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2018-11-14 | 🔗
In this eye-opening message, Joel will reveal the principle of growth and the rewards that follow. Develop what God put in you, and He’ll take you further than you can imagine. ----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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Hi. This is jaw on Wednesday's. We bring you the best dove. I hope you enjoy the podcast less thanks for letting us come into your homes and if you ever. our area. Please stop by and be a part of one of our services approach. She will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much But to an end, and thank you again for coming out today, I like to start with something funny in heard about this lady. She was on an airplane reading, her bible, the men sitting next to her said you don't all that stuff in there do you she said, of course I do it's the Bible He said well what about that God and got swallowed by will. She said. Oh you mean Jonah. Yes, I believe that to he said what how could I possibly live there?
long inside of a whale thought about it? A moment said I don't know when I get to Heaven I'll have to ask him. Sid sarcastically. What? If he's not in Heaven she said. Then you're going to have to ask how the revival say it like you mean it This is my bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do it says I can do today We told the word of God boldly conveyed my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same, Jesus Name, God bless you talk to you today about keep growing too many people, so from destination disease they reached a certain level. attain the goal now they're coasting off what they ve already learned. Studies tell us that fifty percent of people after they graduate from high school will,
a red and entire book, the rest of their lives. One reason Is we see learning as a period of lie in I have a way of life. We when we will go up in school, we had teachers, coaches parents- that taught us expected us to learn, but now we think a matter school done with my training. I've got, a job, but God never created to reach one level and stop. whether you're ninety years old or nine years old. We should constantly be learning in moving our skills getting better at what we do. You have to take response. billowy for your growth growth, is not automatic. What steps are you taking to get better? Are you reading books listening to teaching seed? these are you taken any courses on the internet go into any. Seminars Do you have any mentors,
gleaning from people that no more than you don't just coasts through lie. Relying up of what you ve already learned, you have treasure on the inside. There is skill, talent potential, putting you the creator of the universe, but it's not automatically come out. It has to be developed now read where the wealthiest places on earth are not the oil fields. Of the Middle EAST, nor the diamond mines of South Africa, the wealthiest places, are the cemeteries. Buried in the ground. Our businesses that we're never formed saw that were never some books that we're never written patent, That was never realized dreams that we're came to pass. Don't let that be you d, Go to your grave with your treasure. Still in you keep growing, keep learning Pablo causes.
Was one of the greatest cellist players that ever lived. He started playing at the age of twelve and he accomplish things that no other musician did it was known around the world as the best in his speech at eighty five, he still got up every morning and practice five. we're today, a reporter ask him why he still put so much effort in He smiled and said I think, I'm getting better. He under this principle, when you, learning you stop growing whatever you do get better added sharpen your skills? Don't you dare we at the same place next year as you all right now, there is so much opportunity to learn There is more knowledge available today than any time in history. We have no excuse to not improve We don't even have to go to the library luck. We did an old days.
You don't really have to go to the university. The internet comes right. Into our living rooms. It wasn't just to share pictures and look up movie times. play games, that's all fine, but it a tool to help. You learn a tool to help you increase. You have a responsible, not only did God not do your family, but you owe it to yourself to develop what gods put in you if you're in sales get better at it. We books to learn how to communicate more effectively. people have gone where you going listen to what they have to say, take at least fifteen minutes a day, turn off the television and invest in so you should be doing something strategic and something in tension or every day to improve your skills, not
or a jewel I'll. Do it. If I have time, no, you better than nay, you have too much in to stay where you are. Your destiny is too great to get stuck. Lot of times we're sitting back, saying God, I'm waiting on you got waiting for my big break, let me tell you who gets the big breaks, people that are prepare, people that have developed their skills, you gotta be proactive and take the steps to grow. When God sees you doing your part developing what, given you then he will do his part, an open doors that no man can share but you said Joe I'm busy, I don't have extra time to take Training courses in time to read books learn something new off all behind. That's like these two lumberjacks. They were out chopping down. Trees. One said
to take a break NGO sharpened. My axe, the other set on, will have time to do that got too much work to do. He kept choppin and chop and the other men witten sharpened. His axe came back three hours later and chopped down twice as many trees. Sometimes you need to a break and sharp in your axe. If you will sharpen your skills, you'll get more in less time. If you're sharp, your skills, you may not have work so hard, whether Europe teacher a mechanic, a banker adopt don't settle where you are and just coast of what already learned, stir up what gods, putting you and get better at sharp in your axe. This is a call
to action. There are amazing things in your future. God has shifted things into a favor. Now God is looking for people who are prepared, people that are taken steps to grow people that are serious about fulfilling their destiny, This is what David did. He was out in the shepherds fields taken care of his father sheep. In today's terms, he had a minimum wage job, it was boring. No friends, no opportunity for growth. David could have slacked off. Been sloppy. Unmowed evaded thought no real. to develop skills. I'm stuck out here with these sheets, while he was out there all alone in gotta be in lazy killing time. He got. slingshot out and started practicing day after day month after I can see him setting up that target slinging.
