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Get Ready For Overflow

2020-02-09 | 🔗
You weren’t created to barely get by in life. God wants you to have an abundance so you can be a blessing to others. He not only wants to meet your needs, He wants to exceed them. As you get in agreement with God, He's going to bring you into a season of overflow!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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He's already design overflow for you here already lined up the promotion. The good breaks, the right people, the feed you're going to come in these times we use, God show out in your life. You didn't have experience you weren't next in line, but suddenly Europe, Suddenly you meet the right person. Suddenly you come out and then you are looking for it, but the blessing came looking for you hi this is Joel in Victoria. For downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I know you want to leave encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and finally, on social media to stay connected. We appreciated. Support. It helps keep the ministry going into
play. The message from God bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by be a part of one of our services. I promise you we will make you feel right at home. I like to start with something funny: I heard about five relationship tips for women number one. It's important to find a man that loves you and is loyal number to it's important, to find a man, that's fun and makes you laugh number three. It's important to find a man. That's a hard worker provides a good living number for it's important to find a man, that's a great father and is good with chili. And number five, it's important that none of these four men know each other oil scripture that it, but here we go. This is vital. I am what it says. I have This is all I can do what it says. I can do today
How will we talk the word of God, our boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the In Jesus, nay, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about get ready for overflow. God didn't create us to just get by in line to just have enough for what we need. We are grateful for that, but God is not a get. Bad God, he's an overflow God. He won't You have an abundance, so you can be a blessing to others. What you have said, much joy, you joy everywhere, you go you so many resources that you can help those around you. You may not have seen this year, but God is about to do a new thing. One touch of his favor will take you from having just enough to having more than enough you need it
get ready. Overflow is coming you're, going to overflow, with creativity, with ideas with town overflowed, with good relationships with great people in your line, overflow, with influence promotion, resources, where you can come out of debt, where you can land and not have to borrow now git agreement with God, Father! Thank you that overflow is coming. Thank you that Europe more than enough guy in the scripture? Jesus was out in the desert teaching the people it was late. In the day they were all hungry. Jesus told his disciples to feed them. When they were in the middle of nowhere. Jesus all. We have five loaves of bread into fish Jesus.
Told them to have the people sit in groups of fifty and two hundred the disciples went out to counter the people put them in different groups. There were five thousand men, their plus the women and children Jesus it over the food and multiply as they serve the people. The food kept coming when was all over. They had twelve baskets full of food left over. What's interesting, Is Jesus knew exactly how many people were there that day he had the disciples. Take the time to count. He could have stopped the food from multiplying as soon as everyone was fair. After all, God is precise. He does it make mistakes, it's not like. He miscalculated. He accidentally made too much Food on purpose, God design there to be overflow. He was showing us his nature.
He not only wants to meet your needs, he's an overflow God, a guy More than enough, when he laid out the plan for your lie, he calculated exactly what you would need. He knows what is going to take to get you to your destiny, then, on purpose, He added extra when you needs were met. He said in a fat. Let me keep multiply. Let me give them more than enough, he's already designed overflow for you he's all Eddie lined up the promotion. The good breaks, the right people, the favor you and come into these times. We use God show out in your life. You didn't have the experience you weren't next in line, but suddenly
your promoted? Suddenly you meet the right person. Suddenly you come out, I dare you weren't looking for it, but the blessing came looking for you now. Sometimes people will try to convince us that we're not supposed to be less father was taught in seminary that he was supposed to live in lack to show that he was humble but one of the names for God is ill shadow. That means more than enough, if God willing to do that, get by. If he wanted you to have just enough. Why would his name be more than enough? Don't let people talk you out of the overflow that belongs to you with your grateful to get by yes, be grateful, but don't stop there Lord, thank you that you're L shatter the God of more than enough. Thank you did overflow is headed my way The scripture says in Malaga when you
oh god, with your income. When you give the tide the first ten percent of your salary, God will open the windows of hair and pour out a blessing that you cannot contain. That's the overflow God you can't contain Many of you have been faithful. You ve, given you ve serve. You ve, helped others, God has some of these- cannot contain blessing come in your way. Here not limited by your job by your salary, but what family you come from. He knows how to increase you, one good break, one idea: one contract, one inheritance, we'll put you into more than enough I'm asking you to get ready for overflow. Get ready per bleeds blessed that you cannot contain. George. I don't see how this can happen. You dont have to see how all you have to do is believed in the old
the Israelites were in the desert, headed toward the promised land. They got time of eating the man each day. That was something like bread. They went to Moses and said they wanted me to eat. There were two million people out there. No grocery stores Moses was frustrated. He said God, even if we butchered all of our flocks. All of our heard. We wouldn't have that much me. God said Moses. Winded I become week. Have I lost my power? Don't you realize I control the universe? God shifted the winds and cause millions of quail to come into their came from miles everywhere. They
