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2020-10-07 | 🔗

Too often, we get discouraged when we’re not seeing a negative situation turn around. But if you start believing it’s not going to get better, that’s your faith working in the opposite direction. You have to believe it's only temporary. It’s just a matter of time before God leads you to your breakthrough.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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hide this job and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support it helps keep the ministry going enjoy them is less it is always a joy to come into your homes we love you and we know god has great things in store for each one of you you ever not area stop by and see us i promise you will make you feel right at home but thanks for tuna thanks again for coming out today i like to start with funny each weaken a harder this man he got caught shoplifting the grocery store he was in morton the judge said sir understand you stole a can a peaches peaches were in that can he said five you're on
he said all right i'm gonna give you one week in jail for each pete you got five weeks in jail the man's wife stood up and said your honor may i say something he said what is it she said he's done canopies to alright hold up your bible say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god i boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you talk to you today about not accepting things as permanent when we dealt with something for a long time and not seen any kind of change is easy to think this is never going to get better abstract gold in my marriage for years this is as good as it gets
have had this addiction since i was a teenager or tried and tried to qualify for that new home it's never gonna happen too often we get discouraged and just accepted the way it always going to be i have people tell me joel i've always been negative that do i i've always had this sickness i'm just learning to live with it they can it themselves that is never going to change in their mind they ve allowed a stronghold of form now really it's their own thinking that holding them back as a problem is if we don't believe is going to get any better and waste accepting sickness as the norm and we accept not having enough is the norm weeks a lousy marriage as the norm that our faith at work it allows it to become the norm if you believe its permanent then israel to become permanent if you believe it will never get better then it won't
if you believe you reach your limit then you have the problem our own thinking the moment we accepted and allow stronghold of take root we ve lost a ban the here's the key you have to view everything negative in your life every obstacle every limb haitian every sickness every problem view it as only temporary it is not going to last forever that sick this is just a season it is not to keep you from your destiny you may have had it for twenty years the dog just tell him you're just learn to live with it in your mind you cannot allow it to become permanent every day you need to say father thank you that two shall pass sickness not live in my body its own foreign territory is only temporary you have to stand against the law of permanency maybe in your career you feel like you're stuck you haven't
promotion in long time business this kind of love that's will come to your man i've done pretty well i've done good enough this is ok now have to have the attitude i am not settling here i know i have more in me i'm gonna com every dream i'm going to reach every go i know it's just a matter of time before those new doors begin to open up if you to stand in faith your whole lifetime you should never accept mediocrity in your marriage in your career in your finance is in your health in your family allow those strongholds to take root it is only temporary and it'll help you to stay in faith if you'll recognise god is working in your life right now you may not see anything happening but doesn't mean god is not working it says philippians two to thirteen god is constantly work in those who believe that means
because you're a believer right now god he's working not next week not next month right now god is arranging things in your favour right now god is landed at the right people right now often healing is flowing through your body now gods protecting your children roy now god spotting your battles for you as long as you believe in god is work what's so important to live in an attitude of faith in expectancy it allows god to continue to work all through the these thoughts were bombard our mind saying it's not going to change nothing is happening your health is not improving your child there's not doing better you'll never going to get married you may as well it that is the food issues of darkness trying to keep you right where you are you not see anything happening in the natural look the same week after week month after month year after year but you got
have the attitude i moved by what i see by what i know and i know right now god is working in my fund it is right now god's work and in march yield now god's work in my children right now god's work in my tail when you believe you activate gods power but if we guard our minds and constantly cast down these long thought then tom we'll get worn down innovation we give in we urge all i'd love to believe what you're saying but you no my situation i don't see how could ever changes been this way so long no when you dwell on thoughts like that you are tying the hands of almighty god few could see behind the scenes right now you would see god arranging things in your favour landing up your vindication planning a breakthrough but all the sudden god says to the angels hold on the body we gotta take a break we gotta put project on hold
