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2020-09-09 | 🔗

No disadvantage can keep you from becoming everything God created you to be. If you will stay in faith, God will take what you think is a setback and use it to launch you into your destiny.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hide this job and dictatorial. Thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is that it is always a joy to come into your homes. We love you and we believe- and this is going to be your best year so far, if european, area start by see as a promise. You will make you feel right at home, but thanks for opportunity- and thank you again for coming out today,. To start with something funny in Africa. This husband, he was killed ITALY. Reading the newspaper when his wife, why behind him and hit him on the head with a frying pan
he said. What was that for she said that was for the piece of paper I found in your pocket with the name Mary Lou on it. Is it all honey? This is one of the horses that I'll bet on at the race track. Last week apologize and went about her business. Three days later. She walked up and hid him with a bigger frying pan. We came to isn't what in the world was that, for she said your horse. Just called all right. Hold up your Bible say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus Name, God bless you. Want to talk to you today about living a no excuses, life
Did you come up with the reason why we can't be our best now found? Most people have what they is some kind of handicap, something holding them back. It may be something about their personality or something Their looks that they don't like or maybe they ve been through an unfair situation. A divorce, a business partner, hated them. They got a bad break of head, People tell me Joel. It's the wrong. Nationality come from the wrong family, we all have things it we feel could be a disadvantage, things that make it harder on us It may even be a physical handicap. Where are you get around like you used to do at sea as well. You ve equally challenged in some areas, but because you have a quote: disadvantage just because you ve been through a tough time That doesn't mean you're supposed to sit back and settle where you are gone,
Steel has something great for you to do. You mean look like everyone else. You not be able to do what others can do, but if you stay in faith and now get negative towards yourself or near toward your future, then what you think is a liability is to turn out to be an asset. What youth, is a disadvantage. God turn around to be an advantage? many of you know who Joyce Mire is she's a great minister, a good friend, he told how in early days. She could. Stand the sound of her voice her voice. Is very deep. In fact, when pay We used to hear her on the radio. They thought she was a man. She gets so discouraged play God. Why do I have such an awed voice? God? Can I just have a nice polite, feminine voice,
but over the years she began to realize that her voice is so distinct. It makes stand down when people here It draws their attention what she Was a liability ended up being an asset, you need a quick Can it yourself, as me, odd and Seeing yourself as b, unique you or not, too tall or too short we're just the right size. You have. Thus the right personality just that looks just the right talents When God made you, he wasn't Heaven a bad day. He may do like you are on purpose. When God got Finnish, creating you he stepped back and said. That was good. I like that. Another masterpiece ensure there are. Things about us that we may not like these, that we wish were different, You cannot allow that to cause you to get sour and keep you.
From pursuing your dreams. I think about my mother, she polio as a child she had to wear braces on her legs, today, one of our legs is much smaller than the other one when she goes to buy shoes. She has to buy two pairs because her feet are two different sizes one thing I've always loved about my mother is she has never let that stop her. Pressing forward she. Have easily been kind of embarrassed by she could have shrunk, and try to hide it. Let it calls feel less than, but she Never did that she has this Oh excuses mentality, She knows she's been made in the image of Almighty God growing up that never stopped her from wearing shorts. Never stop! turban wherein dresses she still dresses today so
five years old, still showing off her legs that no letter food is. She loves that name stopped her from doing things like working in the yard. It stopped her from praying for. People that needed Healy, kicker thought I can't for them to get well, my legs are not well No, you don't have to be perfect for God to use you you've got to take the hand that you've been dealt and make the very most of it believe that God turns it around believe that he'll bring healing, but either if it doesn't happen, you can stay honor, God by being the best that you can be right, where you are sister LISA was born with something like cerebral palsy, the doctors my parents that she'd never be able to walk, never be able to feed her sale They said you might as well get prepared to take care
of a disabled child. Of course my parents were devastated. They trade, they believe they stood in faith and little by little LISA got better and better. Today, she's thickly normal she's Einstein. With this here ministers for us many times have another friend by them, of David Ring, you may know him he's a minister like LISA. He too was born with suitable policy, but Godspeed and for his life was different. David ring didn't get hailed when he talks, It takes him three or four times as long to get the words when he walked. His legs and arms dont function like most of ours. He could have easily sat at home and thought too bad for me this disability? Must peaches slow. I can't get around gotta you wanted me to do something great You wanted me to be a minister two been wrong. I've got this handicap.
