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It’s Too Small

2019-09-25 | 🔗
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hi this is joe in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll be then spots make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support it helps keep the ministry go enjoy the best god bless always a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services these are the finest people in all of houston tx right here at lakewood but thanks so much for tuning in thank you again for coming out i like to start with something funny and i heard about this positive farmer and negative farmer when it would rain the positive farmer would a lord thank you for water in our crops the farmer say yeah but if it keeps this up it's going to rock the roots
sun would come out positive farmer lord thank you for giving our plants valuable nutrients did farmers there but if it keeps this up it's going to scorch the crops one day they were in a boat bird hunting together in the positive farmer just got a brand new bird dog and he was so proud of him he shot bird it fell in the water said that the negative farm will watch this the dog jumped out of the boat ran on top of the water picked up the bird back on top of the water put it in the bone what do you think about that negative farmer said i should have known it at dog swim hold up your bible give me that this is my bible and what it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be talked the word of god album really confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you
i want to talk to you today about it's too small all have dreams and goals we do our best to stretch our faith believe that one day if we work hard enough and get the right breaks meet the right people will see that dream the past in our mind that would be big a great accomplishment but what's big to us is not big to god he created universes he spoke world into existence in god's dream for your life is so much bigger than your own we think if i could just pay my house off that would be a dream come true god says that's too all i want to bless you so you not only pay your house off but so you can help others paid houses all or we think if i could just get that promotion at be able to run my department god says that's too small
i want you to run that whole company or if i could just overcome this illness forget just get back my feet again that would be so great god says that's too small you're not only going to get back on your feet you're going to run again you're going to feel better than you've ever fail see we think ordinary god thinks extraordinary whatever you're dreaming about whatever you believe in for god is saying it's too small he's it is super sized he's an overflow god ephesians says god can do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what we think why don't you take the limits of a god you may not see away but god has a way one touch of god's favor can take you further then you could go on your own in a lifetime god did not create you to live a little life
with little dreams little goals little passion little influence little house god thinks big he thinks abundance he thinks expansive he the israelites i am bringing you into a wide land a spacious land flowing with milk and honey god has something bigger something better something more rewarding in front of you don't get comfortable where you are zz they well george gods blessed maine happy i'm healthy i have no complaints that's good always be grateful learn be happy where you are but don't settle where you are god never performs his greatest victories in the past they are always in the future what god has done the promotion the good breaks the favor in god's mind that was a small thing you
haven't touched the surface of what god has in store he's going to open doors you never dreamed would open he's going to bring talent out of you that you didn't know you had you're going to see explosive blessings blessings that thrust you to a new level what you think is big right now that house god bless with the scholarship the promotion the contract one day you'll look back and realize that was a small thing in the scripture joseph was falsely accused and put in prison i can imagine him praying year after year god please get me out of this press god you know i didn't do anything wrong that was his dream to one day be free but god said joseph too small i'm not only going to bring you out of prison i'm going to make you ruler over the whole nation in a few years and joseph was in charge over all of egypt
i'm sure there were nights he went outside and looked up at the store thought god i never seems you would put me here i was just trying to get out of prison but use you super sized dreaming about he realized he was thinking way too small like joseph met what you're praying about whatever you believe in fort maybe big in your mind but in god's mind it's a small thing god just helped me to pay my bills help me to make it through this month god says that's too small he wants to bring it into overflow he to the lend and not borrow go i'm so lonely just bring somebody in my life i don't care at this point guard i'll take anybody no you may have settled but god didn't send he's going to bring somebody into your life greater than you imagine somebody that dim sum that loves you that's fun that's talented well off that's good looking
