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Grace for Every Season of Life

2020-08-26 | 🔗

You may be facing a difficulty, but that’s not a surprise to God. He’s already lined up favor and grace. You’re not only going to get through it, you’re going to soar through it.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hide this job and dictatorial. Thanks for downloading our pod cast, we enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them. Is God bless you always a joy to come into your homes? We love and we know God has great things in store if you ever Our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you, make you feel right at home. These are the finest people in all of Houston, Texas, right here at Lakewood, so come on out and see you sometime. Thank you for being a part of our services today and I like to start with something funny each week- and I heard about this eighty five year old woman
that went on a black day with a nine year old man. She returned to our daughters home later that evening in seemed upset. The daughter said: mom what's wrong. He said I had to slap him three times Did you mean he's tried to get fresh? She said now I thought he was all of the above all say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I have What it says I have, I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God, boldly confess, my mind is alert. Heart is receptive. I will never be the same Jesus name, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about how God has race for every season of our lie too many people worry about their future. They live stressed out, wondering what's going to happen. If I get laid off, how am I going to handle it? If my
one doesn't make or my parents are getting older. How can I take care of them and my own family is whale? Here's. The answer guy, grace is going to be there at every stage of your life to help you do what I do. His grace is just to save us its end in a link power gods. Grace will give you the street the wisdom that favour to accomplish what you could not normally accomplish on your own may. If you're in difficult marriage. If you raise in a child, it's hard, if you facing a sickness one you can count on, is the grace of God will be there some of you when you look up ahead into your future, their very difficult things, in the natural you don't see how you are going to make it business. Slow somebody walked
of a relationship. People are talking about you, it be easy to get discouraged and let that overwhelm you, but I want you to have a new perspective. Nothing that you are facing is a surprise. God. It didn't catch him off guard God is already land the grace the faith he's already set into motion ever thing. You need not to just endure it. Barely make it through defeated depressed in self pity, know you're going to feel a soup natural force breathing in your direction. That's the grace of Almighty! God he's gonna I urge you to rise up with Eagles wings and you're not going. Just get through it you're going to sore through it coming out better Often you were before one day you gonna, look back in amazement at what God is. Don't you be? but to say, with the apostle Paul Why him today
I, where I am because the grace of God, What is a jewel on very worried, my company is downsizing, I might get laid off, I don't know what I'm going to do this and I hope that doesn't happen, but cannot speak faith over. You cannot declare something into your feet because you're a child of the most high god. Because you know who you are and cries. Even if it did happen, you're not going to fall apart. You not gonna, be depression we'll have a chip on your shoulder, you're going to feel, power that you never felt before you gonna have us a resolve, a determination like you'd, never know, that's the queen of the universe. Releasing! is grace, integrate away. That's why we we have to be worried about our future gods. Goddess cover he has promised He will not allow a situation to come without giving us the grace to make it through Victoria sleep. Well,
What if the economy goes down even more then gods, grace will be poured out even stronger. Well, what? If my love, one that I'm playing for? Does it make it then gods? Peace is going to show up in a greater What is this lawsuit drags on another five years, then gods grace is going to Viewed the strength to keep on keeping as what the scriptures where sin abounds. Grace does much more abound, noticed the principle grace always supersedes the opposition. That means, if you have a big problem, then you need to get ready, because grace is coming in a big way. If people are talking about you at the office play in politics, trying to make me look bad don't get worried, get ready, vindication is coming in a great way, or maybe you have a major opportunity. God is opened a new door to start a business.
