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Heavy with Favor

2020-02-19 | 🔗
Isaiah 60:1 says, “Arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord is upon you.” Let Joel show you in this exciting message how much God loves you and teach you about His amazing, abundant favor that’s on your life—right now. Learn how to pray bold prayers and gain a greater vision of His love for you and who you are in God. Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire makes your used scribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is about less you it's always a joy to come into your homes and if you're every our area please stop by india part of one of our services i'll promise you it will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuna in thank you again for coming out like to start with something funny in a hard about this teenager he just gotten his driver's license ask his father about borrowing the car his boss said son i'll make a deal with you if you bring your
raids up redo bible everyday and get your hair cut i'll let you borrowing he came back a month later and ask about it again father said well son you brought your grades you been reading your bible every day but you still haven't got your here come he said what that i've been thinking about moses headlong hair so and had long hair even jesus headlong here his father said yes on and they were everywhere they win out revival say it like you made it this is a bible i am it says i have this is our hair i can do what it says i can do today i will be the word of god are boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive never be the same in jesus name god bless you talk to you today about heavy favor
there's something god is put on you it will help you accomplish what you couldn't accomplish on your own it will cause you to stand out in the crowd get breaks that you didn't deserve it's called favor the psalmist said gods our surrounds us like a shield that mean everywhere you go you have an advantage a divine empowerment opening up the right door causing things to fall into place but are they took a step further he said arise in shan the glory of the lord is upon you there we're glory in the original language implies gods favour is heavy upon you there's an inn this is on the weight as was saying you didn't just get a little favor enough to get by scrape through live now
comes to favour you're not a light weight you are heavy with favor you are weighted down with gobs goodness one thing to know you have faith that's important but when you realize you are heavy with favor it takes on a whole new meaning you won't go around intimidated in secure you'll put your shoulders back hold your head up when you know you have heavy favour you pray bold prayers you'll believe for the extraordinary you'll expect doors open for you did may not when for somebody else when you know you're a heavy with favor you will arise and that's when god will call few to share your step into a new level of your destiny be the day you're heavy with worry heavy with discouragement weighted down with problems disappointment sickness lack or you need to get ready this is
we're due season instead of being heavily with burdens you're going to be heavy with good breaks heavy with divine hale heavy with opportunity heavy with joy remember back in the sixties when something good happened hippies would say heavy man heavy that's what you're going to be safe out of nowhere a good bright heavy man heaven ethical report didn't look good but your health suddenly turned a rain heavy man having in your finances and explosive blessed a raise and inheritance and you pay your house all you come out of in the overflow heavy man having now shake off the doubt shake off the discouragement have a new perspective you didn't get average favor ordinary favour just enough favour you are heavy with favor
when you understand this it'll change your outlook you'll have a boldness a competence to ass big to believe big to expect gods favour in a new way one time joshua and his men were out fighting a battle in the scripture and it was getting late in the day he knew wasn't going to be able to finish the enemy off because was running out of daylight he could a thought bad for me of run out of time now sure what understood this principle he knew he was heavy with favor he looked up and said son standstill the scriptures ass the sun stopped didn't go down until he completed his task when you know you're heavy with favour instead of thinking all me in this i'm never going to resolve no you do like joshua and say god may not see a way but i know you have away the medical report doesn't look good
god i know you have the final say healing is come in my way or may i have had this addiction so long but i know since my due season year freedom is come in my way i wonder how much further we would how many dreams we see come to pass if we we believed we are heavy with favour are you play in these bold prayers expecting the show out in your lie would you where do like joshua and ask god to do something out of the ordinary to bring your dreams to pass that looks so far out like it's not practical it may not be for an bridge person but the good news is you're not average you have heavy favor this is your time to a rise in shall god is about to make you stand out he's about to take you somewhere that you ve never been
