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2017-03-05 | 🔗
Have you allowed the pressures of life to weigh you down to where you’re not laughing as much as you used to? Have you stopped enjoying life? While every person deals with stress and challenges, if we’re not careful, it’s very easy to one day look up and find that we don’t smile as much, we’re not as friendly, and the joy of life has disappeared. Joel wants to show you how you can live without heaviness no matter your circumstances.Jesus said in John 16:33, “In life you will have difficulties, but be of good cheer.” Let this message show you how to get your joy back. As you make this important shift, you’ll feel stronger, younger and fresher, and you’ll have the strength to finish your course with joy!
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God bless you. It's a joy to come into your homes and, if you ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services are promise you will make you feel right at home not like to start with something funny in heard about this man who was walking up to country, storing There was this little boys sitting on the front. Porch with a huge dog. Next to him he said son. Does your dog by boy said no, sir. My dog doesn't, by men stop the pet him. The dog took about half of his arm all he said so, and I thought you said you dull, didn't bite the little boy said: that's not my dog! say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I have what it says I have. can do what it says. I can do
they will be taught the word of God, boldly confess. My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. Jesus name, God bless you. Talk to you today about living joyful. It's easy to let the pressures of lie wages down. We have traffic to deal with bills to pay people that are rude. If we're not careful, will look up, and we don't smile is much we're not friendly way. La neighbour fun anymore. We have too much pressure too much responsive billowy to enjoy lie, but God didn't create you to live with a heaviness you're, not supply to go around solemn, serious, all the time, but down by problems taken the laugh to have fallen on that we inner jazz issue. It helps keep you in balance
if it's all work, all stress all dealing with problems. That's going to way you down You can get so busy raise in your children changing I burst. getting them to school. Making sure Our homework is done You don't enjoy your children to all work, no time for playing Sometimes we think we, to be serious. To show. we're responsible, but who can be responsible and good natured at the same time, go created you with a sense of humor, you were made to laugh made to have fun, have you left? pressure of lie way. You down, Are you always solemn, always serious. If you dont make, this adjustment Not only will you not enjoy your life to the full, but you we have good relationships, Nobody wants to be around a grumpy sour person that pushes
people away we represent. Eyes tier on this or if Europe, labour. You need to notify your face. Put, smile. All the good natured be friendly, learn to laugh. The scripture says a merry heart is like taken. good medicine every day, you need to take your medicine fund, something make. You laugh, see the humour in lie. So one thing: a love about big well yeah, she last all. Through the day, can be in another part of the house and all hear her laughing it echoed through the whole house. sometimes I'll go in to find out Was it wasn't even funny It was just something small. Most people ignored it, not Victoria she's looking for opportunities to laugh, Sheila. To have fun. She keeps a joy for atmosphere in our home a while back. We
standing on the front row during worship. I had my eyes closed hands folded. Thinking about what I was going to say. Next Victoria is much more outgoing. She had both hands in the air, very expressive All of the sudden. As our was contemplating in deep thought Victoria through here in the mind and about me over I looked at her. She said come on. Steepy lightner She calls me still. I tell her. The right word is dignified. A few years ago I was preparing a message along these lines and victim. It came in my office at home and What I was going to speak on this week, I said I'm going to speak on stay and full of joy. seeing the humour in lie. She put both and in the air and said whoo hoo. I don't
that way. You sure do we ve been married going on thirty years now, and people ask me they're flap and for me the toy people. Ask me people ask me all the time. What is the secret of a good marriage always tell them. Treaty too, with respect and keep laugh or in the relationship that fact That laughs together, we'll stated- gather, but too often We used to laugh when we were debating. We used to have fun We used to enjoy each other, but now we'd, let the poor years of lie, cause us to but more solemn. We don't have. The laugh we're bills to pay. we have children to raise with dealing with problems We don't see eye to eye on every situation, but the joy is what's going to help you get through the tough times laughing together having fun that's going to help, keep you together.
