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2017-05-13 | 🔗
A lot of people live with a—I think He loves me—mentality when it comes to God's love for them, thinking His love is based on their performance.But God is not like people. People may love you conditionally, but God's love for you is unconditional. You don't have to earn God's love; He loves you just the way you are. There is no mistake great enough to cancel out God’s amazing love and His plans for your life.Let this message teach you about God’s amazing love for you. When you know God loves you, you’ll live life with more confidence and security, and you’ll become everything God created you to be!
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God bless you! It's a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by be a part of one services. I promise you will make you feel right at home. I like to start with something funny, and I heard about this man. He only protestant. In a large catholic neighborhood every Friday during lent, while as neighbors getting cold fish. He was in his back. You grilling a steak. They stay in the temptation and decided to try to convert him to Catholicism. He finally agreed a priest came over cold water. On his head said you were born a Baptist. You were raised a bad disk, but now you're a Catholic
the next year, on the first Friday of Lent they smelled the same smell. They run. his house, he was in his backyard spray. The water over his state, save who are born a cow. You raised a cow, but now you're a fish say it like you mean it. is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do but it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess My mind is alert is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you I want to. to you today about no, You are loved. Victorian. I had been dating for about nine months, a friend of mine. And called me secretly. She said Joel. I just talked to Victoria don't tell her that I called, but told me she thinks she loves you. I'm not friend, was so excited
She was waiting for me to join in the excitement, but I had a problem with two words. She thinks if she thinks she loves me, that means She does. Maybe she doesn't. She still trying to figure it out. It could go either way. She thinks did didn't. Give me any confidence at all. In fact, it made me think I need to perform better, I need to do more. Try to impress be good enough. She thinks put me under more eventually. they just say: Victoria to her senses and she went from I think to I know that was over thirty years ago. When you know somebody loves you, it puts you at ease, you don't have to try to perform, impress be good enough. You can relax, be yourself. You're, comfortable, you're, secure but a lot of people live with this. I think he loves
maybe mentality. When it comes to God they base on their performance. I went to last week. I did good. I think he loves me. I volunteered at the hospital. I was kind of my neighbor This did TIM Tatian. I earned his love. The problem with this approach is: when we make mistakes we get off course. We don't perform perfectly. We think God goes and find somebody else to love. After all, So you don't love Maine Yuma, Nature says I'm not going to love you back, but God is not like people. People can love your conditionally. If you do write perform right, treat me right, then I love you, but if you let me down I'll go find somebody else when we make mistakes God change his mind you can run away from God instead Turning the other way, God will come running towards you
quit trying to earn this love. There's nothing. You can do to make God love you anymore, any less it's a gift, receive it by faith. Sometime we're trying to clean ourselves up get good enough? then we'll believe God really loves us. Take the pressure off. God loves you right now he loved you when you were wrong loved you when you were off course Paul said nothing separate us from the love of God. You are a marked man me a woman gone, put his love on you now you are permanently love the psalmist said. If I go down to the so the ocean, God you are there. If I go, way up into the heavens. God you are, ill there. You can't get away from this law. Joel, I'm an atheist. I don't leaving God, he still loves you.
I made mistakes. I've had a rough past. Nothing you've done, has changed God's love. I have an addiction. I still struggle with my temper that didn't cancel this law. The scripture talks about the grey. love where, with God loved us, wasn't a little love and I think, love unconditional love. It was a great love. We think about how much we love God, but what's more profound, is how much God loves you before you were formed in your mother's womb. God knew you. He took time to plan out all of your days. He knows your thoughts before you think, then he knows your words before you speak them. Jesus said the hair. on your head are all numbered now, I love Victoria, but I have never taking time to number her hairs. number doesn't mean there are fifty four thousand.
