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From Patient to Physician

2018-06-30 | 🔗
Paul said in 2 Corinthians 1:4, “The comfort we received in our difficulties, we can share that same comfort with others in their time of need.” Joel will encourage you in this message to live life outward. Who can you bless today? Who can you encourage with your gifts and experiences?Live life as a blesser, a lifter, a healer by using what you’ve been through to help someone else. You are where you are today because someone else poured into you. God is counting on us to be the difference maker in someone else’s life.If you’ll let healing flow to others and tell what God has done, speak life and healing, share your skills, talents and resources, then there’s no limit to how high God will take you.
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe augustine dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today thanks for letting us come into your homes and if you're ever area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home not like to start with something funny and heard about this group of elderly ladys were way up in there eighties they were up and down the freeway together when they were pulled over by policemen the off sir said to the driver man realize you're only going thirty five miles an hour she said yes officer i realize that why are you going so slow she said because that's
the signs he gonna laughed and said no man that's the number of the points why this is how we thirty five bother what are these other passengers look so terrified she's then said because we just got all how not if i have to say that like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am of what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god our boldly confessed my mind is a more my heart is receptive out never be the same in geez may god bless you want to talk to you today about from patient to position we ve had tom's where we ve seen gods goodness we feeling well the medical report didn't look good but god termed it around now we're healthy
are we lost a loved one we didn't think we could go on but god gave us strength in peace and here we are stronger than ever at one point we were the patient we needed healing we needed restoration we needed favour god the way where we didn't see away were grateful that brought us we know that was his goodness the key is not enough to just be a grateful form or patient you have to take it one step further and go from patient to physician you been he'll now go help somebody else get he'll you broke the addiction help someone else break their addiction your son got back on course gotta entered your prayers go help that mother that's struggling with her son encourage her speak like into her let her know that god did it for you and he could do it for her
i didn't hear you just so you could be well as one reason but not the only reason he'll do so you could be but here didn't bless you just so you could be blessed he did it so you can become a blessing he favoured do so you could show other people favor he brought you through the loss he gave you a new beginning so you could help others make it through their laws is not enough just bask in what god is done thank him for his goodness that's fine but you responsibility too someone else in that same situation you're no longer the patient you become the physician a print a man has had real bad back pain spin on and off again for a couple of years and he recently found a new after that he really likes what made him so special is this doctor has head
same back pain that my friend had for over ten years he's gone through several surgeries and now his back is perfectly heal friend was excited because this doktor had been through what he's going through some things you can't fully understand but taken a class or by reading a book but when you ve been through pay through the laws through the struggle that experience gives you a unique perspective that others without it don't have they can't fully apply he ain't i don't know what it's like to struggle with an addiction or to go through chemotherapy or do i have been raised and abuse in dysfunction i haven't been there i can encourage you i can to you on when you ve been through something you ve been through cancer treatment you ve been through a divorce a loss a rough childhood
in one sense you been given again you are uniquely qualify to help someone else in that same situation you know this line the pain the discouragement the battles they fight in their mind you can help them in a way that others can god is done it for you now don't a grateful patient become a physician reach out to them during courage carries more weight you're speaking from experience you been there pulsating corinthians the comfort we receive in our difficulties we can share that same comfort with others in their time of need we all have something to gear because we ve all been through things it doesn't have to be something big something tragic you made it through that tough course in college you tired and study that bring came over and help do you pray
and believe you are the patient it wasn't easy but god we don't your efforts and you pass that call now maybe you have a friend in that same situation they don't understand it there stressed their skills thing you're no longer the patient now you the physician god brought you out not just for your sake not just so you can chat and he brought you out so who can help somebody i shall take them to mint or there them your notes your strategy your tents in them and encouraging text do what you can to help the impasse every one of us have had it variants is they call upon us to be the position what it's like to stand in faith when your mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer i know what it's like to lose a father that dearly love unexpectedly underwater
like to step up in past a church when you don't feel qualify i know what it's like to fight for the compact sinner when a company much eager and stronger is against you know what it's like to nor opposition in critics and do what god put in your heart god has brought me through the stays he's given me strength when i was we here we endorse it i couldn't open here my mother terminal cancer has given us the compact centre when every export said there wasn't a chance i recognise gods goodness in my life but i don't just thank him for it i'm not just a grateful former patient a become opposition practically every week i'll talk to other pastors that are about to step up and passed a church maybe unexpectedly i'm no
sport but i'll tell them what i know that i didn't feel qualified i didn't have the experience but god gave me the grace and he'll give them the grace to people tell me often how when they heard me talk about making it through the loss of my father that's help them to me through the loss of their loved one god told abraham i will bless you and use be a blessing in furs if you're not going to be a blessing then you're not going to be blessed the two or tat together god is saying hale you if you become a healer our free you
