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God Will Crown Your Efforts - Victoria Osteen

2017-09-06 | 🔗
Have you ever felt as though you didn’t have the strength to overcome a challenge you’re facing? I want to encourage you today that God says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9 NKJV). That means that whatever you’re facing today, God has all the strength you need for it. He’s saying, “My grace is sufficient for today. Everything you need is here today.”
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Welcome to the dual loose dean, podcast, helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit Joe Augustine, Dotcom, Flash, give hope to give a gift today. Have you ever felt like even have the strength to go on our maybe you better like that the task at hand is just so difficult and why In the world, are you doing it yourself times, we don't think we can do what we're facing. We don't think we can. overcome the challenger or maybe I ve been asked to do something. Maybe you ve been put in a job or promotion, whereas looks like Well, I don't know if I have the talent inability to be able to handle what I need to handle Can I tell you today that in second Corinthians it says that God strength is made perfect in your weakness.
So anything that you don't have, God has the strength poor. So whatever you're fired, seen today. God has all the strength you ever need and that's comforting to know, because sometimes we want to look at the very result, and we want to see how in the world will ever get there. But God, as you say, and look it today, my grace is sufficient for today everything you need is here today. I think the trouble we get into is start working on tomorrow's grace. Today we say here, but but what tomorrow. God, when gotta saying don't worry about tomorrow, just just work on today I got to MAR handled you know, and then, when we start doing these kind of things we start questioning our cell. We start having these doubts in and we have fears maybe I'm not enough, maybe I'm not adequate, maybe I don't have what it takes and then what our going down the wrong road, but God said before
foundation of the world. The already knew you anything already equipped you to do whatever he's gonna call you to do, but you know what I've noticed about God. He put things, then, is that we don't know. That's us. It's me Stream, I ve ever done something you thought. How did that happen? How do I think about that? That's incredible! That's God, because God is smarter than yeah, but he puts things on the inside of us so that we can mine the gold out of us, and we can't be fearful of that. We can't shrink back and think we don't have the the ability, because the abilities in their, if you're facing something whatever it is today, whatever it is today, even if it's a dream- and you want that dream, but you're scared to attach herself to that dream because you're thinking, maybe it's just a wish- and maybe it's not really what God once I want to tell you something grab holder that thing grab hold of it and believe you have what it takes,
draw strength from God, while you have to do is grab hold of his strength, because when you are weak, when you are in doubt it's no surprise to God, because, as I have already made provision for your weakness, guess what, when your wig you're setting me up to be if you have let the right way, you're sent me out to let my power worked through you. Don't closure simple, but open yourself up to go, and you know what I think about is. I think I'm up here today and the truth of the matter is: there's probably a lot of you. They could do a better job than me, so I can really stand at sea and I'll tell you sometimes I want to, but then God put me up here, so I got embraced the place it on that I gotta just thank God. You know what I'm way: you're strong, hey! It's not what I say is what you do guy it's. What the people here! God you wanna get across to them. Now
steady, I'm, the show myself approved, I'm gonna fight through I'm gonna be determined. I'm going to try to take myself up every day is listen. There is no temptation that is not known to all of us. There's knows our goal that we we don't all face, days of the no one's exempt. We all We face the same thing. We all face. The same challenges, but it's: how do we deal with those challenges? How don't we Through those barriers and those limitations we gonna grab holder the strength of guy. It's great. When people encourage you it's wonderful people say man, that's a good job or they tell you about your talents. They tell you about your gift, but well when you look up and there's no one, there encourage you and your face in something. That's when you have to say god I can't depend on people cause people can do the best. I can do what they can do when God can do is a point that we can depend on other people. We can't let them be our crotch. We thank God you and me it's ass God
and you know what we're majority we can do this together. I think too often we just sit back and say you know what it's too difficult for me. So I'm not going to do it because that's the comfortable thing to do and we let things pass that we shouldn't and that's what we get unhappy because there's something on the inside of us. in its more in store. You can do this, you can do this, it's always pushing its always pushing is now a matter of. Are we going to take the step of faith and do it of our job say this a thousand times, and you probably have to his hands of here nieces and never knew this was in me. He said our work behind the scenes for seventeen years are like being behind this.
I never knew this was in me and he'll. Tell you when he got up here the first time you talking about we he was weak, he was so weak. He said I had to hold onto the podium. Isn't what are you all you guys do and looking at me, you do I'll. Never forget that our sermon, I looked down at jewel and
Are you wearing his father shoes now? Listen. These shoes were shoes that he and I had bought years ago in ITALY for his father. We wanted to give him something really special, so we bought him a pair of alligator shoes, something he wouldn't bought for himself. We use all the money we had, so we can buy anything for ourselves, but we brought those shoes home and we presented to his father and his father loved she's, beautiful she. But when I looked up there- and I saw him wherein is dead shoes course, a thousand things went through my mind. I was always sit on the edge of messages. Saint God give him everything. I have everything you have to the truth of the matter. Is he wasn't where his father shoes to fill his father shoes, was wearing his father shoes to draw strength from his father shoes, and I just hope that you can get an image of the picture of someone who was standing on a platform
never dream and in their life that they were going to be in the position that they were in but found a strength in their father shoes, whether your pain the difficult child, whether you're facing a promotion that you need to have at work or whatever it is. Maybe it's a sickness, maybe it's an illness, a financial trouble whatever you're facing, I just want you to get the picture of Joel Standin in his father shoes and I want you to in this light that yourself abuse standing in your heavenly father shoes. Knowing that there's nothing I can do. Nothing, you can do what will happen if you stayed if you'll put those string that strength to strengthen those shoes on your father shoes and we all need to borrow God shoes, we all need to work in that place because that's where we're going to find our strength, you know, I truly believe God asked us to do things that are way over our head for the very reason that he knows
it's over our head. He knows it's going to be difficult for us and I honestly believe he does that to keep on our knees to keep us dependent on here. Because you're never gonna save what he's calls you to do? You are dependent on them, because if you can do it in your own strength, I can tell you this: it's not God. Because God want you to go beyond your ability and tap into his ability, We want you to go beyond what you think you can do and get in the way only you can do when you do it with God in your father shoes whenever you feel fear and when were, you feel doubt just slipped. Those shoes on and say god- I don't need to worry about tomorrow- all I need. To have enough strength for today and got. I know that when I am,
in your shoes and in your strength, your grace is sufficient. You'll. Add the people to me that I need you open the right doors for me. You'll give me the ideas, but I'm gonna, wait upon you Pavel talks. A lot about Poland down. God. Strength is weighed upon the Lord and he'll renew your shrink, stay in those shoes. Don't get out of their shoes. Dont give don't we least what you have in your hands because you're afraid, stay in those shoes, gotta bring that strength the you, but he wants to see. Our determination can tell you this. I saw my husband's determination. I saw what it took two to where he is today. I am so glad you didn't. Let his weakness be an excuse, because we want to enjoy the hope of the gospel that we have come in from this place today.
jingle Bob wouldn't be changed if he would have said it's easy to stay in the background, if that's the comfortable place, in fact he likes the background, but I can tell you He say I'm determine because its Mccall and gods com, it's gotta, be bigger than me. And if it's better than mainly Ali wagon accomplish it is by the strength of our I d guy walking your father he's he's gonna, pull you too bright things. Tat will shrink back, don't put limitations on yourself. You ve got exactly what you need. There is gold on the inside of you. only way it's gonna come out, is if you stand strong and you find it and you make it come out, because God is your competence and he is your God and he's going to take you to the places need to be a man. A man we having so much today is a faithful guy,
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