I know a couple: there was having difficulties in their marriage there, good people, they just let them pressures that come with everyday lie: drive them apart. They were about to separate, but they decided to try something for a few months. Once a week they re a funny movie and watched it together. They would say: there are and laugh in land. They told that one simple thing help change their perspective it helped heal the wounds. They fell back in love today, their happily married maybe you would see your relationship go to a new level if you would get more joy in the home living with pressure. whereas tension division, that's cool drive you apart! If you'll take time the laugh again, have fun together, enjoy each other. That's going to The new lie, freshness, to your relationship how long has it been since then
was laughter in your home. The enemy can't stand here. You laugh he can standing here. You haven't fawn lap and with your children laughing with yours, now's enjoying each other. He wants there to be intention pressure stride why don't you get on the often save in start laughing more often laughter is spiritual warfare, laughter brings down. Walls laughter will help your family stay together and, yes, we all have to do with tension and stress, but you to create a joy for atmosphere in your home. Don't bring in pay you're from work stress, school, a fancy. what somebody said your home. Needs to be a retreat from the negative things you have to deal with during the day I heard of this man here. Tree in a pot next to his back door at home. Here
walk and into the house with a friend he stopped and he touched the tree. friend asking what he was doing? He said this is my trouble tree. leave all my troubles on this plan. take any worry inside. I don't take any problems, any disappoint. Miss any offence. I leave it at the door We all need a trouble tree. your home should be a cheerful place, bring it in stress pressure, strike at school and away you down, leave the negative outside keep a joyful at spear in your home. There was a hospital an experiment with patients. It had been sick for a long time and they weren't getting well. They started taking them out to the park several hours a day to watch the children playing they discovered when they heard the children laughing over and over this
sound of laughter stimulated the bodies natural healing process. It not only affected the patient's outlook. But research showed that again to recover faster, just hearing. Other people laugh help bring here Imagine what happens on the inside of us when we live joyfully. We take the laugh every day not only affects us mentally our attitude our mood. It affects us physically laughter What help you stay younger, Every time you laugh what are known as the youth hormone increases eighty seven percent that the hormone that slows down the aging process helps stay younger and fresher. You ve seen people that have been through difficult time in life. They were stress and pressure. You see two years later. It looks like they ve. Twenty years. Why is that
we don't laugh, we're releasing the healing God put on the inside. When we stressed. Somber discourage those chemicals God designed to push younger are sitting there in active in effective, well you're, just not personality imo, more solemn, serious person, ass God made us all different matter, his baby pictures, I'm smile and from ear to ear. We have the minors, but most of the time what's happened. Is we ve forgotten how to laugh? the average child laughs a hundred and fifty times a day, the air, John DOE last three, today something four haven't laughed and so long their laughter. Gotten rusty unit. Again, that thing out, dusted off every day. For some reason, the last start taking your medicine, I read where a common ingredient in people that live weigh up into their nineties. Wasn't
Die wasn't exercise routine. It was the fact that they extremely joy for people they never for God how to laugh. They dont taken anything so seriously. I met a man after the service a few years ago, that was a hundred and six years old. He forty years younger, he was so happy his mind. Was shore stood in line. Forty minutes waiting to visit. I said we could have got near. Here, you could have sat down I don't need to sit out when I get I'll sit down, he was a black man hands as can be he didn't. One wrinkle on his face, I said, I believe that you are a hundred and six. You look like you could be. Seventy. He put his I'm on my shoulder and said black, don't cry! we will need.