now all through the day let's get an agreement with god nor da thank you that i'm heavy with favor you're shining down all me showing me something that i've never seen a few years ago a friend of mine sold his house and he and his family needed another place to live and they look different houses again and again i couldn't find anything one evening they were out walking through their neighborhood he saw this certain house they need always liked the people had lived there for over thirty years but something said on the inside go west them if they want to sell it he thought i can't do that that would be a stranger knocking on their door he's a very quiet conservative man but he couldn't get away from that and he finally got his nerve up went up knocked on the door and asked the man if he was interested in selling the house the man said now we're plan in all live in here for many more years friend handed him his business
are at you ever change your mind please let me know five days later the call back instead we ve had a change of heart we'd like to sell you the house what is that heavy favor to knock or somebody's door and have them move out at their house only god can make that happen don't come knocking on our door now but when you know that you have heavy favour you'll have bonus this competence to ash big to believe big that's when god will show out in your life but too often we thank god this isn't gonna happen for me i never get any good breaks i'll never live in a nice place on ever bright this addiction never get healthy again no get rid of that defeated mentality have this new perspective you are here with favour this is your year to rise higher to come
the overflow to see those dreams come to pass now be bold dare to take some steps of faith dare to them god has already given you everything that you need thoughts will try to talk it out of it tell you why it's not gonna happen to you have to talk back to yourself the right way what i want to thank you that your shining down on me this is due season year dreams or come into pat these problems are turning around not i believe i'm heavy with favor when you live with this expected see you'll see god do things out of the ordinary in two thousand and three we have groundbreaking services plan for this building we will go have one weekend here so everywhere could see it then it was going to take a year and a half to finish the construction we had this big weekend all lined up when we got word that the highway department was going to close the freeway
a few hours before our services nobody would have been able to come we couldn't chain our plans we had already advertised already written all of the equipment we could without boy we sure shows the wrong weekend for the groundbreaking but the scripture says you have not because you asked how much things are we not seeing god do not because he wouldn't do it but because we are not asking we call the hallway department and ask if they would change their plans for our sorrow says they kind of laptops and i'm sorry we don't do that this construction has been planned for years but when you know your heavy with favor you don't give because you ve got told no one time you go back and ask again we got in touch with the main person there he got back with us a few days later and said we ve never done
before but we're going to make an exception for you and closed the freeway after your services if you're going to see the fullness of your destiny you gotta have this bold as to ask them to believe to expect things to happen for you did may not happen for somebody else not arrogantly but in humility do to believe there's something own you that causes people to want to be good do somethin nick i you to get breaks that you didn't deserve something that causes problems that look permanent to suddenly turned around what is it it's heavy faith i know this couple and they have a dog when she was three years old something fail on these two fingers and cut the very tipps of them off question to the emergency room the sergeant vince told the father i'm sorry but there's nothing i'm going to be
able to do to restore your daughters to think she will never have a fingernail on those fingers plus they want always be a little bit shorter the bone is missing with his father he was back for but he knew he had heavy favor he said doktor i believe god can restore my little girls fingers and make them normal once again this doktor was from another country and he didn't understand too much about faith and he looked at them i said well that's fine so you can believe whatever you want to i'm just telling you the bone is missing they will never be the right length when the man's wife came in the doctor got her over to the side and said your husband is in shock he want the fact that your daughter's fingers had been cut all she had the skin graph and sick weeks later they brought the little girl back for her cieca when the doktor
remove the bandages his first words were oh my god father was alarmed he said what's wrong the doktor said look the fingernail have grown back and it looks like the two fingers the exact widely that was years ago those two fingers are still perfectly normal when you believe you are heavy with favor you was things happen that look impossible you may be in a situation right now we're all the odds are against do the experts say it's not going to happen you won't get well well qualified for the house what see the dream come to pass but what they are not can into account is the favour on your lie if it was average ever you may be stuck it may not happen but the difference is you don't have average favour you have a heavy faith
god is about to show while in your line he's about to turn some things around you going to look up and say like this couple that was heavy favour that was the goodness of god for and dare to believe big dared pray be god wants to do something that you ve never seen something out of the ordinary doktor todd prices for in demand he has a successful infectious disease practised here in town he does medical missions work all over the world a few years back when he was first getting started with his medical outrages he had a dream