if your help somebody else right that addiction i'll give you the compact sinner if you'll help other people accomplish their dreams he saying i'll deliver you from being a patient if you'll make a commitment to become a physician this not only about being good others but the way you're going to keep your blessing is about being a blessing the picture says you and it will be given to you if you are not giving away what god has given you then that blessed it is not going to continue in the way it should this is a reason some people don't keep their healing not because you're not grateful is because they are not helping anyone else if you will give away healy healing will always come back to you god did you form that addiction if you want to stay fully go help somebody else get free keep
no way what god has given you my mother was here from terminal cancer back in nineteen eighty one for over thirty year she's been healthy hole and strong one reason is she did stay a grateful for more patient she did just go around saint lord thank you that i'm whale that's the first step but she went to step to and became a position for years she's gone up to the medical center every week to pray for people that we're saying hurry encouragement carries more weight she tells them i've been where you are i've been you know how i was told i had a few weeks to live but god the final say every month here it like would he has different feelings services she keeps give in a way what she's been given no one no she's almost eighty five years young and still go and strong today at one point we were all the patient
we were lonely we were fighting an illness we were even for dream work and hard being our best and god made it happen now we're bless we're married we have the compact centre my mother is well we're grateful but we can't stop there we have a responsibility to help somebody else get well help them get their compact centre their promotion their spouse we ve switched from being the patient to becoming deposition now we're looking for people we can lift people we can speak light there darkness healing to their broken freedom to their stronghold back then needed healing now we are they here we needed encouragement now we are the encouraging we needed a miracle now we are there miracle if you'll let what god gives you flow through you then he'll continue
give it to you but it's tempting to think i got to pack centre oh god i'm satisfied god you bought me victoria i'm happily married you bless me that's cool cause us to get stag if you're not giving anything away nothing who is going to come whether or not you keep the blessing the healing the favour the influence depends on you do with it when you're always lifting people in aging someone making their life better than before things are always going to come to you this young lady that was raised in a dysfunctional environment growing up parents worn around and she was taken it and a job and passed from past your home to foster home it was a view
unfair situation that she had no control over by the grace of god this loving family took her they spoke life into her nurtured her instead of becoming a statistic bitter and angry today healthy and whole she got married graduated from college just three beautiful children she's extremely grateful she knows that's gods goodness that was protecting her and bring in the right people but she didn't stop with just being grateful she's constantly helping other young ladys that we're like her entering them having them over to her house taking them shopping making them feel valuable and telling them that how they raised doesn't it and who they are or where they're going what's she doing being a healer she's not just a grateful form
patient she's not just say look what god is done for me she's gone on to step number two cheese come opposition no wonder it continues to see blessings and favour she keep giving away what was given to her one reason god could bless her he knew he could trust her to take the restoration and share it with others he knew she wouldn't stay a patient she would become opposition i wonder if we're seeing healy blessings favour increase because we're not committed like her to give it away god is saying to us what he said to abraham bless you if you will make a commitment to be a blessing our story i will even make the enemy pay i will take what was meant for harm and turn it to your advantage if you'll do
car and help restore others i taught a lady whose son was killed in iraq while he was serving she was so devastated she didn't think could go on month after month of grieving turned into a year after year bitter depressed green she couldn't understand why it happened she would hear me talking about how life is now always going to make sense but how we have to keep moving forward how you can't let us seize and mourning turn to a lifetime of morning no that's not easy i haven't been there but are no living depressed in bitter is only going to pull down and make it worse when she would hear me say that god is in control and that he has new beginnings she would get angry she would scream at the television joy know what i've been through deep down she knew
what she was hearing was true but the pain was so real after six years of listening week after week she finally sided to move for she got involved with a programme that helps veterans and people that have been wounded in the military she started a chapter in our home town said i cannot tell you how blessed i am and how much i have received from help in these families in need she ended by saying i want to apologize for scream and to all those times i thank god i couldn't hear it but here's my vote when she made the decision to help others that's when her healing came as long as she was bitter we focused on how unfair life was nothing got bad it's she decided to become a physician to reach out others then god
for beauty for ashes joy and fulfilment like she never dream is god waiting for you to be a blessing so he can bless you is he waiting for you to give away healing giveaway encouragement make somebody else better then this lady he's going to take you to a level that never imagine luke chip twenty two jesus said to peter satan has tried to sift you like we but i have prayed for you that your fate would not fail when you have termed again strengthen your brother jesus was telling peter that forces we're trying to keep him from his destiny but he prayed for him and peter was going to make then he said something significant when you have turned again that means when you come out of this when you're on the other side blessed free restore what are you to do spring in europe
either he was saying use what you ve been through somebody else give stronger every blessing every healing every breakthrough not designed just for you it was too your brother you would think jesus would say peter when you get out go to the temple and celebrate call some friends and have a victory party you're free your heal your blast instead he's when you come out go strengthens one god gave health back to my mother you know what she's been doing the last thirty seven years strengthened in people gave me the grace to step up and pasture when i didn't think i could do it what i've been doing strengthen and others whatever god has brought you whatever he's turned around whatever these may happen that you couldn't make happen that's an opportunity