No, you gotta know David Ring, there's nothing that slows him down here. All over the world. Speaking Thousands of people telling about the goodness of God and about how they too can overcome any obstacle when he It's up to speak. Its varied for culture understand as our city speaks very slowly but I love the way he always start. He says my name is David ring. What's your excuse think about this. Lisa was healed from cerebral palsy in is honouring God with her lie. David Ring, is living with cerebral palsy and honouring God with his life what am I saying you gotta take what God, given you and make the very most of it you can. Sit around thinking. Why did this happen to me? why did she get healed and I didn't get healed Why did my marriage not work out
Wada, my neighbours have power and I still don't quit, focusing on all the wise is all about trusting God. Even when you don't understand the fact is God could have he'll David just like he healed my sister lease, but is a sovereign god. I don't care, to understand it all, but I do know this. God is a good god. He has a great plain for your life, a desk for you to fulfil and no matter how many disadvantages come your way, no matter how many setbacks try to pull you down. If you will shake off the self pity shake the blame big, your heels in and keep pressing forward the nose. Set back no disadvantage. No handicap can keep you from coming everything that gods created you to be. I'm asking you today to get rid of the excuses. Dwelling on you disappear
It means and how unfair it was and who hurt you? No God has something great right where you are, There are no handicapped except in our mind, but to many people awaiting forgot to remove everything and make the imperfect they're gonna pursue their dreams. Then they're gonna go after their destiny. No, you need to go after your destiny. Right now, honour God, with what your hair he wants to do that liability in turn. Into an answer, but here's what We have to accept God may not remove it, but he will use it to your advantage. In this area there was a man that was born bland, something were asking Jesus. Why was born this way thought was at his or his parents. They would and to find somebody to blame some reason. Some excuse we tend to do the same type of things today but I love the way Jesus answered
found in John Non verse. Three, he said, it's not anybody's fault, not here's, nor his parents. The reason he was born this way was so that Goodness of God, could be displayed. This is saying when you have a set back, when I've Delia a tough blow, don't get better. Don't settle there. Recognize. You are a prime candidate for God to show his favor. In goodness. In other words, If you feel like you, have a disadvantage, they feel like you, have a disability, a handicap. Did I say all managed, not fair God. No, you attitude should be God, I'm ready. I know you have something great in store now, refuse to live, defeated and depressed. I know this disadvantage is sick, the another opportunity for you to show up and show out at sea exactly what a young man did by the name of Tony Melendez here
born without any arms as a little boy, he had a desire to play the guitar then on the inside said you're supposed to seeing and right music only didn't know any better steady saying too bad for me the play the guitar, but I don't have any arms now he's attitude was I may not have any arms, but I do have feet I may not have any fingers, but I do of tin toes Tony learn to play the guitar with his feet. You may have seen him here. Play better with his feet than most of us can play with our hands. What am I saying when God puts a dream in your heart when heap a promise on the inside. He, posits in new era thing. You need to accomplish that dream God, wouldn't have given Tony the desire with Given him the ability it just wasn't there quote normal way. The way most of us would be used.
Tony had to be bold enough to say I am living a no excuses life, This may look like a handicap. Yes, in the net draw. I may have a disadvantage but I know with God, are no handicaps, No wind God made me. He wasn't Heaven a bad day. He made me with a purpose with the desk need to fulfil, and I will do my best to bring honour to him. He has can do mentality but some of you today are sitting there. Thinking of all the reasons why you can become everything gods created. You debate Would you call I'm not tall enough? I'm not, talented, my voices odd. No all those things that you think or disadvantages are really. Advantages just waiting to come to life today. Tony, has unprecedented favour, all kinds of, opportunity to see and share his story of faint, what's happening,
because he had this. No excuses, mentality because you didn't see himself has handicap. God using him to do great things, and the truth is None of us will ever have to face most likely anything that dramatic art This issue is I think our nose is too bigger. To shorter. I went through a divorce. Joel, that's my handicap. That's why I'm coasting now you ve gotta shake that off. If you had this no excuses, mentality and keep pressing forward guy I will take every liability and he'll turn into an essay. I remember even when I first started. Ministering Didn think that I had the white personality to do this? laid back and easy going, My mother has said: she's never seen me angle. A day in my life and, in my mind, to be a good minister. You needed mad every once in a while.