stone again and again practising learn making adjustments getting better sharpening his skill when it. I only a wild animal tried to attack went to his sheep is no problem. David took debts, that stone and nailed it David, was a sharp shoe a marksman. So killed so precise. He could balls are a hundred meters away when God needed someone to slay a giant Some one to leave chosen people. He looked to see who was prepare, who had developed his skills God, didn't just choose any body. He chose a skilled marksman that could hit a target with exact precision in the same way when God is looking for people,
to promote. Today he doesn't just closes in randomly say. Well, I'll pick you, you won the lottery. It's your lucky day. No God looks for people who have developed their skills when David stood before July and slung that stuff Sometimes we think that was all God and yes innocence. I know it was God, but the truth is God didn't sling this stuff? God didn't cause it to hit it just the right spot. It wasn't the scale God gave David that he had developed. Like David God is put in each one of you scale that can play a giant. You have skill that can open new doors skills, That can lead to an abundant lie, but the key is that still has to be developed. Every you spin growing learning improving you're getting prepared for that new level? new may be at a lower position now doing something that feels insignificant
You know you have so much more in you. You could ease play, slack off and think there's no future here I'll get prepared after I get that promotion I'll sharpen up after I get that big break, then maybe I'll take some courses lose a few pounds have a better attitude by some close now you got it backwards. You gotta start improving right where you are star sharpening your skills You're waiting study, your boss, Study, your manager learn that position be able to step into their shoes when God sees you prepared than he can open new doors. The scripture says: they're your gift, we'll make room for you. If no do doors are opening, don't get discouraged, just develop your gifts in a great away, improve yours
well you're my supervisor. They have ten year seniority. All me they're not going anywhere, and let me tell you a secret if your outgrow, your position outperform them, out, produce them no more than them, then God, somehow some way get you to wear you're supposed to be your gift, we'll make room for you don't worry about whose infernal you, how long they ve been there, how it's never going to work out you just keep growing learning getting prepared and the right doors will open the fact is. God may not want you to have your supervisors position that may be too low for you, God may be about to thrust you right past them into a whole new level. I know of former receptionist she used to answer the phone today. She's one and more Tom million dollar, worldwide company you develop. What
I'm putting you and he'll. Take you further than you can ever imagined, but it is easy to fall into destination. disease were comfortable, we're not so do not learning anything new there, nothing wrong with this, but you so much more in you, you were created to increase studies, tell us The average person only uses eleven percent of their brain think about how much more potential we could be tapping into maybe you're an accountant. That's good, but dont settled Why don't you go get your cp a licence, there's a new scale. You can develop that gifts. make more room for you maybe you're an electrician, a mechanic, a plumber, that's great. But what steps are you taken to improve in today's competitive market place with the economy so tight business?
