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2017-06-03 | 🔗
Do you feel weighed down today in condemnation and shame from past mistakes? It’s time to make an exchange. Because of what Christ has done, you can walk in God’s mercy every day. Instead of living in regret, you can live in peace. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines of life and pay penance for your past mistakes. God has a gift of righteousness to cover you. Nothing you’ve done in the past is too much for the mercy of God.
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god bless you it's a joy that come into your homes and if you every in our area please stop by being one of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home logic to sort something funny and art about the two men named archie in jack they had debate their whole life as to what their jesus was why or whether he was black archie was certain he was why jack was just issue he was black as they would have it they both dad on the same day rushed to the the gates said saint peter please we ve been debating our whole life tell us is jesus why are easy black about that time jesus stepped up and said
y know steers say it like you made it this is my bible what it says i am have what it says can do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god boldly fast mine is alert heart is receptive i will never be the same jesus name god bless you talk to you today about living gear free we all make mistakes do things we know we should see to go around with the heaviness feeling bad about ourselves but living guilty doesn't do anything productive doesn't help you to do better it causes the struggle more good drains emotionally physically it will where you're out when were guilty weed pursue dreams we don't believe to overcome challenges we get stuck there
this is why the enemy works over time in this area he knows guild will keep you from your destiny theirs then he would love anymore then for you too through lie against your cell phone estonia failures feel unworthy he's called the accuser of the brethren he'll remind you have everything you ve done wrong for the last thirty years before you get out of bed in the morning he'll replay mistake since you ve made how you weren't there for your children how you lost your temper how you gave in to the temptation here's the key them will you ask god to you he not only for gave you but he does remember your sins anymore that means give someone is bringing up negative things from your past that's not god that's the accused
try to deceive you into carrying the heavy load of guilt do yourself a favor say no thanks i'm not perfect but i m forgiven you can't drag yesterday's failures in today in living victory let it go god's mercies or fresh every morning don't spend another minute down on your cell living in regrets god four given you why don't you forgive yourself it is not pushing you down why don't you quit push yourself down the scripture talks about god has made you righteous righteous holy blameless honourable doesn't say you bill to be righteous one day when you perform better when you get to four under control you are just right now now
because of what you ve done but because of what christ is done you can't do anything to make you more righteous in back the scripture says all of our righteousness is as filthy ranks mean we can never measure up on our own no matter how hard we try how discipline we are there will be times that we fail paul sit in romans the gift of right just this is all who receive it if you see yourself as unworthy not deserving measure the problem is not receiving the gift accused or whatever you made to many mistakes you failed to many times you'll never get it right god says you are my holy righteous blameless honourable anointed amazing chop who you're going to believe
are you going to let the accuser deceive you into carrying the guilt going begin to yourself knows receiving the gear those voices remind you have everything you are not one of the best you can say is i am righteous holy blameless i am honourable thing in your mind will say no you're not you have an addiction you keep giving in to the temptation you made was mistakes but when you declare i am righteous you are announcing to everything we're still trying to stop you europe see to the accuser today guilt the heaviness udall control my lie you determine my destiny you can't stop my purpose there
he ate or of the universe made me righteous he made me wholly he made me blameless what are you doing you're receiving the gift of righteousness proverb says the righteous or is bold as a line when it comes righteousness you have to be bold your own thoughts i will tell you you're not blameless god is not pleased with you look what you ve done look at your mistakes guilt in condemnation will come knocking at the door if you're unsure doubtful timid aided guilt will take over this is where you have to be borne in mind feel worthy but are no god is made me worthy i don't feel righteous but father faith our receive your gift i thank you i am righteous joel i'm just an all sinner say bad grace know you you to be an old center but you gave your life to christ you became