Six hundred and twenty three that's counting numbered means. number twenty one thousand two hundred in thirty eight. Every time you take, Now. Every time we lose a hair, God has to re number, there was a popular book turned into a movie a few years ago. It was called he's just not that into you. It was about guys not really liking a girl. Can I tell you, God is just the opposite, he's way into you. If he's in the time to number your hair to know your thoughts plan out all of your days Do you really think there's anything you can do to cause him to stop loving. You but how God must feel when we go around thinking. I think he loves me. Think I'm good enough. I think I haven't done too much wrong, get rid of the I think, mentality and start having, and I know, mentality
very freeing. When you can say I know, God loves Maine. I know uh the apple of his eye, I know we smiling down on me, This is what whispered? Not you. You made mistakes. You lost your temp you're, not religious enough! God doesn't love you, because you religious or good enough or come from a certain family, he loves you because you are, this child, he read his life into you when you receive this love. You live with a confidence. When you go from, I think to I know you quit trying to earn it trying to be good enough. You'll live secure, knowing that your heavenly father loves you in the Bible. The book of John was written by the I full John: what's interesting: is he never referred to himself as John when you talked about himself, Instead of using his name, he said that aside
for whom Jesus loved in. thirteen. He wrote the disciple whom Jesus loved was sitting. Next to Jesus. He could have just written John, sitting next to Jesus when Matthew, Mark and Luke wrote their books. Their accounts of the gospel They referred to themselves using their own name, can you imagine if they would have red John's account, they would have thought who does John think he is describing himself as the one Jesus loved Jesus. what does all the nerve of that guy but John I had an incredible confidence, not just in how much he loved God, but in how much God loved him four times but he referred to himself as the disciple, whom Jesus love. You would think alright, John. We got it the first We heard you loud and clear youth. you're, the one he loves- you don't have to keep telling us, but in chapter nineteen he
but again when Jesus saw his mother and the disciple, whom Jesus loved, now. You know Jesus loved, his mother. In fact he probably loved his mother, more than they love John, but John. Did take the time to tell us, how much he loved his mother he, we reiterated the fact. He is the one Jesus lie and you can fault him for it, but I have to give him credit. He knew how much he was loved two chapters later John, who the disciple, whom Jesus loved said to Peter honey. He didn't say that aside, whom Jesus loved said to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved. You can take this as being arogant, arrogant self centered. But John was showing us the confidence he had and how much he knew God loved him. when you can do like John, maybe not announce it to everybody, don't put it on business card, but in your heart,
I'm the one that he loves. You wake up in the morning good morning. Lord is the that your love, all through the day, Lord, I love you and I know I'm the one. You love when Lazarus was very sick and close to death. His too Sis Mary and Martha sent a note to their good friend Jesus asking him to come and pray for Lazarus, this was in another city. The note didn't say: Jesus were begging. You please come the Lazarus Jesus. You know, Lazarus is a good man. You know how much he loves you. Instead, the RARE Jesus, the one you love is sick. They didn't tell Jesus how much Lazarus loved him. They thought it would be more persuasive, more effective, to remind Jesus. How much he loved Lazarus sometimes we're trying to convince God that we love him. God I went to church last week, God
my tongue, at the office. When I felt like telling them off God, I've been performing purf So would you please help Maine? Why don't you do like Mary Ann? and say Lord, the one. You love these healing the one you love is lonely. the one. You love has a child. That's of course. What moves! God is not just your love for him, but recognizing his love for it pleases God. When you know you are dearly loved. That's what scripture says: come boldly to the throne. Don't go like a week warm of the dust. If my son came up to me, half embarrassed ashamed head down dad I hate to bother you. I know busy. I don't deserve it. It's just little old me, but dad I'm just begging you would you help me in this area? I wouldn't feel sorry for him. I would feel bad about myself as a father I would think what have I done wrong.
