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It Is Finished

2018-12-30 | 🔗
In this message, Joel will show that instead of accepting an addiction as a part of your life and allowing it to stay, you need to announce to that addiction: “It is finished! You don’t control me, and you can’t keep me from my destiny. The price has been paid. I am free. I am whole. I am clean.” When you rise up and tell the past, tell the poverty, tell the guilt, “It is finished! This is not who I am. I am blessed. I am prosperous. I am victorious,” strongholds are broken in the unseen realm, chains are loosed, and favor is released.
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hi this is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged i hope you enjoy the message about less thanks for letting us come into your homes and if you're every area please stop by and be apart one of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home to start with something funny and i heard about this cat and mouse that died on this day and went to heaven after a few weeks paid saw the mouse and ask him how he liked it is it always great but it's so big i wish i could get a pair of broiler skates peter said no problem gardens rotors gates few weeks later peter saw the cat
ask him how he liked it he's at all it's fantastic and just when i thought it could get any better discovered the meals on wheels say it like a minute this is a bible i am this as i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god are boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you today about it is finished we all have these that are trying to hold us back guilt from past mistakes temptations we can't seem to overcome dysfunction that's been passed down it's easy to learn to accept it and think that that's who we are
god didn't creates you to go through lie weighed down by addictions dysfunction guilt the past he created you to beef when jesus home on the cross before he took his final breath he said it is finished he went just talking about his life and how he had finished his purpose he was putting in and to all the negative things they could keep us from our destiny he was saying in effect the guilt is finished the depression is finished the low self esteem the mediocrity it is finished and instead of accepting the addiction think it s the way it's always going to be everybody in my family has it you need to announce to that addiction is finished you too control me you can't keep me from my destiny the price has been paid
i am free i'm clean i am hall as long as you accepted you allowing it to stay but when you tell the addiction tell the past tell the poverty it is spent this is not who i am i am blessed i am prosperous i am victorious in unseen realm strongholds or broken change or lose favour is release are there thing you're living with that you to say it is finished are you going around guilty down on your cell because of past mistakes not expecting anything good you need to announce to that guild it is finished done beating myself are living condemned gods mercy is bigger than my mistakes i am the time restored i am forgiven and i'm excited about my future you're living with a sense of shame feeling
inferior because of how somebody treaty do they did you wrong they walked away now the accuser whispers is because you're not good enough not attractive enough you don't deserve to be long announced that chain it is finished i'm not an interior unworthy i know who am i child of the most toggle somewhere crown a favor war your blood flowing through my veins no matter what someone did or didn't do to you it does not to you are you may have had bad bright's gone through unfair situations don't have a victim mentality heavy tor mentality god said he would pay you back double for the unfair things that have happened that person that did you wrong
they thought they were hurting you the truth is they were helping you they qualified you for double they thought they were setting you back in rio maybe they were setting you are now your part say the self pity it is finished i'm not living discouraged dwell in alma disappointments we live in herds i'm letting go the old and i'm good ready for the new things god has in store father thank you double is come in my way but we can all fund a reason to leave negative thinking that we are at a disadvantage my boss overlooked somebody walked out of a relationship king asked to get rid of the excuses it's time to say it is finished i'm john think it about what i didn't get what didn't work out you have to all the past tell the self pity tilled the discouragement it is finished
as long as you justify your condition you giving it permission to stay john chapter five jesus medical old man that had been lying by the pool of bethesda for thirty years there were five porches surrounding this pool filled with sick people once a year when the angel moved the waters the first person to get in would be here jesus said that the cripple man do you want to get well it seemed like there was an obvious answer everyone was at the pool to get well but the scriptures when jesus saw the man lying there he asked do you wanna get well in other words there was nothing in this man's actions that said he wanted to get well nothing in his behaviour that said i'm expecting things to change he had his bed there by the poor
his whole area set up i can imagine it able a lamp books pictures in the eight years he had gotten comfortable in dysfunction he thought this is my lot in life never going to get better he was surrounded by other people that were sick that we're blind that were afflicted he gravitated to people that we're just like in every body was everybody was complaining everybody was discourage you need to be careful who use around yourself where is especially in difficult times you may haven't illness but don't go find a bunch of other sick people to hang around misery loves company struggle with an addiction don't hang out with people did are addicted escort called you to get stuff if you depressed don't go find depressed bruise so you
can all be depressed together on this will that have what you want struggling in your finances get around bless people generous equal people that are well all tend to be negative and critical don't stay around people like they're fine people that are happy positive grey there should be something about you that says i wanna get well i wanna be blessed i want to go to the next level when jesus ass this man if he wanted to get well instead of saying yes that's what believe in four that's my dream said sir i don't have any body to help me get in the water when angel come somebody always beats me and he was justified his condition this way because i'm at a disadvantage nobody will help me is long is your making excuses for where you are you're going to get stuck