a new creation now you're not an all sinner your son you a daughter most toggle look it wholly people righteous people blameless people honourable people you may abroad guilt in here with you today you must leave it at your see you might abroad heaviness regrets unworthiness you unload all that right now you can make an exchange if you give up your guilt you grants you're on this god will give you his righteousness but sometimes is like we're carrying all these bags with this everywhere we go that way a stand for leave the house let me get my bag guilt let me load up all the mistakes are made everything i did wrong hang on i need another bad didn't fit in one bag let me put my gregson their sugar ray
my children better should have finish school yelled at my co worker yesterday limited that regret in there i lost my temper in traffic last week got so upset spoken tongues that driver i need a whole new bag for that one we through lie caring all these bags we wonder why we walk with a limp we wonder why life is a struggle while tar while we can accomplish a dream is because we're carrying things we were never designed to carry you weren't created to live guilty the head that nagging boys always telling me this then wrong with you you don't deserve be happy those are weight that the accuser use is to try to keep you from your destiny if you can't get you off course he'll at least try to you down so you go as far as you sure the tell
to lay aside the weight that can easily be set us it's easy to carry weight are you carrying weights of guilt weights of shame weights of regret its time to lay aside those white time to get rid of that most airlines tell us two bags for customer they have a limit have a very strict rule around here no bags prick some of you may have brought some but you can leave them where you are this is a new day go i want you to go out of here lighter the acute or has held you back long edna nothing new in the past is too much the mercy of god now but change are being broken strong you're coming down you are de you are restored you are wholly you are blameless shake off the gil show
off the accusing voices can receive the gift of righteousness when our children were small i would take them up the toy store a lot didn't have to be assessed no occasion i just like to buy them thing they come on jonathan come on alexandra let's go toy store never once did jonathan say no dad i don't deserve to go i didn't leave no room yesterday at through food baby sister of none of that came to mind he simply yes dad i'm ready let's go children know how to receive a gift they don't debating whether they deserve it had they earned it had they been good enough pages receive it like a child you have i received a gift of righteousness don't start about all you did or didn't do try to figure if you really deserve it if you're good enough you can earn it it's a gift just received
see sometimes we think we have to pay god back from our mistakes by living down and discouraged to show him that we're sorry that we're remorseful yes there should be a conviction when we do something wrong saying just do whatever you want never feel bad about it my point is once you asked for forgiveness you don't have to pay god back price has already been paid but when you live guilty you say it in effect the sacrifice quite made wasn't enough let me something to it let me do my part but pay some kind of penalty for this long that i've done live in guilty and condemned doesn't bring the honor to god after all christ did to pay the price if you want to honour god get rid of the guilt quit
sitting to the accusing voices and move forward with your life as i said remembers our sins no more god in all knowing god he knows everything that's going to happen past present and future yet when we ask god to forgive us this all power all knowing god in aceh stepped out of character says i'm going to delete that event i'm not going to keep any record he chooses not to remember if god forgets it why don't you forget it if god let it go why don't you let it can i know people there god to forgive them for the same thing year after year something they did twenty years ago realize the four tom they asked god not only for gave them but he d remember it anymore when you bring it up it's as if
is saying what are you talking about i don't remember that mistake i dont remit with a failure i don't remember that time you gave in the temptation remembering what god has forgotten quit tell em how bad you are how you messed up how you your temper he from your way back when you asked the first all that's doing is making you feel guilty condemned about yourself instead of asking for forgiveness for the same thing so receiving gods mercy mercy covers our mistakes mercy gives you what you didn't deserve you were guilty was your fault you deserve judgment mercy says you're forgiven you redeem restore when you tempted to ask for forgive
for the same thing just turn it around father thank you for your mercy in my life this is what jonah had to do he had just made one of the biggest mistakes of his lie god told him go to the city of nineveh and tell the people to repent joan with the other direction and almost lost his life he spent three days in the belly of a fish when that finally spit him out on dry ground you would think god would say jonah need to sit on the sidelines and think about your mistake you to pay some kind of penalty for that wrong may one day i'll use you again maybe one day i'll give you another chance as soon as jonah was on dry ground as soon as he was saying this picture says the war the lord came to jonah a second time say go to nineveh and tell them to repair
