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Know Who You Are In Christ - Victoria Osteen

2017-09-20 | 🔗
In Genesis 1, the first thing that God says about you and me is that He created us in His image. Having His image and likeness inside of us was meant to be our source of strength and confidence. The question is, have you allowed the enemy and things that have happened to you distort the image of God in your life? You need to get your true image back!
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe augustine dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today the bible says in genesis that we are made in the image of god you see the image that we carry on again side of us has a lot to do with what we were glad it has so much to do with what we identify with how we see ourselves what we go actor impact our image is our shores strength in confidence that is really the key to living the abundant lie that jesus came together
now our image was distorted in the garden it was separated from god but god said i'm gonna rebirth this image in you so you have been rebirth with the issue you have god when you said yes to jesus but too often things that happen in our life maybe the way we were raised a divorce hurts and pains to distort our smear that image that tries to cover up the true you the one that god created in his image then you begin to identify with your circumstances you begin to identify with the pain when all along i never intended these things to hurt you intended you do know
who you are in crisis and to identify with him in his power that lives in you you see if you don't know who you are you won't know what to identify where it's interesting because god knows what we're meda he knows who we are he knows that we were made in his image the question is today do we know the image that's on the inside of us or have we things to distort that image i was thinking the other day the only way i know what i look like is because i can see myself in the mere i get up in the morning a wash my face brush my teeth and there i am looking back it myself
we all know what we look like only because of the mirror now granted someone can describe our looks are the goal but if you ask two or three people i bet you will get a different description every time but when you look in the mirror you see the image of yours you know if someone shows me a picture of a big group of people and i mean that picture i can locate must well because i know what i look like i can at dinner hu i am because i've seen my help in the mirror my image siege like we know our physical appearance the image because we ve all looked in the mere god wants us to be able to locate our spiritual image by looking into the mere he has for us
james one it says the word of god is like a mirror it reflects his image on the inside of you think wants us to know with that we are made in his image that there is a spiritual person that is our greater than what you see on the outside you see what you're images has a lot to do with your competence has a lot to do with your inner strength it has a lot to do with what you are doing about with you know some people go around saying i'm divorced they go around with that image i'm divorce i'm a divorced person some people say i was missed and abused i'll never to where i need to be they go around with its victim mentality but all the while god says you are not a divorce person
you are not a victim you in my image you are tar when we allow the word of god to create that image on the inside of us when we put ourselves in church when we listen to gods we are creating and making sure that image stays in place if you had a very important event i can t you and go to the mirror and suck your hair ta make sure in striking i want to go out there with their time though and now you know what your check yourself you addressed yourself and you know when you put your self in the presence of god what you're doing is you're right adjusting and affirming your image on the inside because you want to be able to locate who you are in a world that doesn't know who it is
you see there are so many opinions out there that if you don't know your image your identity you may allow some body else to put their identity on you i was talking to a young girl the other day and we were talking about about this very thing about them johnny inside of us and how we live in this place places strength when we have gods image and she said admittedly she said victoria it's so crazy she said allow people to say things to me and it determines my worth in my bow you they can literally say the wrong thing in our walk off ashamed people ever tried to label you have you ever taken something maybe even out of context and it so funny because it it is so covered up you don't really know it that's all
you are not remember what i see myself in that picture i can locate myself i know that's me in that picture now have someone holds a picture up and they say like georgia look look at you right there and that's not me you notice that amy as you know what i look like i know my image as we saw many people are trying to tell you you're not you gotta know that a me if someone is trying to make you feel bad you know what that's when you just stop and you say you know what i know who i am you dont have to fight back you see the image of god is not about arrogance it's about human
a tea and string you know it's about being ensured in confidence steel waters run d and god won't you run d he was heading image to be deeply and press and your very being it's interesting because i really feel like that identity and authority going in hand now we know when you have authority you carry power but you don't know who you are you can't carry much power can you on agenda policemen not being able to believe that he can stop traffic
if you put me out there i am not going to step out in the middle of that traffic good i'll carry that authority i don't carry that identity but you know why he has authority in power because he knows his identity if i go to the bank because i need some money out of my bank account i go to the bank go to the teller get all myself together and i say i want my money she's say where's your identification if i'm not carrying my identification doesnt matter how much money i have in the bank i'm not getting it happened my identity know that identity or i'm not gonna get what rightfully mine and can i tell you you got so many things out there that are right
yours but unless you know who you are in this you identify with the power that lives on the inside of you get less rightfully yours the bible says it's the enemy who comes to steal he comes just still have you ever heard about stolen identities its rampant these days like we get all this protection trying to take care of our identity you see you ve got to protect the image on the inside of you because the enemy was to steal that image he wants to steal your work and your value if you don't know who you are you can have a godsend you can have you know it makes me so stated is that it's not really just about me it's about the god in me and when the enemy still remain minorities doing he's still in from god
wanting stealing from god i want to protect what's god you see something we think it's about ourselves but it's about the greater one who lives in us he's given us their privilege to bear his age i can't think of a higher calling on them
than to bear the image of almighty god if you dont have a part because i want to give you a fair of god and you see when you know who you are in christ you don't have to look for other people to validate you you don't have to try to squeeze out of people would only god can give you you know sometimes we want to put our are our validation are our were in our job position in the car we dry the clothes we where the people we hang around because it makes us feel good we feel important but can i tell you that is great if you had those things but those things are temper
areas subject to change your friends can change your finances can change things can change and if those things change what does that mean to you what's on the inside of you the image of almighty god is eternal it doesn't change your value doesn't change because you're circumstance you'll tower doesn't change because you're circumstances change your position and haven't doesn't change because you're circumstances change you gotta know who you are and locate where you going because god has great things in store for you second corinthian says this god identifies us as his very own he's already identified you he knows who you are do you know who you are dont let anything cover up your identity know who you are people who know who they are
play ball prayers they believe tat god is working in their life they praise in the midst of difficulty they push through because they know on the other side gods gonna be right there waiting for their people who bear the image of god no they look like christ jesus so their kind there compassionate there a servant of because they know that the first will be last and that if you want to be later you gotta be a servant burst their not easily a thin did they know who they are and jesus christ take on his identity today don't let anyone label you there's no circumstance that define jus god in god alone defined you when you put on his identity
his victory and you'll get to where you intended to be a man like you were born from new york times best selling author victoria boosting her brain new thirty day audio devotional embracing every day in this of lifting thirty day audio devotional you'll be challenged pin inspired to start living with greater phase and favour every day i request your copy of embracing every day today i ve always deemed com flashed embracing orca k five six seven jill
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