to take shoes to needy children in africa he told how because they didn't wear shoes eighty percent of them have parasites miss ruining their him here doktor price it just one person a busy practice how could he made much of a difference but he understands that he has heavy faith he has this bowling mister asked these big medical companies and supply to help him out his goal was to take shoes to all the children in this particular village did he was working in at that time three thousand kids ashore company here in the state heard what he was doing called and ask how many pairs of shoes do you need he said three thousand pair they said we have a few more than three thousand how about we give you a million pair of children's shoes that's heavy favour that's the way god is why
your dream big believe bid expect big guy was supersize what you're dreaming about some of you you're praying for is way too small what you're hoping you can accomplish is not near what god has in mind you need to get ready it is about to supersize you're going to see this heavy favour the scripture says you haven't seen heard or imagine the amazing things god has store that love the lord does each one of you seen this happen in my own life again and again what i thought would be so great what i was hoping to accomplish was nothing compared to what god had in mind in my earlier one is when i walked into that jewelry store and met victoria for the first time she was one of those things i had not seen her or imagine gods supersize what i was dreaming about it too heavy favour to get her
let me tell you it takes heavy favour to keep her when i wrote my first book ten years ago you best life now i thought wouldn't that be amazing if it made the new york times best sellers list i would have been three if it had made it just for one week that book was on the list for over a hundred weeks in iran gods supersize what i was dreaming about when we moved into this building we had scientist sixty your lease with the city of houston we always knew we wanted to purchase it but the lease was the best option at the time this facility is where several hundred million dollars in two thousand and ten the city contacted us ask if we were interested in purchasing it we told them we were but a course it all depended on the prize they did all their studies after
evaluations they called us back instead will sell it to you not for a hundred million not fifty may not twenty five me we'll sell it to you for seven and a half million dollars that's heavy thieves that's more than we could ask hall said in the ages to calm we see the surpassing greatness of god's favor we are living in the days paul talked about where we was for in beyond favor if you'll get your hopes start expecting it praying all prayers believe in for the ordinary extraordinary when you arrive god will call you too shy your show up in supersize what you're dreaming about there's a couple that attends here they have a daughter they had a heart defence she had to have several very extensive surgeries today the young lady is perfectly healthy but those
dreams were not fully covered by their insurance their part of the hospital bill was over four hundred thousand dollars the mother is a school teacher the father a police officer in the natural it look like they would be paying on that debt for a long long time they didn't get discouraged they didn't start complaining they knew they had heavy favour they dared to persuade these bold prayers they say god we don't see how we could get out there but we know you own it all one touch your favor can turn it around one day out of the blue the hospital call and said we ve never done this before but we decided to not only forgive your dad but we're going to pay you back for the two years of payments that you ve already made they were just hoping to be dead free but god supersize what they were doing men about he'll do it for you first kings chapter six
this enemy army was trying to overtake the israelites every time they made a move the israelites already knew where they were going this enemy he was so frustrated he thought one this man was a spy he called them together and said who's the trader is leaking this inside information a captain spoke up and said it's none of us there's a profit in israel named eliza what you whisper to us in secret he announces publicly to the israelites this king was furious he said we're going go get eliza first fourteen says one night he sent a great army with many horses chariots to surround eliza house notice what happens when you are heavy with favour this
he was trying to capture one man you would think he would maybe send a dozen people to get him but he sent thousands of troops horses chariots all the capture one man that was heavy with favour lashes system got up early in the morning and saw the enemy forces surrounding the house he told eliza eliza said don't worry we may be out number but i know a secret i'm heavy with favor they may have more weapons more equipment more talent but i have something more powerful than all of that the fever of god eliza knew how to pray these bold prayers he had seen god opened and ass he prayed for just the opposite he said god let them become blind so they don't recognize me they knocked on the door said we're looking for eliza