looked. There were quail flying three feet off the ground. The scripture says they gathered them all day and all night, and no one had less than fifty bushels of quail, or you could say, fifty boxes of state. One moment they were in lack struggling, no sign of increase, The next moment they were in overflow. They had more than enough. What's interesting is quell. Don't normally fly that far from water, normally they'd never be way out in the desert, but shifted the winds and suddenly the coil shoulder. You may not see how you could ever come into overflow. Could ever have more than enough. All God has to do is shift. The winds cause the right people to be good to you, cost the contract, the promotion for the scholarship to come. Your way, all the circumstance,
may say it's impossible. God is asking you what he s them: winded have become weak. Is there any limit to my power get in agreement with God he's about to shift some things in your favour, he's about to open a door that no person can share he's about to put to you at the right place at the right time he's going to cost well to find you. We look at our situations in the natural, but we serve supernatural God he has is to increase you, you ve, never thought I'd, just a shift here and suddenly you're in overflow there and suddenly blessings. You cannot contain a stir station. Ransom numbers
stone the size of the Israelites camp and the number of people coil three feet off the ground. He concluded that a hundred and five million quail came into their camp that day, God could have given them a couple of quail each that would have been for me quell, but God does it just want to meet your needs? He wants to give. Overflow. He wants to bring in the more than enough for of wanted to buy some property to build a school He had some land, but he needed more. There were ten acres behind him connecting to his property. He had bought his land for four thousand dollars and ache. He enquired about this new property. They wanted twenty five thousand an acre more than five terms what you paid for his he was disappointed. He didn't have the funds he knew. He was, to build a school, but he didn't see how it could happen. Instead, a living discourage talking to him
help out of it. He kept thanking God did overflow was meaning that he was a more than enough gone. Three years later, a man from the government unexpectedly knocked on his door. He had never met the man, never told him. He was looking for property, but this may and told my friend that there were a hundred and twenty acres right across the street that had Nan buildings on the property had been for closed on five times. He said I'm authorized to get rid of it made me an offer and we'll see what we can do, let twenty five thousand an acre like the property behind The land alone would have been three million dollars. There were nine nice buildings that he could use for a school. My friend said I'll, give you two hundred thousand dollars the man shook his hand and said you ve got a deal he got. The hunt in twenty acres. None. Buildings for less than
in pursuit of what it was value that God knows I'll, bring you into overflow. He can make things happen that you could never make happen now, love the fact that my friend wasn't looking for this man. He wasn't trying to tracking down talk him into it. The man came looking for him, the scriptures is when you honor God, blessings What chase you down? You don't have to look for the blessing just keep God first place and the blessing will look for you. I believe right now. Motion is looking for you. The right people are looking for you, the healing the scholarship, the property. The business is looking for. You it's just a matter of time before you here that knock on the door, you weren't expecting it you couldn't have made it happen. What was that the God of over
flow poor and out one of those blessings that you cannot contain. This is what happened to Peter in Lieu Chapter five. He had been fishing all night. He worked hard done his best and caught nothing only them, morning, he was on the shore cleaning his net. When, Jesus came up and asked to borrow his boat. He had never met Peter, but Peter agreed. Jesus use the boat to teach the people from the shore when he finished he told Peter to go back out in the water and he would catch a great hall. A fish will Peter was a professional fishermen. He knew window fish, this wasn't the right time. After all, he had already been out there for hours. He almost talked him so out of it. He said Jesus we finished all night and caught nothing. Nevertheless, at your word, I'll go back out Peter through
is net verse. Six says he caught so many fish. That is net begin. Debray he had to call another boat over to help him further up the fish. There were so many that both boats begin to saying they barely made it back to the shore. Now Peter had caught fish many times before, but he had never had his net break he'd, never head call on another boat. We ve all seen God, goodness in the past, we ve seen him. Open doors. We ve seen turn situations around you haven't seen, anything you, God some of these net breaking blessings common for you favour that. You weren't prepare for increase in such amazing ways you, can handle it on your own we urge all. I don't know if this is for me to day last, you wouldn't too hot business is law have been stuck at this same
place for years. You're right we're Peter was here we're tired all night. He had done the right thing and had no success He was tired, frustrated thinking. He was way during his time. Nothing look like he was about to come in the overflow. None of your circumstances, said he was about to see a net breaking blessing, just the opposite when it looks the worst You don't see any sign of things. Improving state courage. You are on the verge of overflow, you're close to a net breaking blessing. Jesus said to Peter, in effect, just because it didn't happen. Last night doesn't mean it's not going to happen this morning
just because it didn't happen. Last year doesn't mean it's not going to happen this year. Maybe your where Peter was you worked hard? You been faithful, you ve done your best and caught nothing. Your time is coming there weren't any fish out their last time, but God controls the fish. He knows how to cause the fish to find you. It's not too late. Business may be slow. The medical report doesn't look good Urien prime position for overflow. God is saying: throw that net out one more time start believing again start dream and again sort taken steps of pay. You don't know what God is about to do. The reason it hasn't happened yet is much bigger than what you think.
