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2017-05-27 | 🔗
Are you going through a difficulty today and wondering if God is there? Life is full of things we don’t like or understand. But God won’t allow a difficulty unless He’s going to somehow use it for our good. In this encouraging message, Joel is going to show you how to trust God in all things!You see, God can see the big picture for our lives. He promises in Romans 8:28, “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.” Not some things, but all things. That means the pain, the loss, when a dream doesn’t work out, when a loved one betrays us, even in in our darkest hour, God has a plan. You’ll learn how to pray bold prayers and stay focused. No man controls your destiny; God does!
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God bless you joy that come into your homes in your area. Area please stop by and be a part of one of our services are promise. You will make you feel right at home. I like to start with something funny, and I heard about this airplane There was about to crash. There were four passengers, but three parachutes, the first passenger said, beating heart surgeon, my patients, need me. He took the first parachute and jump Can passenger said, I'm a rocket scientist One of the smartest man alive my country needs me took the second parachute and the third passenger Pope John Paul he's the fourth passenger a ten year old boy scout. So I am old and frail. I don't have
It's time left you can have the last pursue the boy said said, don't worry about it, sir. There are still two pair shoots laughed. You see smartest man alive. He just jumped out with my back say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says. Our hair I can do. what it says. I can do today I will be taught. The word of God are boldly convey my mind, is alarming Heart is receptive. I will never be the same Jesus name, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about it's all good life is full. things that we don't like disappointments. A friend betrayed us. We didn't get the ocean. We see these things is be a negative thinking that was bad, didn't work out. prayers, worn answer, but God won't allow a difficulty unless you going to somehow use it for
good. This means every that happens in lie. We may not understand it, but if you keep the right attitude, it'll push you further into your destiny. Closed doors, the delays, the person that did you wrong the loan didn't go through, God, says, It's all good. I mean control it made feel good, but trust me and I'll use it, for your good When you understand this principle, life is much more free. You don't upset, because a co worker is playing politics trying to keep you down. You know it's all good God allowed it and he's going to using you tried, but the business didn't make it. You don't give up on you, You know it's all good. It's a part of the process, even simple things, you get stuck in traffic, you don't let it frustrate, you re,
the rest of your day. You know, God is directing your stamps. He may be keeping you from an accident where he may be developing patients in Eu Waters, really is keep the right perspective. It's all good. This boils down to trusting God we're never. Going to understand everything that happens in lie? If you try figured all out you'll be frustrated God has an advantage. He can see the big each year for our lives, he knows where the deadlines are where the shore cuts are where the bumpy roads are. and sometimes he'll call the door. They were SK in him to open because He knows it would be a waste of time we You're a mature person instead of getting better, you say God. I trust you not like it, but I believe you know what's best for me Some of the things that God has in your future, if he gave them to you,
right now, you couldn't handle it. He loved you too much to let it happen, he's developing your character growing. You that balls that gets on your nerves doesn't treat you write. You keep trying pray him away. The reason he's not going anywhere, is because, God using him like sand paper to rub Rough edges offer you now, as you He's doing the right thing, keeping your close being respectful, that's doing a working! You! You couldn't develop your character without here, you may not like it, but is good, is getting you prepare for the next level. God is asking us, do you trust me with your closed doors, the Trust me with your unanswered questions with the things you don't understand. Instead of fighting everything you like? What would you have this new perspective? It's all good. This grouchy ball
I can't stand him, but I know he's good for me this child. It's hard to raise this signal. I'm dealing with this dream, it's taken forever. I don't like it, but not going to live better, I know It is on the throne. He's control of my lie. It been met from our harm, but he's promised he will use it to my advantage as what pulse in Romans, all things worked together for good to those that love the law and not some things, but all things they may not be good at the time it painful to go through a loss, discouraging when a dream doesn't work out by itself. That may not be good, but God is promised he's going to bring it all together. One day, you'll look back and say that was good. well jaw discourage because I lost a loved one bit. Because a business plan,
cheated me that wasn't good the problem is, you're isolating that one incident. God has brought it altogether year. If that difficulty was going to keep you from your day Danny. God would have never permitted that set back. Is really a set up broke to show out in your life. You have to get of a victim mentality and have a big tore mentality. When you have this attitude that it's all good, you don't go around with it on your shoulder, because you had some bad breaks. You know no, weapon for and against. You will prosper. You know weeping in for a night but joys coming in the morning. You know just a matter of time before God brings it all together. We seller good Friday recently. We call it good today but two thousand years ago, when she, Was crucified, didn't look like a good Friday, the disciples
