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Grace is Looking for You

2018-12-12 | 🔗
In this message, Joel will teach you about the power of God's amazing grace in our lives. It doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been, God's grace is waiting for you to begin again.----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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hi this is jaw on wednesday's we bring you the best dove i hope you enjoy the pod cast about bless you it's always a joy to come into your homes and if you ever our area please stop by on the part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home but thanks so much opportunity in thank you again for coming out i like to start with something funny and i heard about this man he was in a dark restaurant he said the lady sitting next to him would you like to hear a blonde jerk she said before you tell me you should know blonde six foot tall and a professional bodybuilder the lady next to me is blonde six put two and a professional wrestler and the lady next to her is blonde six put far in the kickboxing champion of the world
now do you still want to tell me he thought about it a moment said now not upon we'll have to explain three times help me jesus gimme a ride home today this is my bible i am what it says i am i have it says i have i can do what it says i can do i will be taught the word of god boldly convinced my mind is alert my heart is received i will never be the same jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about how race is looking for you so often with them god is only interested in the quote good people the people haven't altogether people that never make mistakes never given the temptation if you ll perform it is good enough then you can expect gods goodness but if you ever get off course if you ever fail you ever have doubts god says to me
it's your fault feudal want me i'll leave you alone i won't bother you the truth is it's just the opposite when you blow it god in turn away from here he turned to his grace comes looking for you when you have doubts god doesn't say what's wrong with you you need to have more faith no god even pass over people with they income to you the one that has doubts jesus told a parable about shepherd that had a hundred sheet but one of them when astray this upward left the ninety nine and went looking for the one what was that grace came looking but we tend to write people often think god wouldn't have anything to do with them joel they make fun of me for come into church she's living or can lie he's out their own drugs no do you realize that over half of the new testament was written by and that at one time hated believers
saul was the main enemy of the church he was having believers put in prison but one day was travelling to damascus on his way to persecute more believers a bright light shone down from heaven knocked him flat on his back a voice boom down so why do you keep persecuting me long story short saul became the apostle paul and wrote more of the new testament than anyone else what happened grace came looking for some don't ever right anybody on your family members you have friends maybe making poor choices in the natural there are never going to fulfil their destiny there never going to do what right where you have to remember grace is looking for you may write them off but god doesn't write them all god knows how to get their attention if god can
change saw the greatest enemy of the church and him into the greatest asset of the church god can touch your loved ones god can turn your son arraign god can change this same man paul wrote in the book a romans about the grace of god freely gives us if anyone understood grace it would be paul one translation of the word freely that specifically used is promiscuous meaning that gods grace we'll go to anybody if someone is promiscuous their loose their unrestrained they'll be with any what does it matter that's the way gods graces you can be hound drugs in grace is looking for you can be working in the wrong kind of place grace is looking for you you can be achieved people dishonest no integrity and go we'll leave the ninety nine and come after you you can
discourage depressed about to give up alive the good news is right now grace is looking for you you may have made mistakes you not working want to be in life you could easily sit on the sidelines let the acute seeing voices convince you that you all washed up nothing good is in your future no right now grace is coming god is saying i'm not me to a man in love with you i'm not hold in anything against you i'm not keep a record of you mistakes i'm not even interested in your past interests in your future prince in does it matter to god where you been it matters to god where you going that's why he's coming after you that's why he won't leave you alone his grace will never give up he loves you too much to let you miss your destiny
you can turn away again and again and again but you know what grace will keep coming wherever you go grace will keep looking you can't outrun the grace of god you can't do too much wrong to keep it away you can't turn away too many times gods grace will keep calm and say and i've got something better i've got forgiveness i've got mercy restoration i've got a new beginning if you or shake off the guilt the condemnation start making choices that are gone god would do for you what he did for paul he'll bless you in spite of your mistakes here something great out of your life in spite of your past guy never gives up on you don't give up on your sale received the grace but that there's something amazing in your future john chapter four this was about to leave judea and travel home to galilee