It's not going to be a normal catch, an ordinary promotion and average contract. It's going to be a net breaking blessing something unprecedented favour, so heavy. It causes the boat to start to see the scripture says Peter was astonished at the amount of fish they he was amazed, bewilder he'd, never seeing that size of catch God is going to do things in your lie that astonish you doors open that you never dream would open he's going to put you in positions of influence and leadership that you ve, never imagined. He's going to give you resources fond opportunities like you'd, never dreamed God De of overflow is not just a little more of what you have now it's a new mention is something unprecedented, so
that you ve never fab. I grew up watching the Rockets play basketball. Here I had he's in tickets. Over to my left. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think one we would own this building. I came to the games as a fan, like the other thousands of people. But gods dream for your life is much bigger than your own. He has blessings that are going to catch up your family to a new level. When I became the pastor, the church began to grow a new. We needed a larger place, but it never entered my mind to try to get the compact sooner was so far out of my thinking I had seen father builds. You worry after Central We go up an add on to buildings. That was the normal way. That's what I was planning to do, but God is not going to always take you down a normal trip,
nor pat you're going to come into these times. Were God is do something unprecedented, something. That's never been seen in your family, something in your business that you ve never seen happen when the door to the complex and are opened up, God COS things to fall into place and when the City Council members voted for us to have the building like Peter, I was astonished. I couldn't believe that it happened when I drove up now. Sometimes I still get goosebumps. I recognize this is a net breaking. David talked about the God of overflow in some twenty three he said my cup runs over when you put water into a glass. You have to stop when you come to the top of the glass you're limited by the size of the container, but God says we're not pull a blessing. I'm not limited by your capacity.
Need to receive, you may have a small cup small thing: small dreams, if God only blessed us according to what we believed, we would never reach our potential. We wouldn't have the compact center. I couldn't fathom this. I did have the fate for this size a blessing, and if it was only up to us, we would never see if Asians three twenty God do an exceedingly more than we can ask, think or imagine, but God is so good. He says. Even if you have a small car, even if you have small Faye, that's not going to the big blessing from coming for me, God is not going to. Stop worrying at the top of your car he's going to if you are running over blessing, I would love to tell that, where I am is because I've had great faith and have always believed for big things, but much of what I have seen
are simply running over blessings. God blessing me. Way beyond what I had, the faithful have learned It's not the size of your fate that will limit you. It's the quality of your character. If you will keep your heart, pure before God, that doesn't mean that your perfect, but when you make mistakes you asked for forgiveness, you do better the next time you treat people right. You have a good attitude, didn't God can release these running over blessings blessings that you can't fathom? It's not going to be your lack of faith that stops you that's what the scripture says. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains, when Peter went back out to fish when Jesus told into he didn't think he was gonna catch, anything he was just being respectful. He was just honouring Jesus, but God look
our heart as much as he looks at our fate. Peter may not have had the fate, but he had the heart to please, God don't be discourages. If don't feel like. You have enough You have small dreams, a small car. You think your limit but how you were raised about how big that obstacle is Wish you had more fate. The good news is, God has running over blessings cause your heart is right. Your lack of fate is not going to stop the awesome future. They got has in store for you. As a fifty force is enlarged house built in addition pursue you will be bursting at the seams. You may feel like you're stuck you don't see how you could accomplish your dreams. God is saying you're going to be bursting at the seams soon, you're going to see a net breaking blessing, God is about to
something unusual out of the ordinary promotion that you can't contain in where is causes you to explode to a new level? Some friends of mine moved a Botswana to become missionaries down the middle of nowhere taken cure the orphans feeding the pool They ve been there faithfully year after year a dream to build a big youth centre, so the young people would have a waste of calm and learn and make friends, it was going to cost five million dollars course that's a lot of money here, but over there were the in your income is less than a thousand dollars seemed impossible one day and
