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God Is In Your Story

2018-01-24 | 🔗
Many people think they need to change their lives before they can draw near to God. They need to clean up a few things. But we can’t clean up our own lives. We can’t bring the change God wants to bring in our lives. He had to come to us through Jesus, and He has brought us salvation through Jesus’ blood. Only Jesus Christ can change your life. There’s no mess you’ve made that He can’t help you clean up. In Jesus, you are made right with God. There is nothing that God cannot do for you through Jesus Christ. There’s nothing on the inside of you that would make you distant from God. He loves you just the way you are! Whatever you’re facing today, God wants you to know: “I’m right here. I’m an up close and personal God. Come close to Me and know that I will help you.”
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Welcome to the Joel O'Steen podcast Helpless can you to share the message of hope with all over the world visit, Toulouse, teen, dot com, slash to give a gift today, where the center watch Jean at the after cold play with about five of my friends. We decided to go kind of at the last minute and our seats were way back in the back. They weren't good seats at all, so that was five of us in bad seats with one pair of binoculars yeah. That's really interesting, one pair of binoculars among five people, yeah. I can remember watching the play I feel so disconnected from the story, because I really couldn't see the stage well enough, and I don't know if you're
over forty in here today, but you know when you can't see you feel like you can't hear I was waiting and waiting and waiting for those binoculars to make their way into my hands and when they Only did I was so excited. I pull those binoculars up to my face and focused in on the stage and it was amazing. I could see the expression on the actors faces good here so well. In fact, I felt like I on the stage with them and part of the story. You see. My perspective had totally changed because the distance between my seat and the stage was closed
See once which was far away became near to Maine Ephesians, two hundred and thirteen says this in Christ. You who are once far away have been brought near by the blood of Jesus. You see, we've all been far away from God. We've all experienced bad seats so to speak, but I tell you this that, through the binoculars of Jesus Christ, God has drawn us near to him. Close the gap between God, the Father and us through the binoculars of Jesus Christ. God is an up close and personal God today and he wants to draw you,
I'm himself. He wants you to know that there doesn't have to be distance between you, he wants you to know today that there may be seven billion people on this planet and it's easy to think God out of all these people. How do you see little old me? You've heard my prayers God, I feel, like things, aren't changing quick enough. I'm still in this situation. God have you forgotten, or can you even see me?
We've all had those thoughts, we've all felt that doubt, but that doesn't stop God that doesn't chase God. All God is right there with us. He is in our story. He is on our stage. We've just got to recognize that he's as close as the very breath that we breathe and that the distance between us has been closed through Jesus Christ. You see some people think that they need to change their life for they can draw near to God. They need to clean up a few things. You don't sometimes just the way we live. Our life makes us feel distant, almighty God can I tell today that you. clean your own life up. You can't bring the change that God wants to bring in your life until you realize he's right there with you,
and you accept him into your life and you go to him daily, because it's God who works in us and through us, you see the gap has been closed. There is nothing that God cannot do for you through Jesus Christ, there's no, yes, that you made that he can help you clean up, there's nothing on the inside of you. That would make you distant from God. You see. He loves you just the way you are. In fact the Bible says when we were still sinners. We were so far away because that gap was full of sin. He came to us through Jesus Christ, he came to us. We didn't,
come to him today. He's with you he's drawing you, don't let anything stand between you and God the Father. He wants a relationship with you today, it's as easy as that, every single day, no matter what we're carrying no matter. What. Feel no matter what we did. He still wants a relationship with you. There's a beautiful story. In John four Jesus was coming from Judea heading to Galilee. With his disciples. He said. I have need to go to some air, Yeah now some area was on the way to Galilee, but jewish people never go through Samaria in fact I would take the long way around just to avoid going through some area, because Jews and Samaritans didn't like each other. They didn't mix, but
he told his disciple, I have to break protocol. I have to break the rules. I need to go to some area. He needed to go to some area because he had an appointment with the woman at the whale the woman came with her watering jar. That's where all the women came to collect water daily needs. She came with her watering jar. She thought it was just a normal day. She did not realize that she had an appointment with living water. She got there that day with an earthly perspective, have you ever had an earthly perspective? I'm just going to work I'm taking my kids to school, I'm doing the dishes, I'm running my errands. She came that day. With an earthly perspective. She didn't realize she was going to leave with a heaven
perspective. You see. Jesus threw her unto himself. She thought she was just drawing water, something that would be a temporary fix for today, but he offered her something greater than that he offered her living water. So she got a little closer to him. Now you have to realize this. Woman came to the well at noon, and the story is this: she wanted to avoid,
the other women that came in the morning at the cool of the day. So she said, I don't care if it's hot I want to get in, and I want to get out. I want to avoid the women at the well. I want to stay to myself. I want to stay isolated, you see, the enemy wants us to be isolated, but Jesus said you don't have to be isolated. I will give you this gift of living water and, as they begin to have a conversation. He said to her go, get your husband, she paused and she said I don't have a husband and he said that's the truth. He said you had five husbands and the man that you're with now is not your husband. Well that really got her attention because she's thinking this guy knows all about me, and he still talking to me, hey, there's people that think a lot of things.