To purchase a new home to go on that mission stream, get ready gods about to release his favor in a major way. The opportunity abounds, gobs grace were much more about when the Problems are bound. His solutions will much more about his grace always supersedes what you up again. I can look back in my own life and see the times when God grace showed up and empowered me far beyond my natural ability, one thousand nine hundred and when my father went to be with the Lord I'd, never minister before I didn't know how to prepare a sorrow never been the seminary, never spoken in public, but all the sudden, how I was able to come up with these messages. Week after week, I was speaking in front of thousands of people. Look back now. I realize that was gods. Grace come in all my life in a greater way for that sees and that I was in when the opportune
Nicky abounds, God doesn't sit back and say: ok, show me what you're, Meda, let's see what you can do know when stay in faith, when you, God. I'm trusting you. He says all right. Here's my grace! Here's my favorite, here's, my wisdom! Here's my idea! some of you today, have a major opportunity in front of you, but you don't feel qualified all those thoughts are telling you you don't have what it takes. You better play it You better just stay in the boat, no, just like with me, you're, going to feel a power that you ve never felt before. God, Grace is going to cause you to go further to accomplish more to overcome what you thought was impossible. You need to get ready was new opportunities or come in your way. Doors are about to open new businesses. New friendships, new ideas, here's the Good NEWS,
the new opportunities comes a new level of God's grace, a new level of his faith, he is going to equip you and empower you to go through those new doors and become all his created you to be another time when we trying to acquire this facility, the former Compaq sinner, member. How we needed ten votes for Houston City Council members, I'd. Never anything in city, government or didn't have any kind of political experience. My personality is to try to win people over and convinced to do something for us a much more quiet in reserve, but for that year to that. We were trying to get this building practically. Every other week. I was down at city Hall, visiting with the council members making our case when I look back that doesn't even seem like me, Once again, I can see that was gods. Grace come in all me for the seas, and I was in what,
what you see is what every stage of your life gods. Grace is going to be there to help you make it through victorious. Lay some of you today when you look out into your future, you don't really feel like you have what you need to accomplish, what God put in your heart, but don't worry at that, because when you get to that season, you will have it when you are faced with a task that do, I feel like you're, very good at like ours. You will discover on the inside talent and ability that you didn't know you had when you and yourself up over your head. Yet you which, where you're supposed to be you can two assured the power of the most high God is gonna come on you to accomplish what he wants you to accomplish. That means. There's gonna, be a favor causes you to stand out in the crown a street when you should have given up a peace when you, should have been overwhelmed. What is that? That's God
gray shown up at every season in your life. I read recently about this man and his friend they were working on, automobile and all this. The jack slipped in his friend was paid. And underneath the car, Man went over just an average sized person and he was able to lift a two thousand pound car off of his screen and it saved his life. That was gods, raise show enough in his time of need. When I was eight, so one time, as in my back yard, play in baseball with my friends at one point, the ball went over the fence into our neighbours yard and our neighbours had a great big german shepherd here his main, as can be as children, we were scared to death of that dog and even though their yard was fence in they normally kept him on a leash. Anyway, was very small and we had a six put fancy. I got this ladder and leaned it up again. Our fence and I looked over and I could see my boy- all about forty feet, away no yard
very big way. On the other side, maybe about a hundred and fifty feet, I could see the german shepherd look like he had his chain and so our very quietly snuck over the fence. We're not. They got my ball. Everything was going great all this net dog saw me instead, running toward me. Ninety miles per hour. He hit the end that, change so hard. He pulled. The chain offer the pole that was holding him so now He was coming toward me chain and let me tell you my heart sunk, I pray the sinners prayer I ask for forgiveness, but all those mean things as it about com I took off running and when I got to our fears, promise you. You have never seen a white boy job like this. Why Borgia added need a ladder The booze mean anybody to encourage me out
Only about half the size. Somehow I got over the six, both fields this funny, I played best all my whole life I've still never jump that have. That was gods re showing up. In my time of me, what am I saying quit worryin about your future could work and about how you gonna overcome that obstacle. God knows how to get you over the fence. Worrying about the changes that are in your future. God is in complete control. He said there in second Corinthians, twelve nine. My grace is sufficient for you that means my grace will not only always be there, but it always be more than enough for the challenge offer the opportunity. This in front of you now it's up to you and to learn how to receive that grace. How do we do it get up every morning and say father no thank you that your grace is bigger than anything that office today, if some
but it does me wrong. I know I have the grace to forgive them. If I get stuck in traffic, I have the grace to keep a good attitude. If my marriage gets difficult, if my child acts up, I know, that's not a surprise to you. You ve already empowered me, so I refuse to worry I'll? Take hold of your strength, I receive your favor. No, I the grace to live this day in victory, see to get your mind going in the right direction. I've discovered it's best to do at the very first thing in the morning, then, all through the day to vary owing to go around in your thought, say in father, I receive your grace. I receive your favor. I receive your strength when you do that. You're, not We feel stronger and more company, but your faith is what will allow.
