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It’s Already Yours

2019-09-11 | 🔗
Psalm 8:5 says, “You have crowned him with favor and honor.” What does this mean for you today? It means right now, there are blessings with your name on them — healing, promotion, good breaks, houses, businesses, contracts — that already belong to you. ----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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hi this is joe in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll be then spot make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support it helps keep the ministry go enjoy the best well god bless you always enjoy the company of homes in your every in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services promise you will make you feel right at home but thanks so much for tuning in and thank you again for coming out today and i like to start with something funny and i heard about these three people are russian and american and a blonde they were talking together the russian said
how late we were the first ones in space the american said well we were the first ones on the moon the blonde said that's nothing we're going to be the first ones on the sun the american the russian they laughed and said what are you talking about you can go to the sun is too hot you would burn up the blonde said know that we're not that dumb we're going to go at night hold up your bible say it like you mean it this is bible i am says i am i have but it says i hear i can do what it says i can do today i will be talked to word of god i boldly my mind is alert my heart is receptive never be the same in jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about it's already yours the scripture tells us how god has already blessed us already forgiven us already favored us already approved in excel
did each one of us he's not waiting to do it he's already done it there are blessings with your name on them healing with your name on it promotion good brakes businesses houses contract as far as god is concerned they already belong to you the real question is are you going to go get what's already yours when our daughter alexandra was about ten years old she came in the kitchen one afternoon said that i'm going to go to the movies and go eat lunch with my cousins i need some money i said okay there's a twenty dollars bill on my dresser back in my closet why don't you get that she gave me a hug to me and headed toward back door i said wait a minute aren't you going to go get the money she smiled and said i already got it i knew you'd say yes can i tell you god has already said yes to you being blessed yeah
do you living healthy and whole yes to you accomplishing your dreams why don't you have the boldness like alexandra and go get what already belongs to you as a father that made me feel good it warmed my to know that she knew i wanted to be good to her she felt so loved that she would go in and take it knowing that i would say yes what if we believed that our heavenly father loved us so much that we had such a bonus such a confidence that we would go get what's already belongs to us there's favor with your name on it it's already yours the he said god has crowned you with favor doesn't say
he's going to do it one day he's already done it are you bold enough to go get your crown start carrying yourself like a king a queen confident secure knowing that you're one of a kind a masterpiece fearfully and wonderfully made don't go your whole life with your crown up on the shelf thinking on ever getting a good brakes i'll never get ahead god has already said yes get rid of that defeated mint let me go get your crown you have the favor of god blessings are chasing you down goodness and mercy follow you everywhere you go when you have this boldness to go get what belongs to you you'll step into a new level of your destiny god told jeremiah before
who are formed in your mother's womb i accepted and approved you some people go their whole life trying to gain approval so they can feel good about themselves they think if they work hard enough have enough success moving to the right neighborhood convince a certain person to like them then they can be happy the good news is you've already been approved quit trying to work for something that you already have your not waiting to get it if you get good enough if you lose twenty pounds if you have the right friends know god has already approved you when god created you just like he did with jeremiah he looked at you and said that was good another masterpiece i don't live intimidated insecure trying to play up to people trying to convince them to be
a friend if they don't want to be your friend let them go it's their loss not yours you don't need their approval you have all muddy gods there is a freedom when you realize i'm not waiting for it i'm not hoping to get it i'm not trying to talk people into it i have already been accepted approved redeemed forgiven the creator of the universe calls me a masterpiece paul said in ephesians that god has blessed us again past tense he's not thinking about doing it he's already done it now you may not feel blessed your checking account may not say you're blessed business may be slow it's easy to think when i see it
well believe it but faith is just the opposite you gotta believe it and then you'll see it instead of talking about how bad it is starting to clearing i am blessed i am prosperous on the head and not the tail i live in and i don't have to borrow you have to talk like you're blessed think like you're blessed walk like you're blessed act like you're blessed live like you're blessed that's what activates the blessing not dragon around somebody ask you how you doing well i'm just hanging in there it's really really bad but i got the joy of the lord no you got to notify your face put a smile on put your shoulders back hold your head up high walk with confidence you're a child