To walk away. He turned around and said to the whole group I'll see you next year. I thought about. No wonder he so healthy, he's full of joy, still has a sense of humour. He left to laugh, think about all those years healing was flow and on the inside, now realize we're all they get old visual we're all going to die, but our Mama and I'm not going to turn to a grumpy. All man, I'm not. more and more sour. The older I get the more responsibility have I'm going to stay full of joy when this matter to go. I'm gonna go like him. Happy friendly, good nature. When I'm in monopolies, I'm still going to have a smile, still We tell him my jokes still have my hair be real, but also have some, but sometimes we pay the older we gear,
the more solemn we're supposed to be the less We're supposed to have that's not gods way. The scripture says we are to finish our course with joy. if you dont have joy, you don't time to laugh regularly if you're, not good, natured you're, not going to finish your course, way. God won't you to I've learned old is all in our mind, just because our physical by ages doesn't mean attitude and our thoughts have to get all I knew a man at the gym. That was eighty three. He was happy and fun to be around, as can be, he acted like he was my age how he stayed so young. He said Joe, I dont think own thoughts, I don't think of myself as an old man. I think of myself, as in my twenties, see, Spirit person the real you that lives on the inside is ageless. It's going to live forever
Sometimes we talk ourselves in the b, an old and sour and solemn. My father was seventy five we'd be and by a group of people, and he would see somebody maybe in their sixties, without thinking his jaw. Look at that old man. I would they he's twenty years younger than you, but in fathers man, he was still young. My father was a respected. He was serious about his relationship with God. He was a response. person, but he still loved to have fun Tom we were in Mexico, I was a little boy and these America, tourist came up to my father. They were looking for the post office, they Find anybody that spoke English. They said to me Father post office mail? a letter. My father looked at them, a confused and said. No. Print day, Espinosa
they said it even more dramatic post office a letter that isn't all postal peace they got real exotic Jesse S posed to peace. Daddy said you looking for the post, of this right around the corner at man. Looking my father's that boy out whoop, you don't ever lose the child on the inside. Look for operators it is too late. You may, have to retrain yourself to have fun train yourself to see the human Sometimes, if we're not working, we feel guilty. We're stressed out think about what we should be doing all work and no play is out of balance. Give yourself permission to enjoy your lie, start taken your medicine, not once a marked not once a week, but every day may have a serious position like my father, but you can still have a light. Hearted spirit
During a Sunday service I was about to come up to minister big toe. You told me that my hair was sticking up now Did you go in the back and spread it? I asked where the hairspray wasn't. She cities the bathroom on the counter in a big red, came out and found the can spread my hair, but it wouldn't keep it down so brains, brains, bright still, wouldn't keep it now after the service victorious at all new spray, your hair was still sticking up I did but your hairspray doesn't work show me: what do you use and brought it to her she's, a George? This is not hairspray. This is freshener ass mouths. It leads to have the best melon here around. when you are secure you can even laugh it yourself, git upset wasn't going to make it any better. If you can't change no reason to lose your joy these days
People are very uptight own age, theirs. Much divisiveness in our society. If we're not careful, will think This is no time to enjoy lie Tom. The laugh, no time to see the humour, but just the opposite is true. More than ever, This is the time to live joyfully, Part of the solution bring some here too. The people around you put a smile on your face. There's too my sadness in our world. Every person deals with heart disappointments, We all have stress intention. Don't let that see you in the being with the heaviness, discourage solemn, Joel. I have a good excuse. I've had a lot of bad breaks. Geez, said in lie. You will have difficulties here, knowledge that we're going to have challenges. Everything is not going to be perfect.
He went on to say I have the solution be of good cheer, he didn't say, be discouraged These be offended in the tough time You need your joy joy What gives you strength, but if the making deceive you in the living with the heaviness discouraged, solemn he'll be able to defeat you at every turn, don't fall into A trap. You're circumstances may not change, but you can change quit letting everything burden you down make a decision right in the midst of the difficulty you're going to be of good cheer. Studies show that living joyfully boost our immune system, it lowers our, blood pressure, people that have regularly or forty percent less likely to have a heart attack after releases the bodies, natural tranquilizers, their causes
to calm down in sleep better. The United States represents six percent of the world's population, but we take now percent of the world's tranquilizers. We're too up time supposed to live stream. Style, always thinking about your problem, Your mind needs a break, sometimes We give our body a vacation but our mind never get today all you can go to the beach watch the sunset and still be worried about your health, stay out of your finances. Thinking about what you should be. Do you need give your mind a bright. The scripture says in God's presence, is fullness of If you don't have joy, you'd disconnect it yourself from gods presence. If you go, through the day. Worried stressed somber you separating yourself from the blessing the favour. The strength that you need