one of the angel says why god why can't we finish why can't we given the victory why can't we turn it around gods we have to stop because i quit believing they're not releasing their faith anymore if they're not activating my power i can continue to work about you but i need all the help i can give a need gone to fight more battles for me i need is favoured his wisdom history let's make up our minds with will be believers and not bowers made made taken a long time but remember as promised god will finish what he started had tells me we don't have to live life upset stressed wonderingly its ever going to change is it ever gonna get me better now we can stay at peace no one at the exact right time in due season it is going to come to pass some of you have these same challenges for a long long time in the net it doesn't seem like its ever gonna get better
but god is saying it is not permanent it is going to last forever your day a victory is on its way because you're a believer things are changing in your favour god is working behind the scenes and it's just a matter of time before you see new doors begin to open device connections or come in your way rest nation vindication promotion health and healing now not the time to give up now at the time to get the scores degaulle man it's not gonna happen for me no now more than ever is that did your heels in state faith no one there your time is coming but the israelites they had been in slavery year after year they were very mistreated taken advantage was unfair but one day god supernaturally brought them out and after much travelling they fly only made it to the promised land they were camped right next door
i promised in the victory all they had to do was fight for the land they were so close they could take their dream was about to come to pass most since a million despite the land they came i can say moses we'll never defeat these people there so much stronger so much more powerful than ass we don't have a chance that negative report spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the cap the people got discouraged they started comply any say in moses what you bring us out here in the desert to die why can't we just go back to be enslaved do you know those people even though they were can't next door they never made it in to the promised land they wandered around in the wilderness for over forty years what's my point it became permanent because of their own wrong thinking it was never gods intention for them to stay in mediocrity god never
land for them to wander around defeated constantly struggling constantly inlet they had seen god do great things but when we discouraged and we slip over that negative mentality and we start thinking obstacles are too big i don't see how ever change is always going to be like this then our own wrong thinking is what how's it to become permanent some of you today just like them you are can't right now door to your promise like yours close to a major victory yours close to see in that promotion you been praying for cod to a new day in your help close to see child turn around and mean courage you don't do like they did and they all joel i've had this sickness for years my circles are too big and never get any good breaks notion that off this seed of faith take root
you gotta have the attitude it's my time this may look permanent but i know better god says it's temporarily i live my life defeated depressed negative i'm a believer in not a doubt or almost step into my promise lane is only permanent if we allow it to become permanent in our own minds the buddha genesis was talking to his son s on he said something so interesting he said he saw your brother has tricked me and he carried away your blessing this is saying someone or so thing can care away our blessing i'm sure sometimes we'd let disappointments carry away our blessing sometimes we let discouragement carry away a blessing no doubt at times we ve all other people steal our blessings i don't know about you but this does something to me on the inside
it makes me more determined than ever that i'm gonna stand in faith and not anyone or anything to carry away my blessings some of you today you need to go back and get your blessings nasa i think about god it's never too late you can claim lost blessings maybe you didn't go into the promised land the first time you can't next door you it needs to be a more go in the next time no person is taught me out of my victory no circle is gonna defeat me no sickness go home me back no disappoint it is going to discourage me what are lost in the past and no god can make up in the future so i'm going into that reclaiming unity claim every lost opportunity rick every blessing you let pass by reclaimed every promotion that should have been yours reclaim the victory that people try to talk abba
few rise up in faith it is now or to light somebody carried away a blessing but this is a new day and saying you can still live a life of victory you can still up employers every dream you can they'll overcome that addiction you still be happy in your marriage you can stay libya blast prosperous lie it is never too late to become all that god created you to be i think about how when jesus prayed for people off then he would ask how long they had been that way here said the man at the pool of bethesda how long have you been lay in here the man answered thirty eight years he asked the woman that was all been over how long you been this way she said eighteen years these parents brought their grown sunday jesus he was black jesus had how long has not been able to see they said since he was born
