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2017-12-30 | 🔗
What are you allowing in your spirit? The people you’re spending time with, what you’re dwelling on all day, the memories you’re allowing to replay— it is either inspiring you, building your faith, pushing you toward your destiny and dreams, or it’s limiting you.Joel wants to show you how to stay on course and keep your faith fed. Even in the middle of difficulties or after trauma and great trials, you can choose to feed your faith. The seeds of greatness waiting to spring forth will come out as you feed your destiny with the right things!
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Welcome to the Joel, lose podcast hopeless can, you to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit Joe dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, God bless you, it's a joy to come into your home. If you're ever in our area, please stop by the sort of one of our services. I promise you will make you feel right at home So to start with something funny, and I heard about this group of school children. In the cafeteria line at their Catholic. Elementary school the start of the line. There was a big bowl of apples, a nun Written a note that said the only one God is watching at the end of the line. There was a big bowl of chocolate chip, cookies
one of the children had written a note that said. Take all you want. God is watching the apple. Say it. Like you mean it. This is Bible. I am but it says I am. I have but it says I have. I can do but it says I can do today We talked the word of God. I boldly confess My mind is alert. My receptive? I will never, be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I wanna talk. To you today about feeding your destiny. We may not realize it, but we're always feeding ourselves. What we watch listen to the people were around the thoughts were dwelling on. That's feeding our inner man. If you go to lunch with people that talk bad about the boss, make fun of coworker put down a friend there, feeding you gossip,
You jealousy feeding you disrespect! Here's the key! Whatever you feed is going to grow. You may not like what they're feeding you you're a nice. since. But if you continue to hang around them before long you'll be gossiping, you'll be critical, you'll, be disrespectful! Why? Because you kept feeding the some if you're always feeding negative thoughts. Thinking I'll, never get well I'll, never meet the right person. You're feeding down, feeding, mediocrity, feeding, fear and told me how he spent here, There's life on drugs and alcohol and it had ruined his marriage. He wasn't there for his children Now he was so down on himself so discouraged. What was he doing? Feeding the guilt feeding? The regret feeding the blame if you feed guilt, is going to get bigger. If you feed fear, it's going to become large.
What, if you spent that same energy feeding your faith, feeding your home's feeding your dreams. We have made mistakes, but father. Thank you that your mercy is bigger than any mistake. Thank you that I am forgiven quit, feeding the negative and start feeding your fate What are you allowing in your spirit, the people you're spending time with they thought your dwelling on all day. Is that in firing. You building your faith pushing you toward your dreams, or is it junk food feeding you guilt, mediocrity, negativity causing you to compromise a friend and was diagnosed with a serious illness. The doctor put him on a very strict diet. He could need any sugar any flower, any meat. It was only raw vegetables, nuts, grains very limited
I ask him if he was going to do it. He said: what do you mean? Am I going to do it? I don't have a choice. My life depends on it today I'm putting you on a new diet, not physically, but your inner man, no more junk food No more dwelling on thoughts of worry fear. I don't have what it takes. No more hanging around people that are feeding you negativity, causing you to compromise. No more. guilt condemnation. I'm all washed up your prescription is for faith food feed, your huh. Feed your dreams, feed your confidence, feed your destiny well, I'm not that talented? I don't have a good anality, I'm not as attractive as my friend quit feeding the insecurity. That's not on your diet. Your diet is what God says, about you. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am
Khan a masterpiece made in the image of God when you feel and your value your value will get stronger if you're dealing with an illness. I don't think I'll Well, I've had it so long. The medical report doesn't look good your fee being the wrong things. That's a! following the sickness to grow turn it around father. Thank you that you're restoring health back into main. Thank you that the number of my days you will fulfill you feed your faith like that. What's her is the DOW is getting weaker and weaker before you'll starve to death. I have some flowers in my back. one summer, it was very dry and, of course, very hot here in Houston, and the sprinkler system couldn't keep up so every afternoon I'll go out and water, those flowers. With my hose about forty feet away over in the corner. There were a bunch of weeds couple feet tall noticed a few weeks
all those weeds had died, all they didn't have any water. My flowers were just as beautiful as can be what you don't feed will. Eventually You may have some weeds in your life today. We all do weeds of guilt, weeds and negativity don't be alarmed by the weeds. Just don't make the mistake of watering the week don't give them any energy, don't let them take a the space in your mind. What you watering will event. Go away. If you came over to backyard and saw me out there watering, the weeds? You would think what is wrong with that man and he's watering something he doesn't want, are you Watering, what you don't want: enemies, main tool is deception. He would lie for you to go through life. Water