but he said to his disciples must through some area well sumeria wasn't necessarily the shortest round now we see that in the days the samaritans weren't friendly with the jewish people who decide was that jesus that's the long way we'll go better round plus might have some problems with the samaritans geez said now i have to go this way have an assignment there's somebody i need to meet got to sumerian they were tired hungarian jesus down by will he ask is this to go into town and get some food in a little while this samaritan woman came out to draw water from the well you ve been married five times been through a lot of heart ache in pain in why she wasn't a respected woman
wasn't considered a good woman a moral woman she was looked down on and seen as second class no doubt when some of the people in town saw her they would snicker there's that lady been married five times stay away from her yet the whole reason jesus said much go through some area was to meet this woman jesus struck up a conversation with told her all about her lie then he revealed him sale as the messiah to her when the decide most came back from vine food saw jesus talking to this woman the scripture says they were amazed and bewildered not only was jesus talking to a woman not only a samaritan but of all people this lady everybody knew she had a bad reputation she
on from the wrong side of the tracks she was making poor choices but this is what grace is all about its promise he was it doesn't just come to the people that you might think the court good people define upstanding people know what goes to people like this lady that have made mistakes people that have gone through hardy campaign people that thank john it's too late are blown it i don't deserve it this is what grace is all about that day was a turning point in her life what you're my co workers they don't even believe in god s all right grace is looking for the majority he's out selling drugs god didn't have anything to do with him sure does greece is looking for here what she's can in the clubs as okay grace can go into a club
god's grace knows no boundaries has no limitations well they don't worship like me jewel they come from a different faith that doesn't stop god grace is looking for our titles don't set a boundary for the creator of the universe with their muslim their buddhist their hindu that stop god our god is all powerful our religious names are due affiliation i can't stop the creator of the universe this woman was a samaritan they came from a different faith yet she was the first one that god veal himself too as the messiah not to the jewish leaders not to the rebels in the synagogue in today language not to the pope not to the this your own television but to the girl working in the clubs so the young man there's never the church
the longer i leave the more i realize god will say who he wanted to say god what have mercy who he wants to have mercy his grace is looking for people they don't have the best reputation for people that have blown it and fail for people that have made a mess penetrate any situation are you writing someone off thinking that there too far out there there are never going to change or are you writing your cellphone thinking made too many mistakes missed many opportunities now to sit on the sidelines no grace is come into use mistake you ve made is too much for the mercy of god nothing you ve done has cancel your destiny you can still be calm who guards created you to be now quit listened
those laws telling you that you ve seen your best days and you had your chance no god is the god of another chance he will never give up on you his call on your life is irrevocable his grace is going to keep coming to you may ignore it today but it'll be there tomorrow and the next week and next month even next year this is what jonah did industry sure god told him to go to the city of nineveh that he didn't want to there he would the other direction he ended up being wrong overboard into the middle of the ocean he should have drowned it should have been the end but gray showed up in the form of a whale this big swallowed him three later spit amount on the dry ground what am i saying you can't outrun god's gift wherever you go grace is going to come looking for you
moses when he was a young man he murdered a man he had to flee for his lie spit years on the backside of the desert look like he had missed his destiny but forty years later grace came looking for him god said moses i have not forgotten about my calling your life you may have delayed it but you didn't cancel it yours going to fulfil what i'll put you here to do like moses you may have made choices that have delayed your destiny but god is saying you have not cancel your destiny you can still fulfil your purpose you can still accomplish your dreams you need to get ready god is going to bring up maternity is back across europe pair that you missed out on you're going to steal become who guards created you today a past friend man stop by a small convenience store one evening
pick up some milk there was a young man in land behind him that was buying cigarettes in alcohol he looked very distraught you could tell that he was on drugs this past or knew he was supposed to reach out to talk to and pray form encourage him and he was going to do it after they both in paid outside the store but when poor turned his back the young man ran out to store jumped in his car and sped off stole those items the pastures family without in the car waiting they saw all this take place they said dead he with that way in a blue car this past or felt so compelled that he had defined at me they got in the car and started drive and through the community looking for that blue car what was their grace looking for that
