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Make Time Alone With God

2018-03-14 | 🔗
The way to develop an intimate relationship with God, a relationship where you hear His voice and let Him mold and make you into the person He wants you to be, is when you push away the distractions and simply sit at His feet. Perhaps you take a Scripture and just ponder over it and listen to what He is saying. Perhaps you sit quietly in His presence and say, “God, I love You today. Thank You for this day. Father, I want You to reveal more of Yourself to me.” Whatever that intimacy looks like for you, the only thing that will satisfy the needs of your soul and give vision for your life is to set yourself apart and sit at the feet of Jesus.
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe augustine dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today man you maybe faded you know we had such a privilege in prayer sometimes we take prayer for granted but prayer is a privilege its talking to god communicating with god you see the bible says that when our sphere it connects with god spirit something incredible happens we are ignited with the power of almighty guide see the strongest part of view is not your physical body is not your
emotional or you're soulless realm the strongest part of you the eternal part of you is your spirit man and when you connect the strongest part of you with the strongest force in the universe there's an exchange takes place and there's a pound or for transformation that takes place so god is a big god he flung the stars in the space he's in the balkans all just like we sang about god is a shake up all his huge and we have the privilege to commune with its huge guide we cannot take for granted that we consume to guide and that god hears us it says in romans eight god spirit testifies with our spirit you see god spirit
constantly telling our spirit when we get into communion with him whom we are what we can do arson it is picking up the signals of god changing its growing it's taken on a new dimension a heavenly dimension dimension but you can get on this are you can only get it when you ignite and connect your spirit with god spirit
let us now far out then it but it's the truth is the true you our spiritual b and you were designed to connect with your spiritual father impact when jesus let this opportunity he said he said i'm leaving the holy spirit here with you the person of the holy spirit that we get to talk to every single day paul told us and encourages us although the new testament to pray continuously to pray without ceasing to pray all kinds of prayers all kinds of requests all kinds of petitions to god he was saying go for it talk to god talk to guide while men incredible that guy doesn't show just when we talk
he communes with us think about when you're child comes up to you you don't judge them your heart goes out to them you wanna help them the first thing that you want to do is fixed them encourage them strengthen them you're looking at what they're doing right now what they're doing wrong when you come to god he's looking at what doing right he sees that recreated spirit within you and he is connecting his spear the very life line of heaven is being connected to you you jesus gave us an example of a habit that he had and it says that jesus would often withdraw to lonely places lee in the crowd to connect with his father in heaven
he also told us this in matthew six but when you pray went to your room and shut the door he says when you try to your father who is seen in secret here will reward you openly you see jesus was saying not only do i need to get away from the crowds my crowded the needs of the world to get with my father but you should we must withdraw from this busy schedule from this crazy hectic world and get along with god we need to meet with god every single day alone like jesus said in matthew sixties is when you go into your room and you shut the door
you pray in secret and god will reward you in secret god will communicate and bear witness your spirit that you are a child of the most high guy you're connect the strongest party yourself with the strongest force of the universe you are trains for me your enter lie your inner lie that's where this the spirit dwells that the bible says it's the spirit of the man that sustains the man we want our spirits to be strong and the only way we can do that is when we come in this personal relationship with god you it's interesting because we enjoy our dating we would just get alone look into each other's sit over are we weren't we went even had to say much some how will we were together which is how this connection with them
love that way can you imagine if we dated and we never got alone already with with all my friends he was always with his buddies is but we're always around my girlfriends we're always there always doing something always distracted would we have fallen in love the way we fell in love we just sat with each other looked at each other to know one another is interesting i know him well in fact we were merry eight years before we had our sun jonathan so we did what we spend out of alone time together i know what he likes to eat can pretty much tell you what he likes and doesn't like in fact if we're not together somehow if in a family myself in a situation arises know what he would tell me to do now by do it or not that's another store
but just some have from being with him in building this relationship and know what he would want me to do and you that's how it is with our relationship with god we learn about god we develop this relationship this intimacy with hair when we're together when we're away from the distractions just what we're gazing into his eyes simply sitting at a speed you see when we set our self apart god sets us to win when we are willing to let go of the distractions to push through getting along with him and i can tell you that there is a push through that you have to do because some you can sit there and you don't know what to do maybe you take a scripture and you just pondered over and over maybe you sit there and you just say gotta thank you i love you thank you for breath debris thank you for this day
give him old and me in making me who i am father i want to know you more reveal yourself to me god i dont know what that intimacy looks like for you but i can tell you this but you haven't need the only thing that's going to satisfy your soul the only thing that's gonna give you vision for your life is to sit at the feet of geez to set yourself apart to say it's worth it it's worth building our relationship see jesus is waiting for you he's waiting to fill you with victor he's waiting until you with joy he's waiting
with a new dimension in your thought life he's waiting for you sometimes we think we're waiting for him but he's waiting for us to separate ourselves out to give him the time he deserves to set ourselves a part so that we could be wholly and be sanctioned by him to do everything that is called us today i believe this year that we're gonna developed this happen we're gonna make it a priority is not going to be a second thought we're not going to try to make time we are going to make time see time is so valuable and when realize time is valuable you can make money you can always make more money you can get another job can't make time is precious and we ve been on carbon out it'll get away from this we need to spend our time wisely we need to spend we ve got a man
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