and I realize everyday- we're not going to be jumping up and down laugh and all that We have real issues to deal with love that have illnesses situations in our Hale in our marriage, What I'm saying is: don't let those problems way you down to where you live with the heaviness, you can't have fun you can't you're, dealing with serious issues. You have to have times you can still be light, hearted, that's what helped you get through those times. I've been several funerals. They can be very sad, very heavy, but I've noticed when someone gets up and start telling these stories about the person the audience those from crying to laughing. You can feel the atom. beer change. It's like he is taken place, the whole room is being lifted. God it creates you to live with the heaviness
to go around overwhelm you have to get joy in your life. So for some laughter. That's what help balance out the difficulties that we have to face, I read about a lady that hadn't slept well In years she was constantly taken when cool eyes ears, been on them so long. They hardly had any effect on her she'd Tron. Everything, different diet, different medications, different doctors, nothing help. She to a new doktor. He gave an unusual proscription? He told for every night before she went to bed, she was too watch something funny Funny Movie Funny Comedy something to make our land She started doing this night after night. She begins sleeping better and better. Today, she's awful that medicine she can sleep like a baby. the problem. She was having to take men made tranquilizers
cause she wasn't releasing the natural in cool iser, God put it ass. Could it be that you would receive the healing you been longing for the headaches, the chronic pain the depression. The insomnia would go away. we're just lighten up in the laugh more often much sicknesses. We face today are stress related we're too up time. If adopt. gave us a prescription to take up. Several times a day. We would be very strict to follow his instructions, even if we had to get up in the middle of the night. I have a prescription for you not from a doctor, but from creator, he says, state cheerful, laugh, everyday, be good, nature, see the humor and lie if you will stay on your prescription. A merry harm? You'll sleep, better, be more creative,
these areas of chronic pain and sicknesses will begin to go away. Friend of mine is a doctor. In this way. They came into his practice that had a severe case of farm Roma, algae, very painful. we spend hours a day in bed suffering. She had chronic fatigue, no energy, she was in poor health, not only physically, but emotionally he'd gone too tough times and lived. A very depressed lie he gave her medicine for the pain but he knew that was only treating the symptoms and not the root cause. After talking hurry, realizing how depressed she was. He asked her How long has it been Since you had a good party laugh, she thought: in a moment and said doktor. I have had a good laugh in thirty years since I was a little girl. He said Europe. Decryption is to go rent we funny movie. You can find read everything
a book and laugh is much issue came. Can she begin to do that? lying in bed. Instead, feeling sorry for herself. She started laughing who, by little, she got her joy back. Today, she would laugh more and more. She knows, the pain started subsiding. She had more energy, she felt better several months later she went back to the doktor. The moon which she walked in the door. He said he. Something was different. There was a sparkle inner she had a smile on her face. She said doktor. I've never felt this good in all of my life. Month after month, as she re learned how to laugh. She got it. Dear and healthier today, she's free from all those illnesses There is healing power in laughter when you have a joyful spirit, hell home. This is constantly flowing through you
let me ask you what he asked her how long has it been since you had a good laugh a day a week, a month ten year in the old testament. One way an army would overtake us city? Is they will clause? the wells. They provided water to that city. They would fill it full of stones. before long people didn't have anything to drink and they would have to come. From beyond the protected wars and the army would attack, in the same way, all of us have a well of joy on the inside when were children, it flowed freely, we laugh we had fallen. We were good natured, but too often are well, has gotten clogged up with stones of worry stones of stress stones, oppression Now the water doesn't flow, like God, created it to Jim This twenty six says eyes
dug the wells that the Philistines had clogged up. It's interesting eyes Name means laughter, It significant. That Isaac was the one that we dug the whale. God is saying: if you want get your well uncloud. If you want to see his goodness flow in new ways, you have to get your joy back laughter is one of the best ways to unplug your well I'm asking you to do a lifestyle we use the humour in everyday life laughin with your children, laughing with your family, being good nature, the scripture, says in Joe God, will fail your mouth with laughter. That's dream that your life would be full of laughter. Are you stressed: somber worried, make a change. today your well unclad take time
day to laugh, keep a joyful at speak in your home if you all make this decision to have a merry heart. Leave and declare you going to see chronic pain and illnesses. Go away. You gotta better relationships. You go appeal, feel younger, stronger fresher, and you will finish your worse with joy in Jesus name. If you receive it, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me just Lord Jesus, our in a bus ends come into my heart, make your my lord and Saint. If you play that simple prayer, we believed you got born again get in the Bible, Base church and keep God. First lies victorian I'll be right back to speak a blessing over you as a
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