why was jesus so interested in the length of time body just helium and go on to the next one is because he wanted to show us how nothing is permanent we wanted it to be for ever recorded so we always know it is never too late it's interesting at that pool jesus heal the man that had been there the longest period just randomly pick him out no doubt there were ridge about their sick people why did jesus choose him it sure we understood that even if been thirty eight years even looks like it set in stone it looks like it's never gonna change is just impossible god says if you believe all things are possible some of you today some of you today have these things that have been there year after year and you're just about to give you just about to ride it off
god is saying it's time to believe again i can still bring that dream to pass still restore your marriage i can still hear your body i can still bring the right person into your life don't start building then it's not over until god says it's over you may been praying about a situation for a year five years i don't know ten years but as long as you're prayin god is work as long as you believe in god is work i met a nine year old man in the lobbies a couple weeks ago after the service he had ever been to charge a day in his life ninety years old never set foot in a church that morning he stood up and made a decision for christ his family was so excited his wife was there his children his grandchildren they told how they had been playin for their father for over sixty years this war
had gone to charge without him year after year taken the children be in her best she's every time a pulled out of the driveway headed deterrent i said father thank you that one day husband will be coming with me one day he'll be serving you don't you know she could have given up after a year after five years after ten years but she is bold enough to keep believed she knew as long as she was believe in god was working she knew this promise that god would finish what he started big tears coming down her cheeks she said today is the fulfilment of a dream come into pants friends it's not over until god says it's over you may been praying for a loved one for many years but keep on trying your day of it is on its way you struggle without addiction for a long long time but you keep resist any you keep me in your best because your day of freedom is on its way
or maybe you had a dream in your heart it's been so long and you ve tried here and they are nothing worked out but if you will stay in faith in keep believe key praying pope and keep being your best god still has a way to bring it to pass the scripture says here and second coincidence for eighteen things that are seen our temporary but the things unseen are eternal one version says that things that are seen are subject to change you may have situations that look permanent looks like it in stone but you to remind your sale everything we are facing is so to change your child may not be doing right but he said to change your else may be going down heal the good news is its subject to change your an answer maybe can allow but they are subject to change
sometimes you need to get that check book out just announced to it you are subject to change or maybe your boss hasn't been treated you right maybe it's been that way a long time stan you seem just smile we'll be and say sir do you realize you are subject to chain better do that when under your breath but if we make the mistake of accepting it we let it get on the inside damper our vision steal our enthusiasm we ve already the ban it may have been going on for years but it is not permanent here's how paul put it these lie afflictions are for a moment notice he was saying no take ownership of those problems they are temporary amazing what he called white afflictions paul had been shipwrecked in bit nights on the open sea he had been bit poisonous snakes beaten with rods thrown into prison gone with
food and shelter here attitude was snow big deal it's not gonna keep me from my destiny it's just a small detour disdain temper mary delay been struggling with something a long time and you're tempted discouraged you need to remind your sale you're not going to stay in their long that is not your permanent address you just passing through its aid alight affliction it is only for a moment the problem is many times we but our stakes down so to speak we get our ten out move our furniture and set up camp we don't see any way out we're making plans to be there for ever i'm asking you today for your stakes path few belongings heavy the two i am a citizen of mediocre veil i do not reside permanently in poverty estates maybe you hear temporarily but this is my final destination i do
belong here i am a foreigner ass what moses did he had been in slavery all those years but he never let slavery get on the inside and back in those days name had much more significance than our names today moses named one of his sons got shot which means i was alien in a strange land he was saying we were slavery slavery was not the norm that was not our problem and address we were foreigners every time he saw a sunset hager sharm he was reminding him sale we don't belong here this slavery this poverty this defeat this lack this is not our normal state i am an alien in a strange land s attitude we have to have when times get typical day embrace it and allow it and become the norm i hear pete say things like mouth right
is really acting up today depression is really bad anxiety attacked my financial difficulties no don't take ownership of those problems you may be there temporarily but that is not your permanent home you might say it this you are not a citizen of that difficulty you don't fit in that environment you are a foreigner in a strange land when times get tough good to announce to yourself out stay in here long i don't have citizenship here i am not a citizen of fear i'm not a citizen of poverty i'm not a citizen of depression i'm not a citizen of anxiety i'm not a citizen of cancer disease is alien to me it is my normal state this may be where i am but it is