or german man with his? Why visited Botswana? They fell in love with the people. They wanted to do something to help when they returned home. They googled, Botswana, orphanages and my friends organization came up. It's called the love. Botswana outreach. He content. Did my boyfriend and Cinema twenty thousand dollar donation a little later cinema, three hundred thousand downward donation, my friend overwhelmed and very grateful. He said he was coming to visit there. He and his wife stated this real. Lies so far. We resort about fifteen miles from upwards complex. Morning, my friend drove to the resort to pick them up the owner. The resort said: Durham apprehend the resort is foreseen would you like to buy? He thought my friend was a wealthy businessmen, their own vacation here
laughed and said now, I'm a missionary. I live down the road, the german man overheard. The conversation asked my friend I found out how much it was he got in the information thought he was going to buy for himself, but the man bought them a resort and gave it to my friend to use for their outrage. They were astonished. The man came to their complex to visit. He saw the plane for the new youth centre, ask how much it was not Brion said five million dollars, he said, don't worry, I'll. Send you a check view years later, they dedicated the big youth zennor, totally dead. Three. What was that unmet, writing blessing, something that I didn't see common. God knows how to get you into overflow he had that one man come across their pay. You don't need it body to be for you. You just need the right people have been for you,
it's already lined up these divine connections? That will help you fulfil your partners, some sixty five says God will crowned the year with the bountiful harvest, even the hard places, while overflow with abundance. This overflow is not just to meet your dreams, not to go further, but you're going to see overflow in the hard places. Maybe you are facing an illness. You taken that we met or your raising a difficult child that is not going to defeat. You you're about to overflow, with street overflow, with Healy overflowed with victory
Have your struggling with depression, anxiety, fear that is not your destiny, you about to overflow, with joy, overflow, with peace overflowed with things in the hard places, God promise you'll to overflow with abundance. That means you're, not Junta, lack any thing that you need you gonna have plenty of grace plenty of joy plenty of favor. When my father went to be with the Lord back in nineteen. Ninety nine, we had been the best of friends, we travel the world together. I worked with him every day for many years now, all of a sudden he was gone. It was such a shock. I didn't know how I was going to be able to handle it, but for the moment my mother called me at two in the morning and said my father had just head on
heart attack that he was unconscious, that the paramedics will come in. I should have been panicked. Upset stressed out, but I felt is calm. Ass can be, it was. For natural. When I saw the paramedics trundle rhubarb, my father, I wasn't fallen apart. I had a peace that I can't explain it s a more the loss of my father still miss him, but I was amazed at how I was able to make it through. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought. That's because, in the hard times the God of overflow is still right there. With you giving you an abundance of everything, the to me if this is an aim, is now the day is coming where everything baron and fruitless will overflowed with blessing. This passage was written many years ago. I dont believe the day is coming. I believe
the day is here, whatever is Veron in your life, whatever area you been lacking in God is saying you're about to overflow, with blessings overflow, with good health, overflow with joy, overflow, in your finances. You are coming out of land into abundance, believe and declare it's going to be an overflow year for you, you're about to be bursting at the seams you're about to see net breaking blessings, promotion that you can't contain increase that cattle port you to a new level at the clear in Jesus name, if you receive it, can you save in today we never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus, our repent of my sins
when my heart make you my Lord insane. If you pray simple prayer. We believe you got born again, get in a good Bible Base Church and keep God first lies victorian I'll, be right back to speak a blessing over. You number one New York Times battling author, Jovan Steep releases, the power of God. Favour will take. You were you can't go on your own I'll. Show you how to in this paper, so you can become all you were created today. Thanks. So much for listening to today's message, I hope you'll
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