in the weeds spending your energy dwelling on fear, doubt insecurity. Mistakes of the past, don't fall into that trap When thoughts. Tell you nothing good is in your future it's down downhill from here. Instead of watering that we'd feeding the discouragement turn the hose the other way water. What God says about you father? Thank you that the path of the righteous path gets brighter and brighter. Thank you that you've surrounded me with your favor when you're in a tough time, instead of feeding the doubt, I'm stuck Nothing is ever going to change feed your faith, without God, always causes me to try him too shall pass whatever You're feeding is getting stronger, don't feed what you don't want. Maybe
had bad breaks in life and things haven't turned out the way you hoped you could easily be discouraged. Don't feed the self pity, don't water, what didn't work out quit reliving the hurts you Can't feed your history and feed your destiny. At the same time if you're, using all your enerji to feed your past you're not going to have the energy, you need to feed your future. What's happened to you is over in how you were raised, what you didn't get, who hurt. to who you lost. I say it respectfully, that's history, that's behind you! You cannot go into a new season if you're always looking back at the old. Those doors are closed. It may not have been fair, but God is fair. He knows how to make it up to you, but you have to
go of what didn't work out quit putting energy into negative things of the past if you're, feeding the hertz feeding the offense feeding the betrayal, it's just like watering resentment watering bitterness, watering discouragement the way to get past it is you have to starve it quit dwelling on it quit thinking about what you didn't get. Who hurt you how you can prove to them that they shouldn't have left you? If you will that same energy into your destiny, believe in for new beginnings, expecting God's favor, then God will Do you beauty for those ashes? God will make for the wrongs. You don't have to pay any body back God will be your vindicator, but we all those two things in life that are not fair. scripture says: offenses.
COM, the trails will come bad breaks, lost things. We don't understand it's painful enough when they happen. But if you make the mistake of feeding the fear feeding the offense feeding to her, then it's going to continue could be painful. You cannot get well if you're always reopening the wounds. Reliving the negative, that's making it worse. Yes, it can feel good. To our flesh to hold on to her hold on the self pity. You may have a valid reason to feel that way. Somebody did you wrong. He came down with an illness. The company laid you off, but when you're feeding the asked you are putting energy into something. That's taken you backwards. It's tempting to hold on
Sometimes you wake up. It's on the forefront of your mind. You have to ask yourself: am I going to keep watering these weeds? Am I going to keep putting energy into something? That's taking me the wrong direction in the scripture. The proper Samuel went to a great disappointment. He had chosen a young man named Saul to be the next king of Israel. He took All under his wing like he, his own son trained him and mentored him the sole did well as a king for a few years, then he got off course made mistakes. He wouldn't obey. Finally, God rejected Saul as the king. He thrown in Samuel was so discouraged he had invested year? of his life, trying to help solve. Now it looked like. It was a waste of time Smu was sitting around heartbroken, feeding the self pity feeding
discouragement? God said to him Samuel? How long Are you going to mourn over Saul? He was saying: how long are you going to feed your How long are you going to put energy into something this taking? in the wrong direction. Yes, There's a season of mourning, Go to a loss, disappointment, you don't have super human or feel anything. You never have a down moment, but you can't a season of mourning into a lifetime of morning at some point. You have to say yes disappointed. Yes, I'm hurt. Where you didn't get answered the way? I'd hope, but this is an two day. I'm not feeding my history anymore. I'm letting go of what didn't work out. Dwelling on my disappointments. I'm not reliving my heart, I'm putting my inner g into my destiny,
I'm getting ready for the new things, God has in store God to tell Samuel you'll your. With oil be on your way I'm sending you to the House of Jesse? I have chosen one of his sons to be the king. If you'll quit looking backwards, morning over what didn't work out. God is going to send you to the house of Jess He has a new beginning, a new relationship, a new dream, just call Saul didn't work out. Does it mean that it's over God has a David He has another plan, not something secondary. this is all that I have too bad just take. This David was the greatest king that ever lived. You may have gone through unfair situation, something that took the wind out of you. It wasn't a surprise to God. He knew every set back
every disappointment he has a David already lined up for you. You're great is joy. Your greatest victories, your greatest accomplishments, are still in your future but suppose Samuel would have continued morning putting energy into his past. Feeding that disappointment, maybe he wouldn't have anointed David Maybe God would have chosen someone else to go to the House of Jesse. maybe Samuel would have faded off into the sunset defeated discouraged. Are you putting energy into your past? Are you feeding for history. God is saying Phil. horn with oil and be on your way. That means get your passion back put a smile on your face start moving forward, you're about to come, to the House of Jesse Youth, it was over and done. God still has a David, still has something more rewarding than you've ever imagined