throw that in there too the only way this is going to help is if you let the city take root see the night while this for me today you know you don't know my situation i've been to a lot of disappointment my dreams look impossible no don't talk yourself out of you don't have to figure it out all you have to do is believe just say yes god this is from maine i believe your plans for me are bigger than i could imagine that you have something amazing in my future so i'm taking the limits offer you when the israelites were in slavery they were forced to make bricks all day long they were given quotas that were almost impossible to meet at one point pharoah got upset sam and had the supervisors take away all the straw they needed for bricks they had same amount of quota but they had to go find their own straw no doubt they pray god please give us
office god you know the supervisors are going to get upset we're not going to make our quotas they had been put down for so long they had such a limited vision when they were even for more straw in effect they were praying to become a better slave god said it's too small i don't want to make you a better slave i want to bring you totally out of that bondage i created you as the head and not the tail the big and not the victim but too often like them will pray to become a better slave god to help me to endure this sickness god just a roof over my head and i'll be happy god help me to learn to live with my depression no it's not your depression quit praying become a better slave that's too small for you god wants you to rein in life you have seeds of greatness on the inside you are destined
leave your mark on this generation you have to enlarge your vision what god has planned for you is not little to get by the indoor to take the leftovers to be second class god it has a big life for you he's bringing you into a wide land a place of abundance something that you've never seen he's not going to just make you a better slave he's going to set your totale free free from addictions free from sickness free from depression free poverty and lack no matter what level you're at no so where you are received this into your spirit is too small god has something better something bigger more influence creativity more connections more resources he's how release a favor that's going to thrust you into a new level of your destiny
the reason you feel something igniting on the inside that store in your spirit is god speaking to your destiny that's your spirit bearing witness with the greatness gods placed in you i'd say twenty nine god was telling isaiah about his future in all he had planned for him how god knew him before he was formed in his mothers womb and how he would be a great prophet as they i was so honored he said yes god i'll do it i'll help bring all all of the israel back together god said in verse six isaiah it too small a thing for you to just restore israel i will make you a light to the gentiles and help you bring salvation to the ends of the earth as a his vision was limited did god i'll do it i'll help my own people no problem that's awesome god said that's too small i've got something bigger planned
i'm going to super size what you're thinking about to to just help the jews i want you to help all of the gentiles in other words as a a thought he could touch a nation god was thinking nations sometimes like as they are our vision is limited god if i can just so as far as my parents god if you just help me get out of this old neighborhood help me to make it to sales manager god is saying to you what he said to isaiah what you have in mind is too small your plans your goals that's a part of it but what god has plan for you if he showed you right now it would boggle your mind the door it's going to open the places he's going to take you the people you are going to impact is going to be much greater than you imagine it's too small a thing for you to just accomplish your own dreams there are
god size dreams you haven't even thought about it's too slow call a thing for you to just go as far as your parents god is a progressive god he wants you go further he's already designed you to supersede previous generations don't put it on autopilot well i'm doing good enough good enough is not your destiny it's too small a thing for you to just get out of debt that's one part but the next part is to be blessed with such abundance that you can be a blessing the scripture says god will tell from glory to glory mine encouragement don't get stuck in this glory there's another glory coming if you
keep honoring god living with expectancy his blessings will chase you down the right people will show up doors will open for you that you never dreamed would open god will bring talent out that you didn't know you had he get you to where you're supposed to be in one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight there was a seventeen year old boy selling popcorn in the isis theater in fort worth tx a drop out of high school from a very poor family didn't look like he had much of a future his plan was to just keep working in the theater he was add to even have a job but god in his mercy look down from the heavens and it's too small a thing for john o'steen to spend his life working in the theater output seeds of greatness in him i've destined him to leave his mark on his generation at seventeen my father gave his life to christ became a minister
on mother's day one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine he started lakewood search in a rundown feed store with ninety members he was happy fulfilling his purpose faithfully ministering to those ninety a week after week but again god said that's too small a thing i've destined you to touch nations my father started not only traveling sees ministering but people from around the world begin to come to lakewood at one conference there were one hundred and fifty nations represented as a seventeen year old boy my father thought he hit the lottery when he got the job at the theater he was thrilled but god loves you too much to let you stay in mediocrity god can see what you can't see he sees potential give talents he's already lined up an incredible life for you this easy to get satisfied