God to release his goodness integrate away. The scripture says, take hold of his strength in the same way we have to take hold of his grace from time to time. Victoria will say, Joel know what I'm going to do when John then leaves home and goes off. The college has be so hard to handle our sun. Jonathan is fifty now. So he's got several more years at home, but Victoria could easily dread that day and take off. It's not gonna be able to handle it. Would I see her start to get worried or discouraged. I remind her of this principle. I'm sharing with you, the Korea, when you come to that season, we're not only give you the grace to make it through, but there'll be a piece You feel good on the inside. You know it's the right thing. If you too, when you look up ahead, there's a sound
and things you could worry about a thousand things. You could wonder how you gonna hand what if I did get lost, What am I going to do when my love one goes to be with the more what about when my child leaves for college this? Here's, the key you dont have grace for five years from now or next year or next month or even to Morrow, you have grown for today and if you will stay in favour today, then, when you tomorrow. There will be grace for that. But as long as you're looking ahead, live in, worried, wondering then you're going to be frustrated you ve got to learn to live one day at a time this, is the only day that we have graceful. Maybe you're in a marriage, that's difficult or you re, the child, it's hard, perhaps running. Lloyd and you really need a job. So easy to think I just do this for another year, is just too hard this in God's, not asking you,
do it another year, another month another week he's asking you to do it one more day, Can you stand strong twenty four more hours? Can you people smile a good attitude one more afternoon. If you can get one more day, then, when you wake up in the morning, in God will have a fresh new, so of grace waiting on you. This is the point simple, we see all through the scripture when the people of Israel we're in the wilderness headed toward the promised land. God gave them man each morning to eat. It would appear on the ground, but he specifically instead did them together up only enough for one day supply. In fact, if they got more it wouldn't last, it would spoil In the same way, God doesn't give us grace for a year to time a month at a time no every twenty four hours- God has afresh, supply of grace of favor, of wisdom of forgiveness
How are you gonna make it through the slow seasonal work one day at a time, How are you going to raise that child that's hard one day at a time I heard Corey in boom, tell something very interesting. She was the lady that, during world war to hit Jews from the Nazis and spared men. Of their lives. Eventually she was caught and put in prison in the concentration camp. She saw all kinds of atrocities. She even witness the death of her own other and our own system, through a series of unusual events, she was accidentally released in her life, was spared in spite of seeing all the senseless killings, she never really got bitter. In fact, she even for gave the man that killed her family. Somebody asked her how she could make it through those. Days of sea such terrible acts of hatred. Still be loving and kind, and forgiving she answered back with the story
she told how, when she was a little girl, her father would take her train rides throughout Europe. He would always purchased the tickets several weeks in advance, but he would never give her the ticket until right before they were going to get on board, for she was small girl and he was concerned might lose it leave it at home, something like that Whenever he saw the headlights of the train pulling into the station, he would hear his little daughter, the ticket and they would step on board together. She said to the person that the reason you can't fathom how I can forgive the person that killed my family. How could not be filled with bitterness and hatred is because, just like my father and the tickets, God doesn't give us the grace we need until we're about step on board, but if you were to ever go through something like I went through action,
Sure you God's grace will be there to help you make it through the dark valleys and still keep your head held high in your heart. With love. Maybe today, when you look out, you don't see how you could overcome an obstacle, how you could accomplish a dream, how you could forgive somebody that hurt you but understand. When you get there, God will hinder the ticket he already purchase. Did two thousand years ago on across Calvary. Now, when you come to a dark valley, a difficult season, a sickness- don't worry about it. Your heavenly father were hinges. Dig he'll. Give you the grace the strength to favour the forgiveness to do what you need today, think about Mary. The mother of Jesus When the angel appeared into Hearn said she going to have a child without no one on me. She do
Do believe said, yes, let it happen, but think about this Mary didn't ask to have this baby. Yes, it was a great blessing course. She went down in history, but in a since it was a great burden. Here, Mary was planning her wedding. No doubt she'd already invited the bridesmaids cheat already made arrangements for the reception. Now her plans or interrupted and she's gotta go tell our friends and family. For some reason, the wedding is called all Joseph her fiance, the man she greatly loves, she doesn't know, is he going to stay or his going to leave, Instead of Heaven, this big wedding, a great celebration. She has to quietly move off to another city, Mary, never plan on having her first baby in a manger. She never planned on haven't had that
for two years the some of you today are not where you plan to be in line you I planned on raising a child with special needs. You never planned being alone and single after many years of marriage, or you never planned on dealing with that sickness or taken care of a loved one. That's eel, you could say like Mary God. I didn't ask for this. This is not what our planet, but like with her God has given you the grace to do what he is put before you. He won't I give you an assignment without giving you ability the strength to make it through victorious late. Some of you, are even dealing with the situation. That wasn't your fault. Other people did you wrong, but now you are having to bear the brunt of it. It wasn't fair and it may be a heavy load to carry, but no this with every right,