You need to have a dynamic outgoing personality, ass, a god you're gonna to change me? I have a disadvantage. I'm quite I'm solves a more reserved, even my father, moreover fireball, and he could get A crowd worked up I've seen these other ministers and they have great voices. They these the theological messages that are so eloquent can move the whole congregation just the way they enunciate the words in their so dramatic. I think here I've got this southern drawn. I just get up here and talk so normally and when my Father, I want to be with the Lord I say God I don't know I'll. Try I'll see what happens, but what would be, a liability turned
to be an answer, I that God maybe begin to realise that God made me like this on purpose No, I don't have the booming voice. No, I don't have the dynamic personality. No, I don't preach the fancy sermons, but one thing I do have is the good looks good and with this I hope you know I'm kidding this. God uses what we think are weaknesses didn't happen, people right inside you're, the reason we like to listen. Because your messages are so easy to understand, because com, because your voice is so soothing. Let me ask you: what is it that you think is your handicap? What is it keeping you from really believe in yourself pressing into your divan destiny,
tall enough, I'm not that attractive or Joe I've made a lot of mistakes or our raising a good environment, like you were listened God knew the way you would be raised he knew the mistakes that you would make garden all the issues we would have to face are struck. Our weaknesses are inadequacies. We are no surprise to God. In many times what you think, a handicap, is the very thing. God we use to get you into your divan destiny in the script There was a man by the name of that is he had liability, he had a disadvantage, something was holding him back. You know what it was, He was too short He didn't measure up to everyone else. This is something that he had to deal with his whole life, no, growing up in. School. The other children Kennedy he's been made fun of him. Hey, shorty, hey peanut how's the weather down there
I can imagine year after year he goes around. Can I feel, lock on the inside something's wrong with him a little bit in secure thinking. God What cannot be normal working to build, everyone else, but understand It makes us like we are on purpose. Many of you know who Cindy Crawford is she's afraid This model the one that has a very distinct mole on her face now wait where when she first started modeling some of the advisers, different makeup artist. It tried to get her to remove the mole they saw as a blemish as it is action as something it made her less than perfect. They even showed her how easy it would be to remove it electronically. But she would never allow them to do it. She said if you Take away this mole I'll. Just look like every a pretty girl, The fact that she liked her more people saw it is odd that she saw it as unique, she's
is something God gave her that made her distinct. Instead, a look at what you think is allow ability you need to get new perspective and start seeing how it could be an advantage. I realize now personality of being banned easy go and solve spoken ass, not a liability! That's an asset. We need a change and try to be something else that within being a disadvantage your personality may be just the opposite, and you man, why am I so bold? Why I'm a straightforward and to the point? Listen you what you need to succeed you have the looks. You need quit looking that birthmark and they can all man if I just didn't, have this birthmark and of all places. All my face know that two distinct. I just wasn't so sure
no I'll read we're short people live an average of ten years longer than tall people. Quick complain if you're at all just means: you're gonna go to Heaven. Ten years before us, we complain. What I'm saying is that are no disadvantages with our God one. Zack. He has heard that gene, This was coming through his town, all people were lined up on the streets, trying to get a glimpse of hand here Zack you didn't have a chance. Standing at the back here. See over anyone. We could easily thought just my luck, god I can stand being short why'd. You make me this way now A key simply did what he had done his whole life when he couldn't. What others could reach he'd get a ladder. He couldn't see over others, he would find a stool is. Hey? It was a disadvantage, but watch God works. There wasn't a ladder out there. Obviously he If I understood so, he climbed up.