I talked to a lady that had been married for over twenty years. Her husband met another woman and suddenly decided he didn't want to be married to her anymore, and without any warning, he moved out and ended the marriage. This lady was so heartbroken. She couldn't understand why that happened. Two years later, she was still so upset. I told her what I'm telling you you can't keep feeding your history. Don't feed the betrayal don't feed it's taking you in the wrong direction? If somebody left you, you have to recognize their part in your story is over if they walked away, you don't need them to fulfill. Your purpose. if you needed them, God wouldn't have let them leave. But if you live thinking that you can't be happy,
now, because they're re married, they moved on then you're going to miss the new things God has in store. Why don't you accept it, as God closing the door? God jack King Saul. Sometimes God puts an into things that we don't understand. Don't put a question mark where God has put. Period, don't keep morning over something that you cannot change always think about it wondering why it didn't workout. Why did this door Why did I lose my loved one? I can't tell you why, but I can tell you if will fill your horn with oil, the on your way. There's a house so Jesse that God, ordained for you, you're, going to come into a new season of joy and fulfillment like you've. Never seen I see This lady, several years after we had talked that. She came right here to the altar for prayer. She had this
it's a man by her side. She looks so beautiful, so radiant like a different person. She told how they had recently gotten married. Is happier than she had ever been. She went on and on telling me what an amazing man this was what happened she quit morning and God sent to the House of Jesse when you quit put energy into your history, and you start get into your destiny! God will give you beauty for those ashes. God pay you back for the unfair situation and that person that left you no offense to them, but there are he'd quit watering the we quit thinking about the weed. This is a new season, God has divine connections lined up for you instead of The hurt feed your faith. Father thank to that, my latter days will be better than my former days.
is that what was meant for my harm? You use it to my advantage. If you'll feed your destiny, God will make up for Isaiah said because you got a double dose of trouble. your inheritance in the land will be double and your so, it will go on forever. That's my prayer for you, but you will not only see double restored back to you, but you'll be happier and more fulfilled than you've ever been in acts chapter one. The apostles came together to choose a replacement for Judas who betrayed Jesus. It came down to two men Mathias and Barsabbas. The apostles great asked for wisdom. They finally chose Matthias, but imagine how Barsabbas must have failed. This was an incredible opportunity twelve apostles would have their names written on the foundation of the new Jerusalem. They would forever be esteemed and respected
our got so close. He almost became one of the honored apostles. He could have gotten discouraged bitter dropped out, but instead of in his history. Instead of dwelling on what didn't work out, he let it go and kept feeding his destiny. Acts, chapter two. It says they were all together in one accord. In one place that mean he wasn't there with a bad attitude. He didn't have chip on his shoulder. He kept moving forward when you go to a disappointment. Something doesn't work out. Do like him, don't feed the negative is sit around thinking all man, I miss my big opportunity. God knows what he's doing?
Sometimes he will close doors that we think should be open. Maybe you didn't get the promotion that you work so hard for. You didn't qualify for that loan for the new house. The relationship didn't work out. That's in the past, God put a period. That's history now keep moving forward, keep feeding your faith, feeding your dreams at the right time. God will open a better door for you if you go into Read your destiny. You have to be careful who you spend time with the associate with the wrong people. They can feed you down feature get to the gossip you're going to become like the people. You hang around make sure that they have what you want if there negative critical that compromise they don't have integrity, they're, feeding you the wrong things. That's not on your diet,
life is too short to hang around people that are causing you to compromise. Pulling you down your time too valuable to waste it with people that don't have a dream: people that aren't going anywhere You don't have to make some big announcement, but so by little you should spend less and less time with them. Would you what, if I hurt their feelings, what if they get upset? What, if you miss your desk what, if they are keeping you from going to the next level when you come to the end of life, you stand before people. You will stand before God he has entrusted you with a gift. open assignment, there's something for you to accomplish. We have a responsibility to become who God created you to be. You have to take bold steps to protect what you're feeding those coworkers that negative in critical instead of going to lunch with them every day, the right at
it is a low love you, but I'm not, but I hang around you cuz you're feeding me down feeding me negativity, feeding me gossip and that's not on my diet. Sometimes we don't want to rock the boat We think. If we make changes, we won't have any friends. The truth is, You may be lonely for a season, but God will give you a new friends, better friends people that will push you up and not pull you down. But if you don't get rid of the wrong people, you will ever meet the right. People You should surround yourself with people that Are you people the challenge you people that make you better. The book of Deuteronomy but the Israelites went to battle God Did the leaders ask If anyone is afraid If so, let them go home. So they don't frighten everyone else. God knew the fear would spread and keep them from the victory
