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Living Free From Offense - Victoria Osteen

2017-04-26 | 🔗
There is always going to be reasons to take up on offense. The people that are around us are one thing but how about the people that you have never met. Think twice about taking any offense, we have to recognize whats happening when we are frustrated and when we are going in the circle of offense. We have to learn to drop it and let it go, the quicker we let go of offense the more free we are going to be. We cannot take debate of offense and live in victory, joy and peace.
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good to have you in the house of the lord today on tv regis all this morning to keep our heart free from offense offenses every where jesus said as long as you're here offense will come as long as we live in this world someone's going to say something that we don't understand something that it's our feelings maybe your husband doesn't listen to your opinion there's always going to be reasons to take up an offense an opportunity to take it in you know it's interesting as you know the people that you're around are one thing but how the people that you've never even met and
i mean by that everybody's opinion can go public these days on social yeah you begin to read somebody's opinion you with their railing against kind of flusters you think i don't agree now why would they say that thank you again getting all upset call your brother you call your sister you call your neighbor can you believe that they think that in that crazy he said you begin to get fresh i didn't upset it's been the energi on that offense things that don't really even matter you see it's as if we're taking the bait we cannot take the bait of offense and live in victory joy we got let it go we can how to get on us we can't swallow the bait in fact in the scripture the word offense
comes from the greek word that means bait it was used to lure animals into a trap see the bait or the offense was what got the animals to come on in and take the bait and sometimes that's what happens to us with a fence in lowers us right into a trap we get caught up in this circle of offense in this trap of offense we get upset we get frustrated we get bitter because we've swallowed it hook line and sinker we spend our time trying to figure out what somebody meant dissecting every word that's a waste of our time what in the world could be so important that we have to take our time to figure it all out what in the world could someone say
that would be that important to your destiny if it's offensive to you but you know what we take a buffet sometimes when no one really means anything that's a whole nother subject we're talking today about thinking twice about any offense any offense we gotta recognize what's happening when we're straight and when we're going in the circle of offense and we've got to learn to drop it and let it go see the quicker we let go of the fence the more free we're going to be the other day i was cleaning a spot off of my carpet so i went and got some carpet spot remover i looked on the back see what the instructions said about it and it said get the spot off as quickly as you can whi because the longer that spots there the harder it is to remove i that's the same way with the fence you a stain of offense on your heart
the longer you allow it to be there the harder it's going to take to get rid of it see what the sooner you let it go the better off you'll be don't go hour by hour day today trying to figure it all out it's not that important if it's offended you it's not that important proverbs one thousand nine hundred and eleven say good sense makes one slow to anger and it is to one's glory to overlook an offense good sense makes one slow to anger and it's too our glory to overlook an offense you see it's to our good it does us no good go around offended allowing that to take root in our heart sia will get put it over looking offense we're going to live a more satisfied and happy life
jesus was no stranger to offense people were constantly trying to trap him into a fence it says in second peter that they hurled insults at him you know what he did it says he entrusted himself to the one judges justly he didn't of his life he didn't give his life his ways to some opinion accusations he entrusted his life to the one open control of his life the one did judge justly that's where he found his resolve he found it by knowing other people's opinion whether they mean it or not don't have to affect him you see we're all going to have to learn how to let go of the fence
it is a process we're all going to have to learn the apostle paul in second timothy fourteen paul four had to work at keeping in a fence off of him as well he said alexander the coppersmith did me a great wrong but god will judge him god will take care of what he's done you see he gave it to god he wasn't taking the responsibility on himself to be judge and jury of everyone's opinion he said i'm giving it to god i have things to do i can't walk around with an offended heart i can't walk around with bitterness and anger an expect to be everything god called me to be i think we need to have that kind of attitude we need to turn the situation around like paul did and turn over to god
this will show up it's just how are we going to handle that offense when it shows up it's going to be there i can tell it's going to be there as long as you live on this earth with people it's going to be there have you ever put like a bite of food in your mouth maybe you're going to try something new and it was like oh i don't like the way it tastes and you have to stop for a minute you're thinking what am i going to do i'm going to spit it out or am i going to swallow it and you're thinking you know what do i do i mean who not where you thank right a lot of this stuff i have literally done that and taking my napkin and win i that's not very ladylike but there's something a key in your mouth and you don't want to swallow it that's kind of what you need to do is spit it out if you ever taste the bitterness of offense
that yucky feeling in your mouth don't swallow it just spit it out in your napkin don't let it go down in your innermost parts we've got to take a moment and think twice about taking up a fence is it going to benefit you any is it going to make your life better make you more happy more joyful do you maybe rondon up your day at work four hundred o'clock a coat for leaves you out of an important meeting you have till four hundred and fifteen to decide if you're going to take that offense are you going to spit that offense in your napkin are you going to take it home with you are you going to let it upset your whole day are you going to let it disturb the peace in your home what are you going to do with that offense we gotta learn to step back and think twice about taking it
then and john can the scripture tells us that there were certain people in the crowds when jesus would go places that wanted to capture him they wanted to see if his life they want to take him in stone him there was certain people that were always trying to stir up trouble there is such an important thing that it says that jesus i've always kind of wondered what it said in the other day when i read it i thought could this mean it says that jesus would slip out of the crowd and go on his way i thought about that just a minute here's some people in the crowd that we're trying to seize him entrap him but he liked slipped away and moved on but i thought about you know what jesus did it wasn't playing houdini he wasn't being magic man he didn't give in to their opinion
he didn't go try to defend himself he did mister up truck stripe he didn't say p turn john why are they being so unfair will you go talk to those people no he ignored the opinions of at and he moved on his way he literally slipped through the fingers of offense moved on nobody captured jesus life no somebody could capture him jesus gave his life he made the decision to lay it down he didn't allow anybody to change the course of his destiny by offense by insult he said no i've an assignment from god i want to my life to the one who judges justly and cannot so you gotta flip through the fingers of yes if you're going to move on your way if you
i keep going to those places that god has you nothing is that important to waste your time listen if offense can't upset you advance can't control you and if offense can't control you will be free to live map of joy and victory shake off any offense you have a decision to make today give it to god live happy healthy and whole amen amen as it thank you for your support of our ministry this month joel and victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels knew three message series favor of god we are not created to barely get by you were highly favored and were created to thrive request your copy of favor of god today at joelosteen dot com or call eight hundred and eighty eight thousand five hundred and sixty seven jaw it may feel the odds are against you you don't have the
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everyday believe in two thousand and seventeen will be your best year so far until we meet again remember you're not average you're not mediocre you're a child of the most high god
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