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Guard Your Heart - Victoria Osteen

2017-02-15 | 🔗
Our lives follow the direction of our thoughts. Not every thought that comes to mind is positive. Some thoughts are destructive if we dwell on them long enough. We need to recognize which thoughts are dragging us down and guard our hearts against them. One way to guard our hearts is to push out thoughts of negativity, fear, and doubt. Then we can begin to dwell on good things that lift our spirits. As we take control of our thoughts and turn them in the right direction then we’ll see our lives begin to change for the better.
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This group should tell us in proverbs that as a man thinks in his heart, so he is as you think, in your heart. So you are the problem. tells us that tells me that my life, going to go in the direction of my most prominent thoughts thoughts that allow to linger in my mind and then drop down and take root in my heart. You see if we're going to be everything that God intended ass to be we ve gotta, take captive the things. Going on in our mind the thoughts better ruling our lie. You see we have to take captive these thoughts because we don't want these thoughts pushing us around. We want to push our
around. We want our lie to go in the direction of our thoughts What does that mean? That means we have to be on guard about what we're thinking about do you want your life to go in a certain direction, start thinking that direction in your life that way, but the thought you're thinking. If you need victory today, you need to start thinking over. I mean thoughts. If there's some areas in your life we appealed to, and you feel down start thinking we're coming thoughts, Sartain, if it's God before me, there be against me he overcame so that I can overcome in back. Please call me more than a conqueror income. Jesus. You say we ve gotta, learn to recognise those thoughts, better. Try the feed us God up to now that there are strategies in schemes that want to come against us so that we can fulfil our destiny? Maybe you have low self esteem.
Somebody's a planet in a sea of thought we're lie and its built itself and its grown. You can change this, you, can change your lie by changing your thoughts, It's up to you, and I say no can change our thoughts for us. They can was all day that we can do it You can tell us that you know we The talent that God is forest, but until we take responsibility. but what's going on in our thought, life will never get to the places that we want to be fear. Anxiety worry those feelings that frustrate us and cause us to just react in the wrong way. They try to control our lives. You see. That is only because that's what we're thinking about. We can't have conversations
with fear anxiety. We can't talk to worry, we ve got a push it out. Don't pull but share and have a conversation with all they thought. trying to drag you down. You have the final say, see the thoughts that are most common place in our mind. You would happen, we dwell on them, we think about him and they sink down into our hearts. They become part of who we are so we can be doing something. But thinking about something else see sometimes our mind is just on autopilot. It just goes, it goes, it goes it go. And we allow all these thoughts to swim.
when our head, without thinking about what we're thinking about, we have to guard our thoughts. We have to guard it so that we can protect our heart. The Bible says above all else, guard your heart card, your heart, because That comes the issues of life. It says it like this in one version, because every thing you do flows from your heart, you see if you allow the wrong thoughts to linger. The drop down to your heart and they'll, create an attitude and a perspective that you don't want it's hard enough light is difficult enough. There's too many things come and add as to approach it with a negative
Attitude with the wrong perspective. Think I didn't say that this life was going to be easy. He didn't say I'm going to roll out the red carpet and you can walk on it and flowery beds of ease. it now in this life you're going to have some trouble but be of good cheer. The good thought good thought, for I have all welcome the world. You can think about Here is your thoughts. What makes you happy what you're thinking about using be of good cheer good thought have overcome the world. God is, and don't allow your thoughts to run rampant. Think about what you're thinking about, because that's the direction your life is going to take doll Let thoughts push you around. You begin to push your thoughts around This is an example of how we can develop additives. Ok,
So your husband does something that you don't like. You begin to think about it. You really frustrating you're washing the dishes in you're thinking about it, you're followed in the closing you're thinking about it, you're pregnant socks, I think you should be put in his own socks away. Low all later couple days later. He does it again, Your rollo your you say this is never going to change he's all It's gonna be like this. He makes me crazy? Then you start building this critical attitude become a crazy woman. You start building this critical, two towards him. You that's an added to its been here so long. It's down in our hearts. Now we're formula in an attitude and we carry. attitude with us, so air raid
they do something. We measure their performance by this attitude and it our entire relationship. I would just say that we project. What's on the inside of us onto others, it's called projection you think someone doesn't like you. You begin to project that you begin to two to flow from that space in that place that you ve allowed to take root in your heart. You know some of you may have some thoughts that have haunted. All your line. Maybe it wasn't your fault, maybe someone planted the wrong seed in your heart. Can I tell you you can approve you can change your heart cause. You don't live under a curse. You live on.
The blessing of guy. You can change the direction of your life by changing the direction of your thoughts. You see when you are thinking about how much your husband irritate you he does. then you have to say: ok, we're thought coming from, can a measure. My thought, when you feel frustration when you feel anxiety, confusion, listen, those aren't gods, thoughts, God. Says where there is anxiety, frustration, confuse and that there is reform of evil. What Means is the enemy is coming and trying to confuse you get you off track. Take you down The wrong road. see it may start small, but it can in May and that's his plan. You think about this just a minute.
Here you destroyed some relationships in your life and it started with one thought. One thought created an added that brought confusion and evil into your lie. Above all else, that's some serious to me. This is a priority. That sounds like something that we better be attentive. We'd better watch out if we're going to live, like God, created as to live now, Are we measure our thoughts? I mean you know, I think, all kinds of thought. How do I have, real a man is a thought to come all day, long, all kinds of thoughts. The thing is we get to choose the thoughts we want to keep we get to choose the thoughts we want to do close to us that we want to build our attitude on to have our perspective, to see our light through to filter. We get to choose thus thoughts, but God, given its guidelines to measure those thoughts
he doesn't. Even we don't even happened, guess how to do it he's already told us in and for a uses to think on these things. Whatever is right, whatever's right in the eyes of God, pleasing to him noble, pure lovely, admirable, excellent praiseworthy. These are the things We're supposed to think on see we're not gonna. Naturally think on. These things is like programme in your computer. When you go and you put all your information in your computer, you know Your computer is useful to you. You can pull up what you need when you begin to put God thoughts or pay Our thoughts in your mind. It's like your Europe. Ramming your mind no one. You need those thoughts, there's something to pull up when you the good and the good come out. That's the key God. said, measure your thoughts. Don't put your mom
and on autopilot if it's not pleasing, if it's not good, if it's not excellent, does it mean that the people in your life, are doing all the right thing, but you can Change the atmosphere in your mind when you're thinking the right thoughts. Think God has given you the power to think his thoughts and to create your life around those thoughts. You can't control anyone else, but you can certainly control what you think you can control you're attitudes. You can control the filters you use and that's the key if your life is not born in the direction that you want today. I encourage you push your thoughts in the direction that you want. God says he wants to renew and trade. form your life and it can start today.
the renewing and the transformation can take place as soon as you choose the thought you wanna thing time courage. You today know that got it's for you he's giving you an outline for what you need to do create civilities in your mind but this negative filter down Allow me in this coming here to let your thoughts You are wrong anymore, but you begin to push your thoughts around aims. and a Thank you for your support of our ministry. This month, Joel in Victoria we'd like to send you a copy of jewels. New series unlock your promise in this new three part series. Joel low steam remind you that gods promises are yours today, God will lead you to your destiny and use all things for your good request. Your
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