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God is Preparing the Way for Victory

2020-07-08 | 🔗
We all face situations that seem impossible, but the scripture says God is going before us making crooked places straight. That means God is arranging the right connections and opportunities to help us accomplish our dreams.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this job and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast, we enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy them. This is a joy to come into your homes. We love you, and we know God has great things in store for each one of you you ever in our area. I hope you'll stop by and be a part of one of our services are promise. You will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much for tune in to day thanks again for common aims. I like to start with something funny, each weaken course. You know these are not doktor correct there. Just to make us laugh that I heard about this man that was walking on the beach,
I've said son. You been so faithful, I'm gonna grant you one special wish. He said God I've always. To go to Hawaii, but I'm afraid to fly. So my wish is that You would build me a bridge across the ocean. God said son, that's totally impossible! Think in the logistics of their now takes some time and wish again, he said: ok, God, I've been divorced four times in all my ex wife say that I'm so incense, so. My wish is that I would be able to understand a woman. I want to know why she thinks, like she thinks and why she feels like she feels there was a long pause and gone said. Do you two lines or four lines on every hour had of the above all, say it like you mean it. This is a Bible? I am what it says. I am Have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do. Today I will be taught the word of God: boldly convey my mind, is alert MA
is receptive. I will never be the same. Jesus Name, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about how God is going before you preparing the way for victory. We all face situations that seem impossible is easy to get discouraged thinks it is never going to work out, but the scripture talks about how God is going before us, making our crooked places strain. That means you may not have the connect change right now to accomplish your dreams, but you don't have to worry. God is going before you lining up the right people here. Finding the right breaks, the right opportunities you may have lost a John, had your hours cut back, it's easy to get negative and think nothing is ever going to change. You have to realise that loss is not a surprise to God he's not
they have been scrapped in his head thinking. Oh no! Now what I'm gonna do? No God has already written every day of your life in his book. He knew exactly win that set back would occur and the Good NEWS. Is he's already arranged a comeback before you had the problem. God already had the solution. He is going for you right now preparing the next chapter of your life. If you will stay in faith and keep the right attitude, is gonna be a better chapter, a chapter with greater victories in greater fulfilment at the office. People may be trying to push down play in politics, they may have more seniority than you. They may be quote more powerful, but you understand this principle you won't get upset. You won't when their and try to play their games and proved them who you are no you'll stay in peace, no one that the most high God the creator.
The universe, the one that controls at all is going before you and he promised he will fight your battles. He will be your vindicator. He will make your wrongs right. If you will stay on the high road and just keep me in your best, you will see the hand of God at work in amazing ways. It may not happen over night, but at the right time in your due season, God will not only moved the wrong people out of the way, but he will pay you back for every injustice he will make up for lost time and get you to wear you're supposed to be based. Of you today are discouraged, thinking that your situation is never going to change. You don't see anything happening, but if the curtains were poor back to where you could see into the unseen round. You would How right now, God is it work array doing things in your favour. He's planning to open this door bring a certain person across Europe,
he's getting. You lined up in position for the exact right opportunities here. Looking years down the road and rail solutions to problems that you haven't even had as we into this new decade. I wanted to get this down in our spirit like never before God Is going before me make it my cook places strike at means, you may have gone through a disappointment and unfair situation, but don't settled there, don't sink down industry, pity in your future, God is already land up a new beginning. New friendships. New opportunities is right up ahead of you. Maybe last year in your finance is in your career. It was a rough year. You had some setbacks, but don't make the mistake of expecting this year to be the same, get a new vision. This is a new day. You may
taken a couple of steps backwards in two thousand and nine, but let me declared over you in two thousand and ten God is going this thrush do forward. He has explosive growth in your future, he's already learned new sales New Klein's, new business, new partnerships. Our attitude should be yes, the economy, is down, but I'm not worried. I know, God is going before me and he's promised he will make rivers in the desert He will prosper me even in the midst of a recession or the medical report, may not look good. It says that I have to live with this sickness. But I have another report and it says that God is, storing health under me, and I believe in my future, God has already released healing health and victory or you may have a child. It looks like they ll never get back on the right course in the natural it seems impossible, but our report should be
No God can do the impossible, may not see a way, but I know God has away and leave right now. God is going before my child lining up the right people to come across his path, Taken away the wrong people breakin every force of darkness, opening his eyes to every deception and giving him the wisdom to make good choices to fulfil his destiny. One time in the scripture, the people of Israel faced an impossible situation. They of easily settled where they were in fact their parents, the original ones that God brought out of Egypt. They did just that they felt their enemies were too big. Their obstacles were too great, and this thinking kept M from gods best now, many years later there, children and grandchildren we're standing