Sun comes to me so in fear you're feeling unworthy begging me for a little hell. It's not my of love for my son. I'd give him the world it's his lack of knowing how much he is love, Now, I'm happy to say my children. Don't feel that way. They know how much they are loved and they're, not afraid to ask. When our daughter Alexandra was ten years old. She was going out to eat with her cousins and they were about to go ice skating him. She came up to me in the den and said dad. Can I have twenty dollars to go out to eat and go ice skating. I said sure, go back and get it off my bathroom counter. Where I keep my she gave me a kiss and said. Thank you then, she turned and started walking. The garage the wrong way. I said: wait a minute, aren't you going to go, get the money. She smiled and said already got it. She said I knew you would say yes that may
really feel good. As a father, she knows how which I love her she's not living with, and I think mentality. I hope he loves If I perform good enough he'll love Maine, she has No doubt my father loves me. What if we but that same way about our heavenly father. You want thank God smile. You want to make. His day start approaching him like you So he loves you you know he's for you. You know, his longing to be good to you, ' We've bring God any pleasure to go, ran insecure, unworthy, beating ourselves up from past mistakes, shake that off and start going boldly to the throne, Our daughter Alexandra is in college. Now she called Victoria. Months ago and told now, there's sorority, was having the big mother daughter weekend wanted to make sure that Victoria could come
she gave Victoria the dates it just so happened. It was this weekend victorious at all Alexandra have a night of hope that Friday night dad and I are supposed to speak at Lakewood that weekend and really doesn't like me to me. Alli understood all mom. Don't worry I'll call dad he'll do any saying that I asked she called, and you notice they're not here You know why Alexandra can have that boldness. She knows the one I love she knows she's my prized possession. She knows I'll go out of my way to be good to her she's, my child, now good to your child, I'll be kind, loving, generous, but let's be honest, between your child and my child and will choose my child. That's my daughter, she's, my favorite! That's the way God feels about you you're his child. Can I tell you a secret: don't tell anyone keep it confidential,
so you're his favorite you're, the one that he loves. I've heard it said, God has no favourites. I think that's wrong. God has all favourites you're his favorite his favorite, your his favorite, your his favorite God, the amazing ability to trade us all like where his favorite he's not like people he doesn't have to pick and choose. He has unlimited love Doesn't just show love, he doesn't just Breslov love. He is love. Has now What he does is who he is when you start seeing yourself as his favorite you'll go to him. with confidence, you'll pray, bold prayers, you'll! Ask him for your dreams. key for your health to turn around you'll expect new doors to open. Now Becaus of who you are but the cause of who your father
you know he'll go out of his way to be good to you. I grew up with five siblings. My sister April the youngest she always felt like she was the favorite of the family. The truth? Is my parents more resources when she came along my older brother all is forty. Seven years older than April I mean twelve years older than April, not from a young age April, started telling us all that she was our parents favorite that never bothered 'cause. I knew she wasn't. I was but she's been doing this so long now, when my mother sends us kids a group text. star names at the top, all LISA Tamera Joel instead of April. it says favorite, I my mother cell phone, one time under contacts she has April stored as favorite. Now right. I can imagine
God had a cell phone, you would be stored. Under favorite, not Joseph Rodriguez, favorite Rodriguez favorite Smith, favorite, Edward Favorite, Rebecca, were all his. You're, the one that he loves were not made so you don't know the mistakes. I've made, you don't know the past. I've lived when I clean myself up. I know, God will love me a lot more, nothing you can do, will make God love you anymore. You might as well believe you're his favorite right now that he may not be pleased with all your behavior, but that doesn't change his love for you when we go around guilty, beating ourselves up that doesn't help you to do better. It pushes you down, causes you to struggle more but when you receive God's law and noticed bite your shortcomings. He still proud of you It still says you're amazing.
bill called you a masterpiece. That's what lift your spirit! That's what gives you the strength to do better and to break those chains that are holding you back? Luke chapter nineteen there's the story of Zaccheus. He was a tax collector, back. In those days. They were known for being dishonest for cheating people. They were very disliked. Even hated. Zaccheus was the chief, this collector he was especially despised, looked down on by everyone, not just figuratively, but even physically It was very short, say: Jesus came passing through their town word spread quickly. everyone went out to try to get a glimpse of Jesus, including Zaccheus. It was so crowded. So many throngs of people, Zaki is couldn't see anything. He was too sure. Rather than give up he decide, The climb up in a tree. He got in perfect position. Had a great view. Point.
