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Keep Your Heart From Offense

2019-12-03 | 🔗
If we'll get good at overlooking offense, we can live a more satisfied and happy life. We cannot take the bait of offense if we're going live in victory, joy, and peace. We have to let it go. Proverbs 19:11 says, "Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is to one's glory to overlook an offense."Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hi. This is Nikki Torreon. Thank you so much for downloading ass high ass. I believe God has amazing things in your future. Hope you enjoy this message to have you and the House of lords. Today I went in oranges all this morning to keep our heart free from offence offences every where Jesus said as long as you're. Here events will come: as long as we live in this world, someone's going to say something that we don't understand, something that hurts our feelings: Maybe your husband doesn't listen to your opinion. There's always going to be reasons to take up an offence, an opportunity to take it in. You know it's interesting
As you know, the people that you're around are one thing, but how The people that you ve never even met. And here I mean by that everybody's opinion- can go public these days on social me here you have again to read somebody's opinion. You here with their rail and against blushed. Or do you think I'm agree now what they say that man, you again, given all upset Call your brother, you call your sister you call your neighbor. Can you believe that I think that in that crazy. You say you begin to give straight in upset. Wind, energy, on their pets. On those things that don't really even matter you see it's as if we're taking the bait, we cannot take the bay of offence and live in victory. Joy Peace, we got a letting go, we can't
get on us, we can't swallow the in fact in the scripture, the word a man comes from the greek word. That means bait. it will use to lure animals into a trap, see the bait or the offence was what, got the animals to come on in and take the Bay and sometimes that's what happens to us with a vengeance. In the wars us right into a trap. We get caught up in this circle of offence. In this trap of events, we get upset, we get frustrated, we get better because we ve swallowed it line and thinker, so we spend our time trying to figure out what somebody meant dissecting every word that waste of our time. What in the world could be so important? that we have to take our time to figure it all out.
What in the world could someone say. That would be that important to your destiny. If its offensive to you know, you know what we take above it sometimes when no one really means anything, that's a whole. Another subject We're talking today about thinking twice about any advance. Any events. We got a recognised what's happening when we're strain it and when we're going in the circle of Events- and we ve got to learn to drop it and let it go see the quicker we let go of events, the more free we're going to be the other day. I was cleaning spot off of my carpet, so I went and got some carpets spot remover. I looked down the back to see with the instructions set about it. And it said, get the spot off is quickly as you can. Why? Because the longer that spots there, the harder it is to remove that's the same way with a fence with you
staying of offence on your heart. The longer you allow it to be there, the harder it's gonna take to get rid of it. See what the sooner you let it go. The better off you'll be Don't go out or by our day to day trying to figure it out. It's not important. If its offended you it's not that important proverbs nineteen eleven cents, Good sense makes one Slota anger and it is to one's glory to overlook an offence good sense, makes one slow to anger and it's too glory to overlook in events. You see it's to our good it s, no good. Go around offended, allowing that to take root in our heart, see a world good. It overlooking offence, we're gonna, live a more satisfying and happy life.
Jesus was no stranger to offence. People were constantly trying to trap him into a fence there's a second peter that they hurled insults at him. Lord idea, it says he entrusted himself to the one who judges justly He didn't entrust his lie. He didn't give his life His ways to some opinion accusations. Trusted he has lie to the one think I draw a bit ly, no one who could judge justly that's where he found his resolve. He found it by knowing other people's opinions. whether they mean it or not. I don't have to affect him. You see we're all going to have to learn how to let go of offence
It is a process. We're all gonna have to learn the apostle Paul in second Timothy fourteen point, four had to work at keeping a fence off of him as well. he said Alexander. The coppersmith did me a great wrong, but God will judge you gonna take care. What he's done you see he gave it to God. he wasn't taking the responsibility on himself to be the judge Injurie of everyone's opinion. but I'm givin it didn't. I to do. I can't walk around with an offended heart. I can't walk around with bitterness and anger and expect to be everything. God made a b c. We need to have that kind of attitude. We need turn the situation around like Paul there and turn it over to God,
will show up it's just how we gonna handle benefits when it shows up it's gonna, be there. I can tell you it's going to be there as long as you live on this earth with people it's going to be there. Have you ever put like a bite of food in your mouth? If you're going to try something new and it was like. I don't like the way it tastes and you have to not for a minute you're thinking. What am I going to do? Wagner spit it out or Mcgann swallow it and you're thinking you know why what do I do? I mean whom I wish you just. thinking right, a lot of this stuff have literally done that and taken my napkin gonna win That's not very lonely life, but in their southern, a key in your mouth and you don't want to swallow it I've gotta. What you need to do is spit it out if you ever taste the bitterness of sense.
That Europe can be lying in your mouth, swallow it fitted out and you can go down in your most parts. We ve got to take a moment and think twice about taking up This isn't gonna benefits you any Isn't gonna make your life better? If you're gonna make it War had been more joyful, so you be rounded up your day or poor, claw a co workers. Leaves you out of an important meeting. You had till poor fifteen to decide if you're born take that offence. Are you gonna split that events in your napkin? Are you gonna? Take it home with you? Are you let it that set your whole day? Are you gonna? Let it disturbed the peace in your home? What are you gonna do with that fits we gonna, learn to step back and think twice about taken in
that's in John. Can scripture tells us that there were certain people in the crowds when Jesus would go places that wanted to capture him. They wanted to see his life, they wanted. Take him and sat down here there were certain people that were always trying to strike stir up trouble. There is such an important thing that it says it. Jesus I've always had a wondered what it said in the other day, when I read it, I thought me it since then Jesus would slip out of the crowd and go on his way. What about that just a minute here, some people in the crowd that we're trying to seize him entrap here, but he like slipped away and moved on, and I thought about you know what Jesus Did it was a plain houdini? It wasn't being magic man. He didn't give into their opinion
He didn't try to defend himself. He did star at trot strike. You didn't say, pay John, why they ban so unfair? We evolve. and talk to those people know he nor the opinions of and he moved on his way. He latterly slip through the fingers other Fettes, moved on Nobody can capture live now. Nobody could capture him. Jesus gave his life, he made. The decision to lay it down. He didn't allow anybody to change the course of his destiny by a fence by insult. he's dead now about an assignment from God. I want entrust smile to the wandering judges justly and cannot hell. You you got a flip through the fingers of of, if you're gonna move on your way, you're gonna
Keep going to those places they got. Has you nothin? Is that important to waste your time? Listen if a fence can't upset you appearance, can't control, and if a fifth can't control you can't, we worry to live a life of joy and shake off any advance, you haven't decisions and give it man. you for listening to the Jews Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world, Joe boosting dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today face- to the podcast be sure to subscribe, seeking at all The latest messages know that we pray for you. God bless you.