Choice you make, there will be a reward, may not seem like you taken the how you do in all the work, not getting any of the credit may be tempted to be discouraged even embarrassed. You think this is not what I asked for it's not what I had. Plan somebody else messed up my life. Let me challenges. If you can just shake off the self pity shake off the bitterness, you will discover that God is. God of Justice, he will pay you back for every unfair thing. That has happened to you. There will be a reward for carrying out his assignment. I have a friend that was married to a professional football. Big, strong man that is served in the military. Later in life he developed diabetes here losing both of his legs, my friend his wife. She took care of this man like he was a king. She would get up at four o clock
the morning before she had to go to work and make sure that he was bathed and dressed in ready for a new, she's, a large woman and she would actually physically pick him up out of the bed and carry him around the house month after month year after year. She could a thought god I didn't ass for this. This is not what I had planned. Why me? God. No, she understood this principle and she tapped into that supernatural grace. She knew she was equipped. She was in power cheating. Around thinking. Oh man, I can't do this for another thirty years, no shit one day at a time, eventually, her husband went to be with the more, but I still see here today and she's beautiful She's strong she's, healthy, she's blast,
enjoy the reward. You too may be required to do a hard thing, but God has given you the grace for the seas in that year and that difficulty is not going to last forever in the hard times, you have to keep reminding your sale that aid award is coming Goddess promise. He will give you beauty for your ashes. He will pay you back for the sacrifices that you made Some of you are very close to your pay day. You have done the right thing month after month, year after year, you are just. Around the corner from seeing God turn that situation around. He is going to pour out his favour in ways that you ve never seen he is going to Sure you are well compensated part of. Receiving gods. Grace is programming our mind with the right thought. Maybe you Have elderly parents it you're going to have to take care of soon. We don't start telling your son
This is gonna, be so hard she's fair soon as I get my children raised now, look what I have to do. No take the ticket or will able have the attitude I can do what I need to do. God just like Mary. I may not have asked for this, but Oh, you ve. Given me the grace for the seas and that I mean now believe you will multiply my time multiply my strength you have. Make sure you're thinking the right thoughts, because as long as you're dwelling on things like is too hard, it's not fair. I can't take this any longer than your own thoughts will defeat you We see a major change in your life. If you could just get up in the morning and instead of saying I can't do this another day. Change, another dirty diaper. I can't deal another grouchy customer at the office now get rid of them and say with the apostle Paul can do all things do. Crises strengthens me, gotta, know you ve, given me the race for the seas and so on
Can the decision to take the ticket? Did you provided I know a man that has chronic leukemia we two years he has to go in the hospital and takes six much worth of chemo saw the other day and invited him to come, see us. He mention how he couldn't anytime soon, because he was about to start on this third batch of chemo. Why didn't know anything was wrong with it, but before I could respond, he said now. Jaw I feel sorry for me. I'm getting the encourage so many people at the hospital. I have never felt so rewarded even the chaplain has me, go by different rooms and pray for people, you know what he's doing he's taken the ticket He could be sitting at home. Saying pool me God. This is not what I had planned. I didn't ask for this note
Sometimes we are asked to carry across this heavier. Sometimes life gets interrupted with disappointments in it, but the Good NEWS is, with the disappointment. With the things we didn't plan we didn't ask for comes a new level of Gaza grace, I knew This paper not to just a stain, but to help us overcome to be the Tori, even in the midst of the difficulty, some of you, I know just like him. You have gone through things that the average person would have given up in gone under betrayals. That should have caused you to be bitter, but what happened like Corrie, ten Boone you took the ticket and in dead for gave the person anyway and God not only brought out but look at you today, you better than ever some of like my mother, you went to a sickness, a difficult season that shit. Indeed your lie, but instead you took the ticket
one day at a time you fought the good, Vida faint and now you're a living example of God's goodness, Some of you ve got off to a rough start in life. People tried to push it ain. Tell you what you couldn't become you been lied about. You ve been through disappointments, but instead you took the ticket, and now you're having the last laugh. You are enjoying gods blessings in favour, as never before. That's my prayer today that on a day basis. We will all learn to take the tick up in the morning and say Father, I receive your grace for today and no I'm equipped and empower for anything that comes my way I'm asking you to quit worrying about tomorrow when you get to that day, God will have a fresh new supply of grace. Waiting on you learn to live one day at a time and remember this, nothing that you are facing now and nothing that you are going to face in the future.
Sure is a surprise to God. His grace will always be sufficient every season of your life, if you will to receive that grace and not getting bitter and discourage when you cross gets heavy, then God promises he's not going to just bring through, but he's gonna give you said a egos wings, so you can sore higher and higher overcome. Obstacles. Feature enemies, accomplished your dreams and I believe in declare. You will live, that life of victory, has in store a man. Do you receive that today, but we never like the clothes are broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life, when you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into. Hard make you my Lord inside your friends. If you pray debts, four prayer. We believe you got born again get in a good
Apple based her church keep God first place, he's gonna. Take it places that you ve never dreamed thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast helpless, continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Is a joke. Steam dot com. Slash, give hope to give again. Today, thanks. Much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe, so you it received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we would play in volume. No gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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