god was saying in effect jonah you made a mistake you got off course but you repented you asked for forgiveness now git back in the game you do have to sit around defeated a week a month a year forgiven you now do what asking you to do at times we categorize our mistakes if it's some small we think we have to pay god back by living down and discourage for a day or two it the medium maybe away you're too but it is something big like joe we really messed up brought the trouble our ourselves we think we have to give up our joy peace our dreams for at least a year or two after all it was our phone like with jonah god doesn't say go sit on the sidelines men you blew it you me a lot of trouble i'm not will have
anything to do with you for years that's not we got is now you accuse earl we'll work overtime tellin you god's not going to bless you you can't expect his favor you can spectre accomplish dreams you got a whole lot for that mistake no the price has been paid don't believe those lies i'm sure jonah thought god did i are you you mean you stay want me to go to nineveh and tell them to repair just repented marcel i just got out of the fish should not sit on the sidelines for a month and show you i'm sorry did not sit out at least a year and prove to you that i'll do what's right god said no jonah i have something for you to do right now have an assignment for you but as long as your guilty and condemned you no use to me shit that all and go to
in the same way god can't you you in the way he wants when you live guilty feeling can do and down on your cell we're not a good witness don't pursue dreams we don't take steps of fate god needs you confidante secure in good about yourself an assignment for you can you imagine when jonah stood up in front of the whole city of nineveh and told to repair every voice whispered in his ear jonah you're a hypocrite you just repented yesterday you know better than these people you have no right to be up here joe i had to do what we all must do he ignored the accusing voices he shook off the guilt and receive the gift of righteousness god was going to destroy the city of nineveh but big was jonah asked them to repair because
didn't sit on the sidelines trying to pay god back for his mistake whole city repented god and his mercy changed his mind and spared their lives are you letting a mistake you made some way you fail then shoe that god have anything to do with you right now maybe one day he'll usual maybe one day here help accomplish a dream no god is saying to you what he said the jonah get back the game i have something you to do right now that mistake didn't stop your destiny you don't have to sit on the sidelines of lie start moving forward sometimes with little children were there not behave properly the mother will them a time out they have to by themselves for a few minutes not play not have any fun we think when we make mistakes surely god must give us a time out depending
how bad it was that's how long we have to sit out jonah that was a big mistake you called me a lot of trouble ass a five year term i'll see you way down the road you didn't what jonah did but you lost your temper ass a three week time out feel guilty condemn you gave to the temptation again that's the fourth time in one month that's a one year time out like with jonah god doesn't have any time out he corrects us here it is on the right course and says forward now here's what you have to be bold because those thoughts will tell you you know the right thing and you the wrong thing gods not going bless you just say no thanks i've asked for forgiveness obvious the gods mercy i'm not going to live condemned down or myself i'm going to keep when forward i know i have a destiny to fulfil in the scripture
samson made a lot of mistakes his birth was predicted by the profits an angel told his mother that issue have a son he would be it liver and do great things insane and started off good he had supernatural strength he couldn't be defeated buys enemies but his guard down he started compromising one thing lead to another this wants powerful influential man ended up captured by his enemies gouged out his eyes they put him in prison he been his days grinding at the mail i'm sure the accuser said to him boy sam you blew it big time either the angel said you would do something great but look at you a sleigh you change your work an animal you should feel guilty you would think with all of you
poor choices god would be done with him after all samson knew better it was his fall but god never gives up on us that a state doesn't have to cancel your destiny believe those laws that you ve gone too far off course you made too many mistakes one day sampson's captors we're having a big reception in their temple several thousand people there they sampson out to make fun of him we're standing there being locked in killed him a young boy to place his hands on the big columns that held up the temple the scripture says the spirit of the lord came on samson one more time god gave him his swains back he was able to push over the columns the whole building collapsed hamson defeated more enemies in his death then he did in all of his lifetime