thought it was the worst day of their lives. Their dreams were shattered. the man they had given their lives to was gone doubt spilled, they're mine, He wasn't who we said he was. Maybe he tricked and we wasted all this time. Can imagine me the mother of Christ, weeping and weeping ass. She sees her son on the cross. She's heart broken in so much pain If someone would have suggested Mary. This is a good Friday. She D thought: what are you talking about? Good look what's happening, but we all face these times when life it makes sense. A dream dies A relationship comes to an end. We come down with an illness, nothing about this Jubilation seems good, good would have been the last word we would have used to describe this Friday. Better description would have been tragic. Friday, lonely Friday betrayed Friday
in the heat of the battle is easy to get discouraged. The disciples couldn't say God. Why did you let Judas betray him? Why did you let the soldiers crucifying God You abandon your son in this time of greatest need a few days later after he arose from the grave and cook the breakfast on the beach appeared them in the upper room. They realized he was who he said. He was they looked back on that Friday and said it wasn't what we thought it was a depressing Friday. It wasn't tragic Friday. It was all a part of his plan. It was good Friday they look back or what they thought was the darkest day of their lives, and they called it good. What am I saying? It's all good may not be good right now. May not make since on its own, but go
knows how to bring it altogether. What you think is going to stop you hold you back, tell you if you will stay in faith one day you will look back and say that it was good if Judas not betray Jesus. We wouldn't have salvation. God use the betrayal to move Jesus toward his destiny, the betrayal at the time didn't seem good hearts. When somebody does you wrong walks out on you break your heart, You may not see it at the time, but without that betrayal, like Jesus, you couldn't be calm, who you were created, debate If they left you, you didn't need them if they walked away. They want a part of your destiny,
it may be painful frati right now, but keep moving forward. Sunday is come new beginnings are on the way of resurrection is in your future, when God brings it all together. When you meet that person, of your dream, somebody better than you ever imagine, you'll, look back and say with a smile. It was a good Friday window. Left I mean that man, let that supervisor that's tried to keep you down for years you didn't realize it, but stay in there with a good attitude, giving it your best, Doing the right thing when the wrong thing was happening, that was developing your character, getting you prepared for the next. Level. You wouldn't be, who you are today without that difficulty you may not like it, but you can look back and say that was a good Friday. That's what happened to us twice. We tried debate,
property, to build a new sanctuary on both times the property was sold out from under us. The first one we had worked, six months do and so all samples, preliminary drawings we went to close on the problem. The real early in the morning the secretary came said, I'm sorry owner sold the property last night to someone else, It had been on the market for twenty years. We were so disappointed, went home toll victorious no place to build a new site. You're, wearing didn't seem like anything good about their own are not keeping his were not sell on the set plan If you re told me, it was a good Friday at a told, you go, jumping alike A few months later, we found another one hundred acres tract of laying
this is even better operate more fervently. Lord, thank you for your favorite. Thank it for open this door same thing. They sold it out from under us. Didn't make sense to me. I've learned? Gods ways are better than our ways, wait apply, is God this is what I want this. Is I believe in four, but God you know what best for me, I trust you. If you're only going to be happy if God, your way. That's not really trusting does not pay That's giving God orders got here. I want you to do when they do it where to do it. Here's the who to use I found garden, take orders. But this is one of the main reasons we get frustrated scores cause it's not happen in our way, but when develop. This trust, you, let God do it his way. You know it's all good if the door open Shia, thank God, if it doesn't open
You still thinking about six months after that last property sold we received word that this place was coming available. The former compact centre realize now The reason God close, those doors is because he had something much better in store, God can see things that we can't see. Now I thank him for those close doors. I look back and say that wasn't a defeated Friday. After all, that was a good that was: God Keepin made from less than what he and mine Sometimes God will close the door because we're believe Then too small have dreams that haven't worked out here. You too I've had some disappointed Fridays dont get discourage God. Knows what he's doing keep on him. Your Sunday is common, he's gonna.
We endorse, bigger better than you ever imagine. My father went through a great disappointment here bastard discharge for many years, given life to the people they just built a new sanctuary. The church was growing, he was State Board for his denomination. On his way his future looked very bright, but my sister LISA was born with something cerebral palsy muddy. begin to search the scriptures with a new set of fresh. He said how Jesus when about healing people and how supposed to live and abundant overcome and victorious lie. He went back and shared this with his congregation thinking that they would be excited too. It was just the opposite. They did like his new message. It You fit in their denominational teaching he ended up having to leave that church.
