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It's Not Over

2019-08-21 | 🔗
Is there something you've given up on? A dream? A relationship? Your health? Then this inspiring message is for you. Let Joel remind you of God’s resurrection power and the hope that’s available to you right now! ----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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Hi. This is Joel and Victoria thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspired, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. The message God bless you! It's a joy to come into your home. If you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. These are the finest people in all of Houston, Texas, right here at Lakewood Self, come out when you can thanks for tuning in. Thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something funny and I heard about this senior citizen, he was driving, on the freeway in his brand new corvette with the top
down going. Eighty miles an hour when he saw flashing lights from a state trooper behind him. Without thinking about it, he floored it. call to a hundred miles an hour. The trooper flipped on his sirens. came to his senses. Pulled over. He said officer, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. The state trooper Listen, sir, is Friday. Four hundred o'clock It is over in thirty minutes. If So tell me a reason why you were speeding that I've, never before then I'll, let you go I thought about it and said thirty years ago my wife ran off with a state trooper, and I thought you were in her back. The officer said: have a great weekend say it like you mean it. This is Bible. I am what it says I am. I have but it this I hear I can do but it says I can do today. I We taught the word of God. I boldly confess my
One is alert. My heart is receptive, never be the same in G This name, God bless you I want to. To you today about it's not over. easy to give up on our dreams and think I'll never get well I'll, never meet the right person. Never get out of this problem. It's been too long. I miss too many fraternities have made too many. mistakes? God, is saying it's not over everything. He promised you Every dream he's placed on the inside. He still has every intention of bringing it to pass. Your mind will tell you all the reasons It's not going to happen, just accept it, It's too late, it's not going to workout, but God just the final say and he's saying: I'm still, I want to hear your body You still going to bring the right person into your life still going to restore that marriage. What God started he will finish couple.
now tried for seven years to have a baby. They went through all fertility treatments without success. They were finally told no chance. That was one repo but God had another report. He said it's not over one day, against all odds. The young lady got pregnant two years. Later. They brought their baby daughter right here for us to dedicate what was that, God finishing what he started. I met these parents in the lobby recently they their son with him. He looked to be in his early 30s, the mother told how they had been a strange for twelve years and not seen each other, everyday. This mother would pray month after month, year after year, didn't look like it was doing any good, but about two weeks ago unexpectedly, the sun knocked on the parents front door.
They reconciled. The first thing they wanted to do together was to come to church. The mother said this is the happiest day of my life. Is there something that you've given up on? You think never going to work out. Let these words sink deep into your spirit. It's not over God has not brought you this far to leave you the cause. You don't see a way doesn't mean God doesn't have a way right now. The most powerful force in the universe is at work in your life. God is about to do a new thing. what you thought was dead dreams. You've given up on promise, as you let go of or about to come back to life. God knows how to resurrect their dreams baby. You were believe in four or that dream to own your own house to get married to start that business. You may think well too late. I've missed too many opportunities,
Now you may have given up, but God didn't give up he's uh, to breathe new life into your dreams into your hair. Into your relationships, you're going to feel a stirring, a new passion, a new excitement that's God resurrecting what he's placed on the inside. When thought tell you that it's not going to happen. Just answer them back. No, I know a secret, it's not over. you're, still single yes, but it's not over. The right person is coming you're still not well yes, but it's not over here thing is headed my way. You still that small apartment- yes, but it's not. my new house is coming Cha. but it's still off course. Yes, but it's not Over as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord you got to get in agreement with God start and again start believing again start expecting again gentleman told me how his business had really Going down,
he owned a manufacturing company There was one main competitor in town. It was a national company. They were much larger and had a lot more resources. Several years ago when the economy went down it more and more difficult for him to stay open in the natural it was just a matter of time before he would have to close and he was tempted. get discouraged, but he knew God, This dream in his heart. He kept being his best. believing that somehow God would make a way just when he thought he would have to close this national funny had a change in leadership and they decide. the pull out of this market instead of him closing down his main competitor closed down. Now he's breaking all kinds of records. He said Joel. If you would have told me last year that I would be doing three times the business. I would have said, that's impossible. What happened God breathed in his direction? You may not be able
to beat the competition. You don't know, God may remove the competition. He has all kinds of ways to get you to your destiny. The scripture talks about the death cereal and the resurrection if you're going to see a resurrection. You can't get stuck in the first two phases This is where many people miss it. They have a set back, something doesn't work out. They get discouraged quit believing they end up stuck in the death phase, so to speak. The people that go through a disappointment instead of letting it go, knowing that God has something better, they get better. Well, my business got slow didn't get the scholarship The relationship didn't work out. That's why I'm discouraged no you've been through the death you've been through the burial don't stop there going to phase three Got a resurrection coming starting