the most high god you have a royalty in your blood you were created to rein in a line and you got to do your part and go get what's already yours go get your dreams go get the abundance go get your he'll go get the victory it has your name on it i've been praying for favor i've been asking god to bless me main here's a key you don't have to pray about something that you already have just start acting like it's true i don't always feel anointed but i know that it has already anointed us he's already equipped and empowered us i never prayed please give me your anointing always say lord you that i am anointed thank you that i cantwell april you may not feel blessed but in our strong are talented but don't fall into that trap just go through life with the poor
show me mentality get an agreement with god god says you are blessed you are strong you are talented you are victorious not going to be one day not in the sweet bye god has already blessed you he's already made you more than a conqueror he's already crowned you with that favor god said israelites how long are you going to wait before taking possession of the land that i have given you god had already thomas then the land it had their name on it god will say and when you going to go get what's already yours my question how long are you going to wait before you put on your crown of favor how long are you going to wait before you start believing you're blessed healthy and strong and talented equipped one of a kind
this is your time this is your moment the prophet joel said wake up the mighty med wake up the mighty women that's who i'm looking at you got to shake off the the fear the intimidation and go get what belongs to you just like the israelites god has put promises in your heart he spoken dreams to you maybe things you haven't told anyone about seemed so big so one likely you don't think you have the talent the connections you may not but god does he's already put your name on that dream your name is already on that song that movie that book you've been wanting to ride
your name is already on that business that charity that you've been wanting to start couples that are believing for a child be encouraged there's a baby that already has your name on it single people there's a husband a wife that has your name on there david said god has blessings stored up for those that love the lord you have no idea the amazing things god has stored up for you there already yours my challenge is don't leave them stored up be bold and believe that you're highly favored believe and that you will able believe that you can become all gods created you to be this is what abraham had to do
twenty years before he had a child god said abraham i have made you a father of many nations god said it in the past tense i have made you like it it already happened at that time he didn't have one child abraham could have thought god what do you talk i'm not a father i don't have any children in other words joel i'm not blessed i'm not healthy not strong he could have talked himself out of it but he chose to believe when god says you're blessed don't try to figure it out i'll just say god i agree with you i am blessed god calls you prosperous don't go check your bank account don't go look at the stock just say god i agree with you i am prosperous god says he is restoring health in the year you will live and not die the medical report may say just the opposite that's ok that's how abraham fell just say god
you say it i agree i am strong i am healthy i will live and not die when you get an agreement with god that's what allows until the lease those blessings that have been stored the script you put it this way all of god's promises are yes in a man god says yes you're blessed yes your health yes you're strong yes you will accomplish your dreams and i've learned the yes alone is not enough if you wanted to become a reality you've got to add the amen to it amen means be it on to me god i agree let it happen it's gonna become personal it's gonna take root in your spirit it's one thing to know that god can bless it's another to say i am blessed it's one thing to know that god can heal yes god restore but it takes on a new meaning when you say i am healed i am
stored i will live and not die it's one thing to know that god made you but it does something when you say i am a masterpiece i am one of a kind i am fearfully and wonderfully made god says yes make sure you add your aim to it this is what abraham did he got agreement with god and some twenty years later the promise came to pass but i wonder how many blessing there have been stored up for us that we miss out on how many dreams that have our name on it but the calls we get discouraged it's taken so long we settled where we are we don't see them come to reality my father used to tell this big warehouse he imagined up in heaven you walk in and see acres and acres of boxes up on
elves as far as you can see everywhere you look there are rows and rows of boxes he walked over closer you noticed each box has an individual name on out of curiosity yes saint peter what are all these boxes what is this mean peter says these are all the unclaimed blessings god's people never picked up there's a box of favor that has built name on it but he never came and got it he never believed there's a box of forgiveness that has shannon's name on it but she never received it she went through life beating herself up thinking she was washed up look at that box that's got the business that carlos dreamed about but he never thought he had