My mother had lifelong friends that never spoke to her again. They felt betrayed discouraged, nothing seen good about having to leave a position. good work, so hard born, leave people then you'd groaned aloud seem like a dark fry. A lonely Friday a betrayed Friday, but just as God opens doors, God club its doors and God knew my father would never become. Who here created to be in that limited environment. We love the when doors, we celebrate gods favour, but when the door closes, it takes maturity to say I don't understand, but I'm not going to fight it. I'm not gonna get bitter God trust you, my parents, instead of sitting around in self pity, think about what they lost. They went out and start like would charge in an abandoned
store with ninety people. It grew and grew to a church, a thousand we're still going strong today. Looking back years later, my father would tell you that betrayal getting pushed out that was a good Friday in his life that pushed him into the fullness of his destiny. At the time it didn't seem good when you're hurting disappointed every thought what this, isn't fair God. Why did you let this happen to me? SK you to trust him knows what he's doing it. seem good, but when he bring It all together. You look back say it was a good Friday. I couldn't see it at the time, but it was good that they saw the property out from under us geez would tell you it was good that Judas betrayed me. My father would tell you. It was good that I've got pushed out of that process. See. Sometimes you
Enemies will do more to promote you, then your friends, if my Critics had not been so vocal. I would have never learn to pray lock up Ray when my dad, what to be with the Lord? If I had not overheard people saying he can't do it, the churches, ever gonna last? I would have never had so much determination my critics, I need to write them a chance. They thought they're. Going to stop me discourage me, intimidate me. They don't realize that God's use them to light a fire on the inside. They help me learn how to pray. Bold prayers. How to declare God's favor to be a victim or not a victim had to stay in song and fight the good fight of faith. They meant perhaps use it tonight vain. What am I saying? It's all good, even your enemies, quick complaining about the opposition
we're trying to push you they make. You look bad, they don't come Oh, your destiny, God does You may be in a Friday today, not in your life seems a good deal with an illness struggling in a relationship you have people coming against, seems dark loan. Discouraging you don't see how could ever work out stay in wouldn't have allowed that if it wasn't going to move you toward your destiny, You're Friday, the Good NEWS Sunday is coming when you see your resurrection when God vindicates to promote he'll, do restores you when he pays you back double for that unfair situation. That's what turns defeated Friday into good Friday, no more betrayed Friday. No more disappointed trotted now it's blessed Friday is joyful. Friday is victorious riding print about told about this couple. They would,
to the hospital every week to visit people and encourage them one day the man had just parked his car and he was walking across the street to the main entrance. This car came around the corner very fast, almost out of control and hit the main knocked him up on the hood over the car and down to the pavement, he was rushed to the emergency room where they discovered did he had bleeding on his brain. They had to take it. Full body scan to see if there were any more injuries, they were looking a of course for broken bones for anymore bleeding. That was all fine, but they did find a tumor, honest kidney. They did a biopsy and found out that it was cancer. A few days after the swelling went down, he had surgery to remove the kidney. Today he can
Free, the surgeon told him if they had not found that cancer, it was the type that spread very quickly. Most likely would have taken his lie. Not point is its good even things that at the time seen bad go into the house. Little to volunteer and you get hit by a car. Manstin like you got bad luck, good happen, for you go wouldn't have allowed it if he wasn't going to use it for Good we may not always see eye to eye I believe this glove had things happening. It did nothing. But poor me damn you don't know what God was doing behind the scenes or make. God has brought it altogether year. This is what faith is all about when things happen, that we don't like disappointments. Bad breaks betrayed we can get negative live better or we can say God. I trust you,
I don't understand it, but I believe when you bring it together, it's going to work for me and not again, Smith, two young men were travelling to Kenya to work on emissions projects. They were both former college basketball players. This was their first trip overseas. They were so excited. They prayed that everything would go smoothly, but when playing plane tried to land in London, it was too foggy. They missed their connecting flight right. What away the star been denied in the airport. The next fly, the seats available were up in first class. They put them right up front about MID way through the flight. The plane took a nose, die started heading straight toward the ground, people screaming panicking. They thought they were the die. These young men heard some noise in the cockpit seem like a commotion, This was before nine eleven. Would you could go up front? They went into the cockpit.