In a tree now he's got the prime view he's sitting at the fifty yard lie. Isn't it interesting? any of those other people could have climbed up in a tree manufacturing. We could have got up their easier than he did they did need to his disadvantage was turned down. To an advantage when, he's as came walking down the street he's hundreds of people, but when he looked, install. He is in the tree that got his attention these it is actually has come on down. I'm all go to your house and have dinner here's my point if Zackie would have been a quote normal size, he wouldn't have been noticed, Jesus passed by a hundred possible thousands, but because back he s head what he was a handicap. It call him to do something differently and in not being allow ability, but in essence About this young boy, his dream was to play professional baseball. He was
Strangely gifted through junior high school he was by far the most talented player in his leg professions scouts were regularly at his games, but one day He had a farming accident, any laws, His whole forefinger and most of his middle finger. It was on the hand that he threw the ball with it. Look like his. Baseball days were over. But this young man had this no excuses, mentality, he learned how to throw the ball. Without these two fingers, if you know anything about baseball those in your two main, throwing fingers heed ways been a third baseman. But what afternoon doing practice. The coach was, behind him. He threw the ball from third to first base. The coach noticed how much movement there was on the ball. Anything if the ball moves that much could a batter possibly hit? so he moved him from the third base. To the pictures position me,
a car brown, went on to become one of the great pitchers in all of major league baseball. Think about it. What thought was a liability turned to be an asset. The way He threw the ball with asked. These two fingers gave him an edge. Only God knows how to take what should be a disadvantage in turn it into an advantage. There are three, in all of our lives it we feel lack or liabilities. It may not be something physical, but even the way we were raised, a discipline we went through a setback. We think, if Only that has not happened if only I could do it again now, if you'll see in faith. Nothing! in life will happen to you, it'll happen for you We need to get rid of all the if only thoughts, if only I didn't have that accident, then I could pursue my dreams. If only our taller jewel did not feel good about my cell phone,
Our a different nationality, nor those thoughts will keep you from your destiny. Tony Melendez could be sitting at home right now. Thinking if only I had arms, if only I was quote normal I could play the guitar, then Such a lot of people David ringing could be thinking if only and have this cerebral palsy If only must speech, what is so slow, then I'll bet and make great, minister, no less, recognize. As far God is concerned. There are, Oh handicaps, what you think is trying to pull you down, may very well be the thing that God uses to lift you. This is just What happened to Joseph he spent thirteen years in prison for something they did not do a terrible disadvantage, a tear, or injustice. But do you realize that God used to promote him, it mail, talk a handicap in our eyes, but with God,
there are no handicaps that is not going to be from your destiny. If you'll stay in fate is going to launch you into your destiny, I have write me from other, countries a they say like Joel, only I lived in America if we had that kind of opportunity under Dan. What they're saying because this is a great place to live, but you have to realise God has given you what you need to succeed right where you are God knew where you would be borne. He knew. What nationality? You would be. He knew the obstacles you would have to overcome. And the Good NEWS is, God has already a quickie,
is already empowered. You, you are anointed, you are strong. You have the favor of God surrounding you right now. Don't make a mistake of waiting till you get to another location before you decide to become everything. Gods created you to be, if you shake off the self pity. And believe that gods directing your steps believe that you have what it takes believed that the most powerful force in the universe is on the inside. When you do that every liability will be turned to an asset. I heard about this young man He was born without a right hand. One day. He was at the doctors office. Having a fist call, so he could play football. The doktor, ask him what is handicap was He said, sir. I don't have a handicap I just have a right hand, I love that attitude. I don't have a handicap I just play. Guitar with my feet,
I don't have a handicap. I just speak a little slower I don't have a handicap unjust. Not as Paul is somebody else, friends asking you to live this no excuses lie. That means we're not going to go around dwelling on what's wrong with you and all the reasons why you can't be happy, we are doing personalities are through this break up in a relationship No, your destiny, didn't its role. Now, because you had a setback. You didn't get this qualified, because you're too this or to that God knew you'd, be where you are before the foundation of TAT. You need to get a new perspective. Have the two, views to live with a handicap mentality this not be fair. It may look like a disadvantage, but I'm not going around feeling sorry for myself I'm shaking off self pity. I'm shaken off every disappointment and become. Everything God is created, made a bay if you're
We a no excuses, lie that no matter what comes your way, God will turn it around for your good. He will take. We stumbling block and turn it into a stepping stone it. May like a liability, but just like Turkey is, in the end, it'll turn out to be an asset some of you today, you ve, lost your fire. Lost your enthusiasm, you need stir up what gods put on the inside remember There are no disadvantages with our God. You have everything you need to succeed, no up and foreign begins to is ever going to prosper. As you rise up with this no excuses mentality. Let me just declare over you. What's going to happen, you going to see God's favor in a great away.
New doors are going to begin to open supernatural opportunities are come in your way. Divine connections, you're gonna, be at the right place at the right time. What was meant for your harm gods going to use to your advantage? You gonna overcome every obstacle: you're gonna defeat every enemy. You gonna see every dream. Every desire gods put in your heart
Claire it in the name of Jesus, it will come to pass. Do you receive today? Thank you for listening to the dual steam pipe cast. Hopeless, continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit to boosting dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope your subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy. I'm no gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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