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2017-07-26 | 🔗
Just as people grow and their lives change, we have to adapt our love to those changes, and our love has to mature and grow. This is so important that the apostle Paul prayed for the Philippian church: “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight” (Philippians 1:9 NIV). It wasn’t that the church was deficient in love, but Paul was saying, “Your love has so much potential to go so much further and build a greater foundation in your lives. Agree with me every day as I pray for you that your love will reach its fullest.”
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you may be seated only encourage you to day with a script sure that paul prayed over the bolivian church and i think this is a great scripture that we should re each and every day is found in the libyans one right this he said i pray that your love would abound in knowledge and death of insight his prayer to the politically in church was this i want you to agree with me that's why i'm sending you this letter your love would grow increase multiply now let me tell you something he wasn't riding the ladder to them because
had noticed and his visits that they weren't people of love historically they wore people who loved but he was saying to them this is such an important prayer because your love has so much potential to go so much farther and bill such later foundation in your lie he was saying a quarry every day with me as i pray for you that your love will reach its fullest you see that's what we need pray every single day god would you love abound in me more and more in depth and insight in knowledge and wisdom you say we have to learn to love because the way we love how we show our law the mercy we give the x the grace we extend you see it's a direct impact on our
life the way we love has a direct impact on our all lie we need to learn to love well we can't just put our love on autopilot we can just push you know on cruise control let's just say that because we all have a cruise control on our car we set the spade and go we can't just set the speed and allow it to say stay the same all the time in every situation we have got to understand that our love has to mature it has to develop and it has to grow and in order for it to do that we have to make a commitment to love it's all about commitment focus and determination i mean why did you pray you pray because you want something to change your committed to it
you pray because you know god has your answer and then if you give it to him he ll help you so we can't just set our love once and keep it set at that same we need i heard this woman i heard a story about this woman who is talking to her husband and she's doing honey do you really love me and he looked at her so strangely and he said why would you ask me that question he said i told twenty five years ago when i married you that i loved you and if it ages i'll let you know you see that man had one speed he didn't understand that love grows you say it's interesting because as people we ball we grow we change our sitting
patients change things in our life change so we have to be willing to adapt our love to that change we cannot just let it stay the same i think about my children and they were small i'd scoop up any time i wanted to thank god we walk in the poor and i want to grab them and show a my love i just scoop of rata tickle their little belize you know just cover with a popular food in there now you all those things new to babies and they can't do anything about it itself fine and you are showing your affection you're showing your love in your showing your joy but now children are grown i can't curdle them pope phone in their mouth tickled valleys know their theory dolls
to understand my love has to adapt and grow too who they are if i want to grow with them i'm going to have to make some changes i wish they stay babies forever yes i will can show on the same love love to say just put that on this control and let it happen but life changes we change we evolve and our love must be willing to evolve i study my children now i let them have an opinion i adapt to their abilities i try to find a way to communicate with them in a better way away that enrich our law in our relationship i want in sight to who they are and what i can do to serve
well with my love you see you adapt love is smart that's what paul was saying he's pray that your love would grow in abound in knowledge and depth of inside your love should have wisdom your love should see beyond the superficial should see beyond what's happening right now our love should not be limited to the left we're receiving we can't just set a standard if you give me love i'll give you love that's not we all know that foundation that god wants to build in us can i tell you when we decide we're gonna be the person comes up higher we're gonna be the person that loves in spite
of how someone is showing us love it s something to the inside of you it strengthens your resolve it causes you to be able to be better and you know what how many of you wanna get better in here i know i do want to get better we these smart with our love we can't be reckless and careless can i tell you something love doesnt wait for things to happen
love doesn't just hang around waiting love make stuff happens love bills relationships love serbs love gives love just doesn't give what it wants to gear love is willing to look into a situation and give what the situation is in need of heavy smart i want tat i want to get up every morning and agree with paul paul i'm agreeing with that prayer any time you see a prayer in the bible like paul said he said i'm writing to you because i am praying this for you basically find those things in the bible get in contact with them get an agreement with them triumph over yourself they have so much truth the way we shall love it's gonna impact our line is thirty years joel and i've been studied
southern adapt into one another we made love happen we haven't waited for it to happen you don't love it's a feeling but love is also an action that feeling can either grow or that feeling is allowed i want my love to grow into a bound i want it to produce because that's what love does that's what god love does it produces good fruit in your life tell you something you will eat of the fruit that you produce you're not going to be able to eat fruit that you don't produce you can eat only from the fruit that you produce just like you can train out of an empty glass you're saying to me victoria i have loved and love
and i'm not getting love back then i have to tell you something you're drinking from an empty glass and the reason i can say that is in reality the only way that we can love is to allow the love of god in us that is the only way that we can love we do have the potential in our human ability alone to love may we may be able to try the love but we don't have the capacity to love on our own impact jesus told the pharisees this in matthew twenty two they said jesus what's the greatest command in the law of moses and he said the greatest and first command the a man that you should keep them out of the one that is the most important is this love that
oh dear god with all your heart with all your soul and with all of your street said they wanted to keep the law they if they could keep the law they would be right with guy and jesus was saying this he was saying you can't keep the law by yourself you can do it by yourself you made a savior that's why i'm here to keep a continuous flow of coming listen when my love tank slow i'm trying to drink out of an empty glass various a source of love that never run dry and it's the lord jesus christ it's gone father he loved the bible says he is love when you come to him you're coming into love i think about
woman at the well there's a story in the bible and jesus met this woman at the well as samaritan woman and he was talking to her she was coming to fill her jirga of water so she would have sufficient water for the day and he told her something very insightful he says you drink water tell you that will go away you will first again with the water that you drink he would say in what you have will not last but says if you receive what i have i have water that cause you to never be thirsty again
a flow of living water of living that will fill you as the only way this love that paul is talking about can abound you see if you want good relationships if you want your lie impact it you gotta come to god you gotta let him transform you you gotta let that foundation of love be built in you and then as you release that love bilbil of love that'll strengthen you and it'll continue it's interesting because
the heresies just asking what the first commandment was but he went ahead and told them what the second one was and he said let me tell you what the second one is and it's the same as the first love your neighbour as yourself what he was saying if you get the first part of the equation right the second part of the equation we'll come much easier do you want to agree with me as i agree with paul that this love of god with just about about about it wouldn't depend on our outer circumstances but it would depend what's going on on the inside of us the well that we're connected to the one with living love pray force right now father i just think you just as paul pray we come
two agreement with that prayer that father are law would increase and abound in knowledge in depth of insight that god we are artificial and our law but it runs deep it has roots it is of wisdom and knowledge in adapts eleven it chess and it brings us good fruit father i thank you that every day will fill our spic with the living love the live in water that causes us to be able to abound and to release it to the people around us father we thank you that you are lucky i bet you love us with an everlasting love father at the end of the day we believe as long as we're connected to you we can do the impossible la even when love not being shown to us we can build father our love in you and abound in every good work in jesus name
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