man tracking him down the scripture says god came to seek and save those that are lost seek means to go after to pursue to track down about twenty minutes later one of the kids a dead there it is they spotted the blue car and another grocery store the pastoral and in the young man had another basket of alcohol in cigarettes he was going to steal them again when he saw the pastor he merely passed out the past or said young man gods hand is own your lie this is not the way you're supposed to be living you're better than this size got real big did who are you he said i'm a past or here in town god sit made a track you down to let you know you have a destiny to fulfil he began to tremble in tears
down his cheeks he said i'm a heroine attic i've gone to we have again and again and again but i just can't quit the past or said tonight is your night if you're willing to walk away the power of those the actions are going the broken he put the cigarettes back put the alcohol away that night his new beginning that was his turning point today these totally free living a clean sober lie the scripture says so lug the work it does say god so loved the good people got so love people that have an altogether no god loves people with addictions god loves people that have gotten off course god loves people that have made mistakes his grace is unrestrained in fact the paul said we're sin abounds grace does much more about you would think the
there you got away from god the less interested he would be but it's just the opposite god leaves the ninety nine income searching for you when you go the wrong way like jonah gods going to send away when you get off course like these young men with addiction god's go have somebody come track you down when you make it es of your lie like the lady at the well gods going to say i must go through some era must let you know i have a new beginning a red a story about an older gentlemen that was on his death bed he was in a small hospital all alone in the foot here of the sierra mountains in california it was close to midnight and just ass he was about to ass one of the nurses called her minister father oh molly and ask if he would come in pray for the main
there was a big storm taken place outside win rain streets were flooded he said he'd get there as quickly as it could what should have been a thirty minute dr took him over two hours father i showed up at the hospital three o clock in the morning the nurse said we don't know much about this man he has no family no friends come to see him he's been in and out of the hospital the last two years but he won't open up to anyone it's not friendly at all father oh molly went in and said hello sir i was passed bought an item i thought i'd stop it see how you doing the man said very gruffly you weren't passing by three o clock in the morning you know i'm about to die father or mally prayed for him for a few minutes he said so anything you like to talk about anything you need to make right the men would
say a word so father oh molly started talking about the big storm outside about the football sees an onus on eventually the man opened up joined in the conversation about three hours later close to daybreak he said father oh molly there is one thing i have to get off my chest i've never told anyone and its haunted me my whole lie he told how he had worked as a switch men at the railroad his whole career one i'm thirty one years earlier two days before christmas he and the crew were drinking heavily there was a big stick from outside that nine is where a lot of wind hardly any visibility they needed somebody to go out and make the switch for the overnight freight train he was drunk so he volunteered to do it he accidently hit the wrong but
and that freight trains slammed into a passenger car killing a young couple in their two dollars he said nobody has ever known what really happened that night i have lived with the guilt in the shame i haven't been big enough to even admit to the family that it was my fault and to tell them how sorry i really am there was a long long pause father or mally eventually gently took the man's hand said sir the people in that car where my parents and mass sisters and if i can forgive you you can be certain god forgive you as well what is that raise came looking for him that's how good guardians even when we run away god runs to us
even when we dont measure up god says that's ok i forgive you anyway what jaw he didn't deserve it it was his fault he brought the trouble on himself that's what grace is all about you can earn it you don't have to be good enough it's a free gift all you have to do is receiving don't go your whole lifetime like this man living guilty condemn beating yourself up for past mistakes thinking that you have to pay god back but given europeans should joy your happiness this in the price has already been paid two thousand years ago it's not our goodness is god's goodness god made us wording but we think now gobs never go help me i brought this trouble on my cell but think of it as a father magic arson jonathan maybe five years old i hear him speak
daddy come help me look outside and he's hanging from a tree branch kind of high in the year hold an arm for dear life if he policy is going to get hurt i wouldn't say hang on jonathan let me think about how good you been lately they tortilla has jonathan been clean in his room has it treating his sister right there hurry come home just jonathan i gotta check your report card that wouldn't you inner into my mind that's my son i'm or do anything i can't help it that's the way our heavenly father is even when you make the mistake even you bring the trouble on your sale goddess merciful here says our still help you to get out that's why it's called amazing grace you don't deserve it you didn't earn it it's just the goodness of god one time in the scripture jesus traveling through a town and