so bottom line oriented. If you are not improving, you have fallen behind if you're at the same, scale level. Today, as you were five years ago, you are at a disadvantage, noon to develop. Joint gifts in your way that your company cannot make it without you, or at least things, don't one nearly as smoothly when you're, not there. If you take a week all and nobody misses you all. The work gets done Sales are just as good if you're, the owner, that's a great thing, but it an employee. The sound the alarm. If you're being missed. Then: maybe you're not needed, you need it. it into a new gear produce. more than your producing, take classes to improve your skills. Stepping up or not We urge all I'm at a lower position. Nobody'd ever miss me. No, don't use that as an
cute to slack all you have treasure in you, you have skill and talent once is developed. It will cause you to be noticed. proverb says: do you see a man skilled in their work? They will stand before king, he's in great men. You keep sharpening your scale Unlike queen, you will rise to the top. God will cause you to be noticed. This is what Joseph did started at the very bottom in the pit sold into slavery by his brothers, but Joseph didn't wake till he was vindicated before he decided to be his best. He developed his skills a sleigh, he was so valuable that he was put in charge all of his masters House, when he was falsely, accused and put into prison, He was so organised, so skilled, so vast, will there that they put him in charge of a whole prison. What is that
clean rise into the time when the Pharoah needed someone to run the country and administered nationwide feeding, program files, RO didn't choose a cabinet member. didn't choose his department head? He chose Joseph a prison, a slain. Why Joseph developed his skills right where he was and his Gibbs made room for him. Don't let where you are being excuse do not grow on enlargement. Joel these people, don't treat me ride among comfortable. I've had unfair things. Happen, know that Frazier is still in you. Gotta say it is time to get it out start stretching. Take some new courses sharpen your skills. We should be so productive so full of wisdom that no matter where we are like queen, we always rise to the top.
One way you will be invaluable is learn to be a problem. Solver, that's what Joe Was he was solution? Orient don't. Your boss and say our departments fallen apart. This managers about to quit Bob curve. Doubt Jim yesterday and salaries, never own time nobody's paid our taxes. What do you want us to do? No you're not gonna, get promoted like tat, if you are ever going to present a problem, always present a solution as well, If you don't know, the solution did not prevent the problem. Just yet Anybody can tell me the buildings on fire. That's easy that don't take any skill but as an employer, somebody to not only tell me the buildings on fire, but the fire to port on the way, and we got everybody out safely and we notified the insurance company and we got a new place land up to me. If you
be invaluable to your organization. Present solutions, not just problems. What steps are you taken to better yourself? So you can go The next level are you reading books, trade magazines, so you can stay up today. Can you take a course that would give you an advantage? You have to stay on the orphans. which all I got my degree. You got my education, I did my part. No, do you know how many The greens are outdated in as little as five years, The world is changing so fast. If you don't have this attitude, took tenure. Learning taken these steps to grow then you're far behind some of you need to be set free from destination disease. You It's a certain level. God bless you now you're coasting, but you were not created to stay there break, in the box in learn something new, we'll Roger said:
even if you are on the right track. If you just sit there eventually, you're going to get run over and, yes God great things in your future. He wants to take away couldn't go on your own, but if you're not prepared, if you haven't developed your skills, it can hinder you from the fullness of your destiny and every one of us should have a personal growth. the plan, not something vague, ok, jaw I'll take the training able once in a while. No, you need a specific plan that lays out how you are going to grow These are the steps I'm going to take this year. Twenty thirteen to help me improve and we give you some ideas, drive into work each more. instead of listening to the radio put on some good teaching cities, put on training materials that will help improve in your feel, the Average American spend three
good hours a year in their car. You can turn your car into a university think about how much you can learn in three hundred hours. That's invaluable time. Take advantage of it now this again, while you workin out at the gym, make sure you have good in formation going into you, people tell me all the time, your lot, until one about running while I'm exercising One lady said I listened. every night before I go to bed, you always put me right to sleep. I felt thanks a lot, but these are simple things: I'm not ass Can you to go study an extra three hours a day? I'm saying take advantage of the time. Did you not using right now? I love the technology with the pod, ass. You can download these messages that you hear every week and listen to them wherever you want to
This year we will give away over. One hundred million of my message is free of charge. You just go to Itunes and sign up for it automatically come to you? You can listen to them again and again, that's worth plain you're going to continue growing. You need to have good men. Wars, people that no more than you people that have gone you're going. Let them speak into your lie. listen to their ideas, study found out how they think and how they do. They do. You can even learn from their mistakes. I heard about this many of sales associates. There are about three hundred of them in the same room all from the same company, the speaker ask: How many of them knew who the top three salespeople in the company were every hand, went up in the room,
He then ask how many of you have taken wanted them out to lunch to find out how they do what they do, not one hand winner There are people all around us, God has put in our path on purpose so that we can gain wisdom inside knowledge. But we have to stay open. Look around this week. and see who God put in your life, that you could be learning from our say this respectfully, but don't waste your valuable time with people that are not adding any, to your growth. Life is too short to hang around people that are not going anywhere destination. Disease is contagious if you're around them long enough. It'll rub off on you. You need to associate with people. That inspire you, people that channel You'd arise, hire people that make you better people that are constantly drag India down.