A few minutes. Jesus came walking down the street. I could imagine Zaccheus was in awe, He had heard how Jesus had healed the sick blind eyes toward the lepers Jesus was passing right in front of him. There's an amazing moment. Hundreds of people were trying to touch Jesus, get his attend, all of the sudden in the midst of the emotion, Jesus stopped. Everyone froze thinking. Why is he stopping? They got quite he's going to say something. Jesus turned and looked up in the tree Tom stop for He is every hour was focused on him. That key is new. He was hated he knew he had cheated done people wrong. He was waiting for Jesus to let him have it. but Jesus said: Zacchaeus come down from the tree. I want to go to your house and have dinner at that moment. I believe
Jackie is felt something that had never felt something in the inside said Zaccheus you're, the one that he loves, out of all the people there that day, no doubt that, rabbis, elders in the synagogue, respected leaders. Jesus could have gone to dinner with any of them, but he was making this point You don't have to have it all together for God to love you you don't I have to clean yourself up, then you can come down out of the tree. Then you can go to dinner. That was the case. None of us would have had a chance what's interesting, The name. Zaccheus means pure one If anyone in that crowd, it recalled him Zaccheus, they probably called him fraud, Crook, Cheater one version says they called him. Scum Jesus could have looked in the tree and said: hey. You come down, hey Mister,
hey, sir, or somebody get that guy from Maine, but on purpose Jesus said Zacchaeus, pure one, come down. I want to go to your house for dinner. The religious leaders nearly passed out they said. Why would he go to dinner with such a note, yes center. We don't see people the way, God sees them. We look at their behavior. How perfectly they perform. it looks beyond our van. They saw a notorious center, God saw one, daddy, love, you may have made mistakes like Zaccheus. You got off course you know you're not where you should be, but if Jesus came passing by today, He wouldn't say: hey Joel. Come on man. Let's go to lunch. You've got that big church hey what to do right You had made a mistake in thirty three years, I'm proud of you. Let's go get
something to eat? He would pass by all the people that look like they have it together. He would come to you you're, the one that he loves. You may be up in the tree? Trying to hide dealing with issues cannot tell you. We all have issues, God is saying: come down pure one come down unforgiven child come down theme daughter come down. Favorite one Jesus, point in choosing Zaccheus over all the other quote: good people Let us know your performance doesn't determine God's love for you, for all. If I can break this bad habit, if I can stop addiction. I know he'll love me a lot more. He will be more. Please with your behavior. Your life will go better, but that doesn't affect God's love for you he's calling you sure one right. Now, when you receive this law, will you come down and
the dinner so to speak, or are you stay up in that tree and let condemning voices convince you that you washed up. You have to shake that all and say it by faith, Lord. I believe I'm the one. You love I believe. Despite my failures, despite my mistakes, you still have a great plan for my life First John Four says This is real love, not that we love God, but that he loved us and seeing his son as a sacrifice for our sins. Real love is not our love, for God is God's love for us. when we try to perform the gain this love. The problem is, will never measure up. There will always be something we can't do right somehow Then we can't feel good about ourselves. Whi, don't you take the pressure off and receive real love. God's love for you, that's what Lady had to do in John Chapter, eight, the
Just leaders brought her to Jesus. She was caught in the act of adultery drew reading speed The law says stoner. What do you say? We should do Jesus said you did a out since throw the first stone they all left from the oldest to the youngest. Jesus asked the woman. Where are you accusers! Hasn't anyone condemned you she said. No man Lord he's neither do I condemn you go and sin no more he didn't say: go and say no more, then I won't condemn you change. Your ways get your act together quickly. Into the temptation. Then all love, you then I'll be for you just the opposite. He said I don't condemn your first before he talked about her behavior before he addressed. issues. Jesus wanted to make sure she knew she was the one that a lot. She felt this real love
when she realized the one person that could have condemned her, wouldn't do it. I believe something happen the inside, she walked out of there. A changed woman Sometimes religion tells us clean yourself up. Then God will love. You do right, perform correctly if not, God won't have anything to do with you. That's not real love. That's conditional love! you do good enough. If you measure up, then God will help you. Real love is not about your performance. What you do or don't do it's about what God has already done. It's not based on how much you love God, it's based on how much God loves you when my brother Paul, It was a little boy before any of US siblings were born. My parents would put him in. bed at night and then they would will get in their own bed. Their rooms were just a few feet apart down a short hallway
My father would always say Goodnight Paul Paul would answer back. Goodnight, daddy, goodnight, mother, one night for some reason. Paul was a little afraid couple of minutes after they had said there good nights. Paul said daddy, are you still in there? My father said yes Paul. I'm still here was quiet for a few seconds, then Paul ass Betty is your face, turned toward me. My father said yes Paul. My face is turned towards you. Somehow it made Paul feel better. Just knowing that his father's face was turned toward Can I tell you today your heavenly father's face is turned toward you you're, the one that he loves you his favorite child he's, not counting you mistakes against. You he's call in you sure one. My challenge is received this law all through the day. Lord, thank you that I'm, the one you love
Thank you that your face is turned toward me. Remember, real love is not about your love. For God, it's recognizing the great love God. It's for you! If you will do this, I believe and declare you're going to live. all cure, overcoming obstacles, most rising higher and becoming everything he Did you get the in Jesus Name and if you receive it, can you say amen to that? I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life? Would you pray with me just Lord Jesus, I cinemasins come into my heart. I'm get. My lord and Savior If you find that simple prayer, we believe you got born again get into good Bible based church and keep God first place big torrent, I'll, be right back to speak a blessing over you
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