at the Jordan River about to cross over and go into the promised land, but this land was occupied by incredibly strong powerful people called the Anna kinds. They were actually descendants of giants in the natural. The people of Israel didn't have a chance. You can imagine how intimidated they must have failed, knowing that they had to face these huge warriors as they stood there at the Jordan. No doubt contemplating whether or not they should go through with it. God gave them a promise that help pushed him over. It says in due to me chapter nine. Today you are about to face people much stronger and much more powerful. You ve heard the saying who can stand up against the annex, Here's the promise, but the Lord you, oh god, will cross over ahead of you, like a devout
fire to destroy the he will subdue them so that you can quickly conquer some of you today are facing a situation that seems impossible like them. Maybe the people you up against are much more powerful or the health issue, the financial difficulty. The legal situation looks like you, don't have a chance, but God is saying what he said to them. The Lord, your God, will go before you and take care, your enemies so that you can quickly conquer. Then you need to get that down spirit you gonna come out of that trouble quicker than you think. God is fighting your battles for you, you're going to get well quicker than you think. He's gonna make the doctors you're going to accomplish your dreams much quicker than you think supernatural breaks or come in your way. How could this be the Lord, your God,
crossing over ahead of you. I remember when we were trying to acquire this facility. The former compact center accompany filed a lawsuit to try to keep us remove any This has been going on for a little over two years. Our internal told us. It could drag on for another eight to ten even if we were to win the initial lawsuit because of the appeals process, go on for many more years to where we could use the facility and the people that file the lawsuit where the biggest tax payers in Texas, a huge real estate company it was like David, worse Goliath. We knew that God has given us the facility, but it just seemed like they were so much bigger. Stronger and they had so many more resources. But one thing I've learned from my parents is defined as scripture from gods were a promise that you could stand on now found this passage, and every day
I would say Father. I want to thank you that, even though our opponents are bigger and stronger, I know you are going before us and no person No company can stand up against do so. Thank you that you will the feed them and give us the victory quicker than we think one day out of the blue. The c o of the company called the main that ran the whole business and asked to have a meeting with us. Are attorneys told us. It was just a ploy to try to bring more confusion, but I believed it was the hand of God He flew in from another city when I met him. The first thing he said was jaw my wife and I watched you on television each week son in law is a youth pastor and I really want to get this situation result. Two days later, we had agreement and the lawsuit was dropped. What could have dragged
on four eight or ten years happened in a fraction of the time. What was that, God going before us preparing the victory fighting our battles that wasn't a cocaine? This means that the sea- oh watches s own television each week. That was God lining up the right people. It wasn't a lucky break that his son in law- it just so happens to be a youth pastor that was God arranging things in our favour. The scripture says you ve heard the saying who can stand up against the Anna kites. There be their strong, their descendants of giants in modern day terms. It would be you ve heard the news the economy is down, the stock market is low. You can't be blessed,
You can't be successful this year or you ve heard what the medical reports there you're never gonna get well or you remember what that coat said about you, grow and you're, not talented, you don't have what it takes. No, the next time someone says something discouraging about you or the next time. You own thoughts, try to convince you how impossible it is just answer back what God said here. Yes, may look impossible. Yes, they may be bigger. All the odds are against me. I'm not denying the facts, but the truth is I'm not worried about it. No God has the final say and he's promised he will cross over ahead of me and defeat them for me. So man declaration is, I will quickly conquer the switchover Interfaith get in agreement with God. Those obstacles that are trying to hold you back, they don't have a chance. Nothing can stand against stock. When those thoughts come,
play. Well, you never going to get well, you never going to accomplish your dreams or me and you're never going to overcome that addiction. No turn it around and make a declaration of faith. I'm going to overcome this addiction quicker than I think I'm going to get well quicker than I think I want to accomplish my dreams. That I think friends, it's not by our own strength or by our own power, its because Almighty God, the one who holds our future in his hands. He is going before us fighting our battles. Making crooked
strain even calls in our enemies to want to be good. Ass. Had a friend tell me not long ago how he was at this government building taken care of the legal situation and the man in charge the main helping him told him. It would take two years for his transaction to go through my friend ass very kindly and politely. Is there any way that it could happen sooner? The man answered back very gruffly. I said it would be two years and I mean it's gonna be two years. The system is all backed up. I've got so much work in front of you, it'll be a long time before I get to your paypal. Were my friend said: well, that's fine, but I'm going to pray believe that somehow, God will cause it to happen soon. That made him even more aggravated, and he said Text sarcastically pray, all you want, but I'm in charge and I'm telling you it's gonna take two years. Six weeks later, the main called him back is it come on in your paper. Work is written,