The people around you are contagious. What they have overtime you're going to catch. That's why the script says, don't hang around with angry hot tempered people or you will become angry and hot tempered. Spirits are transferable proverbs says when you walk with wise men, you will become wise. But it works in the positive and in the negative. You have to be selective with who you choose to spend time with you going to catch what they yeah. When the ten men came back from spying out the promise land they said, Moses, don't have a chance. The people are huge, there are giants in the land will never defeat them God. I had already promised him the victory, but this negative report from ten people begin to spread throughout the camp before long all two million people were
They said Moses. Let's go back to Egypt, go back to where we were when we were slaves. They next door to the promised land. Turned around and wandered in the desert. For forty years and never did make it in the wrong. People can talk you out of dreams, don't surround yourself with naysayers people that tell you what you can't become you'll, never start your business you'll, never break that addiction. We get your degree you'll, never meet the right person, they don't know. What's in you, they don't control, your destiny, some I have dreams that are lying dormant because the people around you are negative they've. Captain mediocrity. Now, that's rubbed off on you. The Good NEWS is those dreams, are still alive if you will change who you're spending time with get around people full of faith. People that see you
potential people that call out your seeds of greatness. Then you're going to step up to a new level and see those dreams come to pass when we received word that the compact center it's coming available. We met with leading real estate attorney. This man came highly recommend For thirty minutes he told us all the reasons why we weren't going to get the building while it was going to be way too expensive and how we were probably violating the deed restrictions on and on. When we finished the meeting I told are administrator. I don't want this man, our team, I have enough doubt on my own, I don't need his doubt. I can talk me out of it by myself. I need somebody to help talk me into it If I would have allowed him to stay, he would have contaminated the whole group, and we probably wouldn't be here. You have to be firm about who you're letting to feed you
I'm nice. I smile all the time, but if you're negative I'm going smile while waving goodbye if somebody compromises, if they don't have integrity, if they around on their spouse I'll be friendly, but I'm not going hang around with them you want somebody feeding me excellence, integrity, faith, hope, somebody firing they march after a A blind man was brought to Jesus in the scriptures Jesus lead the blind man out of town, and then he healed him. Why did he take him out of town he's God? He could have healed him anywhere maybe it was the this blind man was in a negative environment, surrounded by people that had accepted mediocrity. They would have said. You really think you're going to get well.
Blind your whole life Jesus had to take him out of town, so he wouldn't be talked out of his miracle. Sometimes you have to get out of a negative. environment, to see God's favor in a new way, because the people new year back then we'll try to be in the same box. They've had to end you growing up. The problem is you're, not the same person they're trying. feed your history. God is ready to feed, destiny, it's time to break out of that box. Don't let the limitations of those around you hold you down. You were made. For more! You have new levels in you: there are seeds of greatness waiting to spring forth. You may have had some disappointments in the past, but this is a new day God is about to release his favor in a new way. Chains that have held you back or being broken doors.
going to open that you never dreamed would open. Now. Do your part keep feeding your faith, feeding your homes, feeding your dreams, stay on your diet, no more feeding doubt negative The compromise no more mourning over what didn't work out. Don't use your enerji to feed your history, use your enerji to feed, destiny. If you'll do this, I believe and declare you're about to come in to Jesse's house you're about to see new levels, new opportunities, new relationships, the fullness of destiny in Jesus name. If you receive it, can you say him in today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say: Lord Jesus I repent of my sins, come into my heart, I'll make you my Lord and Savior. If you pray
a simple prayer. We believe you got born again, get in a good Bible based church keep God first place he's going to take you places that you've never dreamed as a thank you for your support of our ministry. This month, Joel and Victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels, inspirational new series living above and beyond resource will inspire you to believe that God has a new level of blessing in store for you. You are made in the image of God to do great things. To accomplish goals to overcome obstacles. And to leave your mark people leaving the Bath beyond life belongs to you, don't let negative circle yes hold. You back request this resource. It will help you reach the fullness of your destiny. request, your copy of living above and beyond today, at Joelosteen DOT, com or call eight hundred and eighty eight thousand five hundred and sixty seven Joel thanks so much
for helping us finish, two thousand and seventeen strong. We are so grateful for your support is generous people like you, make a difference around the world. We for you and your family everyday. We believe, two thousand and eighteen is going to be a year. What God exceed your expectations, stay invade. Something good is in store and don't forget. I have new book out is called blessed in the darkness. no you'll enjoy it. It's a great Christmas gear until we meet again know that you're not average you're, not mediocre your child of the most high god.