took that box is the promotion that julie wanted but she let her friends talk her out of it that box is the husband deborah prayed about but she gave up boxes and boxes of favor promotion healing good breaks friends don't leave your boxes up on the shelf go get what already belongs to you go get the healing go get the children go get the green go get the victory that has your name on it when you rise up with the boldness and say god i know you love me i know you want to be good to me god i want to thank you for bringing the dreams to pass thank you that i live healthy and whole then i'll live debt free that you bring in the right people across my path lord thank you for giving me the desires of my heart when you believe like that it puts a smile on god's face the scripture says it is the father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom
there's nothing that brings him any more joy than to see you flourish and become who you were created to be but sometimes a religious spirit makes us think i can't ask for too much i can't ask for my dream that wouldn't be right i've got to stay humble no you are not in can can you sing god by believing big he's the one that put the dream in your heart god never created you to reach a certain level in then get stuck he created you to excel to take new ground for the kingdom to set a new standard for your family take the limits off of him get rid of little dreams gold little plans god wants to show you the greatness of his power he's not limited by circumstances he's not limited by your education by your background by your talent he's limited by our thinking if we think i've gone as
or as i can and nothing good is in my future and i don't deserve it i've made too many mistakes that will keep us from the fullness of our destiny you have to enlarge your vision make for god to do something new he's about to rain down fever rain hum promotion you i see an abundance of his goodness he's going to take you someplace that you've never been he's going to show you what you've never seen it's going to be ephesians three hundred and twenty exceedingly abundantly above and beyond well you say joel this sounds good but god's got bigger the deal within me my my challenges my dreams my goals i understand you are god's biggest deal you are the apple of his eye you are his most prized possession he created you in his own image he didn't breathe the life into the water into the sky into trees
he breathed his life into you he put his dna on the inside you were created to be average to be mediocre you are royalty god has destined you to leave your mark on this generation there are boxes on the shelf right now i have your name on them they already belong to you god's waiting for you to come pick them up i'm asking you to store up your faith start believing bigger start expecting god's goodness start declaring favor it may not have happened in the past but this is a new day it can happen in the future when you believe new doors open promotion comes the right people show when you believe the angels go to work god begins to fight your battles negative situations will turner when you believe all things are possible
if i had a one hundred dollars bill in my hand that bill in itself doesn't do me any good in other words i can't wear the bill i can't eat the bill i can't drive the bill it simply a piece of paper that's hardly worth anything but if i take that one hundred dollar bill to the store i can exchange it for some groceries i can exchange it for a new shirt i can exchange it for gasoline from my car it's called legal tender that piece of paper can be exchanged for goods and services hebrews eleven says faith is the substance things hope for the evidence of things not seen you could say faith is the currency of heaven if i need groceries then i need to take some cash down here on the earth but in the unseen spiritual realm that cash is not going to do me any good substance i need for exchange in
unseen realm for god to work is faith scripture says abraham believed and it was counted unto him as righteousness the truth is abraham wasn't necessarily righteous you read the story abraham made many of mistakes he had a baby out of wedlock he lied about his wife told people she was his sister he didn't live a perfect life but we see this principle at work abraham believed he had faith god said in effect all right abraham you've got the faith let's make an exchange i'll give you my right business if we had to choose and we don't but if we had to choose between being wealthy with money or be in wealthy with faith i would always choose face because when you have faith you're connected to the head change that rule the world you're connected to the god that can make anything happen when you have faith god can
being down abundance give you explosive blessings blessings that thrust you to a new level god can give you a compact center like he did for us he can take you where you could not go in your own face he is the exchange when you say god i believe what you promised that my children will be mighty in the land i believe they will surpass anything that i've done god says all right you've got the faith let me breathe on your children let me make it happen god i believe that you greater than this sickness medically speak i don't see a way but god i know you have the final say you said the number of my days you will fulfill you said when darkness overtakes the righteous light will come bursting in so lord i believe you're my healer god says alright you got the faith let's make an exchange let me he'll let me restore let me do what medicine cannot do
god i believe you can give me that property that new building to expand my business in the draw i don't see how but god i know you can do anything god says alright you the faith let me open some new doors let these things in your favor let me call the right people to like you faith is what you need to exchange for god's goodness for his blessing for his favor that's why the scripture says without faith cannot please god is because when we don't have faith god can't do much for us it limits as a