you may have made mistakes the accused i'm telling you you're all washed up like with hamson god has a one more time for you you not seeing your greatest victories you song your best song you have not written your best book you have not played your best play you wouldn't be a law unless god had something amazing in front of you now that question is where you get there in the game will you get your far back passion back you dream back lie is too short to go through it against yourselves you may have made mistakes we all god is saying you're forgiven and people gives you why don't you give yourself as long as your beating yourself up really failures dwell on own disappointment that's going to keep you from your one more time shake at all
this is a new day it's time to say goodbye to gild good condemnation goodbye heaviness romans eight says there is no condemnation to those there are in christ jesus here's the key who walk after the flesh but after the spirit make a mistake if you're in the flesh you yourself up feel unworthy you try to pay god back by living down and when you do that you'll feel guilty you'll feel condemned when you walk in the spirit you say yes i made a mistake it was my fault ass god for forgiveness he not only for gave me but he doesn't remember and so on not going to sit around beating myself up i'm saying good body guild i'm sorry audio to condemnation dismissing the accusing voices getting ready for my one more time
when there's no condemnation when you don't waller around in defeat when you i believe the accusers lies made mistakes like samson you got off course but that is not how your story ends if you're shake off the guild god one more time come in your way he has some then vigour more rewarding then you ve ever imagine not learned just cause you feel guilty does it mean who are guilty you can't go your feelings for you don't always tell us the truth may not forgiven but i know i am forgiven may not feel wholly i dont perform perfectly all the time but i know i am wholly i am right yes i am blameless i am honourable with joy can you say that the cause i have received the gift of righteousness the scripture tells us to resist the enemy
this means to not agree with what he's telling you when you hear him whisper you all washed up you failed many times you made to many mistakes the way you resist him is by saying no thanks my best days are still in front of me i know gods mercy is bigger than any mistake donna system resistant he'll tell you you don't deserve to be blast look what you ve done it of assisting him you're right what was i thinking resist him i am the righteousness of god i am pretty i am redeem for you fail you blew you should have done better he always talk to you about your past talk to him about your future god's plans for me are for good the path i just my path it keeps getting brighter and brighter
no one more time is come in my way until then i'm gonna live guilt free we have these chips at home that i like to eat bag there's a sticker that says gluten free means they don't have any gluten you need to have an imaginary sticker own you that says guild free condemnation free heaven is free when the accuser tries to dump that low guilt on you just showing your son sorry guilt free that's not acceptable here you came in this building today you may realize it but entered a gilt free zone you i will leave it outside this is a righteous place a holy place herbal plays a heel implies a whole field wise one more time why are you carrying something this way and you down today are you assisting the accuser by believing
his lies it's time to start resisting him though what god says about you we ve all made mistakes but remember you don't have to pay god back the price has already been paid i'm asking you to receive his forgiveness receive his mercy you have enough against in life as it is don't be against so sale if you'll do this i believe and declare its of condemnation are lifted offer you right now you're going to live guilt free confident secure wholly blameless righteous honourable in jesus name if you receive it i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray with me just say lord jesus i repeat my sins come in to my heart make your my lord and save it
right that simple prayer we believed you got born again get in the bible based charge keep god first lights i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you as a thank you for you support of our ministry this month children victoria we'd would like to send you jewels new exclusive many book collection gifts of god what he had to you need today god offers you the gift of joy the gift of peace the gift of paper when you learn to receive these get your overcome obstacles and lived the victorious life that belongs to you god is already lined up everything you need to fulfil your destiny request this resource you'll be encouraged as you discover that gives god has request the exclusive gives some god many but collection plus especial digital download message today at joe boosting dotcom poor call eighty eight five six seven jaw monogamist from i was drawn to the street
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