strengthen someone maybe you ve been through a divorce your heart was broken you didn't think you could go on didn't look like they were in good days up a hand what you may not have realized is like with peter jesus praying for you that your faith would not fail it's one thing to have people play employers have a brain praying for you a pasture these two rabbi that's all good but the scripture says jesus is it the right hand the father premium for us you wonder how you made it through that tough time how you may through that loss how you broke that addiction that seem like it was permanent here's how the creator of the universe was praying for you we ve all come through things it should have
does we ve all seen good breaks it we couldn't make happen doors open that we couldn't open addictions broken that we couldn't brake on our own now we're on the other side what's our responsibility what are we to do to strengthen someone strengthen that person that has cancer strengthen that friend that's going through a divorce strength in that co worker that's fighting an addiction strengthen that neighbour that's lonely we should live on a mission amount to linked in somebody today i'm going to end orange someone i'm going to help he or someone gods brought me out i'm not going to stay a grateful form or patient i'm wounded become a physician god bless you now help body else get less god delivered you why don't you help them get deliver and yes it's
pay to stay a patient for a little while of course we all have difficulties and fight battles we need encouragement people to lift us when we fall in curious when were we our seasons when we're a patient but when god firms it around he brings us out now we're blessed we're healed we meet the right and we need to shift into a different man now look for somebody to shrink i'm looking for somebody to bless i have a story to share i have encouragement to gear no more i need something i'm a patient this not just a grateful god's been good to me we have to ship into this position mode who cannot glass who can i help here maybe my son was off course turn them around or thank you for that now another son i can go after oh god you get thus the compact sooner you
away when i didn't see away where is somebody i can encourage with this whereas a past or i can call they didn't think he'll ever give his bill as long as you let the blessings keep flowing the encouragement being good people comforting them help and overcome then the blessings will keep coming in the healing will keep coming the right people the joy the fulfilment i'm not saying you won't have differ all these but as you give away what god given you as you strength and others you will always have the strength that you need but sometimes we can live in grown focused on ourselves we're grateful we thank god for his goodness but that's not enough that's not going to cause it to staying the real test is are used thinning someone are you can turn to encourage people are
you goin out of your way to be good to them maybe they need to be in an uplifting environment you go pick them up and bring them to charge you strengthen your brother the truth is none of got to where we are on our own some i encourage you somebody brought the church somebody took to teach you to train somebody believed in you they took a chance and gave you a position somebody praying bringing it may have been a great gray great grandmother you ve never even met them but they were in from mental in you being where you are today they help to why don't go out and help somebody else giving away what god given you always come back my father grew up in a family that didn't have anything to do with god they were good people but fate was a part of their lie in his teenage years he was party
stay out all night not doing what in school but he had a when named sam that was always too can do him about the law sam would get us cool early and white scripture verses on the chart more my father was so embarrassed but nobody how many times he told them no he wouldn't leave him alone sam state after him at the age of seventeen daddy was coming home from a nightclub two o clock in the morning he looked up at the stars and begin to think about god and what he would do with his lie next and he called sam and said he wanted to go to church with him the service the pastoral invited people to the front to receive christ my father wanted to go but he was too afraid sam said john if you'll go with you they walk down the aisle together and my father gave his life to cry
fast forward some forty years later father was a successful pasture with the church of thousands known round the world one night he went to a fringe across town to hear a special speaker he arrived late so we sat in the back he looked down the row and noticed this young man that looked very trouble he was planning on speaking to him when it was over but in the middle of the service the young man got up and walked down my father fell so strongly about it he got up and went looking for him looked all over the lobby and couldn't find you went out in the past a lot and searched in short he wouldn't there came back and and check the restroom opened the door the young man was standing there he said i know you don't know me but has a plan for your life he has some then for you to do he sent me after you to lead you know did he cares about you
and started weeping and weeping he was directed to so many drugs so depressed than he was planning on in in his life that night but decided to go to church one last time by the grace of god my father was there that night was a turning point a newbie getting the young man not only got free but he too became the pastor of lord shirt my point forty years later my father still giving away what had been given to him if it had not been for sam he would have missed his destiny my father wasn't just a grateful former he didn't just go around and look what god is done for me he became a physician live with this attitude i'm on a mission sam me down and changed my life now track somebody else down change there lie i want
strengthen my brother no wonder my father lived with favour influence gods goodness he kept letting what was given to him from the others new if he would bless my father he could trust him to be able seeing he knew if sam would be relentless and tracking down that my father would live with that same attitude when it came to helping others can god trust you to be blessed will you pass it on and be a blessing trust you with healing will you become a healer any trust you with influence with new levels with freedom we let what he gives you flow out to others i believe he can on no i'm looking at faithful committed trustworthy people not just wait for former patients i'm looking at
vision you may not realize it but you are a healer euro lifter you and encourage or euro bliss now believe and declare as you strength your brother's as you street in your sisters not only are they gonna arise higher but you're going to rise hire you what to see new levels a blessing healing info whence favour the fullness of yours certainly in geez its name and if you receive it can you say i admit that i i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me just say lord jesus our opinion my sins come into my heart you're my lord insane did you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good mugabe's charge and keep god first place
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