this way jaw because i had a bad childhood bitter because a business partner cheated me i'm negative because i have this illness i'm asking us to get rid of the excuses nothing that's happened to you has to keep you from your destiny if it was going stop your purpose god wouldn't have allowed you may not understand it may not be fair but if you will the hand you been dealt and make the most of it god will do you too where you're supposed to be no person can stop him no bad boy no addiction no sickness god has the final say tell the self pity it is spanish tell the excuses it is finished this is a new day gods about to do a new thing
jesus said to the cripple man get up pick up your bed and walk instantly the man was heel he stood up and was able to walk out of their what you think is permanent looks like it's never going to change that addicts you ve had for years the illness the situation in your finances you'd see a way god has away right now he's fighting your back i believe things or chain aging in your favour breakthroughs or headed your way new beginnings healing freedom it may look permanent god is saying it's only temporary i'm about to turn it around what is interesting is this cripple man we have a lot of faith he didn't say yes i believe i can get well he made excuses yet god in his mercy healed here
imagine how god feels when he sees you shaken off their self pity shaken off the excuse says say and lord i believe can turn my child around i believe you'll take me to the next level i believe you're free me from this addict and when you believe god will make things happen that you couldn't make happen tell the excuses tell the down till the negative thoughts it is finished it's time to put a stop some things this is what my father did he grew up very poor his parents will cotton farmers and they lost everything during the great depression my father went to school with holes in his pants holes in issues in high school he was given the christmas basket that went to the poorest family he was at a disadvantage no money very little education the odds were all
and tat he had a good excuse to settle where he was and accept a life of mediocrity but at the age of seventeen my father gave his life to christ the first one in his family on the inside he feel seeds of greatness rising seeds of increase seeds of abundance on the outside everything said your poor at a disadvantage limited you don't have a future but down in his spirit he could hear god whispering this is not who you are you're better than yes can set a new standard you were made for more seventeen he told his parents he was going to leave the farm and become a minister they thought he had lost his mind they said you better stay here on the farm with us all you know how to do is pick cotton they meant well
but sometimes well meaning people will try to talk you out of your destiny if her father would have stayed in that limited environment he would never seen the fullness of what god had in store you have to get away from people oh that only see you for who you use to be and not for you're about to be because some people that new you back then we'll try to keep it in the same box that you grew up in the electronic put limitations on you you can't account that dream do not that talented you better play it say this is what happened in the script you with david his family didn't see him as a giant killer as a king they discounted here david's father didn't bring him in from the shepherds fields when the prophet samuel with choosing one of his brothers as the next key he thought
david he saw small he so young he doesn't have the sperience but people don't determined your destiny what they say about you how try to make you feel cannot stop what guy has ordained for your life you need a distant yourself from people that always trying to put limitations on you in talking out of what god put in your sometimes it's the people that have known you the longest because they can only see your one way jesus brothers never accepted him here perform in all these miracles but didn't see him as the messiah they only saw him one way as their brother they can always just jesus nothing special about him we grew up him even when jesus begin to gain notoriety the scripture says his brother scoffed at him
they made fun banya right you're the messiah they tried to discount him talk him out of this destiny jesus let it go in one year and out the other my father could stay in that limited environment and accepted a life of poverty and lack he couldn't live with the scarcity mindset but he did what i'm asking us to do he rose up and said it is finished this may be where i am but this is not who i am seventeen he took a step a faint he had to hitchhike but here if the form he started ministry in the prisons in the senior citizens homes in the schools god begin to promote ham and open doors and he and my mom founded lake would he pastorate here for forty years he will not deliver bless abundant lie he's got point my father row the curse of poverty in our family now
myself my siblings all of our children are living at a higher level because one man didn't settled the status quo one man didn't say i'm at a disadvantage of had bad breaks instead he said it is finished i'm a difference maker i can set a new standard you can be that me you can be that woman for your family you can put an end to negative things that have been passed down what you're dealing with may not us did with you but i can stop with you you need to say to the poverty say that lack is finished our line did not borrow so did the addiction the depression the dysfunction it is finished god won't you to set a new standard you have seeds of greatness you are full of talent ideas pretend
sure you're not limited but where you came from just because negative things have been passed down doesn't mean there supposed to contain you you're the one to break the curse to break the poverty to break the depression to break the dysfunction you can take your family to a new level don't talk yourself out of it don't let circumstances discourage you the odds may be hence too but the most tat god it is for you here breathing in your direction right now he's going to open doors that no man can shut bring talent out to you that you didn't know you had caused the right people to be good to you operate unity is going to track you down good breaks freedom increased you step in a new level bonded
is that a pale you and your family back or being broken now do your part have a new mindset and above mentality a free mentality a healthy mentality of victorious mentality i wouldn't be standing here if my father would have kept that poverty mindset that scarcity mentality thinking i'm at a disadvantage i've had bad brains we can all come up with an excuse to settle where we are asking us to get rid of the excuses anything they told a new back it's too to announce to it it is finished this is a new day i'm dead on the line in the sand for me and my house we will serve the law or we will live free from addictions we will lend did not borrow we will generous and help others we will occur