My friend thought it was a mistake. These, you sure it's mine, he said. Yes, I'm sure he got there as quickly as it could He said that the man thank you so much, but I thought you said it would take at least two years the man said I did, but ever since I met you, I can't get you off I wake up in the morning. Thinking about you, I was thinking about you. I go to bed thinking about you and I am so sick entire to thinking about you. Take your paperwork NGO proverb. Sixteen seven says when you alive, pleasing to the Lord God will cause even your enemies to want to be good to you. Had a man tell me in time dual. I never used to like you, but I couldn't turn your off. I could We want in you and now you biggest supporter, that's God crossing over ahead of us cause
enemies to even want to be at peace with us. I love to think about the fact that before we have the problem, God already has a solution God has people in your life right now, most likely that are not. Sincerely they're just for today, but he had then there, because in your future they will be very instrumental. A man one time years ago from another state. He was down at the office for a couple of days installing some equipment. In that short period of time we became good friends we really hit it off over the years. I would only see him once or twice, but it just like old times. Twelve years later victorian. I came into a once in a lifetime business opportunity and it just so happens,
this man was an expert in that feel. The first thing I did was call him. He came down and over a period of a couple of months, he negotiated a very complicated contract. Put it all together and the business became a huge success, but I thought about how I would not even a pursue that opportunity had not known that mean I realize now. God brought him into our lives many years earlier, not just for the friendship, but even for that specific purpose. C4 and God knows what's in your future, he knows every opportunity ahead of you. That's why he's cross and over in front of you to make sure the right people will be there when you need them, and you may think that you just met them by accident. It was just a coincidence, but one day,
look back most likely like I did and see how God use that person in an instrumental way to help you get further toward your divine destiny. I love this story. My brother Paul told not long ago he and a group of surgeons we're in Haiti right after the big earthquake. They were opera
sitting on many of the injured people, but one day the main monitored that they were using during surgery to monitor the patient's oxygen levels. Blood pressure, Paul's things like that that monitor win out without the monitor they really couldn't do anymore. Surgeries was just too dangerous not to know what was going on with the patient's vital signs. So they told all the help around there and ask the people that worked at the hospital see if they could find another monitor, but they couldn't find anything they made phone calls and did everything they could do still with no monitor. They begin to pray and ask God for favoured is somehow bring a monitor, so they could continue helping the injured people, not long after that, the administrator of the hospital, a local haitian man came walking up. His name was Mister Andrews. He was beam in from ear to ear.
He was carrying a brand new monitor still in the box, never been used before, and it was the exact monitor that they needed Paul in the other professionals. We're so amazed and pulsate, Mr Andrews, in the world. Did you find this monitor? He said I was at a hospital administrator convention in America two years ago and everyone that attended got automatically clean energy and for a door prize, and it just so happens. I won this monitor two years before the problem two years before big earthquake, God, had already arranged a solution, and right now God is crossing over hit a view lining up the right people. The rights The right circumstances worrying how it's all going to work out in dare to trusty there. I believe that is in control
there, the believe that he's fighting your battles that he's pairing your way for victory, I heard a story about this college. Professor. They took a group of students to China for a field trip, Several days into the journey, he began to experience incredible pain in his stomach. It got so bad. He couldn't stand in the middle of the night. He had a friend call an ambulance and they rushed into the emergency room. They were way back in a small town with no big hospitals. The medical professionals in charge notice that his appeal,
six had ruptured and it was spreading poison to out his whole system. There were no surgeons around really nothing. He could do. He said that the friend I can give him some pain medication, maybe some sleeping pills, but my advice is that he should make peace with his family. The professor begin to have convulsions go in and out of consciousness back at home in the states. The professors father is a pastor, the exact time this was happening. This father was in a service, it is own church and he began to feel and incredible burden for his son. He tried to ignore it, but it just wouldn't go way. Finally, he stopped the service and he said to the congregation we ve got to pray for my son
Something is wrong. They got down on their knees and begin to pray back at the small hospital. Two o clock in the morning in walk, one of the most well known surgeons in all of China, in fact, is the same surgeon. Their travels with the? U S, president, when he visited China. That hospital was so amazed to see him. He said I'm here to take care of the American. They rest him into surgery. He ended at saving his lie. The next day the surgeon said to the professor, who were those two men that you sit down office yesterday. The professor said I didn't send in about a year, and I dont know anybody here in China. Have just been here for a couple of days: the surgeon said that's odd, because two men came in dressed in nice. It's they look like they were government. Shows, and they said you were a very important person and I needed to be here in the middle of the night, to operate on new friends? That's God
