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Lift Up Your Eyes

2018-10-16 | 🔗
The writer of Hebrews says, “We inherit the promises of God through faith and patience” (Hebrews 6:12). You may not look like you want to look or be where you want to be, but don’t devalue the journey to get there. Don’t start thinking that the journey isn’t worth it. Don’t despise the process because you just want to get to the promises. Can I tell you this? The process is what builds your strength and develops you. The process is what makes you become what God’s called you to be.
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hi this is victoria thank you so much for downloading this podcast i believe god has got amazing things in your future i hope you enjoy this message it is amazing tell people about this saving power jesus christ a man and that he can do with no one else can do you his light in all the world you see we're all on this journey of faith together and if we're going to experience the fullness of god's promises we're going to have to develop the ability to see beyond where we are right now it's so easy to get stuck in a problem it's so easy to see what didn't work out
didn't happen the mistakes we've made maybe what someone else did to us and then we think with our next god how are we going to get out of this it becomes difficult to see the next step sometimes but when we take our eyes off of the circumstances all for the problems that are trying to weigh us down and hold us back that's when we can put our eyes the promises of god not the problems we can't set our eyes on the problems we have to set our eyes on the promises that's how we're going to rise above where we for right now we have to look on where we are and lift our eyes in the book of genesis abraham was
by god to go on a journey of faith with him he spoke to abraham and said leave your father's house abraham did the bible says he believed god and it was credited unto him as righteousness he left his father's land he took his family and his nephew lot and they went on this journey but there was a point in his journey were lot his nephew and himself had acquired so many possessions that they had to part ways could not sustain both of them so i were ham looked at lot and said you pick first which way do you want to go what direction do you want to go a lot i'm giving you first choice will lot looked around and he found a place that he thought would be perfect for he and his family the bible calls it was east it was towards the jordan it was lush in college it was a city that was bustling it was places of opportunity it's lot chose that part of the land
when abraham looked the other direction what he saw was dirt he saw with dust no development just land and he thought to himself wow what in the world have i gotten myself into which the it was at that point that god spoke to abraham and he said abraham lift up your eyes now lift up your eyes now lookout as far as you can see from the n the s the east and the w he said what you can see the land that you can see i will give it to you i will give it to you you see it was this point that abraham had to lift his eyes i love
that phrase lift your eyes because this lifted eyes became the theme of abraham's life you see god knew that abraham could easily get his eyes on the wrong thing he could've easel i said why did not choose first why did he get the best now i'm just stuck in the in the weather in the dust and he's over there prospering why did i make that mistake but see god wanted him to lift his eyes so he could see beyond the dust and the dirt and begin to see his destiny unfold begin to see what god wanted to do in his life do you know the name lot means they'll and when he separated from lot it was as if god lifted the from his eyes and he was able to see god in new ways you think god wanted to reveal himself to abraham
in unseen ways you see it may have looked like lot got paradise but abraham he got the promise and you do too you have the promise of god in fact the veil has been lifted from your eyes it has been torn in two by the power of christ and god i want to show you along this journey things you haven't seen before he wants to reveal himself in powerful ways you see when god spoke to abraham and told him it's going to be a father of many nations said abraham i wanna show you this land that i'm taking you i want you to inhabit it i want you to possess it i'm going to make your seed great and i'm going to bless people all over the earth his name was abraham god hadn't changed his name yet to the father of many nations he was
i came from a man that was believing god going on this journey of faith in fact he didn't look anything like what god was saying about him but god's promises are spoken in the on scene rail god's promises are spoken but not seen yet that's why the bell with live so that abraham could see into the supernatural round so abraham could get a glimpse of what god wanted to do he wanted to take the well all the abraham's eyes so that he could see what god was doing you see god's promises are they unfold in his timing they may not he's seen yet but it's uh only a matter of time until god gets you to where you need to be please start looking like god says you're going to look until you start having one god
you're going to have it's progressive and it's in god's timing i have these beautiful lemon trees in my backyard have two of them and they're full of fruit right now and a friend of mine we were in my backyard and we happened to be walking by the lemon trees and she stopped and she paused for a minute because they're beautiful full of fruit and she said those are the most amazing lime trees i have ever seen and i started the lab so those aren't lime trees other lemon trees those are those are of trees they look like lambs to me it all okay i said the fruit on those trees are still in process they're not finished yet they don't look right now they're going to look their graying now yeah they look like limes
they're going to turn yellow in just a matter of time you see hebrews eleven says we inherit the promises of god through faith and patience you just like those lemons are in process you are becoming everything god wants you to be you may not look like you want to look you may not be where you want to be but don't devalue your journey don't start thinking that the journey is it worth it the process is what bill sure she
during the process is what develops you the process is what makes you become what gods called you to be you see abraham didn't despise the process he proved god to be faithful and true abraham went from test to test the test of his faith he went through challenges he didn't even have his promise child till he was one hundred years old but he saw the character of god you see someone else may look they have paradise but don't forget you have the promise you're in the process and you are becoming everything god wants you to be if you find yourself consumed with the problem today you're going through a transition in your life you're wondering how is this going to workout it's time it's time it's time to lift your eyes from the
problem and set your eyes on the promises you gotta realize beyond this place is greater heights greater victories greater drink greater anointing it is time shift your perspective to god's promises listen i believe if you won't get stuck if you won't settle where you are if you'll continue the process you will become just like abraham and you will see god's faithfulness you will see his provision you will see his face and you will become everything that god intended you to be a man he's a face he is the faithful god thank you for listening to the tunes dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit chose dean dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks for the into the podcast be sure to
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