that god is longing to be good to you he wants to bring your dreams to pass but he goes on to say you have to be looking for his goodness i believe today your faith is increasing you know what's happening you're getting wealthier you got more to exchange jesus said according to your faith it will be done under you when you go to god believe in big believe in for your dreams believing that the problem will turn around knowing that he's all powerful that's not just being positive that's not just hoping that it happens it's deeper than that an exchange is taken place you're trading your faith the currency of heaven that allows god to do amazing things but too often we go to god with our doubts god i've got this big dream but i don't know
how it can happen i don't think i have the talent i don't have the connections god i never get any good brakes my car broke down last week my dog ran away my goldfish died my neighbor won't talk to maine god is really really bad but i need your help god says in effect my words not his show me the money i worked by faith that's the substance i need for the exchange here's what i'm saying is much better to go to god and say god i've got this big dream it it's impossible to me but god i know with you all things are possible i know you can make a way where i don't see a way i know you can open doors that no man can shut on your supply my needs according to your riches not mine i know you have blessings stored up for me those that love the lord god says all right that's what i'm looking for that's the currency of heaven let me go to work talk to a young couple a few years
go and they've been trying to have a baby for a long long time and they were very discouraged in about to give up hold them what i'm telling you there's a baby that has your name on it it's already in the warehouse god destined to become yours but you have to stay in agreement instead of complaining one of the best things you can do is remind god what he said god said in psalm one hundred and thirteen that you would give the barren woman a child and make her the happy mother of children god you said the fruit of my womb is blessed you said that children are a reward from the lord so lord i wanna thank you that that bass maybe that has my name on it is coming in some of you there's a business that has your name on it you been dreaming about it you've been praying for it it's time to rise up and go get what belongs to
father you said you would give me the desires of my heart lord i want to thank you that that business that has my name on it is coming in maybe you're in a legal battle doesn't look good you're tempted to give but now lord you said the strength of the ungodly is being cut off the power of the godly is being in e you said when the enemy comes against me one way you would defeat them and cause them to flee seven different ways so lord i want to thank you the vindication that has my name on it is coming in i spoke on this subject several years ago and i specifically mentioned that baby that has your name on it is coming in there was a young couple in the audience they've been trying to have a child for many many years went through all the fertility treatments and no
says they were about to settle where they were and just except the fact that they could never have children but when i made that statement there's a baby that has your name on it something came alive on the inside it ignited in their spirit they left that day knowing that god was in control and somehow he could still bring four hours later right after the service they got a phone call unexpectedly from their business manager in another state asking if they would be interested in adopting a baby that was about to be born years earlier they had had a dream that they had a blonde haired blue add baby boy eight weeks later they were in the delivery room when their little baby it was born just so happened he was a blue eyed blonde haired baby boy like they had seen in the dream that baby had been stored up for them it was on their shell
you got to go get what already belongs to you don't leave any packages in your way i don't want to be greedy i just want everything that has my name on prince healing belongs to you over and there are mighty in the land belong to you a beautiful debt free house belongs to you joy peace happiness above and only in the and not borrowing belongs to you what would happen if we it all go to god with the currency of heaven faith bonus confidence expectancy that's what gets gods attention knowing that he loves us knowing that he wants to be good to us that's what causes god to do more than we can ask why don't you store your faith up remember you're not going to be blessed you've already been blessed you're not
going to have a crown a favor you already have a crown a favor make sure you put it on each day god says yes now add your name into it if you will this i believe and declare everything has your name on it is coming in the hell the children the contracts the business is the houses you need to get ready you're going to see god's goodness in a new way new opportunities explosive blessings you're going to step into the fullness of your destiny in jesus name if you receive it can you save me in today we never like to close all broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray with me just say more jesus our opinion come into my heart i make lord and savior printed
play that simple prayer we believe he got born again getting a good bible based church keep god first place he's going to take you places that you've never dreamed of thank you for listening to the juloos dean podcast help continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe hosting dot com give hope to give a gift today much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the week with i know god's best is still ahead we'll see you next time
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