At me and they won't talk to me, but this guy knows the truth and he still wants to have a conversation with Maine. He still wants to give me this living water because She thought he was going to say. Oh know, you have a husband, I know, forget the living water, you don't deserve the living wall, you're, not living right. Only perfect people deserve the living water, but Jesus said when you drink from this water from this fountain you'll. Never thirst again. You see he was giving her a heavenly perspective. She didn't under stand all of what he was saying, but she certainly got to know him a little better and realize this man is different. This man,
is drawing me into himself. This man is breaking protocol. This man is offering me living water. You know what I love about this man Jesus. We can come to him just like we Are you see he had a need to go to this woman and he broke protocol to get to her Jesus has I need to get to you, he is offering you living water, but all. we have to do is, say yes and drink that water. You see, she came to the realization that this was the Messiah offering her salvation. Her people have
talked about the Messiah for years she literally left there and ran to the town square, the people she was trying to avoid got right in the middle of them and started saying come meet a man that knows everything about me and he still likes me. He loves me. You got to come see this man, not he be the Messiah because he sure isn't like you. You see the Bible does on about Jesus talking about people who will be worshippers, worshippers in spirit and in truth, that's who, God is speaking what I want us to see the day that God is looking at us through his binoculars of Jesus, the distance that was once there he's brought us close.
She hasn't brought us close because we're perfect, because we do everything right he's looking for people who will worship him in spirit and in truth, when she spoke truth to him, he said that's right and then she continued to worship him. She continued to get close to him because she didn't feel judgment. She didn't feel condemned, and he said these are the I'm looking for people that will draw close to main in all of the truth of who they are people who will take this living water inlet it quench them every single day see the Bible says that we are to watch without our salvation see when you say yes to Jesus, you may be saved, but you got some junk in you that needs to be worked out and God is saying this living water is available to you every single day you don't have to run from Maine. You can run to me, you don't have to try to quench your,
First, by going to other people by bad habits, buy things of this world has to offer come to me and let the living water which you will bubble up out of you be the pull of refreshing for you for your thirsty soul listen. If you've been in this world long enough, you realize you can get thirsty mighty, quick, listen, there's a lot of thirst going on, but Jesus said when you drink from this living water, it will be. continual spring. It will wash you wash away the desires that you really don't want anymore anyway, but you gotta be that person who is willing to worship him in Spirit
his spirit and in the truth of who you are the truth of who you are becoming. You see when you are one with him which you are. The Bible says that he made the two out of one Jesus and us became one. He is the binocular that God is looking at us through. He doesn't see your failures. He doesn't see your mistakes, he sees you in Jesus Christ. He sees you as righteous. He sees you as who you are just don't let your earthly perspective, keep you from letting that refreshing come to you every day, because within you is, I have a lay perspective. You've just got a latch on to it. You've got to take it, take hold of it and you've got to know that God is working in you to will and to do his good pleasure. Listen, you don't need anything.
But Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone is going to change your life. So I would encourage you just like that woman. You need to come and drink at the living water. Don't try to clean yourself up. First, let God do the worst end. You let him workout those things that you so desperately want to get rid of it and you will enjoy that heavenly perspective and God will get you
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