certainly not who i am i am blessed i am prosperous i am healthy i am slowly anything to the contrary you need a view as for its only temporary it is not your permanent address this is what her father did he was raised in extreme poverty look like you never make much out of his lie but my father was bold enough to believe that he was forerunner in that land here attitude was maybe in poverty but papa is not in me i alien to poverty i'm an alien to defeat i dont have citizenship here in other words he didn't take owners he didn't see it as his normal state daddy rose up out of that defeat and we want to do something great with his life when mom their face terminal cancer in nineteen eighty one this is what she did she didn't say back in accepted her it was i may have
answer but this is my normal state belong here i am a foreigner to cancer it was never my cancer she didn't take ownership of she didn't it is permanent she saw it is temporary when times get difficult you can take ownership of that problem embrace the trouble and letting on the inside if you do become a part of you that's what stops us from gods very best too many people today are living below their potential and one reason is they ve got all these limitations programmed into their mind things like you deprive asked because your mother was depressed you'll never break that addiction your father has the same problem you'll always be poor and defeated everybody in your family has been that way but just because it's been that way along tat just because
that's all you saw mom growin up does it me it's the way it's supposed to be could it be even right now you be accepted something a limitation action a sickness a wrong mindset when in fact just like father you're a foreigner in that land you may have settled there but something on the inside is saying i don't belong here i don't fit in how was made to rise higher i was made to be free i was deliver healthy i was made to good relationships i was made do something great with my life you need to rise up and say i am not settling here i've been here long enough but i don't fit in mediocrity i don't fit in defeat i don't fit in poverty i don't fit in or health that's not who i really am i am a foreign to those things it may be the ways been in the past but that's not the
he's gonna be in the future i'm packing man good and moving where i belong to the land of victory the land of more than in the land of health and homeless the land a blessing in favour you say dual i don't see how that can happen circles are so big and i have so much common against me recognized in difficult times human major tend to exaggerate the negative we get so focused on our problems we make in bigger than they really are not happened to the israelites heading two the promised land they said moses we're never gonna survive out here we don't have anything to eat nothing to drink what are we gonna do really that was not true god had provided them manna every day given them water out of iraq the fact if they had not missed a single meal
in their man it was so hard and they were so worried they exaggerated their problems when times get tough you need to step back and get them proper view you will hear those start saying it's never gonna change but the fact is it is going to change where is never gonna get me better no can i give you some good news it is gonna get better well it's been like this for ever jewel most likely is just been like that for a season get a new perspective don't believe the never lies they are durations i'll never get whale i'll never get out of there i'll never overcome this obstacle know those exaggerated points of view you gonna program you think i'm trying
put some new software in your computer today this is the latest greatest version available it says every problem is temporary that sickness is not permanent that financial difficulty is not going to last forever this too shall pass god supply and all of your needs he's gonna process you even in the desert what was meant your harm gods gonna use to your advantage it may taken a long time but you don't know you may be can't right next door to your promise lane the good news is god will finish what he started if you're gonna exaggerate anything exaggerate the goodness of god in your life magnify his promises recognise every adversity is only temporary it may have been there for years but it is not permanent limited yet what is permanent thirty first by gods favour will last for a lifetime
bring challenges are temporary favour is permanent david said goodness and mercy will follow me not a little while not six days a week all the days of my life i want you to have a new attitude those problem didn't come to stay phase came to stay that sickness is not more last forever favours last forever financial difficulty is not permitted favour is we parliament the call you honor god he has promised his blessing are going to chase you down and overtake you that troubles not overtake you blessings are going to overtake you when you look back no look for hardy disappointments failure look for promotion increase blessings favour remember everything you are facing is subject to change right now the creator of the universe is at work in your life those light afflictions are for a moment but favour is permanent if you have this perspective in view
we think negative as temporary here's what's gonna happen step into a new freedom you gonna joy each day more you're going to overcome every obstacle defeat every enemy and you go live that life of victory god has installed men do you receive it today think for listening to the jews dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we would play in volume no gods best is still ahead will see him next time
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