expecting God favor God wants to give you beauty for those ashes that set back was never to defeat you. It was meant to promote you. It may be Friday in your life. Right now looks kind of dark business is slow. The medical report hasn't improved My encouragement is: don't get stuck on Friday. Sunday is coming, Get ready for God to do something new you story does not end in defeat. It ends in victory with accomplished in your dreams for filling your purpose healthy whole being a blessing to others. If you will stay in faith, what was meant for your harm? God will use to your advantage. God has the final say: people cannot stop God's plan for your life. Bad brakes can Stop it injustice, can't stop it. Even mistakes. You've made, don't have to stop it God
has already taken that into account and he's saying it's not over. I'm going to finish what I started. We see this principle way back with the first family. that ever lived Adam and Eve. They were in the garden of Eden. They were happy and healthy, everything going great until he was deceived by the serpent. She convinced her husband Adam, to eat fruit from the forbidden tree when they did they immediately knew they had done wrong. They ran and hid. God looking and said Adam. Where are you? They were afraid they had blown it. It was their fault. They thought surely God's done with us, but it's interesting. God came looking for them you hear people say I found God, but the truth is God wasn't lost? He I'm looking for you before you could choose him, he chose you and here's the beauty.
Even when we make mistakes, even when we blow it, God says: where are you I want to be in relationship with you don't run way from God run to him. Adam said God we did wrong. We ate the fruit, God said I know it. They had to stay the garden, the story, could have ended there too. Bad Hedjet chance, it's over but no matter what you've done. Your life is not post to end in defeat in fail. In mediocrity. It's not over there is mercy for every mistake you This is three says: the seed of the woman will rise up and bruised the head of the surface God was saying Eve. This serpent that tricked you deceived you and brought all this heartache and pain. I'm going to make him pay for. Bringing that or into your life he's not going we have the last word he's. I think he's having a party now but he's
going to stay laughing Eve this. is your chance to settle the score this Is your chance to get even I'm going Have your seed Bruce his head? This was a prophecy. If you will spoken over Eve, was a promise God put in her heart Imagine how excited Eve was when she learned that she was pregnant. She thought this is the child that will vindicate me. This child will make things right and she gave birth to two sons, on the same day Cain and Abel didn't know which one it would be Cain was a farmer. people was a shepherd. She did her best. razor boys right teach them to love God, but Overtime Cain became very jealous of able. one day, Kane was out in his field plowing the ground able came to see him and Kane ended up killing Abel. The first murder of the Bible, but cause of
defense cane had to be sent to another country. Ebay didn't, just lose one son she lost both sons on the same day. The problem is eve circumstances don't match up with what God has spoken over her God said the seed of a woman would bruise the serpent's head. Didn't look like it was going to happen. One son was dead. One was sent away as devastated. Eve was down deep. Something said to her. This is The way your story is supposed to end. There are times in life where you, circumstances won't match up with what God has put in your heart, every voice will tell you it's not going to happen. Just accept it. Just settle their you'll always be lonely. You'll always have that addiction, you'll, always in your finances. No don't believe those lies that is not at the end of your story, you may
gone through a loss had a bad break. It was unfair, but no, this is not. over the enemy may be laughing now, but don't worry your time is coming vindication is Some restoration is coming healing is coming, it may the Friday, but Sunday is on the way Eve that this turning point. Is she, I believe what God has spoken over her or is she get discouraged and settle. God said the promise would come through her seed. That means she would have to get pregnant. yeah. If your children just got into an argument and one killed the other, do you know how difficult it would be to have a baby Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to risk being hurt again, school, loving, again restricting trusting again. This is what he did. She became
She said in Genesis. Four hundred and twenty five God has a We need me. I their seed she was saying I've had the wind knocked out of me. Life hasn't about my way, but I'm not going to stay down. I'm not going to get better, I'm not going to shuffle my dreams. I know God has the final say and it's not over. He said he's appointed another scene in your difficult times when life doesn't turn out. Your way, You have to remind yourself that is not the end for everything. You've lost for everything that is taken. God has already appointed another seed The story is not going to end in defeat in failed. in mediocrity. It's in the end with you bruising the serpent's head, It's going to end with God, paying you back for that trouble, bringing your out better off than you were before
you may be at an empty place right now. You've lost something you're tempted to settle, but you gotta get your fire back, God has appointed another seed. Another dream another relationship, another opportunity, you are not going to die empty lonely depressed that difficulty. Is a sure sign that something Amazing is in your future. I ended up giving birth to another son. They named him Seth It was through Seth's family line, the Jesus Christ, the Messiah came, the promise was fulfilled this story with Cain and Abel is forced. add wing what Christ would do it's a picture of what was to come able an innocent man, went to canes field where he was killed. In the same way, Jesus An innocent man left Heaven. He left it.