all i've reached my limit this is good as it gets no god is saying it's too small i've got more in store don't put your thanks down you wouldn't be alive unless god something amazing in your future think about david the shepherd boy he was out in the fields taken care of his father she day in day out feeding them protecting them king of the wild animals he was faithful he didn't slack off he just kept being his best god said david this is too small a thing for you it's part of your destiny but it's not the end of your destiny he went out and defeated i became a national hero king saul ask him to come work in the palace a dream come true
sure david thought this is it this is fantastic i've made it but god did not create us to reach one level in stop when we think oh god thank you i've accomplished my dreams god says i appreciate your thing thanks but i'm not finished with you it's too small a thing for you to stay there i've got something bigger in our mind it could be huge just got the promotion just moved into the compact center met the person in my dreams god did more than i can ask her thing the whole time gods in the heavens saying you haven't seen it thing yeah i'm glad you're happy but that's a small thing gone his idea of big is much different than our idea of big david not only ended serving the king he became the key he thought wow you've amazed me with your goodness god said still it's too
malik thing david i'm going to put one of your descendants on the throne for the next one thousand generations what am i saying where you are in god's eyes is a small thing whatever level you're at god has something in your future so much bigger better more rewarding god loves you too much to let you stay where you are he's going to keep pushing you stretching you even at times making you uncomfortable to get you in the fullness of your destiny when i was in high school during the summers i would work at lake in the mailroom packaging my father's books filling the orders and shipping them out god said joe that's fine for now but that's too mall a thing for you to stay here after college i came back and started the television ministry at like work i loved cameras and lighting editing anything that had to
do with production for seventeen years behind the scenes i was very fulfilled the world with my parents did my best to make the lakewood broadcast look as good as possible i thought that's how i would spend my life but when my father went to be with the lord in nineteen ninety nine i knew i was supposed to step up and pastor the church i felt it strongly but we never ministered before one of the first things i did was cancel my dad's national television broadcast i thought i'm to get on television i don't know how to minister nobody's is going to listen to me i would be embarrassed i told victoria what i've done that night she said joy i need to call that man and get the air time back
people are going to be watching all over the world to see what happens to lakewood she talked me into keeping that air time over the next few months i couldn't believe it people actually listen to what i was saying i knew there were god of miracles we never dreamed that the church would grow there were about six thousand people coming at that time and i thought if we could just maintain what my parents had built that would be big but god's big is much different than our big the scripture says god's thoughts are higher than our thoughts how big was to maintain gods big was to multiply my big was to hold on god's big was to propel forward are big is to pay our bills god's big is to be debt free
and have plenty left over our big is to get that promotion gods big is to own your own company our big is to just make it through the illness god's big is to come out better than you were before when my father went to be with the lord we had an eight thousand seat auditorium was a large church even then but god said that's too small i've got a compact center in store i've got yankee stadiums to fill up books to publish i've got world leaders to me all through my life just when i thought i'd reached my limits god would come along and say that's good but it's too small i'm asking you to stir your faith up get ready to go where you've never been god told the israeli you have not passed this way before there are new mountains to climb there are new opportunities coming your way
you are maybe big in your mind you feel blessed you've reached a certain level but in god's mind that's too small want to stay whatever you're dreaming about god's going to super size it going to do more than you can ask or think the real question is are you ready are you in agreement there's about to be a downpour of favor an abundance of rain like a flood it's going to force you where you could not go on your own that's what happened to a friend of mine a lakewood member he grew up in a small town in kentucky very poor didn't look like he would go far in life but this young man had a dream to help others as a ten year old boy he saw a program on television about children they didn't have food or clothing thin for fifteen dollars a month you could sponsor a child he was so moved
started mowing lawns in the neighborhood to raise the money to support a child nobody asked him to do it he didn't tell his parents he just took step of faith supporting one child was good but god said that's too small for you i've got something bigger against all odds he was able to go to medical school during the summer he would take missions trips overseas to help treat and care for needy children got his medical degree started his practice spare time he would call the suppliers and tell them what he was doing overseas they started giving him big crates of medicines vaccines that he could ship over to the children it began to explode one company gave him a million
