyn did them. If you do this, I believe and declare
because you are connected to favour. Like Peters friends, you both gonna before you go to sea increase promotion, new levels, the fullness your destiny in Jesus name? If you receive it, can you say men today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Geez, the Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus. I repent of my sins, come into my heart I'll make you my Lord insane. If you pray that simple prayer, we believe You got born again get in a good bible base. Chert kid God first place Thank you for listening to the Jews Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope. With those all over the world is a joke. Steam dot com, slash, give hope to give again. Today, thanks
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