he said i you in the wrong city you need to go to some area they said they sorry for your help he said let me help you some more i'll lead you there eliza ended up leading enemy army right into the hands of the israelites once we're surrounded and captured their eyes were open they realized it was a lie sure the whole time when you know you're a heavy with favour you'll see god do amazing things they are protected from your enemies he'll guide you he'll even make invisible to your enemies don't you dare go around weak afraid intimidated you are so powerful you are full of the anointing you are heavy with favor when enemy looks at you just like with eliza he thinks i have to send in a whole army to try to stop them he may do his best but his
i will never be enough when you're a heavy with favor you cannot be defeated when muff there was a young minister back in the nineteen fifties he would travel from town to town speaking at small churches and conventions he carried his sound equipment in the tree of his car one evening he arrived at this auditorium a couple of hours early to get everything said several hundred people were expected that night it was a big deal for my father he wanted it to all go perfect but in the midst of the excitement he accidentally locked his keys in the trunk of his car couldn't get the sound equipment he and some other people started working on the trunk shaken it jiggle in it used to code hangar to try to get it open no success it look like his big evening was ruined just when he about to give up he realized he hadn't prayed one thing i can tell you about my father
is he knew how to play these bold prayers he and ashamed pray about anything growin up he would pay over the long more over the dish sure over anything wouldn't work mostly my brother paul my father told all people standing there that he was going to pray ask god to help him open the trunk they looked at him so strange seems so far out there were thing you can't pray for a trunk to be open but my father did he say god i know there's no too hard for you lord i need this sound equipment from a meeting tonight i'm asking you to somehow some way help me to get it open while was playing the other people were laughing marking kind of making fun under their brand when you finish praying he went over to the trunk and he shook it juggled at
even harder than ever but still wouldn't open he turned and walked away and when you got about ten feet from the are they all heard this click they look in all on its own just luck it was in slow motion that begin to slowly open up just like it was then lay lou those other people nearly passed out now you may not need a trunk to open but the doctors have told you that it doesn't look good why don't you arise and say god i believe heavy with favour that you can do what medicine cannot do or a child is off course you struggling in your fine into your dream looks impossible heavy ever asked god in iran have you ever seen god i know nothing is too hard for you
you have the final say you can get me to wear i'm supposed to be when you have this heavy favour you'll have a bonus to believe for the fullness of your destiny luke chapter one talks about a young lady nay mary mary was an ordinary teenage girl she didn't come from an fluent your family her parents warrant wealth didn't have notoriety they were poor in the matter there was nothing special about mary nothing that made her stand out but what day an angel appeared to her and said him oh mary you highly favoured woman i'm sure at first she looked around and thought you got the wrong guy i'm not highly favorite unjust average it's easy to talk yourself out of what god said about you but if an joe were to appear to you today he would say the same thing hello james you highly favor
man hello marie you highly favoured woman hello lake would you highly favoured people the angel went on to tell mary did she was going to have a baby without knowing a man sometimes god will put things in your heart they seem very unlike really that's why the angel started off the conversation bow romance her that she was heavy with favor when you face impossible situations you'll have to remind yourself what the angel first said that you too are heavy with god save first forty four elizabeth said to marry you are blessed be cause you believed the lord will do what he said notice believing is the key in other words even though the angel said she was heavy with favor if she had not believed it she would have ever this favor god is saying to you today
is your due season year dream you're coming to pass problem their turn it around you're about to rise to a new level now you can either let circumstances talk you out of it or you can do like mary and say god i agree i believe heavy with favor when you arise god will cause you to share that's what i'm saying is you're not a lightweight you didn't get average favor mary favour you a heavy with fave dare to believe big pray these bold prayers expect god to do the extraordinary if you'll do this i believe and declare you have seen heard or imagine what's come in your way god is to show out in your lie get ready for bright for promotion for healing by new level of your destiny in jeez its name if you receive it
today we never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lie would you pray with me just say lord jesus our opinion must come into my heart make your my lord and save brims if you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in good bible based church keep god first place he's they take it places that you ve never dream you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a jewel those deemed com slash give hope to give again today thanks
much for listening to today's message i hope you're subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy i know gods best is still ahead will see a next time
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