where he had already kicks Satan out and he said Satan, I'm going to take off all my majesty all glory and I'm to come down as the Son of Man and defeat. You on your own turf, when Cain killed. Abel Abel was a young man, it was a premature death. The first in the all of Heaven was stunned. At thirty three years of age, jeez a young man was crucified on the cross, all of hell cheered. They thought Jesus had overstepped his bounds they were thinking hey, he beat us on his turf, but we had the slap. We beat him on our turn. Scripture says God came to Cain and said Kane the Voice of your brother's blood is crying. to me from the ground, see Kane thought that he finished off his brother. He thought that he had
Last word: he didn't realize that the blood of His brother was crying out for justice. In other words, he may have killed his body, but his blood was still speaking. little over two thousand years ago. The soldiers, crucified Jesus Satan thought that it was over that had fine we finished him off, but he didn't realize is that Jesus blood would will be speaking today. They killed his body, but the blood speaks. The blood says were redeemed. The blood says we're given the blood, more powerful than any sickness. The blood is greater than any opposition. The Satan in all the demons were having this big party giving fobs confetti coming down. Champagne flowing, but in the midst of the celebration they see this figure coming
the distance they don't know who he is, they take a quick count and they're all accounted for. This person is different his eyes are like fire. this here is. Why does wool his this radiating with such brilliance. They have to turn away. It gets a little close. and one of them says it's him. Their heart skips a beat. They shrink back in fear. Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse than you This is my version. They thought they had killed Jesus. They thought they had finished him off once and for all. but Jesus said hey put the operation on hold. Stop the confetti blow out the and I've got an announcement to make it's not over
I'm still alive Jesus Jesus was the original party. Crasher He went in defeated. The enemy took away the keys of death and he frog, Satan through the corridors, so all the forces of darkness. Could him. Dethrone, demoralized, powerless, geez, rose up, and and he that lives was dead, but I'm alive for ever more because he lives. We can live the same power that raised him up is on the inside of you and me. You are We weak, you are not lacking. You are resurrection power. No first of course too big for you know, dream. two no sickness too powerful. You have the greatest force in the universe on the inside when it doesn't look good,
The thought start telling you that it's over just put your shoulders back, get a second wind by faith here that music kicking in that means. God is fighting for you, that's his blood. Well speaking, it's saying you've got a right to be free you've got a right to live healthy whole, blessed Victorious no matter what comes your way in life, you gotta this attitude. It's not over, The enemy may hit you with his best shot, but his best one never be enough when it's all said and done. You'll still be standing strong and just as Abel's blood cried out for justice, somebody. Does you wrong? You go through a bad break, dealing with the sickness. You have an advantage because cause you're a child of the most high. His blood is crying out for you, What you're going through does not go unnoticed. God sees every tear.