crossing over ahead of us making our crooked places great God knows how to make it all working even ten thousand miles away. Godhead people pray. That's why we can live life in peace, not upset, not worried, not trying to figure it all out. We know that God is incomplete control. He knows the end from the beginning. God knows what you gonna do a week from now a month from now, even ten years from now, and the Good NEWS is he's already got it taking care that some of you today are so worried about your future. Worried about your finance is worried about a child. You just don't see how it could work out. The looming, encourage you go already has a way He is already lined up the right people to help you fulfil your destiny, he's already arranged the right breaks to get you to wear you're supposed to be the obstacles in your path. May look
insurmountable. You don't see how you could ever get out, but God is saying knew what he said to Joshua be strong and of good courage. You have some one fighting for you, the creator of the universe. Is brief, in your direction his hand, a favour is upon your life right now. He is crossing over ahead of you. Making you could play destroy as long as you live a life to honour him, God has promised nothing will be able to stand up against see, I think about the airplane that captain Sullen Burger safely landed on the Hudson River in New York. You remember how the plane hit those large birds and both engines lost power, and now they were several thousand feet in the air hundred and fifty or so people on board a plane had no power. I was reading about captain sullen burgers background
He is an incredibly experienced pilot as a young man. He served in the. U S air force flying fighter Jes. He received the outstanding airman ship award. He served as a safety consulted NASA and is considered one of the leading experts in flight safety in all the world, not only that captain cell is a sort of fad, glider pilot for thirty six years he's been flying planes with no power, there's no one that has more experience and more expertise in flying a plain without any engines thing Captain Sally, isn't it interesting of the tens of thousands of flights that take off and land safely every year with? any problem. The one fly that would lose power in all the engines would be piloted
the one man that you would choose to be at the controls. If you had planned at ten years in advance fringe, God knows what he's doing he can see the big picture. God knows what, in your future, every sent back every disappointment? Every danger in Gaza he's going to make sure that you're not only at the right place at the right time, but he's gonna make sure People you need will be at the right place at the right time. He is crossing over. I hit a view, and if it's not your time to go, don't worry about it. You're not gonna, go nothing can snatch. You add a God's hands what you say: Jolliffe gods in control, then why didn't he stopped the birds from hitting the engines in the first place? No God is not going to stop every adversity he's not going to prevent every challenge.
But if we will stay in faith God promises, he will bring us through every challenge and get us too. Where we're supposed to be. You ve heard that say, God never promised us smooth sailing, but he did promise us a safe Landy have discovered that sometimes God will allow things just to display. He is good. In a great away. Do you know what a testimony that was to see an airplane safely landed in the Hudson River? More people acknowledged God in his goodness that day than just about anything, I've ever seen. In my lifetime news reports all over the world lead their newscast. With that saying, miracle on the Hudson people don't even believe in God we're scratch in their head, saying that had to be divine intervention, they would say God, but they got close people that only use God when its followed by a curse were even
we're say in man that was God looking after those people. How would you to go out here today with a new company, so nuisance of Troy, I know that as a believer, you have an advantage, the creator of the the reverse, is not only fighting your battles, but he is lacking. The right people, the right breaks in the right opportunity you may facing a situation that looks like that is never going to turn around. But let me declare this over. You you're going to see it turn around quicker than you think. You're gonna come out of debt quicker than you think. You're gonna accomplish your destiny and your goals, much quicker than you think. It's because the most tat God go and before you right now preparing the way for victory. Just like with Joshua, God is crossing over ahead of you just like with Captain Sally gods. Gonna have the right. People in Europe
just like with Paul and monitor. God has the solution before you had the problem. Just luck with me and the law suit with the compact sinner God is going to cause even your enemies, wanna be good to you fringe. We are entering into a decade where you gonna, see, God go before you, like you, ve, never seen before he's going to open up where's that no man can share he's going to turn impossible situations around. God is going to take you places that you ve never even dreamed. Why? Don't you get ready for more of gods start expecting God to show up and unusual way, if you in agreement with God and release your faith in this area. You will see, God do a maze. Things you will not only overcome every obstacle in defeat every enemy, but I believe and declare you will see, and fees and three twenty. Ok and exceedingly abundantly above and beyond decade of God's good, this his favour here.
Blessing. I mean. Do you receive that today we never liked oppose all broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repented of my come into my heart. I'll make you my Lord inside friends of your pride that simple pray we believe you got born again get in a good. Viable base church keep God first place. He'll take you places you ve, never dreamed. Thank you for listening to the jewellers. Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Joe loosening dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe. So you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing
Yeah, I know gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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