This declaration man had taken over the controls of the plane the pilots we're trying to get him off, but they were very small. These basketball play stood over six, put six big, strong, tough guys. They ripped him off the controls tied him up the plane had this indeed, from thirty eight thousand feet down to four thousand thing now few minutes. I don't know maybe seconds they would have all been killed, that lay didn't seem like a good thing, but really it was a good thing. They didn't like it didn't fit into their plans, but God held them back on purpose, so they could the whole playing, sometimes god what inconvenience us. So we can help somebody else, instead of being frustrated when our plans don't work that we have to remember not about us. We had all these people at work, their negative. They complain.
they compromise, which is God ever gonna, move me out fuel for thought about maybe God has you their own purpose to let your like? China, Maybe gods counting on you to be a good influence on them. Quit fighting the psalmist said the steps of a good person are ordered by the law. if God has you there he's ordered, steps. The delays, inconveniences the bad breaks we may not like it. Maybe uncomfortable, but instead of trial pray it away instead of resisting it. Why don't you embrace and say God? This is where you have me right now. So. be my best. I'm all keep a good attitude. may not like it. It seems bad, but I know a secret. It's all good this what Joseph did in the scripture. Nobody had more bad breaks than him a teenager, his brothers betrayed him, threw him into a pen
They ended up selling him into slavery. He was about falsely accused he's been here. Who is in prison for something that he didn't do. It was well bad break after another. He could have live now. better, but he understood this principle. That, even though it may look bad field, be unfair, when it comes together, gods going to use it for our good for thirteen years of trouble God not only vindicated Joseph, but he promoted him. He was put set. In command of the whole nation. Looking back Joseph would tell you that whole time their God was directing his all those bad breaks, we're a part of God's plan to get him to where he was supposed to be. The betrayal felt bad, but the truth is it was good. It was another, step toward his destiny being sold into slavery. That was unfair.
That was wrong. He didn't like it, but he wouldn't change. Without that disappointment he would have never become who God created him debate quit fighting every thing that you dont, like God, wouldn't have allowed it. If it wasn't going to move forward The right attitude is God this doesn't make and to me, but I believe we need bring it all together. One day it will make sense. All those years Joseph was doing the right thing when the wrong thing was happening. That was getting him prepared for his destiny. He was developing his. To strengthen in his spiritual muscles. He was proof, the God that he could handle it. My friends Kragan Samantha, had to healthy children when little
Honor was born. They soon realise that Conor wasn't developing like the other children. He wouldn't talk to them and interact very much Connor was diagnosed with Autism Craig at that time was head of our children's ministry. He in Samantha strong believer. They love the more, but this was difficult on their one day care, was very discours he's a god. I don't understand why, Was my son born with autism? Why did this happen? To me? He heard God save for worms. Do you trust me that moment Craig did what we all must do when we face thing. We don't understand We see in it as being negative and he brace did as a part of God's plan for his life.
God will never give you something that you cannot handle when he made this shift in his thinking from I'm a victim. I've had these bad breaks TAT, God, is in control of my lie here entrusted me with this situation. That's when things begin to change. Not only did little corner begin to define the odds and begin to talk and interact more than expected started a ministry to help children. With special needs called the champions club. There are thirty champions club around the world was red and his associates have written the first ever they base curriculum for special needs. Children Looking back, Craig would tell you the same thing Joseph saying that difficulty look like a setback. really. It was a set up to push him into his destiny.
He would tell you that is all good. You may see it at the time, but the closed doors of the disappointment of good the bed breaks. They may be uncomfortable but when God brings it altogether, it's not going to work against you, it's going to work for you I'm asking you to trust him Maybe Friday in your life, you don't see anything good. Don't worry. Son it is common. God is in control now believe and declare every thing that was meant to stop you, God is they use it to push forward bring it at all together right now, you come into good Friday. Bliss Roddy help. Roddy Victorious prodded in Jesus name. If you receive it, can you say amended? I never liked oppose our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus,
Our opinion thus seems come in my heart make you my lord and save. If your pride, that simple prayer, we believed you got born again. Get in a good Bible base, church kink, God, first place, he's gonna. Take your places that you ve never dream as a thank you for your support of our ministry. This month, German Victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels. New theories expect the unexpected God can pricing you in ways you ve never dreamed he likes to do. unusual things things you don't think coming raise your expectations and get ready to think favour in new ways you may have. it's your limits, but God has no limits, request this resource. It will help build your fate, so you can see fullness of what God has MR request, your copy,
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