there was a man named zackie is the chief of the tax collectors he wanted to see jesus but he was a small man the streets were packed so crowded he decided to climb up into a tree to get a better as jesus came passing by out of the hundreds and hundreds of people screaming waving trying to get his attention jesus stopped looked up in the tree instead zackie is coming i want to go to your house and have dinner they had never met before but jesus knew his name the just leaders the fairest they got very upset they couldn't under then why jesus would wanna associated with zack he is a tax collector they were known for being dishonest cheating people taken advantage of them they had a bad reputation nay thought if jesus war for real he would know he was going to dinner with the wrong kind
purse the scripture says they were displeased that he was the guest of a notorious centre is an interesting out of all the people there that day jesus went home with them notorious centre this didn't line up with the fairest the ology they thought that jesus would rebuke zackie is or at least ignore him but certainly not go home with him but this is where grace shows all grace comes to the least likely to those it deserve it did those that have made a mess religion say stay away man you're bad god says i'm coming to see a more making better jesus didn't preached zackie is he didn't parade him so you lousy sinner that is what do you mean cheat and people ought to be ashamed of yourself he simply loved him he showed in mercy he became his friend and
key is of his own free will said from this day forward and will give half my income to the poor have harmed or cheated anybody and will make things why he changed his ways because he was shamed into it but because he was loved into the scripture says it's the goodness of god that leads repentance but some people all they ve heard about is how man god is a theme had they need to do better have they dont measure but when you really understand the grace of god the fact that god is for you even if you're a most notorious sinner god is not holding that against it is this we're here on earth today he would say i want to come over and hang out with you today grace is looking for you if you receive quit beaten yourself up living guilty and condemn then you'll have the power to break strong
calls and anything this holding you back when jesus spoke to the woman that was caught in adultery all the men wanted to stone hermit jesus said you that without sin cast the first stone everybody walked away jesus said that the lady neither do condemn you now and say no more didn't say go in sin no more then i will condemn you lady git you act together start making better choices then offer gave you know he said i dont condemn you now go and change your ways principle is if people feel condemned they feel be rated told that they dont measure up then they don't change they live guilty feeling bad about them weighted down by lie but when you know you're not condemn you know god's not holding your mistakes against you when you realise god is saying who want to come to your house
i want to be your friend other people may have written off but i don't write you off i know what you have to i know how amazing you are that's when you have the power to really change you may have made miss you're not where you wanna be those accused voices no remind you of all your shortcomings everything that you have done wrong but bath they you ve got here god saying to you i don't condemned me i'm not home in anything against you i'm not keep a record of your mistakes fringe grace is coming to you today i'm asking will you receive it where you shake off the guilt in condemnation will you put your shoulders back hold your head up ha nothing you ve done has cancelled your destiny some of your kind of down on your cell phone first of all the ways that you don't measure just like you
that said i must go through some merry to meet that woman that's been beaten down by lie god is saying must get to you and let you know my mercy is bigger than any mistake i'm not in first it in your past i'm interested in your future just let you know that you are forgiven you are redeemed it's not the end i have a new beginning your best days are hell out in front of you now you may not deserve this you may be the least likely that's what grace is all about its promiscuous its unrestrained to anyone if you receive this grace god what for you what he did for paul he bless you in spite of your mistakes he still make something great out of your life in spite of your past like jonah even when you the trouble on yourself god will be there to help you get a lack with a young man with addictions god is going to
right down your loved ones he's going to search out your relatives there are of course set them free caused into fulfilled their debts these i believe and declare grace is come our way if you receive it can you say men today we never to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lie would you play with me just say lord jesus our opinion my sins coming to my heart make you my lord and saving principally upright simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good legal base chert keep god first place he's gonna take your place is that you ve never dreamed thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks
much were listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy i know the best is still ahead we'll see you next time
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