Trying to convince you to settle where you are. Your destiny is too important for the young people You may not be the most popular person in school, but I've learned to twenty years. Nobody really cares who the most popular person was net person. This, given all the attention now, maybe because they never studied There- far they ve got more bleeding. Listen in twenty years. The bleeding doesn't matter. What matters is. Did you get a good Egypt? Did you get a good foundation that you can build your life, all its funding in school, the site, Spare is never the most popular event. Being in the math club is never is popular, is being on the football team. Some of my friends. They played sports, made fun of people that were on the debate team, but now they work for people.
we're on the debating this in high school junior high. Those are critical formative years. Indeed, Is there so much emphasis on sports, and I love sports. I grew up playing sports. I still do sports teaches teamwork and discipline and camaraderie that's all great, but we need to keep it in perspective. Most people are not the play sports for a living, our red, where one One million kids will play professional basketball. I dont mean depression, but if you're, why it's one five million kids- I made it up. It is probably right the average other burning in its money, True? The average professional football career is three and a half years.
And even if you do make it that's great, but you still need a good foundation. When you study you learn, you take school, Syria like other students, may call you a gig, a book war, a nerd don't worry about it, in a few years they'll call your boss, call. You Theo President Senator ass doktor I'll read where Henry Ford Harry Firestone and Thomas Edison all had homes next door to each other. In Florida there were close friends and they spent much. Summers together it matters who you associate with now. I feel friends are Larry Curly and MO you may have a good time but are they adding anything to you from this? If you're says too, Dean, the tat. You know
the same time as a gift. God has given us eighty six thousand four hundred seconds each day, just you spend money, yours bending that time If you're hanging around people that have no goals, they haven't grown in five years time, wasters you're not being responsible with what God has given you. It is critical that use around yourself with the right people. If you The smartest one in your group. You group is too small You need to be around people that no more than you that are more talented, that are more experience not to be intimidated, but to be inspired. If you take an oak tree seed and you planet in a five gallon
That tree will never grow to the size that God created it too. Why? Because its being restricted by the size of the park? In the same way, God has Deston you to do great things. You have tat. Ability potential on the inside, but my view are being limited by the size of your environment. The people you around think small, their negative. They pull you down. This new got a break out of that part. God has didn't you to soar, surround yourself with people that are going places, people that inspire you to rise hi. My question today are you doing anything strategic and intentional to keep growing? If not, you can get started, it's not too late to become all God created you to be first step down
up your personal growth plan. It can be something like I'm going to take the first twenty minutes every morning and meditate on God's work. I'm gonna put in a teaching city drive into work. I'm all take fifteen minutes but one go to bed and read a book I'm going to be in church each week, I'm going to hook up with a mentor in glean from them. That's a definite plans. When God sees you take responsibility for your growth. He'll reward your efforts, in the coming days, you're going to have an opera unity to step into a new level of your destiny. God has shifted things in your favour. There is promotion, opportunities, businesses, divine connections, books, it's all in future. But what I'm saying is now is the time to get prepare, don't get caught with destination disease treasure is any it's gotta be developed. Redeem the time make it
vision to grow in some way every day if you'll keep sharpened your skills getting better at what you do, God promises you gives we'll make room for. You now believe and declare, because you are prepared just David God is going to thrust you to a new level of your destiny. He's gonna, open doors that no man can shut you're going to go further then you can imagine and become everything he's created you to be in Jesus name. If you receive it, can you say that we never lacked oppose our broadcast without giving you opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repeat my sins commendable. hard, make him a more incisive friends. If you pray debts a prayer, we believe you got born again, get in a good.
Will base church keep God first place he's gonna. Take your place is that you ve never dreamed. Thank you for listening to the jewellers. Dean podcast, helpless can t the share of the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com. Slash, give hope to give again. Today, thanks. much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing ball. Yet, No gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.