of children she is in the last few years our friend doctor todd price he has helped to vaccinate free of charge over fifty million children not only that he has donated medicine supplies vaccines totaling over one billion dollars as a young boy he thought it was a big deal to spot so one child fifteen dollars friends god knows how to super size your dream what you believe in for it may be big to you but it's not big to god now a in dollars later god is still saying to him as too small for you i've got something bigger saying no matter where you are you haven't touched the surface of what god has in store why don't you take the limits off of him well joe this would never happen for me i don't have the connections you may not but god does
you have friends in high places well i come from the wrong family we never get any good brakes no you come from the right family you're a child of the most high god your heavenly father owns it all he makes streets out of gold start taking steps of faith do what you can and god will do what you can do the natural and god will do the supernatural he'll bring the right people do the right breaks hill cause things to fall into place there's a young lady in the scripture name ruth her husband was killed in a battle she and her mother in law naomi moved move to another city every morning ruth would go out into the fields and pick up the leftover wheat that the workers had missed that's how they survived they were sustained that the way it was fine for a season but god had something better the owner of that field
man named bo whereas notice ruth he liked her he told his workers to leave handfuls of wheat on purpose for ruth now when she went out in the morning she didn't have work nearly as hard the week was right there in her path and she could have lived that way the rest of her life but this shows us the heart of god god said ruth as to smaller thing for you i've got something bigger in store one day bow as that owner introduced himself to ruth long story short they fell in love and got married from that point on ruth never had to go pick up the leftovers again she came into an explosive blessing she went working in the field to owning the field that's god's dream for you to bring you in the overflow to where you have more than enough here's the key ruth was content picking up the leftover she didn't complain she
who faithful where she was but she didn't settle where she was deep down she knew god had something bigger and that's uh saying she and naomi for a season but god doesn't i want you to live off the leftovers he didn't you choose tell constantly struggle created you to live an abundant life you have royalty in your veins you may be there for a season but don't let it become permanent in your thinking that's too small for you you have a great news on the inside you have the free fever of god the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you now do like ruth do like doctor price keep helping others
keep being your best you're not only going to come into your hands pools on purpose but you're going to see these explosive blessings where you go from working at a company to own in your company from teaching at the to to run in the school from supporting one child to helping millions of children have a big vision may room for god to do something new one i've learned is you cannot out dream god god thinks big he thinks overflow he thinks more than enough whatever you're dreaming about you need to get ready god's going to super size it deuteronomy one hundred and eleven is my prayer for you may the lord god of your fathers make you a thousand times more than you are can you receive it a thousand times more creativity
thousand times more influence a thousand times more resources we think if you did give me that dollar twenty an hour raise i'll be happy god if you just children out of jail that's too small god with your children to be mighty in the land he wants to set a new standard for your family i mentioned that my dad started lakewood with ninety people in nineteen fifty nine if you added up everyone that came through the year to lakewood now would be over ninety thousand that's one thousand times more back then i couldn't comprehend it but now i've learned to take the limits off a god you may not see away but god has a way this scripture talks about how god will give your house is that you didn't have to build you'll reap from vineyard that you didn't plan god knows how to land line up your hand on purpose don't go around praying to become a better slave god wants to bring it totally out
he's not thinking addition he's thinking multiplication you'll keep honoring god i believe and declare you to come in to explosive blessings god is bringing you into a wide land a place of abundance a thousand times more than who are in jesus name if you receive it can you say a man today we never like to close our broadcast without giving you opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray with me just say lord jesus i repent of my sins come into my i make you my lord and savior that simple prayer we believe you got born again getting good bible based church keep god first place he'll take you places that you've never dreamed of
thank you for listening to the tunes dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe steam dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the week i know god's best is still ahead we'll see you next time
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