push our dreams and be calm everything we will create a debate i have a friend this very six ass for his father was a police officer he was right in a middle class home when it was eleven years old his father ask him to get in the car and they were going to take a drug together they drove for several hours to another state the father never told his son where he was taken him they came this very one down neighbourhood trash everywhere nothing kept up the young boys eyes were so wide he'd never seen anything like this they finally pulled in to this door make shift driveway of this house that was very dilapidated no front door the windows were broken out it look like was vacant they walked in there was an old man sitting on a stool knows
on hadn't shade look like he was homeless the father looked at in and said dad i brought my son to see you the young boy couldn't believe that was his grandfather he'd never seen him never hurt his father talk about the grandfather wouldn't look you don't want to have anything to do with his son nor his grandson the father put some money on the counter and said dan i love you i just wanted to say hi they both walked down the young voice a dad that was the most scared a bit in my whole life i never want to come back to this place the father said son that's why i brought who here to show you this where we come from but this is who we are now you may have been raised in a limited environment they were good people but they didn't have any vision this idle for mediocrity like my friend
you can set a new standard wearing star is not important where you finish is what matters god is going to use you too not just break a generational curse but to star a generational blessing where are you i come from is not who you are you are blessed you are free you are talented you were a child of the most god able was in a limited environment god told him to leave his country leave his family and go the land that i m showing you god say abraham you have to leave what's familiar leave what you grew up way i'm not suggesting to admit and in your family but i am saying to leave negative mindset you were raised way leave a scarcity mentality leave limitations that people have put on you you have to
make room for god the increasing sometimes our environment is too small if you take an oak tree seed and plant it in a five gallon pot that oak tree will never become what it was created to be not because there's something wrong with the tree but because of the environment that is in in the same way there's nothing with you you have seeds of greatness the most tat god breed his life in the eu now make sure your part is not too small make sure your environment is not holding you back to be around people that inspires people that have gone further people that are making a difference not just for that are settling for the status quo as i said in large the place of your team stretched forth your curtains
then you're cords strengthen your states make room for god to do a new thing tell that limited mindset is finished i'm doing in big dreams employ a bowl prayers i'm expecting to go further how was raised when my father to be with the lord people would ask me if i thought we could keep the church going i never said it arrogantly but i would tell them i don't think we can just keep it going i believe we can go further is because god is a program they ve got he wants every generation to increase have a big vision don't sell for what your parents had what your relatives accomplished you were made for more you can go further you can be the one to set the new stand but it's easy to park ourselves out of our dreams lived
scores because disappointments things we don't understand we worked hard but didn't get the promotion we pray but our love one didn't make we did our best but the relationship didn't work life is not always fair i can't explain everything but can tell you god said he would take what was meant for your harm and use it to your advantage he said he would give you beauty for the ashes but i've learned you have to let go of the ashes before you received the beauty uk hold on to the old and expect to receive the new the past is over and done that's why it's called the past quit dwelling on it quit reliving it you're not going to understand everything that happened but god has a purpose he knows how to bring good out of it keep moving forward this is what david did
you have a new born baby they became very sick david night and day prayed in fasted for this baby he would he wouldn't talk with anyone else he's been all of this on his knees asking god to heal his child on the seventh day the little baby died they didn't know how david would the news but when they told him david got up off the ground took a shower put on new clothes and went to the temple and begin to worship god when he finished he wouldn't have dinner with his men they were so amazed they said david when the child was living you wept you refuse to eat but now that he is dad you ve seen joe morning you're acting like everything's ok david said when the child was alive s god let him live but now that he has done i cannot bring
him back but one day i will go to be with him david did everything he could he prayed he fasted he believed but it didn't work out his way he could have live better with a chip on his shoulder but david understood this principle he said to the past it is finished i don't understand it but i'm moving forward we all have things in life that we don't understand it's easy to live negative with the chip on our shoulder but if we're going to see the double if we're going to see the beauty for ash is we have to do like david and say that the past say the things you don't understand it is finished not going to dwell on what didn't work out i'm not going to try to figure
why i'm going to let it go and keep moving for the past doesn't have to stop you a bad break a loss of disappointment god is in control all of your lie you wouldn't be alive unless he had something amazing up in front of you you haven't had too many bad break you haven't made too many mistakes you on the verge of sea and double you on the verge of beauty per ashes now do apart put on a new attitude wash your face and get ready for the new things god is about today limited clear this over you today received this into your spirit the past the hurts the regrets it is finished the poverty the lack the limited mindsets it is finished the addictions the depression the dysfunction the guilt the shame the self pity it is
this is new day things it up here do back or being broken right now you go this step into a new level of freedom you're going to generational courses in start generational blessings you're about to see the beauty for ashes healy promotion breakthroughs they are did your way in jesus name do you receive it can you say amen to that i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your lying would you play with me just say lord jesus i repent of my sins come in to my heart my lord and saying if you play that simple where we believe you got born again get in a good obeys church and keep god first slice you for listening to the jews dean podcast help us
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