Every lonely night. Every injustice he's got you in the palm of his hand, He told the Israelites when they were in slavery. seen the affliction of my people, I've seen they're being mistreated, and I am coming down to do something about it. That's the blood. Still speaking If you will stay in faith The enemy won't. Have the last laugh you will, God will vindicate you he'll make your wrongs right. He'll pay you back! For that injustice. God has already lined up a comeback for every set back. A new beginning for every loss, it may be Friday, but get ready. Sunday is I met. A young man in Chicago by the of Daniel growing up he loved to play outside with his friends and ride his bike. Life was good, but at the
twelve. Everything suddenly changed. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with uh massive brain tumor, the doctors perform. Emergency surgery to spare his life, but when he woke up he all of his motor skills. Couldn't walk. Couldn't talk, couldn't feed himself. Half of his body was pair. here one moment he was out having fun playing like other kids. The next moment his whole world had collapsed. It was Friday. Look dark, look like it was over Daniel spent a hundred days in the hospital in the months to come. you would have to re learn how to talk I had to walk his mother. To quit her job. To take care of him. Father It is three months from work. The chemo therapy and radiation or constantly making him sick life threw him a curve could have gotten to press could have gotten better and given up, but not Daniel from the He was five years old every Sunday morning here
family would watch are isn't broadcast there in Chicago, all through the week he would put on. dvd's of my messages He would hear these words of faith going into him, you're a victorian, not a victim. You can do all things through Christ, no weapon. And against you will prosper. in may endure for a night, but joy is coming then never knew one day. What kind of battle he would have to fight He would send me notes thanking me for my messages. He draw pictures put my sayings on, and this is the most recent card I've received him, it's a beautiful picture of a church. It says thank you, on the inside. He writes. I have fought the good fight and I'm happy to report I am one hundred percent chance daniels right here on the front row with his family and Miley Manifold.
in a major obstacle? We tell you. Nothing is too hard for our God. He made your body. He can correct. What's wrong, no I believe those laws that you'll never get healthy, just learn to live with it. That's one report. But there's another report, it says God is restoring health back into. You says that you will live and not die. God has the final say, and he saying it's not over. I watch the clip of a college football game. The Stanford cardinals were playing, the California Bears and Stanford had just score. a field goal. They were ahead with four seconds to go in the game: all they to do. Is kick the ball off to the other team, tackle the player and the game would be over well, they kicked it off. The California player called ball ran about twenty yards and he was swarmed by Stanford players looked like he was down, The Stanford Marching Band rushed onto the field to celebrate the victory so excited.
but they didn't realize, is just before he was Somehow he lateraled the ball to a teammate and he took off running when he was almost down, he lateraled it to another teammate. This happened six times it looks. to play. You would see in your backyard playing football, but after that Six lateral, the California player, was headed to the in zone. The only problem is the call Stanford Band was on the field, he had the zigzag through the band members through the instruments. Finally, made it into the end zone, to score a touchdown and miraculous we win the game. What's my point? sometimes the enemy.
Will send his band on your field before the game is over. He'll start celebrating, like he's already defeated you, what he doesn't realize is you're not down. Yet you need to tell him get your marching band off of my field. This game is not over. You may think I'm down, but I've got resurrection power. This Mary as a force in you that cannot be defeated. It raised Christ from the dead and it will always cause you to try, and this is what so had to do in the scripture. He went through a period where every that could go wrong. Did he lost his health, his business, his family? It looked like it was The marching band was definitely on his field. in the midst of that difficulty. He looked up
the Heavens and said I know my redeemer lives. He was saying, I know God's in control as long as he's on the throne. It's not over. He has the final say. nine months later not only came out, but he came out with twice what he had before. That's the way, God is he'll make the in we pay for bringing that trouble scripture sense. The latter part jobs. Life was more blessed than the first part no matter what you been through. God wants to most of your life to be the blessed more rewarding more. Enjoyable than anything you've experienced you have not laughed your best laugh. You have green, your best ring you not sung your best song is still out in front of you as a a put it. This way Becaus, you got a double dose of trouble. You're inherit,
it's in, the land will be double and your joy will go on forever. You may feel like Daniel, like job. You got a double dose of trouble. Don't go around complaining that trouble qualified you for double. shake off what didn't work out and get ready for a double dose of favor a double dose of God's blessing, a double dose healing prince it's not over what God promised you he will bring the past when thought just tell you otherwise dismiss them. Tell the enemy, get his mark band off of your field? Remember the blood is still speaking for you. It's saying you have a right to be free to be healthy to live victoriously. If you will have this it's not over attitude, I believe and declare just like God. Daniel. He will restore what's been stolen. going to resurrect dead dreams. You will rise higher overcome obstacles and become everything
it's created you to be in Jesus name? If you receive it, can you say amen to that? We never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins coming My heart make you my Lord and Savior. If you play that simple prayer. We believe you got born again get in The Bible based church, keep God first place he's going to take you places that you've never dreamed Thank you for listening to the jewelers dean. Podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Joelosteen, dot com? Slash give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message, I hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the week would
before yeah. I know God's best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.